Sunday, July 24, 2016


                      It is said that Swami Vivkananda ones said-`If I was born in the time of the Jesus of Nazareth I will have washed his legs with my blood.`See all the great man have appreciate Him even tried to followed Him and their writing and philosophy have some amount of His teachings.
                   But great man where always skeptical of the Christians thus when we point fingers at others we must be also followers of what we say.Thus when the mother of mother Her Graceness Mother Teresa died so many Peoples whose life she changed cried more then for their own mother also.Friends this is the real love and God`s work which is really seen absent this days. 
                 And let us hope and pray some one like her again come who united all as one country then only this country will grow to be great.The recent event`s like report of drying of the Holy river Ganga  in the Go-Mukh glacier original point is a great point to ponder for the so called fundamental religionists and some so called self styled saffron brigade members if they are even trying to stopping the FCRA fund from coming to country and is giving impediment to the registered NGO waiting for foreign fund.
               As in our country non is good at charity and only give their orphan and illegal childrens in the Missionery of charity and other orphan and destitute centers run by the Christians.One can`t fool the power above and cannot stand in his way thus need is to respect one who is really giving yeoman service to nation.As today when FDI is invited in this country hope this foolish act will be not allowed to be done in any level.
           The Antodays philosophy used by Hon`ble P.M in USA and U.K must be allowed to be practiced in this country in truth and spirit.As believe it no money from abroad is used for conversion and non can be converted also and everywhere their is some rotten fish but for it whole country cannot be kept in jeopardize. As when the divine power is in anger He may do anything.Or why their is seen rampant natural disaster this days.Thus we must hear our great leader Hon`ble P.M`s advise.
                 The spiritual persons donated money if coming from outside is used for our countries benefit then nothing wrong isn`t it?Thus hope the will of God is not disturbed and His angered not invited least the Holy Ganga dried up earlier then anticipited.As in Holy Bible it is written-`Victory belongs to God.` 
            And to Him eventually every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is the main thing.Thus we must learn from great Hindu Sashtras to be dedicated and be the promise keeper like the Ganga son -Bhisma Pitamah.We may have to also try to bring our own  Ganga by our hard religious life not mare deep in the river and write a will to throw our ash in it after we die.And who knows for different man a different act pleasing to God have to be done.|
                Who knows Sita Mata in Ramayana and innumerable non Hindus of the country have also enriched the Country by contributing the fertility of the land by their dead bodies burried in the countries soil and helped global cooling.Thus we must introspect and be encompassing which is the true practice in the Sanatan Dharma time and true meaning of Hindus also.As all religion seems to be correlated and mutually complimentary you just have to take the positive sides and fill yourself with positive energy. 
                 One can do anything to prove other as inferior but real thing is to bring back love which will come by mutual engagement only.This will be like Amrit coming in Samudramanthan thus let us work together for a great cause.On 4th sept 2016 every God fearing persons in the planet earth is going to celebrate the coronation of the Her divine Holiness mother Teresa`s official recognition of the Sainthood.Please join the great deed of the great soul as this is triumph of humanity if a great soul is recognized.
                    And our Roman catholic brothers have been always pioneers in great deed with their wonderful cathedral and schools enhancing the beauty of each town they are allowed.You say the best and is run by them like St.Stephen College ,St. Xeviers college and CMC Bellore Medical College etc.
                In the capital Itanagar of the State of Arunachal pradesh also the Catholic believers are planning to celebrate Her Majesty Mother Teresa`s coronation day from 9 a.m in the Naharlagun Good Shephard School and is expecting a large crowd.Let in this new global world lets together make the religion related hatred a thing of past. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

How the reversal of fortune for the Congress party in A.P ? :-

                The latest political turmoil in this tiny state of North East |India is a surprise elemant for whole country and triggered the Hon`ble Supreme Court to give a land mark judgement and pave the way for |Nabam Tuki Govt. and as he was given three days time to prove his majority by His Excellency.
                  He made a smart move to invite Sri Pema Kanduji as new Hon`ble Chief Minister.But the reversal of fortune for congress party in Arunachal Pradesh is no surprise for spiritual persons like - Evan.Tojo  Ribaji n sri Chotisu Sajoji Honble Speaker of Nagaland who short of professised about the coming thing.
              As Evan. Tojo Riba who earlier short of said before last state election that divine power wanted some leader out which have been seen right now with the defeat of the Congress party in earlier election.And from this earlier facts  a believer like- Sri Nabam Tukiji Ex-C.M of the State of Arunachal Pradesh seems to have learnt his lesson well.Lately he was heard to have sms and apologised to many spiritual persons for his messing with the divine will.
              On recent visit to kohima the speaker of the Nagaland my dear friend Sri Chotisu Sajo Hon`ble speaker was very particular that Sri kalikho Pul Sahab then Hon`ble C.M should not have cursed God and it will have dire consequence.And on that night itself the Hon`ble Supreme Court judgement came removing him from the Hon`ble C.M post of our State.Mr. Sajo is a great believer .Hope my Hindu College Junior Hon`ble C.M Pema kanduji will take my religious advise given few months back to him on my courtesy visit and keep Dhamma/ righteousness being a good Buddist.
              After all how divine power have also not used me to prophesy about the political future of 3 Hon`ble C.M and 4 Hon`ble cabinet minister including his Lt.father for nearly 2 times.Thus thing in my area must be very bad when sinner and wordly man like me is used mightily by Him.Thus we must fear Him who is closely watching all the developments.
               The new Hon`ble C.M of this State can really take the state to new height if he either join in BJP with youth and honest leaders or atleast make a unofficial understanding with the young and fresh ones in BJP is the general view and perhaps BJP cadres and divine will as well and logical step also as both the center and state need each other.As this State is completely dependent on center for aid.After all being backed by a powerful Buddhist and Delhi University lobby he stands a good chance also if he plays his card nicely.

Friday, April 1, 2016


                           His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Jyoti Prasad Rajkunwaji who was recently in the national media have come as a boon to long suffering masses of State of Arunachal Pradesh.Not only for the human but perhaps for the Cows and other animal also he have become the champion.
                    As for long the innocent animals have been used as cannon fodder in election and party by the uneducated and visionless leaders who where waging short of opium war feeding lots of local wine call Apong and animal meat to the innocent villagers in election and other times.
                   And were not  seen to be non delivering and confused of their real role, as in State Assembly they were seen to be quiet , and in place like Delhi their old method of trying to bribe officers of Planning commission is seen to have boomeranged now after corruption have become a big issue in Delhi.Yet many refuse to budge and have not heard the friendly advise made by some relatives.
                 It was at this time when the groaning of the Poor Publics must have reached heaven His Excellency came as short of Avatar for the State of Arunachal Pradesh.Remember the Lord Sri krishnas famous sloka -`YADA YADA HI DHARMASYA GLANIR BHAWATA BHARATAM , ABHYUTANAM ADHARMASYA PARITRANAY SADHUNAM , DHARMASANSTHAPANAY NITYAM SWAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE.`
                        For long the State of Assam and Assamese have been like an elder brother of the Arunachalee with deep bonding between the great persons like Bhupen Hazarika with the State who was greatly inspired by the beauty of the nature of this State OF Arunachal Pradesh of the North East India.
