Saturday, August 31, 2013


                   The recent report of rape of 14 minor students probably more then that also in Likabali green Valley School of the West Siang Dist. of Arunachal Pradesh India  by an outside Kerelian  teachers is horrifying.This should be not construed as communal statement but after Nithari incident  in Noida where minor rapped ,maimed and killed .The report of involvement of a Kerelian teacher as kingpin of this incident only make some in the Arunachal to ponder that is Raksas Raj Ravanas DNA is not still active in some Southern Peoples body?
                 But we should not hate all of them also as there is good ones like Raju Sir from Tamil Nadu now teaching in Basar Tomi Polytechnic College  also who have demi god image in Basar town also.The Govt. must take immediate action and also check other school also least there is a similier practice.As the small kids of class I-V see how much terrible ordeal they may have went through for all this years as for 3 years the School Principal is said to have kept mum even after knowing this.Need not to say all the Public's are very much agitated and why not also?As they have to pay heavy boarding peace and ay what price?
                   And know all the parents have reason to be skeptics of keeping there kids in boarding school.The Parents and Student bodies also cannot absolve themselves of there failure in checking this incidents .As why more particularly the Student bodies ,they are busy hacking big issues when they cannot solve small issues more close to there interest ask many now.And as some have become big contractors and chamchas of ruling party the rumor is also not unfounded also.But the election of uneducated and inefficient leaders seems to be making them to neglect this core  education sectors.And above all the giving of important licence to the rich officers ,politicians and Business man who have no time to check there business institutions seems to be also main cause for such incidents.As unless owner personally moniters his business can it be successful in true sense ?And see there is many Unemployed Youths who could have benefited from large private school and bussiness Licences if given to them.See the coming Lokh Sabha election may be last chance for the Galos in particular to re-look for there past glory for which the PPA is committed to give equal opportunity to all community.As the Galos in particular have been hard hit by lots of challenges recently and it is time they again contribute positively to the Society.
               But I also appreciate the timely intervene of APSU under President Kamta Lapungji in this particular incident .The Govt. must make all things possible to bring normalcy to the mind of innocent child.And curse on that son of the bitch who will laugh at the innocent rape victims.As with God`s blessings all have normally no  power to evolve from trauma of this magnatitude. Some good Student leaders may ensure that such kind of blasphemous mouth have no 32 teeth left if they dare to say something personal to such victims.And the Govt. should also warn the charlatans of dire consequences who will make loose comments ,as if they are god to make judgement on other in personal matter .On our behalf we all the Advocates promise to keep the name of the victims confidential.And will ensure that the Court trial will be held in Camera Proceeding to keep the identity of the Children`s  secret.Thus the Parents should not worry anything about the present trial.
                                                This Congress Govt. have failed miserably and seems to be only interested in churning personal money and when someone intervenes he get beaten up like recently Adv. Mimar Basar have been assaulted in the Tirbin circle of the Basar Sub -Division of the West Siang Dist. of Arunachal pradesh.That too in front of EAC Sri Otem Jamoh;it is pertinent to mention that officer have been posted in Tirbin Circle already for 8 yrs.And this is not first time of its kind; the concern officer have earlier also displayed his lack of sincerity in displaying his official work in last Panchayat election .And today all the Bar Association of the State of A.P have also joined in to demand Govt. to immediately transfer the erring officer and one teacher who was the instigator in that incident.Or the Bar may be compelled to take more stronger action as enough is enough in the Tirbin as earlier also senior Advocate from Assam is reported to be manhandled .
