Thursday, October 13, 2011


                                       The Itanagar was never tense as it is now today , may be a magma was boiling all the time within some section of the society. And what it needed was a match stick to lit it. The anger of the Nyishi society is in fact the anger of the haves not , as few in the State have become excessively rich at the cost of the minority who are poor. The none making of Tuki as Hon’ble C.M is just an excuse as a common man said , his lobby  may have benefitted from price rise and excessive corruption in the State. I salute those good Samaritans working for peace and ideologically link themselves with the poor and downtrodden , even though they could have earned nicely .Remember in high level politics the looser will be always the poor and the innocents .Some corrupted Persons with court threat on them may never like the Govt. to be stable even if tomorrow Tukiji is made as Hon’ble C.M. a critic said.This way that way only innocent will suffer unless new group from new party comes up.

                                                  The Hon’ble C.M Jarbom Gamlin should have come clean on all the projects and done away with the corrupted officers even relatives close to him to maintain his integrity. But saying also is easy, in his place it would have been difficult also; for any body in this close nit society it is difficult to make everything upside down. But the wind of the change is today blowing so fast that someone has to be sacrificed. PPA respecting the sentiment of the Nyishi community may give chance to this community in coming election; after all they also deserve one time chance , and may be completely change after responsibility given to them contrary to others fear. This was my long time back argument as their should not be monopoly over power. Similarly the Christians in places like Basar and Aalo must be treated nicely as their seems to be a hidden agenda of injustice to this community since long time .

                                         But present modus operand, is not the way to get power as some seems to be trying , creating law and order problem; violence should be used as last resort .And some anti social elements are precisely trying to show unknowingly what pradip Thakur said about them as right.When the Public's are not interested in violence why this Blitzkrieg.The best way will be supporting the political party like PPA in coming election to fight democratically against all the grievance as this is practical solution. Regarding Gamlinji and Tukiji it is difficult to say who is better as both has equal credentials but fate seems to have favored the former as for now .The issues which is not discussed for long time become deadly. Therefore one way good that such issues has come up.

                                       This is the tragedy of the Congress party this time ; may be they seems to have been cursed for long misrule God alone knows may be it was due for a christian leader to become Hon'ble C.M as some prophesy was made. To make the matter worst, most numbers of mushrooming of the social and political outfits happened during this regime. Now the only unfortunate option for immediate reconciliation seems to be joint bashing of the Central Observer themselves who had made slaves of the senior Congress leaders in 24th Akbar road. And prolonged this issues today.The state is that, even the Govt. servants have divided loyalty to both the camps , therefore things are remain to be same this way or that way. And real bad news for Congress at a time when Anna Hazare seems to have come only to punish excessively corrupt Arunachal Leaders..

                                            It would have been not the case if the party was today ruled by regional Party PPA. As the regional ideology would have united us with the common love for the region. And such problems as this should have been solved within short time. I personally like many traits of the Nyishis not that they are my co- Christian believers, but I find majority of them very good and innocent. But see in this movement they will be ultimate loser’s as it is difficult to make a rapport but easy to break. I have been one of their well wishers they should not fail me and fight must be their but in a democratic way .

                                       As first time all the business community may see Aalo and Pasighat as better investment destinations. I had earlier pleaded my nova rich Basarites to invest back in birth place but none had heard than, but this time they may do so. So it is their loss if the violence is not immediately stopped. In the present case it is difficult to take side who is more fitter to rule Arunachal. But even if one survive; their may be always a parallel Govt. to check it from within which none can do anything about.The top leaders must show their selflessness for the shake of the State. I appreciate both Tukiji and Jarbomji for appealing for peace their workers should hear them.

                                   The genesis of such violence has to be identified as well as way find  to solve it.The positive part is that many intermarriage between both the communities have happened why they don’t stand for peace . There are not a single natural and  inherited rich persons in all the Arunachal community barring Gohain of Chokam as sister Binny Maya said . Therefore filling oneself with superiority complexion is bad . She says their are some good and bad trait of all the community. The bad of the Galo mind-set is they pamper their leaders when they are in helm of power , but after he falls they start criticize and are seen to be terminally good back biters.We should take good things from each others.

                                               As for the Nyishis at least that stage have not reached because may be they have not get chance to form a Govt. But they needs to improve in socializing skills and stop mushrooming of social and political organizations which is harming itself. As someday no business man will like this place. As it is not important to become President or Vice President but to become a good Person.Those good persons of this community should be also appreciated who realizing this are working overtime for peace .
                                  If today the Galos cry over the capital problem they are themselves to be blamed as the result of none acceptance of Gospel and Late Tomo Ribaji and his supporters requests ; as once upon a time they where the ones who reject it.And most of the corrupted officers who invest in Itanagar are the ones giving the leadership in their place to un- influential ,one lacking vision and charisma to handle situation like this . And that too for their personal interest; today they need not to see and realize that their leaders are hiding in this time of troubles of their community in C.M bungalow .See who is coming as Guardian angel at this time of crisis for the community instead of running away .

                                      Today the game has to change we need one who can advise society in the worst phase. Only enjoying the power won’t do, today is the day of media war and it is wrong only to judge someone by richness; for ones ill-gotten money have made other innocent community as buts of target. The eye for the Hydropower money seems to be one of the main reason for this power struggle. Honestly the Gamlinji should immediately transfer some Officers as demand by Paktu Aao clan as this maybe a face saving devise. By remain adamant he will harm himself .

                                 The best alternative at this stage if the situation deteriorates than it will be making mutually accepted persons as brother Setong Senaji or Tako Dabiji as Hon'ble C.M as some opines, former may have to clarify his none acceptance of greater Nagalim theory and later only for his allege loose talk sometimes  could have been a good bet. But for Dabi sir, post or no post the tag of elderly person and less corruption is making him to be more secured than others after all none can be Mr. perfect . He is alone seen care freely moving around in the both the camp when others are in self imprisonment.As if sitting in pasting programme and like RKM hostel days must be crying in their heart.Is this a real enjoyment of power. The Congress will also be under pressure to find an amicable solution to this vex issue and should fix it soon.

                                    The PPA can play a major role in bringing a reconciliation though it would have been also to our advantage if this fight goes on. As the cadres are supporting both the faction even if the high command don’t like, therefore we appeal all the cadres to work towards peace and unity.This is my appeal being State Gen.Secy.PPA And being the adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI- Council of Baptist Church North East India, I appeal all the Baptist members to become peace makers to be called worthy son of the Lord and Savior for the benefit of our future generation. See our capital is in deadly Zone V of the earth quake prone area, more sin may invite the wrath of the God therefore for Gods shake let us stop violence and leave everything to will of God.