                   Thus His Excellency the current Governor of the State His excellency Jyoti Prasad Rajkunwaji he truly perhaps knew his divine responsibility to act as a guardian angel of short and being the Ex-Hon`ble Chief Secy.of Assam surely knew all the problem of the State.As it is heard then he had also not succumbed to the powerful Congress Hon`ble C.M Tarun Gogoi.
                   The recent assault attack report on Him was truly something which the Ex-Hon`ble C.M Tukijis camp should have not done.And the plan to pollute the Governors area by the stomach offering to Deities of the Mithun animal made sacrificed near Governor house  gate was bit too much for all to digest.
                Trully the curse of the rampant animal slaughtering seems to have ultimately noose dived the congress party which indirectly is responsible for this by siding with the illiterate and charismatic less leaders who only seems to be good on short of waging opium war.
          The majority Indian have to ponder if this insult can happen to man in highest  position what not will happen to simple non tribal business man in this State?It is not that all the community are bad but few definitely seems to be trying to cash on in communal ism and goondagardi in this State.
              But we have also good example of good Peoples like-Kipa Babuji who forgive his mothers killers in road accident.Thus from now we must unitedly work for the goodness of State and see the rise of the evil is due to the silence of the good Peoples.
                            The villains is basically seen as some conglomeration of the vested interest business man , politician and officers .Who seems to go to any extend to come in power.Some even opine there is often nexus between some of them to stop the coming of honest leaders by funding more corrupted ones from their haves class denizens to cut the Voters.
             But lately the Publics have also become very smart and may be very vigilant also.The State of Arunachal Pradesh was perhaps earlier always seen as Goose that lay golden egg by the center. And thus all was seen looting it without seeing the fact that most of the vision less and direction leaders had no future plan for the Publics.                            
                         Honestly their may have been good Peoples but when system change for bad even the good Peoples get entangled.And recently the peaceful state was filled with more hatred of the highest order perhaps it was due to the intervention of the High command of the Congress who perhaps wanted to milk it more after it lost power in centre.See how long a Holy Cow can also give milk was the question as already this State have no permanent economy of its own?
            See earlier even the Audit team of central Govt. was heard to have been not allowed to come in Itanagar by the syndicates and mafias of PDS.The divide and rule policy of the Congress party created a rich haves class based on the communalism and regionalism of highest order.But worse effected seems to be Tirap and Changlang side where the terrorism have started.
           Earlier the uneducated and illiterate leaders who had no vision for the society was seen to be picked up by party highcommand and the honest made to suffer.The good officers who stand against the system where never promoted.And thus the situation was hopeless and helpless.Even the prophesy of the godman was denounced and money was all that matter.
                  I have  a feeling that Hon`ble Ex-C.M Nabam Tukiji will always have this unsatisfaction that he could not even help the more righteous co-believers in his heydays.Thus brothers power is a responsibility even the Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pull camp need to know that if there is a worst person within their camp then he need to be shown an exit door.The running to always greener pastures by someone also means that man have been reason for drubbing of all the earlier party due to divine curse on him.
                     Thus it was at this dark age that His Excellency have take risk to back up some honest officers and remove the provision of the officiating system of promotion of the officers.Which was one of the stumbling block to usher in the culture of honesty and transferancy.It is also fact that unless the BJP party and His Excellency have not backed up Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulji his coming to power may have been impossible.
                Hope he will continue with His Excellencies good policy and will try to phase out the worst leaders in future by hook or crook.As this is need of time and lessons to be learn from great scriptures like Mahabharata.It is said the crying baby Duryodhana who was prophesied to be the reason for lots of pain to his near and dear one in future should have been not saved by her mother.
                      As he was so rich and powerful and was also good to his friends but later everyone his own suffered for him.Hon`ble C.M as for now he have won the quarter final he have won it by endorsing HE`s order of promoting few honest leaders.And Publics have greater expectations from him.
                        His semi final is how he accommodate some good Hon`ble Cabinet Minister and in the final he is accepted to do away with some 60 % bad ones who have always thrived on shamlessness,money and musle power and  Aya Ram gaya Ram expertise to be in power.Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulji also seems to be a very holy man and seems ready to do so in future also.
                As many critics see his frustration and unhappy look like the innocent animals clubbed with the Lions and Tigers in Nuas Boat in the time of great flood.And many even say for some getting chance of honourable exit in the next election itself is a boon for some leaders.As they have reason to be satisfied with what society have given to them and will have more trouble in future.As the Publics have become more vigilant this days.
                   The unique position in the present Govt. Of Arunachal Pradesh where the Congress and BJP Legislators have unitedly formed the Govt. shows that divine natural justice system seems to have clubbed all together.As their was real need for cleansing this State so the cow and tiger have come in same pond to drink water thinks some.
                      In the coming election barring some honest candidates even if there is multiple contest most of the senior leaders from either party may see drubbing. As besides the missile capping by both the camps against 10 most powerful leaders of each others ,the general Publics also seems to have learnt their lesions well.
                          And will either demand handsome money from earlier worst corrupted one or will side with the honest leaders who earlier contested against the rich and powerful and have earned their credibility. And as for Hon`ble C.M Kaliko Pulljis original team by standing for justice and equality in worst challenging time in history they have short of made a new revolution like France after French Revolution.
                                    And like its leaders like- Voltaire and Rousseau may from now send their Volunteers to fight for the justice and equality in the other part of the North East also irrespective of party lines.As when a man and his group is in the threshold of history making ,they may smartly choose immortality rather then mediocrity. As His Excellency the Governor Jyoti Prasad  Rajkuwaji choosed and history will remember him for a long long time for those great moves.
                                  As leaders in the interior place and Taliban area are fighting with God and for Him and humanity.As the expectations from the leaders by the hungry masses is high,and thus hopefully new Hon`ble C.M in the helmns of power will work according to thy will and will not make the prophets to also one day give him divine warning, as I seems to have been earlier used to advise three Hon`ble C.M and four Hon`ble Cabinet Minister.
                          And for the doubting Thomas like person who are not satisfied by my life testimony in the journal-`Gods miracle witnessed by me in can check some of my message in the facebook as the date and time of the message can be asked from the Google Inc. where the data are saved in the sky store and cannot be manipulated.
                       And father Thomas of SFS School Basar West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh  is  also a witness regarding this.Honestly I am writing this to show that He is great and by His will alone one will survive.Need not to say why Pentagon is also heard to keep some 500 numbers of prayer warrior to get the divine advise in some crucial cases.May God bless our State as it really need His blessings as we have already lagged behind others and many have to digest some undesirable and less qualified elements in important post.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Who is the real God , and the effect of not knowing Him:-

                                              Only real God and praying Him with our full knowledge and mind will be answer to all the problems.As Hon`ble P.M said we have to fight the terrorism with mind also.So now it has become very imperative for the nation to know Him and His true will.It is time the spiritual centers really play a pro-active role in this direction to stop ISIS in this Country.
                                   As it was for they were made and all great man where called for by Him and if the good man keep silence then the evil come up. Since time immemorial the human being as an Individual , family and tribe have migrated together and have their distinct loyalty to their own, as for crores of years their was common enemy to face so they all united  ,thus the distrust to others is programmed in the human mind from day one.