                 And who is the king pin in all this matters ? it is time the political leaders from all the party come up strongly together instead of trying to give it a communal color as it always happen in place like Tirbin.The local leaders cannot absolve of personal responsibility specially  if this incident is not made the last.As the top political leaders are blamed to use provocative speech like-`CHINTA MAT KARO HUM SAATH HAIN`, if so he have no right to live in this civilized society.If this goondagardi is meant to mislead other this is real bad.The local Tirbinites also need to know that the person who is trying to dissociate the community from outside influence is Devil in disguise.As see there is even no football field in many Tirbin Villages also.Remember one day the Tirbin Publics will ask this question from the present leaders himself ;who now always seems to be trying to divert the Public attention from there non delivery and weaknesses.As world have changed overnight and everyone is understanding that day of kushi kushi culture by redundant leader is long gone.Thus how long the good innocent Tirbin Public's can be mislead any more?This is point to be ponder for all as in no where Panchayat election was postponed and goondagardi still resorted to in election.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time now for the Introspection of worst order for the Galo community:-

                                                             After the last years mayhem in the Galo Bane keba, the best should now come after Samudra Manthan/introspection  for the Galo community in the proposed Galo Peoples Federation meeting in Basar on 10th august 2013 to be scheduled in 9 a.m.See in heart of heart Galo is looked upon as short of milestone creators for many of other community. Thus we have a big responsibility to maintain that legacy.It should be not that all the Galo senior political leaders will be heartless but unless Peoples also don`t voice there concern ,how they can be made aware of today's Peoples need and demand also?
                                  And need not to say each time a Govt. Change the supporters also change fence as easily also as non can be permanently compelled to gain respect by an unknowledgeable and self centric person.Thus there is always danger bell for all if truth is not seek.But for some leader it is also highly improbable that they will hear any advise also as when they neglect the divine warning also how they will hear there own relatives and friends advise also, think some.
                But in the end the truth should be best for all and we now instead of making long speeches must make personal sacrifices if we really want to serve the Public's and want to gain there attention. And see the honest heart alone ultimately appease the God also.Though earlier the leaders bank balance was the issue, but today new change seems to have arrived in A.P also.And change must be happening in all the Galos as we are programmed to be a great man being descendants of  Great Abo Tani and his wife godess Donyi Mumsi.And mind it most of the opposition leaders have been perhaps tested to there limits by divine force also.See man like Jodik Taliji his anti corruption stand is it also not a divine stand which needs appreciation also.
                 As after all have become knowledgeably today and the elephant in the room cannot be ignored any more which is inside the room.It is immoral if one is seen like selling Opium to innocent Chinese by the Britishers during colonial era.As fact is more richer one is in A.P , more he have misused the Public money this non can gainsaid.Unfortunately the honest leaders have even no fund to make whirl wind tour of there constituency even if they really like to.Thus the good oppossition leader`s problem should be also respected.
                 Mind it, for a few good man this society is also flourishing.And very sad to see that some of the new generation youth leaders are much better then the senior also and some of the older generation in death bad are still seen talking  rubish. Some Youths have so much good thoughts for the society and it will be unfortunate to neglect there view and sentiments any further also.I have seen the frustration of the Delhi University students to make Arunachal of his dreams but joked and laughed upon by some.How long this will go on as only problem is some social parasites who refuse to share there power like Dhuryodhana in Mahabharta for which only this epic battle happened also.
                See in the area of establish religion also worst anti social elements have also come up .So in the place where the most intelligent tribes live how important times like election which is best form of ventilating the frustration by the Youths can be stopped in the name of ruling party or any other ground.That will be insult to all the Galo community and mind it may tomorrow start worst kind of infighting here.Unlike other Public`s we should not be the one to shamelessly jump inside the new Govt. form by a new party if Congress suddenly doom in the center. We need to earn our respect and bread and why should give credit for due and just political revolution to one like Baba Ramdevjis eloquent speech only.Is our society is incapable of producing one like them?
            See when present Hon`ble MLA of my Basar area Gojen Gadiji lost 2nd time and only wanted to become a MLA of 29th Assembly constituency for only one time I also become his guardian angel in his 3rd election bit for fulfilling his life`s dream. As I felt what was needed in the Galo belt was love and friendship and sometimes sympathy also even if one have inhere tent limitations with his qualifications and leadership. Though today I come to also know that earlier even if the senior leaders used to loss election for number of time;but the blessings of Sr. Gegong Apangji Ex-Hon`ble C.M used to help one to recover himself from ones financial loss also.As some say about a 50-60 tree permit issued in Tirap and Changlang District to be sold to Saw Mill did the trick then,thus all should love and  respect the young leaders without Godfathers also.As they will ultimately work for general Public`s only and ultimately will become true Peoples leader`s,not only leader of the Corporate world and rich class only.