                  And the unflinching loyality to our own surrounding and  tribal totem/ ISTH DEVTA and today University and place where we work is but natural.And thus this is stumbling block in the clarion call of Swami Vivekanandaji call to grow and conquer the world with your spirituality.As for an Individual and country to grow he have to be also encompassing, see the discipline, cleanliness and peaceful co-existence is also next to Godliness.
                Thus the true believer in His Lord/master will be always loyal to country and will be a nationalist.As both are vice versa as Lord Christ taking the coin with Emperor Caesar`s photo said give to Caesar what his and to God what it is His.
                             And as today all have more expectations from nation rather then not willing to giving it back.Thus it is imperative for the philosophers and the spiritual leaders to work more for the national unification like Italies Garibaldi.See the negative energy in a man have to be made into a positive asset.
                                          And for this the introspection which is the Vedic philosophy have to be adopted.And this introspection is needed and have been instrument in bringing political revolution in this Country.Thus non can stop a good thought also ,as sooner or later all have to accept it.
                And since time immemorial the great man have tried to do it only and the self made idol worship was never the original forefathers endevour. Today also the Priest and the Sadhus try to take the divine spirit by remembering the forefathers valour and good deed.This we see in the Galo Tribes Uyu celebrations like-Peka and Togu itis pertinent to mention that the Abo Tani tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh North east India is still practising pre-Vedic era cultures and thus Siang Dist. of Arunachal Pradesh in particular is treasure house of anthropology.
                                               This is like the Hindus reading the Hanuman Chalisa and this memory fills one with positive energy.This anointing with spirit is called DOI LILLI in Donyi Poloism believers of the Galos which is my tribe.See the Holy man have greater power as their is power in purity and clean mind thus earlier we used to see great miracle with the Priests of the Donyi Polo religion members also.But this days the followers are seen to be bit confused instead of worshipping the original God like - Yaj Yall,Jiku Miku , Digo Ane etc. Later the explanation of the Priests seems to have been wrongly interpreted.The term Donyi Polo seems to in fact mean one have to be as honest and clean like Sun and Moon god ,this is not perse the moon which is a satellite as after all even our Earth is a planet isn`t it.
                                                                    But if their is more indept research in the Galo flock songs even the creators who made the Sun and Moon like in the Holy Bible must be explained.I am saying this so that we will be able to know how the confusion have come in all the religion with regards to creator.In fact in all the religion their is reference of god and godess who where also working under God.See the beutiful  Mopin festival of Galo it was originally celebrated to thanks the godess Digo Ane for giving the rice seed to first Abo Tani tribe forefathers.But later dancing , merry making and taking lots of Apong a form of Liquor seems to have come here.
                                                              The spirit of the godess may be more happy if it is celebrated to love the neighbour the way ones she had pity on poor , helpless and nomadic Abo Tani the first human forefather who started farming.The godess also was angry with the Tani Kipu the Dog of the Abo Tani for chasing after the Deer as commanded by Abo Tani.Thus other Mopin resolution seems to be let us protect the Environment the GRK way.The Society called Gumin Rego Kigo Lazu is now a huge success in our Basar area of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh as it talks of protection of the Environment and self sustainance in tandem with the ecology .
                                                                                This developments in our society is interesting to evaluate what must have transpired in our Country much before the Britishers come and how the inter exchange of the ideas must have shapped this nation to grow.And when we know the truth we can perhaps formulate a vision document for the future Childrens to live peacefully and co-exist.As immaturity and hash decesion is also wrong that we have to also tell to our future generation from the story of the Vir Abhimanyu in the Chakravyu in epic Mahabharata.
                                                                   Thus cross examination is needed and one who really love the nation will never like to keep other in dark.Do you know we lost the 1962 war basically due to lack of valuable information /map of the unique terrain of the A.P.Thus in spiritualism also we need to breach the secret plans of the Evil Spirits.And as their is less religious tolerance in Pakistan thus all the terrorism of all shape and size is now mooshroming their. And what the good Pakistanis have to now do is perhaps harm the bad ISI officers who are facilitating their growth.
                       See  in this limited innings of life to make a permanent imprint for the mankind it is the duty of the human being to seek the truth and be liberated to finally meet Him |alone.So don`t waste your time and energy running after a mirage specially in the age of youth.If you really want anything seek thy kingdom and righteousness first as commissioned in scriptures.As that is democratic , divine and satisfying remember God will give responsibility to you in your right time.Thus by torturing and hurming others you will get nothing accept by following thy will something can be gain.
                            Earlier in the ancient time their was only one thought process we see this in the Donyi Polo religion perhaps the oldest which is pre-vedic practise in this State of Arunachal Pradesh North east India.Interestingly here even the period the time before coming of God /His word that is Jimi absolute silence is defined..The comparative study is needed to come to know the real |God and one basically come to conclusion that by being good alone you can be near to Him.
                                                         But as this world is evil so we have to take a help to be good,our forefathers if comes back may be surprised to know that how many money one spend to get thy blessings.While earlier the forefathers I remember could even count the number of the sins in their death bed.There was a custom called Kotir Tirnam where the old man in the death bed used to confess their sin in front of the Priest /Nyibo and number of stick used to be kept apart showing number of sins he committed.
                                                And so long as he forget one sin he could not die and priests and friends try to remind him forgotten sins.Interesting isn`t it?Thus in a way for a good man a religion may be also not needed as the conscience is so strong in him.But lately due to the modernity their is now rarely this kind of old man in our society also.And Peoples adopting Christianity is also not wrong that way as pain in the death bed is too much many want to be exempted from it.
                                                                   Another interesting thing we see is it is said one of the 12 Apostle St. Thomas popularly called as doubting Thomas in Holy Bible he was later heard to be send to gospel in India.And many wonder weather he have not brought some doubting spirit  with him.As not to talk about others even for Indian Christians I mean most of them non seems to be trully interested to share the burden of the cross and always only ask for themselves and their family in the prayer.
                                       But in kalyug their is an illusion that their is many God which seems to be the main problem.In other way God seems to have earlier given maximum freedom of religion to the Indian forefathers.And still many forget that sometimes the trinity even removed Indra Devta from his political post.But  many forgets that roots of human race  are same and it is improbable that non of the co-human being have started from the Apes as their forefathers.
                                           And their is many version of all the mythological stories which seems to show the mixing up of the align culture.As some expert even say that magical beeds/necklace used for witchcraft earlier came from France.And in India from the Chinese Silk roots.This beeds are still used in our society and sometimes Nyibo /Priest use it to perform Tago Nyigre i,e- to call the dead spirit.
                 There is too much to receive from each other thus Holy Bible say- `Seek and it shall be given to you , knock and you shall find it.`Thus today this Muni Dronacharyajis mindset of hating Bhil Boy Eklavya is wrong, when you research his life also you see that he had a personal problem.
                                                   And not all in the ancient time where not following Varna /caste ism and apartheid kind of hate practise as seems to have been advocated by Tulsidasaji.And believe it for this practise only the ancient Indians suffered more, as when their was outside attack only eventually KCHETRY/ warrior class end up in the line of fire.And others forefathers in place like Rajasthan must have been as usual busy in business.