                                 Friends it will be wrong to hate one just like that; I have tried all my possible way with utmost respect before coming out open in this matter concerning me and Sri Gojen Gadiji present Hon`ble 29th Basar area MLA . As best war should have been won without fighting and hurting other also;but I was left with no other choice then to say this openly now. I still think that he may be personally not a bad man also and himself may be victim of some vested interest supporters also. See I could have well disturb Sri Gojen Gadijis political prospect in day one itself ,as I was personal favorite of elder brother Sri Jr. Omak Apangji Ex-Hon`ble MOS as choice for  MLA of 29th Basar Assembly constituency.This was the norms when the Apang family was in helms of power in Arunachal pradesh; after all we both are from same Hindu College Delhi university product also.And even in last State Assembly election time Gojenji requested me though some  family relative and friends to not contest against him as he wanted to contest for last time.
                And I was made to be under impression that I will be helped this time by him ,even if he may now denounce that short of promise now.But this short of false election promise is order of day in place like ours also and must be fight tooth and nail also.And even the general Basar area Public's have reason to doubt Gojenji only ;as his only last time wishing to become a MLA in his life so vote for him dialogue in front of whole Basar area Public  is exposed now.As it seems to be now overused seen used   each time before each election comes.And being a person trying to be maturing in Christ I seems to have been duped in believing him as it will be wrong to always believe others i have learnt now.See my misfortune begin day I trusted this promises and I was of course also not inclined to disturb the prospect of the Dist. Hq. Promise for my Basar area  in last election by INC.As this was there election manifesto even assured personally by Hon`ble C.M Late Dorzee kanduji in front of all the Basar Publics.
                            And to my loss of personal reputation and professional carrier I buckled to those pressure and did not contest last time.As for me personally being an Advocate even if I had lost in last election I could have well practiced nicely in my profession and earned good money also.And as this facts have potentialities to effect my personal reputations as a political leader I am compel to divulge this out now.To me this was time for the earlier old friend to invite me and support me in all the possible way as promised by him.Is  it the way a friend is treated that way to one  stood who by him in his earlier worst of crisis also?But so far this seems to have been my fate to be cheated and used I was starting to think that way;but after recent developments in my life ,I also have a guts feeling that my societies good time is also coming with a aptitude for new change for good.First time there is a feeling that the Publics want to support a leader who will make the future they believe in. 
                          And this I am saying not only for myself but I see no better person then me to serve the Basar area Public's interest at least in the issue of the probity of the Public life.As friends it is easy to criticize  a opposition leader but main Public contention now the equality and transparency in distributing the Public fund I think I will be better in this matter .Even then the blessings of the senior politicians and officers would have been always best.And today what option is with me also?But at least today even if I have no money, Lord and savior  seems to be siding me doing miracle in my political visit as wrote earlier where a dead was made alive by Him.May be His way to show this are His gifts in His commissioned programme even if a pauper like me is also sometimes in confusion.But eventually all should like to associate with a great mission to get thy blessings.
                         After all regaining life is more important then getting peanuts from some leaders who in fact could have rather stopped the more pressing Public problems like illness and diseases more better, if they were more God fearing persons also.As non is that rich or good to satisfy all ,only the Lord and Savior can make one prosperous this need to be understand by my Galo clan members also.As the index of prosperity is now definitely seen more with Naga and Nyishi brothers one like it or not.So we must take the best from all the secret of success, today's dynamic society will now rest on its ability to change quickly also.And mind it more there is hidden agenda more quickly that society will perish.So I beg personal apology for my brutal honesty but it is for overall goodness also.
                 Usually I belong to a family which also don`t want to harm or hurt any one unnecessarily even if the worst seems to have been tried against me in each step by some.But in the end of day everything is good if the end is good; in the place like ours eventually connection with the Public's matter more then one`s richness and success also.Thus my staying back in my place may help me more in my political carrier also may be blessing in disguise.I can`t also help if the Galo interest demand a drastic political change change after all if  Delhi university return leaders is not used for the society interest who else will be also?As one with terrible amount of knowledge and qualification either he can do good or bad.And if he is trying something good then have to be appreciated also.As this days there is less Peoples who truly love the society and try to do good work . And if we don`t struggle for other`s then who else will also as love to all alone need to be the motto of all the Galo associations isn`t it? Accepted I have also limitations and cannot tackle all the problem myself, so need your all prayer support also.
           But our engagement with the heavy weights  should also make others to try to solve the petty problems themselves and should not make Public's to bank on us for everything also. As Opposition leaders have less resource and mind it the present leaders are also using Public funds only not there own money also.And given chance who knows the youth leaders can do more better also.Brothers there is something called enough is enough, the blatant  use of money and muscle power is one I despise  most.That too in circa 2013 in an era of enlightenment in the last Tirbin Panchayat election this was too much for all the Galo`s.I appreciate one like Adv. Ito Riramji for spelling out his views to criticize this old age Technic by some.And all this goondagardi have been published in my earlier article for the world to see also.And generally I never wanted to come open in any matter which seems to be against a person also. But if one  always give a damn to civil society through his money and muscle power then may be  I  have to also use the best thing given by the Lord and savior to me also.
              After all I totally attribute the ability  of my little writing ability by sitting  in a 40 days fasting programme called by Lord and Savior Jesus through missionaries in Medziphema Nagaland Fasting center long time back; and is also duty bound to use it also for human betterment.And this also I am writing for Lords glory as I am honestly also a lazy person like you all. But may be sometimes the pen have to be also shown to be mightier then the sword by all the intellectuals also, so that the young generation does not get spoil by following a mirage which is artificial. As the society seems to be brainwashed cleverly by the vested interest Peoples to fear and revere the redundant leaders and ruling party even if it does not deliver and is ruling on lies and deceits for there own and there families end.And mind it  if the elites also side them then our conscience and history will never forgive us,as things are too much in this State.
               But having said that I being an educated one if given chance has to also speak in State assembly loudly as accepted by Public's, do minimum contract work myself,focus's more in social work and being one lacking lots of personal property in other place should boldly speak for all community interest without fear in all available platform in issue specially  concerning to communal ism. And also work for humanity being one trying to be good believer in Christ as it is His divine order also.The coming atma Chintan Shivir in the Basar on the 10th august 2013 organised by the Galo Peoples Federation is an opportunity for a soul searching for all of us.We must now excel to develop in all sphere of life and that can be made by accepting our weaknesses also.As the rich and powerful leaders are now seen as pariah/speed breakers for the Galo community so they must be told the new facts boldly also.
                          And only one willing to say so should come up in Dias as excessive chain of corruption and nepotism must be stopped immediately.The nova rich should be also satisfied with what they have and should not like to make rich political candidate as sacrificial lamb also.As in politics everyone seems to be in look out for a ladder rather then a leader here and this few are the one`s who are projecting some hefty candidates.And this kind of leaders have also failed as need is a political revolution to change the Peoples mindset.Thus for a new thinking a spiritual leader`s can be tried here in Galo belt also.Even if he belong to any religion also ,as Budhist belt seems to have succeed more under Rimpoches also.This are facts while the God blessed Christian`s instead of trying to become the salt of the world have unfortunately become escapists.
             See Peoples now need to be told the facts and for this we must all come to light now.As  GPF is a right forum which should discuss the need for new leadership which is the most important issue which  the common villagers and Public's are generally scarred to speak out. As the rich and powerful have earlier always  sabotaged the important occasion like election and made it like Mopin festival.Making the Public's in lurches for rest 5 yrs after it.Even the new world demand a leader who is well aware of e-governance and one who respect the clarion call for justice and equality by the civil society members.And make development as the number one agenda not the transfer and posting with which the officers are threatened.But this time they also need to fear one more who can transfer them from this world itself.As Lord`s will in Political do-mine seldom comes this some missionaries are also accepting. 