                        But this also does not make the Hindu Manuwadi thinking hateable by the JNU students as non is complete only one you have to seek by yourselves.And the good son , loving father and a society man will definitely come in the right track.And remember how so ever adventure it look eventually the Arnesto Che Gueverre brand of politics of Columbia will oneday end up in the grave.
                                  As Holy Bible says those who fight with the sword will die with the sword.See by love alone this country can be changed and see how much positive energy great man like Baba Ramdevji is carrying.I think associating with him will be more rewarding than going to Sidddi Vinayak temple. Need not to say the forefathers where naturally same from same common forefather Adam / Manu / Abo Tani accept this then love on co-human being will come.Then you will become god unto yourself which only your deity will also like.
                 But as in earlier time everyone was living an isolated life thus focus was only on the great man who where born in their own tribe who where considered as leader and god, thus this holier than thou image practice seems to have developed.But interestingly according to the writer Kirki Ori on his journal on the origin of the Togu marriage system in the Galo community of State of Arunachal Pradesh North east India.
                 By reading that it is seen that the forefather Abo Tani seems to have refused to have matrimonial alliance with the god and godess as they where found to be very poor.And made marital alliance with the Togu tribe and hence according to him ten Mithun ( Bos Fontalis sacrifice called Togu Panam started.interestingly the Galo language to which clan I belong the vocabulary is so rich and honest that still the god/angel is addressed as Uyu / evil spirit.And malevolent god is also addressed in same name.And this seems to show that Yaj Yal /Jiku Miku /God was different.
                                    And other interesting thing which we also see in the Veda and Purana is that the gods and godess where alone good in the mystisicm and even their treasurer Kubera was after all from Raksas family being the elder brother of Ravana of the Ramayana fame.
                             Thus when we make a comparative study of all religion we see their is similarity and all is trying to seek the truth.Even the present Tani/human being is heard  to be the descendents of the Tani Niko who was murdered by the Tanis brother Taro under devils influence.And who after killing Abo Tani steal his power called Habro and become venished.
                                        The God hearing the plea of the god , godess and animals is heard to have re-made human being after finding Tani Nikos bone and made a new human being i,e-Tani Nili.Thus this ancient Galo beliefs seems to be even pre-Vedic and Puran beliefs and show how much we all have developed a different outlook from a long time dissociation.
                         But remember the basic is same and we have to know this that the sinners will never go unpunished.So still now the Taros descendants are heard to be living in rugged terrains and jungles.The problem with this generation is they have failed to take the real essence of the earlier doctrines and philosophy which says - by the virtue of good work Kuber even if he was born in the Raksas family was elevated to the rank of Devta in his own life.
                                   This Galo culture shows the rich documentations of the old forefathers real practice perhaps much before the advent of the Veda and |Purana.It says after the state of Jimi = voidness /silence as said in the Holy Bible the word of the God is seen to have come.Thus some of this Galo folk songs seems to be mentioning incidents even before creation of man.See in fact in the Hindu Shashtra also Bhagwan Brahma is addressed as creator.Does He not mean the creator of everything as even the Lord Shiva is also addressed as Mahadev only?Which means the superior Devta. 
                               And interestingly in the old Hinduism like in Donyi Polo practice also the real Guru mantra was chanting the mantra and concentrate in the unseen God.Thus as Holy Bible says God is a spirit those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit seems to be correct from day one.And thus theoretically some seems to be better Christians now.The problem cropped in when the personal blessings was tried to be made available to others by rich man and elites in the form of festival.
                                 The outlook of man of different education qualification will be different the more knowledgeable one will automatically go for a greater and lasting solution.And the less educated one will go for materialistic solution.And will try to justify his own belief.But if the mistake have been committed from day one can it be corrected later on ?
                        This seems to have been problem faced by all the great man from time to time, and their sacrifice have pave the way for the success of future generation.|See the story of Lord Christ even if He was son of God dying for others sin will it not bring behavioral change in his disciples and descendants to fight himsa/Violence. Which have been identified as one of the main villain by all.
                         The choose of the singly thought process is very important for a person , society and a country as this is something which is going to effect you.But we should not laugh at others as one day we were also ignorant.And life is a learning process and more you learn it will be good for you.And the one who finally get truth is also one who have maximum experience.
                                      Thus for the emotional one it is is like spend force Vir Abhimanyu in the Chakravyu.Thus this religion is very personal and in earlier occassion forefathers used to go to jungle in the fake end of the life.As then truth was with the Sages and sometimes the new King was against the spiritual persuitters as he was always in war.See so lucky we are to be born in this Country thus we must pray for our Country.Imagine if you was born in Pakistan then?
                                           Thus this gift is due to our forefathers commutative good Karma as though they may have been not advanced, but it doesn`t mean that they were uncivilised. Believed it they were more tolerant and store good virtues for us in our gene / Pragya which could not be stolen by the thief also.Believe it the person who is blaspheming against the God and the Holy Spirit may be himself finishing the blessings of the forefathers which have percolate down to him and about to be making him successful.
                 Thus have patience more so in the spiritualism as after all He is the boss.You may make friendship with a manager / P.A of the Hon`ble Chief Minister but till you meet the top it may not auger well for both if their is a divine purpose in your life.Thus the way in the wordly life their is endevour to talk the King at highest level in spiritual also it is same.And in Old testament of Holy Bible we see the Levites who sinned used to be pulled out from the Mighty God`s Arch of the Holy Covenant when they go for leading prayer.As one who go inside also got stacked by His anger.
                                   Thus still now the Catholic fathers have symbolic rope tied in their back in father dress.As earlier the God seems to have been very angry and was very harsh in punishment.As man under the influence of the Devil was very evil also.Atleast today have we Raksas King among us with the horn in their scalp?
                                   I see a very good future for our Country with the His Holiness Pt. Ravi Shankarjis recent programme in Delhi showing a very good omen.As Rainbow is said to be symbol of Gods promise to never ever again finish the world after Nuas flood. Thus hope our Country will be spared by Him. 
                  As only by power and politics with no official stand for God the countries currency will be never stable as it is United States.As they have dedicated their dollar also to God with imprint -`God save the America.`Please appreciate two side of the coin as by jealousy one doing this he will himself suffer.As inspite of all the weakness if rich and powerful still bow down to God officially then why he will He will not exalt Him? 
                    The work of the Holy spirit have been asked to be never challenged and see how so ever a new terrorist leader comes up does he not get killed by the God fearing country.Thus even if one is a sinner but endeavor should be assembly for a good reason.
                                      This have been what Devtas in the Hindu have been doing since ages when they have to fight with the Raksas and remember positive energy often worked even if they used to claim Muni Sukracharyaji and Lord Shiva in their side.But they themselves had to perhaps follow Brahmajis guide line.
                       Thus instead of sitting for a long fasting one who vitiate the face book by his venom's will harm himself.First one has to do Tapasya get Riddi Siddi as Lord Rama did.We the Christians have also fasting and prayer centers.Where the trust is in God and yourself.We must Indianise our everything in fact God want is only clean heart and what He eat is ones pride. 
                        And see only the history identified the unrighteous / inglorious bastards as Raksas though in their own life they must have thought to be in right side.And some may have been also good to their closer ones.Thus even we see the repentance of the Bhism Pitamah in the death bed after battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata.