              And Galo`s being the torch bearer how it can now fail others who are also looking for us for inspiration ?See the mess created by some leaders in Dist.Head Quarter issue  ,the worst ill will within Galos have developed in the Dist. Hq. Issue as it was politicized unnecessarily which was wrong.As non of the Likabali or the Basar Publics would have bothered upon Hq. issue ;if this was not made an election issue.I remember Sri Jarbom Gamlinji then Hon`ble cabinet Minister warning other 3 Gentleman in the Urban Hotel Lunch party table warning that this assuring of Dist.Hq. prematurely to Basar Publics in general ground will have great ramification in the future.As if all the four gentleman present there where also aware of this unrealistic adventure,but went ahead honestly I had that impression .Need not to say even divine curse seems to have come on some on this misdemeanor which issue hurt so many Galo Peoples.As still now the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh India is in no position to create new proposed Dist.Lower Siang.And make either Basar or Likabali as its Head Quarter.This is bad to tell lie in election and finish the trust of the Public's in the Govt.
              And the worst persecution tried on the Opposition leaders after election  seems to also show the leaders non inclination to fulfill this false election promises.Given chance of a high political post this type of politics I will always try to refrain from playing.As it is foolish to compel contractors and officer relatives to join oneself without winning there heart and soul and make them to cut mithun/buffalo in joining ceremony as if to show that all the Villagers and Public`s have joined with them.As the majority who goes out of the leader cannot celebrate his azadi from bad leader by even purchasing and cutting a Chicken also and may be only waiting for a right time to take revenge also. And if there tears reach heaven then only there will be divine intervention also.After all sometimes Lord may be feeling the need for making personal intervention  to tame some charlatans also.Unfortunately the Galo land more particularly Basar area  here democracy definition seems to have been changed now.It seems to have  become the democracy is- by the  A grade contractor,for the A grade contractor and with the A Grade contractor.
           And as the some leaders from time to time have been suddenly made to vanish also and some have sensing the new mood have sacrificed to one who have more hunger for Public service so metamorphosis should have come here also.  Galo`s should be a Galo even if he is a Christian or Hindu we must go with that mentality or some bad element will secretly take advantage of growing distrust within us.Anti other religion is meaningless;see Holy Bible itself is against force preaching but only fool will be against Gods calling also.And when we seems to saying too much for the Christianity in this Basar area.Our request is please take this as an special case also.Now when Christian have been never ever given political chance here ; the burden of proof of following secularism definitely lies to Basar area Public's and INC party also.And as the core issue like unemployment cannot be sabotaged by crooks by hacking other issues ; so we need to be vigilant as the religious person is accepted to be more delivering in this issues.As given chance PPA want to make it priority specially for deprived section ;as Holy Bible is emphasizing more on justice and equality more for Poor and destitutes. See the earlier Basar area leaders have been lucky in one way as number of the officers have contributed to its growth.
            But seldom there contributions have been accepted.Honestly there could have been more work but opportunity was missed;as in some villages there is even no play ground.And today no more top officers is coming up why?This is but natural when the games and sports and intellectual are despised in a place.Thus the Public's should have pity for the prospect of future generation also, as even if earlier some of leaders did not deserve the chowkidar post also;but have they been already not given enough chance by this Society?And now when the society survival itself is under question then why all should not pay back now?It is wrong to only see ones own interest all the time also.
                  In this worst transition period the need is for a right leadership and unless this hard hitting important topics are not touched the plan  of searching ways for socio- economic upliftment for the Galo`s will be meaningless which is the topic of the seminar to be organised on 10th august 2013 in Basar auditorium by the GPF.As the more gifted, visionary, dedicated  yet personally more poorer leaders like Narendra Modiji is seen to do more in field of wooing the Investors e,i-the corporate houses; which alone is now the last hope for the unemployed youths of State. As the present leaders quest for never ending richness and allegedly taking excessive percentage in contract work itself now seems to be the enemy of the Galo public's discontentment and lack of confidence in them.
                            As the few MLAD fund is like Chicken soup to thousand`s of Public's but every one seems to have been made to be dependent on it only while the need is for immediate introspection.Have leaders like Hon`ble C.M Nagaland and Sikkim have not done better and for this may be his Hon`ble  MLA colleagues should be also praised. And unless given chance to other kind of leaders also ,how ones capability can be judged also?Thus it is time to stop living in make believe world like the actor showed day dream of better life to be broken soon in movie called - `SAHAR OR SAPNA` when the town was under the curse of villain called Jalka acted superbly by villain Pran.Thus Hon`ble CM being like father figure of whole State  must rise above his party interest in special case.
               The fight for the Peoples pride and self esteem can only be possible by respecting our roots and legacy which PPA is trying to give.As the one who have no  high self esteem  for himself and his possession can never progress;and see there was never Kingship in the Galo community also. Thus this excessive widening gap of rich and poor need to be reversed at least for one time so that Public's regain there confidence. And for this ideology to be achieved ;one leader who have also lived like a poor brother and sisters  is he not respectable?As in that era of lawlessness at least one who have called spade a spade is he not YUG PURUSH also.One who have demonstrated more truthful and righteous act.And mind it is also difficult for a rich and powerful man to be good like some spiritual persons and there family must be also specially categorized also if some of there own comes up for political post.But at the same time non of the ego or the pride should be so high as to ignore the will of God or refrain from supporting the truth in this historical occasion.
                And even if the haves class despise us in the coming election this time,our poor brothers and sisters should at least back us up as more particularly  we really mean business for them.As ideologically we identify ourselves more with them.And yes today non can get 70 % support also,there will be definitely criticism; but more the obsessed critics for no obvious reasons may be better positive advertisement for the poor opposition leader like us also.As one give a damn if Lord and Savior Himself is supporting us;and yes if critically judged only the person more obliged to opposition leader  and his family member or who have harmed them ones upon a time will alone be seen to be talking nonsense more often in place like our`s.
               But man with the mission will never be perturb and openly do what he have to do which will alone help the humanity and mankind also.As some  may have been born not to do different thing, but to do some things more differently as needed in this kind of place.Please let us prey God for peace and prosperity to our community and other co-Arunachalee also and for thy will to be accomplished which will be best for all also.
                                                                 Sincerely your`s,
                                                          State Gen.Secy. PPA 
                                                           (PROTOCOL CELL)


Monday, August 5, 2013

The big buzz in the latest Arunachal politics:-

                     The report of the unconditional possible merger of some of the opposition party in the PPA anytime in the state of Arunachal pradesh is what the general public's have been waiting for so long.This is after the TMC party wrapped up and joined PPA along with its top leader Hon`ble MLA Laeta Umreji.This will be the victory of the Publics who deserve better leadership and alternative to redudant INC feels many critics.As many are fed up of the conglomeration of the vested interest politician,officer and business man groups under the INC party.Who in there own whims and caprice have the audacity to  plan  there own leader inside secret rooms to keep there own interest forgetting world have changed apart.Thus the new resurrected Publics may teach them nice lesson in right time as even if the merger is not accomplished the Public mandate at grass root level is openly with PPA as shown in last Panchayat election.And the People of Arunachal pradesh seems to now definitely liking  PPA as Congress Party alternative.