                     Thus the way we conduct ourselves in this life is going to be very important for us and of course stand we take.As real life is said to be after death as bigger thing is always hidden like the root of the tree.Thus one have to have a very meaningful life when one is alive. 
                 And need is for you to become true Brahmin  and Vishwastma and welcome the Holy Spirit even if the critics see you as a mad man.See Swami Vivekananda refers  his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansajis unique quality of seeking divine power by laying in the Pond of the mud.But great man as he was he perhaps recognise the Lotus in the pond.
                Thus Holy Spirit of God may be also using good believer of any religion as He wills paving the way for His ultimate welcome by all.As Lord Christ visited Jeruslam in the Palm sunday in the end after the disciples where substantially made aware of Him.
                              See Gods ways are different from us thus as our spiritual maturity increases master send the right teacher.Perhaps so that you later not complaint of equal opportunity in hell.Why great man give lots of charity?Because they know they have been only made as the treasurer for others.This have been reason why I have been trying to be the voice of the voiceless.
                  The great prophets and spiritual leaders for them - had Messiah come in todays time also ,may have eventually recognised Him as the John the Baptist did.As the greatest sin is recognising Him yet hiding Him from others.That country will never progress if the truth is hide and that Govt. will soon fall down for one reason or another if His will is not supported.
                          Interestingly  from all the scriptures and beliefs it is seen earlier their were even communications with the animals by forefathers.The present human gestures may be some of its legacy also.Each incidents is important to come at a logical conclusion or one may spend his life waiting for God in the form he wants.See unless the creator is seek in right earnest one will never get after all He is the one who choose as He is the master.
                     And believe it all the great man have done the God commissioned right and duty.As only talking will not do having said that I am also not always man of goodness but try my best to come to the congregation of the God which is not only building /Church but the man of positive energy come to introspect.See Holy Church is the light tower for the nation in fact the Peoples have knowingly and unknowingly so much acceptations from it .
                   If holistically and critically seen this confusion of we have our own god and godess and theirs is foreign religion is tried to be removed in all the great scriptures like-Holy Bible and others .Only the problem seems to be in all the great Holy Books /scriptures, the important secret of divinity is not systemically placed in order to come to a logical conclusion.
                      As in kalyuga evil power seems to have grinded every doctrines together in a MANTHAN .Thus their is total confusion with many divine scholars also, Biblically as it is said that till the making of tower of Jerrubabbel all the forefathers had same language.And for their stubbornness mind God cursed them and then language differed , fighting begin and all forefathers migrated in different part of the world.
                      Some critics even say that the forefather Shame descendant of King Nimrod migrated towards the Asia side and we are his descendants. Thus till this time the common forefathers story is very vividly narrated in Holy Bible, many Gentiles who are not Zews by birth have also problem accepting Lord Christ only for this reason.
                  They seems to think that He was a Zew Messiah only.But when critically seen the great Hindu scriptures like Veda and Purana seems to be  having the story of god and godess which seems to be the story before the s the Eden Garden.Which seems to be left out by the vastness of the Holy Book in Holy Bible.And again even the  abo Tani mythological story of Abo Tani clan who was first forefather after Jimi / silence.This story of the Siang Dist. of Arunachal Pradesh India again seems to be oldest version.And seems to have been misplaced the order of which should may have been different.
               All story are also complementary for a spiritual man to come at a logical conclusion as their is too many questions in the human mind due to sin.But when clearly seen Lord krishnas rhetoric-`Yada Yada Hi Dharmashya....... Bharatam.` they are seen like the story of the Prophet Eliza who predicted the birth of the Lord Christ long time back.
                  And in the Old Testament their is a impression that later God seized the power of all other god , godess,demon and angels as they started to make cohabit ion with human being.This seems to be also probable after seeing story of Nagraj/VishKanya and Birro in Doni polo. Thus not knowing the true master and worshiping the earlier caretaker seems to have taken the Peoples towards death, destruction and indiscipline.
                         Thus this most important subject is perhaps once again needed to be raised to be told for the national interest.As in the land of religion why their is so many anti Indian mindset? And as this is a serious topic time seems to have come for virtual autopsy so that our nation grows lips and bound.As the country which is not loyal to God will it succeed and will soul less man will he be loyal to himself , his family and party?
                          And as such holistically we have to see the missing link between all the great religious books.I feel after this migration story in Holy Bible which the Hindu ancient book also seems to be referring as Muni Sukracharyajis challenge of making parallel heaven;the Hindu Sashtras have written clandestinely and also seems to fill the void between the era of King Nimrod and Birth of Lord Christ.
                       The epic Ramayana and Mahabharata seems to be incidence of great relevance which show the God also used the Hindu forefathers for a great event for His glory.As even the Hindu writing seems to be replenishing the Gods own scheme of things.Even if the direct gospel have so far not come at that time.
                        But as the forefathers were separated further from the Eden Garden /original i,e-truth as they migrated further ,thus loyalty to God perhaps dwindled , as the Gentile forefathers who went further away they perhaps started worshiping god, godess, angels, kings on the way.And see this idol worship  is even heard to be despised by Lord Krishna in Gita also.
                   As in the epic Mahabharata where the fight was between the DHAMMA AND ADAMMA,i,e-between the righteous and unrighteous Lord Krishnaji himself is said to have find no support from this Idol worshipers who He is termed to have called as greedy man making their own god.After all the Aryans have been also accepted to have come from modern Iran side by some, thus this Biblical have been also accepted as truth by all.As three Magi who predicated the birth of Lord Christ was supposed to be Hindu Sadhus.
                   In Holy Bible it is short of written in this period before the  birth  of Christ the God use to Judge the Peoples according to law and custom.And considered and pardoned much of the sins and mistakes of the non Israelite for their unaware of new developments.See in Old Testament of Holy Bible even their is reference of  Asura Kings like in the Hindu mythology books.And the Persian King are also referred who where really seem to be following the Hindu principles.
                             Interestingly today in this country many believe only few Persians are the original Aryans who are heard to pray god like- AGNI , INDRA etc.And some interestingly think that they have only the original right to claim about the rights of legacy of Lord Ramas temple also; as most of the original Aryans is today said to have accepted Islam and Sikhism.The religion is critical to understand and one practically doing it alone will get the fruit of it.
                      As in ancient time the first fruit i,e-even the first Child have to be given for God,today also good Christians give their first fruits of vegetables, first fruit of fruits , even first fruit of salary and 1/10 of monthly earning for the Levites/modern Pastors.
                 And those who does so surely seems to be blessed as one Industrialist in America is heard to have later even gave 50 out of 100 of total monthly profit and become a tycoon .Thus a good disciple test a good Guru like Swami Vivekananda tested upon Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and later glorified him.
                  It is said from time to time God tried all short of god, angel and great man i,e- Avatar and Atman to help the world ,but Pavitra Atman was Lord Christ lastly send to save the world after all failed.And thus He was everyone's and non of religion even the Christians cannot claim Him as exclusively ours.