                  As the Publics have now understood that rumor that the present or the new rich leaders will throw hundred of crores in election have been found unfounded in earlier election also.As the man with such richness will only make world tour instead of coming to politics unless he have more plan to grind more money befooling the Publics thinks many now.In many case some vested interested Publics will be no less wrong in misleading the innocent aspiring leaders also as some already have been cheated.See leadership is commitment and experience ,one have to work with hell lot of seniors and sometimes have to make even number of sacrifices.For me personally my elder  brother Ex. Union Minister Sri Omak Apangji had earlier even offered me MLA post when Apangs where in helmn of power and I could have definitely disturb present MLA of my Basar constituency also.So I have may be right to say this things with much elan as I have also been patiently and hopefully the present top leadership in  Basar will fulfill his promise to abdicate in my favour in coming election.After all I had also supported him earlier when he only wanted to become Hon`ble MLA only for one last time.And so far unlike other have never received anything from him.And not only this earlier  I had the previlage to work with great leaders like Ex-Hon`ble C.M late Tomo Ribaji,Ex-Cabinet Minister PWD LateTodak Basarji,,Ex-Hon`ble M.P Sri Kiran Rijuji, Ex-MLA Sri Dibang Tatakji,Ex-MLA Sri Jobom Basarji and Smty.Dakter Basar etc.
            See this time  all positive things happening for PPA is seems to be God`s plan as He will to make this State as God centric State as prophesy have come to some prophets like Evan Christopher in Aalo Healing Crusade whose first prophesy of Arunachal soon going to get a Christian Hon`ble C.M have also come true.I myself is now cock sure about this prophesies after a miracle recently witnessed by me and Doke Villagers in the Tirbin in the house of my PPA ,ZPM candidate Miss.Deken  Doke in the eve of Panchayat polling .Where one Smty. Parvati Lombi as told by Sri Pelin Lombiji later on had suddenly fell unconscious and I had prayed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  that if He really want to make me as a top political leader as prophesied through some missionaries and god`s man that lady be again be bring to life.And lo after one minute she wocked up hale and hearty; the Doke Villagers where also very much surprised at witnessing this miracle including myself, as the room was jam packed.So this mission of mine really seems to be God sanctioned and so even if there was terrible problem in Tirbin Panchayat election we managed about 40% vote of total Tirbin area votes contrary to Critics opinion.
               As getting PPA, ZPM candidate in place like Tirbin itself was a victory believes some as real Arunachal politics is seen starting only after Lokh Sabha election  and before it the ruling party have always an advantage.I am extremely thankful to Miss Deken Doke and her family for this exemplary display of courage.As Tirbin circle of 29th Basar Constituency covers 3o% of the total Basar area votes but one who can shake this in small way  in panchayat election  he have an edge in State Assembly election .As the other 70% votes is resting with my own clan members and relatives of the Basar and Ego sub-Division.And here this days Peoples are in heart of heart seen again wishing to see old political glory of the area.while the Tirbin area Publics seems to be fed up of the false promise in election.And critics doubts the recent Panchayat elections INC false promise will also have its toll in the coming Lokh Sabha and State election.And interestingly most of the Christian friends in Tirbin have requested me to refrain to campaign in the Panchayat election also and this time they were mostly trapped in INC.As Tirbin is basically Christian dominated place and hopefully after this disclosure of Lord`s plan  they should also not miss the previlage to work for thy glory.As this time itself we achieved total 2,800 votes this is far above 1500 votes which critics sujjested was more then enough to trouble the present leadership.
                   For the Christian brothers they have to also ponder that even the last wish of the worldly father is it not tried to be accomplished by any prodigal son?As we have been beneficiary of enough blessings and miracle by God and for the first time He have demanded something from all of us ,then can we sit silent in coming State election?See now this is not my personal programme but Lord`s and the doubting Thomas can sit for fasting programme to ask God and verify this.Thus if Lord really bless the Christians in Basar area ,then everything should happen ultimately according to thy will only by State Assembly election time ;and even the enemies may ultimately support us also as non will ultimately like to be fitted against divine power and His will.As Christian have been seldom given political power chance in this part of the world.Thus it was time to show magnanimity to us also. and see what better may be not stored for the PPA after  its semi final e,i- after Lokh Sabha election also?Thus the Gangi believers are also accepted to show there magnanimity after all I was also instrumental in making of there Temple Donyi Polo Kargu Gangi in ITBP area of Basar.And good to hear that the Donyi Poloists brothers are also sympathetic to me now and that should be the spirit of religion love and friendship and mutual accommodation.