                              After all sinners from many communities have been touched by Him and world was and is still truly divided as Dharmic and Adharmic.There are also many Peoples who even if in other religion seems to be accepting  Lord Christ.But brother why so egoism in doing a good thing?When we are already enjoying Gods creations and blessings.But Bionically as the devil is also in command so man cannot be blamed as all have inherited sin from forefather Adam and Eves great breach.
               See in earlier age it was really possible for the God to bless a child without spouse undergoing a marriage also.This we see in case of birth of Lord Rama also in Ramayana.As his father king Dashrath reportedly gave divine mango given by Sadhus to his wife Kausalya as she could not gave birth through marriage.
                                 Thus definitely Lord Rama who could later heal the wife of Gautam Muni by mare touching of feet had also Healing power and for us also definitely seems to have some amount of godliness in Him.When one respect others others will also respect yours.Today problem with the real Hindus is also their own new religion is mostly challenging their old outlook.Whereas the Lord Christ appreciate the good Idol worshipers as - good Samaritans.
                The problem with the new world is we don`t appreciate others good qualities also and get swayed by communal , political and parochial view.It is said that in the Garden of Eden after Adam took the forbidden fruit and did not apologies and blamed her wife Eve for seducing him to eat it.The furious God drove them out of the Eden garden for their listening to fallen angel Lucifer and the sin started in world.
                 Some critics even allege that the serpent/fallen angel Lucifer  seduced the wife of first forefather Adam i,e- Eve to have first cohabit-ion with him and make her fall from Gods grace.The reference of half snake and half human being - Nag Kanya in the Hindu Sashtras also seems to be verifying this.And also Donyi Poloists who seems to cites story of cohabit ion with Biru / Uyu the  devil in guise of Pig or Serpant.
                      The God may have given godly unsinful Childrens in any case if the Adam and Eve have remained loyal to them.Thus the religion is so critical and related to each other to come at a logical conclusion  great man need to sit together and discuss honestly without fearing for their bread and butter.See even if one die of hunger the real God and His will alone can save you right.
                                 Thus important is searching the truth and it will liberate you as it will alone give you surety about a place called heaven and make you strive for it.Thus one who is able to convince many to do away from the sin are greatly blessed by God.See it is not the amount of one say and write that will make him great.But the logic and mindbogglingly idea that will come from above only.
             If we remain isolated and defiant ,then mind it in the day of holocaust/Judgement some other country man may make colony in planet and Stars may escape it also.Thus to seek who is real God is very important subject and surely the present Pakistan and Bangladesh national players in the current South Asian Games in Shillong atleast must be in shocked at the discipline ,standard, cleanliness and better life in the city of Shillong ( Meghalaya) in N.E which they must not have been imagine in our country.
                 One have to accept that their is something different about a born again person , community and place as they are salt of the world.And when our Countries name is increased by the Christian brothers then is it not good? As why only seeing the bad part of the NE as within a short time have our Merry Kom have also not come?Thus target should be gold then we may atleast manage silver in the Olympic medal.
                       See unless God is feared no amount of the cleanliness drive will succeed.Thus His excellency President of India out of utter frustration ones cried out dirt is in the Indian mind.For optimum benefit atleast we may need to have a gospel plan in place like Pakistan as it may help us in two ways.And already have not our Hon`ble P.M not recently said that we need to fight the terrorists with new idea also?
           See the first Christian/holy one  who followed the word of God in letter and spirit can be seen  as mother virgin Merry as she believed in God and lived a holy life.And was blessed with Lord Christ as her Child .It is said God send His word as flesh in baby Christ for teaching the Peoples in the way they liked as man are so powerless that they cannot stand the face of God in His full glory.
                              And can never follow what God commanded specially after lots of films and videos changing their imagination.As a poor man instantly accept the Santhosi Maa to come with a Thali and bless.This is the auto programme and brain washing effect.One can say when modernity is increasing faith in God dwindle.
                               As their is more poorer persons who need Him and He seems to give His time their.Thus one Japanese Lady was saying though we have achieved richness.But now happiness and disease free society is what we are craving for and she was saying maximum case of mental illness and suicide have increased in Japan this days.
                  See baby Christ in mother Merry`s womb was not result of marital relation, as then virgin mother Merry was not married unto Joseph the wordly father of lord Christ.And as she was so Holy thus only she could carry the Lord in her womb, so blessed she was.
             See their is no small sin or bigger sin in Christianity thrive has to be always for perfection.Even other ancient god, godess, angels will also have some power.But to save your soul , to have long life ,birth and to escape death spiritually He alone is needed.This is the Holy Biblical belief and God have given number one privilege to human being whose first fore father Adam was made out of His own imagination and He bless him with all the powers.
                                          Thus man is the most powerful creation in the Universe only he cannot reach the heaven in man made Rocket.But by his own Karma/good deeds thus instead of question need is obedience.When critically seen the issue like -Loss of culture is loss of identity seems to be less relevant then the -Loss of godliness is loss of everything.
                                                    And by seeing the oldest Donyi Polo belief of the Abo Tani community also it is seen when deeper study is made the original forefather seems to have knew the God , Demon and culture.And so different names are seen given.And vividly the manner of adoption of the culture which is dynamic is also shown.Like Togu i,e-Mithun sacrifice in marriage is seen to be started during Ato Takar Tazes times.Even the present form of the Galos Mopin festival is heard to be started in 1966.And the Sector Mopin system only recently.
                                         Even in the Zew tradition their is reference of the festival call -Passover here also like Mopin the Wheat is seen to be used.And when ones Lord Christ eat the bread only meant for the Lavites.The Parisis question him and for which he answered that - Passover was made for son of man not vice versa.Thus culture belong to all and is dynamic and will slowly change with the time as the Peoples decides to celebrate according to new need.Thus one have to always keep our inner human values above everything.Or one day we may be as rich as Japanese yet as as unhappy like them also.
                       The sinful man forgetting all his past mistakes need immediate relief from God,this is improbable if you really don`t repent.As those peoples who are great now have to also make great sacrifice and their is a love story behind them and see Rome was not built in a day.|But man can ultimately reach equal to god and godess and thus make your focus on highest target.
                                         This is what making the Christian doctrine truly different from the others, in fact is it not good when God gives so much respect to us.There was time that this was unknowingly practiced by our forefathers also.And today also in this globalization period knowingly and unknowingly everyone is adopting goodness of others.Even if others have not take Baptisma.
                                                                    Now that the readers should be confirmed of the grace period of Lord Christ in the New testament book the relation with the Old Testament need to be seen.Father Staphen of the SFS Basar was telling that when the Able was murdered by the Cain then his soul cried for the justice.While when Lord Christ was crucified He asked for forgiveness of His murderers also.This shows the difference of the attitude of the son of God Lord Christ.
                                   The Old Testament shows the prophesy regarding the coming of son of Lord by one like prophet - Eliza.Prophet Mossess was given all the training under the Pharoah in modern education yet he was only used by God after he slogged with the Median community.See Prophet Amos was used by the God to merry a Prostitute and after third time she ditched him.Then God told how He feel about the Zews.
                                                    The idol worship in the rudimentary form is also seen to have started in the Jerusalem  area as their is still Idol worshiper called  Samaritans.And as said earlier the original Aryans the Persians is also said to have started their,see the Germans who are said to be pure Aryan breed are very tall.And as the biological relatives of the Lord Christ i,e-Zews refuse to accept Him thus the Gentiles i,e-other race where heard to be given previlage by God to hear His gospel and be liberated. 
                                                                                  See many a times the readers lost interest in the Holy Bible as this is so much volumnous. Yet many points have been still missed out here also.If it had contained all then all confusion may have been cleared as who knows the link of Lord Rama may have been also lost in long run.That the Eden garden which was in the modern Iran some Sadhus have sneaked into the garden and picked up a mango and gave it to King Dasharath for her wife Kaushilya.
                                                               It is possible even after being ousted from the Eden garden God still allowed the spiritual man`s to come to collect powerful fruits from the garden.See the culture and tradition can always change but as God is the master His will cannot be put in the straight jacket formula.The problem with the modern man , community and country is they always try to see the things from the rational angle.And always mostly live in the present world.But remember God can also change the future.Thus His Holy Spirit and working have been warned to be never challenged.                                                                                                                          
                                                                        When the Abraham was about to murder his son as commanded by God in Mt. Sinai he was asked to stop.And instead God sacrificed His own son Lord Christ in the New testament.And when the Pharaohs army was chasing Prophet Mosses and his man they jumped in the red Sea this was like taking Baptisma in water as commanded in the new testament. 
                         See the man who instead of accepting his own mistake who try to wage a war in the name of God and religion will never succeed in life.This responsibility of bringing peace is more first for the enlighten ones.Thus a Christian man must always try to say and write a well worded speech.As he is the spokesman and ambassador of the heaven on earth as even if some condemn him he is always secretly observed and accepted to deliver.
                       And non will like to mess with a good devotee of God who will?See all god, godess and angels are important.But they are basically for making man come to the real truth.See as the facts says and the para normal psychic activists find the dead man seldom want to be waken up.Even the Raksas Kumbakarna was heard to be angry when he was waken up in the war of Ramayana.
                     Thus the man following ancient god and godess need to be really sure about controlling their power also when they come ,as we seldom have today good priest like in ancient time.And how so ever one want to hide it but some of them needed human sacrifice also.See this is same of the Sun god prayed by the Incas which seems to be same like the Donyi Bonam practise in the ancient Galo society where some living persons souls have been heard to be offered.
                                        And Govt. have to ban it.Our forefathers knew the names of God , god, angels and devils so different name was coined.Today we seems to have messed it or modern scientific development may have disturbed us.And thus man who knows many thing and everything alone may be cause of blessings to his own party also.See BJP is accepted to be very liberal party and may also need Christian face in N.E.
                                         Thus for self interest how long the facts and truth can not be exposed.That too only for few corrupted ones as Baba Ramdevji says sometimes-` Jab Mul Main Hin Bhul Hain To Uska Kyan Hoga,`The great persons always wait for Lords command and for them they are also indirectly preparing the Peoples to take the best.The best will be eventually taken no matter how long it is stopped.
                      Thus today the more knowledgeable ones are just praying their earlier tribal Totem / IST DEVTA in name shake.Thus it is very important to know the god and godess their merit and demerit.Which have been clearly defined in the Hindu Shastras also where Devtas are seen to be enjoying tempting the believer.The need is to go near the supreme creator who alone have all the answers and nothing can be left for life after death.
                                                                         See God He may bring a natural disaster to bring down all the GDP.Thus politics and religion are not different , in fact any political party for their survival need blessed and spiritual persons.As everything else is the side product of His blessings thus the Mahabharata was won as man with the Positive energy Lord Krishna was in side of the pandavs.
                 In facts everything below the world is also made by God only, but good as He is He give freedom of choice to one.And it is upto you to take what, but when we are inheriting every modern material Gizmo of Western Countries then should we not like our salvation /PARITRAN doctrines seriously?After all the Jews have been scientifically proven to be the most intelligent community, and must have find something to be keenly observed by other.
                        I am writing this article with a full confidence that this BJP party is not intolerant and appreciates creativity.Specially one who brings the great work of country ones more in the Public domine.Thus unless the full article is read the writer should not be criticised just like that.Believe that some of the JNU students may be also good Peoples only they have to be perhaps spiritually satisfied to bring in the right track.
                            Thus one and the only solution that the BJP party will like to give in the future is to stop this Arnesto Che Gueverro kind of politics coming up in JNU.Thus for a great nation to grow we may have to have bigger heart also as unless we involve God and His will in everything nothing doing.As the world have already seen the consequence of laughing at His will thus we must now realise it.
               The great Country of ours must ones more come up and conquer the world with our spirituality as Swami Vivekanadaji exalted.And have our Hindu brothers their forefathers not earlier already cataloged best formula from other communities also?Fact is forefathers have always at one point of time interacted and learn from each other.Thus learning from each other is needed after all in Olympic Games we also want our country to shine.
                    In fact meaningless gossif is not rewarding in spiritual field also.Here also one need humility , obedience and discipline and perhaps a chance encounter with a great man possessing Holy Spirit.One having telepathic connection can alone perhaps touch you oneday, and then you will also work for your master.So meanwhile wait patiently like Narendra Nath who later become Swami Vivekananda.
                         In this global world the things are changing so soon that non can guarantee about future.And more a person and party change and acclamation better for him. See my role is only jotting down what my mind think from my long experience , and today also I will like to say that I am maturing in Christ and trying to be a good Christian.
                                                As for now I am the worst as I myself seldom practice what I preach, but in the time of challenge I want to stand for Him and His will as He love all and have suffered for all.And in it is betterment of my country.As we are already living in vulnerable seismic zone and in Puranas also great destruction -MAHAPRALAY have been referred.
                      As I understand He is alone the truth and nothing else and even the development of my party and country will not take place without His blessings.Atleast for His sake credit me for regularly enlightening  you all for free with some of my articles with seems to have become passion for me, and in this world of duplicity don`t allege me of copy and pasting others article in my blog also, which many others may be doing also.
                As for your loves sake I have also suffer and if the story of Lord Krishna was really correct that Radha was not his wife.Then I can now understand his pain even with Gopis around ,with His real love beyond His reach, many a time the world seems to be not knowing the pain and problems of  a great man also.Please let us keep everything our Individuality , egoism and party interest in His feet then only we all will progress.
                   Those critics who try to paint RSS brothers as anti Christians will surely be proven wrong if they are told about the love of Lord in the way they understand it.See if the Missionaries and Nuns work for our poor, orphans and downtrodden and increase the Human resource of the Country then who is at loss.Thus it is time to appreciate the good work and may be even time to fund their school projects by the Ministry of Human resource.As unless the good ones are rewarded how Country will flourish?
                         See all the great man have wanted a behavioural change in us.Perhaps only few rich and powerful who have monopolized everything making even the poor Hindu brothers unable to spend money to pray to their deity.Thus please see who is the real villain?In fact Lord Christ have come to replenish the other religion also.And their is no harm in learning from others also.
                  The world who say so many things in the back of some man whom they feel as threat ,also need to atleast tell them in their front.So that they can also correct themselves as for Lord Krishna fortunately He had a very upright brother Balramji in his side,and we are mare mortal man.Thus have pity on each other then only you and your community will also flourish.