                                            As the 50 % spiritual community of total Basar population of nearly 16000 total Basar area population  should be enough to now change the society.As till now only few Crooks make important time like election as a festive occasion.And have the audacity to blame the poor and helpless Publics for mess.See the Lord and Divine power may be convinced of better upcoming leader or may be despising the cunningness of the present leadership who can be alone tamed by Him alone.So many spiritual persons are also surprised with this divine prophesy this time.But in the present world the punishment by God also seems to be imminent also as the opinion put by Hindu spiritual leader like Her Holiness Brahmakumari and His Holiness Kalki ji seems to be going to be accurate.That soon the Kalyug is going to be replaced by Satyug.And even if His Holiness Pt. Ravi Shankarji had he not appealed to all the religious leaders to unite now in this decisive phase of world`s power struggle.Thus appealing for help to all even one thriving to be good one even in the INC party. 
          It is pertinent to mention that above miracles I refereed above  I am saying it not for my own  name but for thy glory of Lord as His miracle must be told to all ;as after all I was one`s saved in an operation theater by Him only 10 yrs. back; and if not for Him and His graceness would have died. He now seems to have a big plan through me so saved me,this I am also starting to feeling now after this recent good news in my life.As that dying  lady healed by Lord had also no prior record of earlier illness and disease and I even never meet her earlier before that incident alsoAnd it is also fact that two Hon`ble C.M and three Hon`ble Cabinet Ministers on whose life Lord seems to made me to prophesied. Which really happened as some got promoted and some got demoted as warned by Lord through me ;and most of them are still alive and will accept this facts also.Besides the missionaries and Sadhus who prophesied in my life cannot be doubted as there earlier prophesy have been also verified to be truth.As one of sadhu had earlier also predicated Sri kito Soraji will become a MLA when he was driver and elevation of my younger brother`s wife as Public leader.And after days she become ZPM.That too uncontest one.
          See prophesy by Lord using me is also already written in my earlier article called -`Mechanism of God`s work`with the witness name also.Thus everyone is accepted to join Lord`s will  this time as the escapists and excuse makers also left the Bus in the time of freedom struggle days much to there regret in there later life;after all this chance to make name also seldom comes as even if one get nothing by joining  in PPA.But best chance is to work with devine force as said fear one who can take not only your life but harm the soul as well or fear not one who can transfer but one who can transfer you from earth itself.See the brave prodigal sons of the soils  may also make a name for themselves by joining in right team in right time as willed by Lord.And by joining PPA they will prove that they only feel for the Arunachal public`s interest who want to now get rid of off dated INC party and knows that there true aspirations and ambitions only Lord can now fullfill.And this blessing to this party is now highly possible as earlier in the era of persecution to the Christian brothers .The PPA members alone stood with the Christian brothers thus Lord may be merciful to us now;this State now desperately need a party to jolt others to feel high about themselves and have pride in there own self.As it is important for growth of an Individual and society that Publics need to have high esteem of themselves.And this will come by respecting ones own roots legacy and origin.See  howsoever one is rich or good but without divine support non can deliver thus this party alone may be best scope now for the heavy laden Arunachal Public`s.
                   See what is harm in coming back to ones own home after all regionalism runs in our blood veins and for long motherland have harmed by the use of the illiterate and heartless leaders cunningly by the central party.In there life one who show there own and there high command leaders interest only .It is time to love own and have pride in ourselves  then only we will progress like the State of Sikkim and Nagaland.And thus today non of the off dated and redundant class have the guts to come open who earlier used to make fool of the innocent Arunachal Publics.As in there heart of heart also they know that a God fearing person with extraordinary political will alone  can  now deliver for all.And yes we give a damn of secret meeting and parleys against us as when whole State have today waken up against the social and political parasites in reality we dare you  to purchase all the voters and finish your own and families future also as time some have come for peaceful , graceful retirement and honorable exit which PPA alone can now give; best opportunity as bowing down to will of God is it not a reward in itself specially in fake end of carrier?