                                                             Today we see worst pathetic scene of prayer support from the Muslim countries in face book, why?Is not it is result of excessive sins , or for their narrow outlook not result of marrying from own community?Thus is the nature also not liking broad mind and taking of good things from all?
                                      The world need to know that according to Holy Bible the God have given equal chance to all the mankind to receive His son so that He get  born in their tribe and race also.And it is said in the great test the forefather of Lord Christ -father Abraham a Zew who kept God`s commission above everything is heard to have passed the test.And thus those King and Queen who waited for this chance also could not have this previlage.Thus please stop comparing the beauty of the temple.The congregation of the good man alone will have positive energy.
                  Thus we see He is God of justice and equality and have given equal chance to all.See in testing time one is accepted to keep God`s commandment above everything , thus we see many successful Hindus also.As many may be theoretically better Christians also.After all they are also descendants of great Rishi Munis who seems to have prophesied the birth of Lord Christ in the olden times and welcomed Him.
                 As critics terms Magis who prophesied the birth of Lord Christ to King Herod to have come from the eastern side perhaps Aryan Sadhus living in the modern Iran side.See most of the Aryans later accepted Islam religion, thus the present generation fails to accept some facts.But having said that all in this Country is much better then in Pakistan side as here seldom any group rise anti Indian slogan.
                  And for my critics please see that only the undecided Peoples decides the political outcome,thus only seeing the number game is wrong.See in Mahabharata the King Duryodhana committed that mistake.Though in terms of money and quantity of man he seems to have greater force then the Pandavs.
                  But may be he was unable to motivate his force like other Generals.Thus the mare population is never criteria for winning the battle,this surely my BJP High Command's knows more.And more so in todays sensitive time their is need to be accommodation and get blessings of God.I in fact see the Hindu brothers greater man of commitment and upholders of His will.
                                 As we are so gripped by the hatred like Raksas so we needed a shock absorber of short in life.Thus Biblically if seen Lord Christ died for our sin and even forgive His tormentors in the cross.See why salvation is for only few? Because when we have egoism even in front of the great work of God then will we have true blessings ? Interestingly the work of the kingdom of God is different, more their is persecution against a religion more it develops.
                Thus better make friendship with God`s scheme of thing , did anyone earlier accepted spectacular success for BJP in earlier election?Believe it many good BJP leaders are this days are seeking prayer support from the great disciples of God.After all Lord Christ even healed a dead man in His life and even today in open field healing is happening to repented ones.
                   Believe it this inter-religious hatred was never their in history of civilization and their was spontaneous reaction to a great soul`s appeal .And he was revered and welcome everywhere , see the principles of -Love thy enemy/ VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM was it not shown by the Americans by welcoming Swami Vivekandaji also?           
                  The good spirit and bad in the human being is universally present since time immemorial even some successors of Raksas like prahlad and Drubha where seeking Gods blessings in truth and spirit.Have you not read the avatar of Narsimha to rescue him?See their may be even good persons within Naga Sadhus also alleged of eating human carcass.
               Sometimes feel like Hindi movies like Santhosi Maa seems to have fooled the Indian film audience ,making all to accept short cut CHU MANTAR blessings procedure from gods and goddesses.Which phenomenon is seen continued in some spiritual Darbari Babas Darbars.Earlier the anti Christian feeling due to British colonization seems to have been cashed on heavily by the film directors to show indirectly our is more better.
                        And believe it Lord Christ  was never for only Britishers and those who thought so took their country in the worst mess in 2nd world war right.See God seems to punish his spoiled followers more as it is written in Holy Bible non fruit bearing trees will be pruned.And interestingly this fight against the principalities of dark force was also the main aim of other religion also.But when the son of God himself have come and His prophesies then is their need of anything more?If one love his country he must tell the truth or how long we will live in the world of the duplicacy.
              See many will be surprised to know that in one version of Ramayana it is said Lord Rama killed 4 Sadhus meditating in upside down position for a evil reason.May be they were expert in witchcraft and black magic.Thus real commission of Lord Rama is also seen somewhat like Lord Christs.As the Hindu Sashtras have also accepted that the Raksas community where flourishing under Munis like –Muni Sukracharya.Thus modern Sadhus need to be beware or they may be still still used by evil man and vice versa.
                        See unless we go to the logical conclusion of religion this nation will never flourish.Thus seeing our potentiality Swami Vivekanadaji must have said -`Up India conquer the world with your spirituality.`And thus for truth we must sometimes accept our past mistakes also, one have to appreciate about Holy Bible is that worst sin of the forefathers have been also reflected here.
                    I also appreciate similar writing of the Veda and Purana where also some sinister stories have been not hidden.See this stories may help us in facing future problems , many a times we are yet to understand the real meaning of the writing and creation of the earlier spiritual writers, who knows somewhere here their is secret answer to dreaded disease like AIDS, natural threat like global warming and full proof nuclear shield against terrorist nuclear attack also.Or as the ancient god and godess may have been unable to deal with this situation ,so God may have send His only son for us.
                               Thus brothers blasphemy against the God`s will is very dangerous.Before last election I had wrote the prophesy of Missionary Evan.T.Riba in the face book of Rahul Gandhiji , Ex- Hon`ble C.M of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Nabam Tukiji and Ex-Hon`ble M.P Sri Takam Sanjayji.
                      And as they still supported a gentleman who contested as Hon`ble MLA  may have seen drubbing as non fathom the down fall of Gandhi family right.And my message in the facebook date can be verified in the sky store of the Googles.So never think that you are that rich and powerful to laugh at the poor and downtrodden atleast to man in his side.Even father Thomas of SFS School of West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh is witness to this testimony.
                        Thus writing beautiful story is small thing Lord of Host can use you to do wonder for His glory and kingdom extension and as RSS thinks for the nation.I think their can be new partnership with the missionaries and bring a paradigm change in national standard of living.
                               The hunger for God in this country is really great and by visiting Him only as He wish some may develop that passion for Him.You just have to hear His word and make a comparative study.See some of the Naga Sadhus with ash smeared in their forehead who is heard to be relishing on the dead body meat in the CHITA in evening and worship Lord Shiva may have been the followers of the Raksasas killed by Lord Shiva and may have later accepted the suzerainty of Lord Shiva.
                           In Hinduism their is seen lots of incorporation of many philosophy and everyone have to be equally pacified amidst this inconstancy.But the original Hindu Bhagwan-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh their will have to be seen then only the devotee may get optimum benefit in Hinduism.And who knows again they may have prayed one supreme God.
                                    Thus truth you have to find yourself as no lazy man will get anything as said in Sanskrit -` NA HI PRAVISHANTI SUPTASYA SIGHAS MUKHE MRIGA`The meaning of which is the Deer never by itself enter the mouth of the lazy Lions,The numerous mushrooming of religion may be good if it helps in comparative study and best is in your front as you want.
                                                And in His Darbar you are the one who have to come.In fact the simple doctrines since time in memorial seems to have been made more bulky and complicated as we have diverse personality.Thus Ramakrishna Paramahansa said a blind man accept the elephant to be of that shape from which side he hold.One holding elephant leg will think it is like trunk of the tree.
                      What great Sanatan Dharma expert Hindu saint Veda Vyasaji said -`ASTA DESHU PURANESHU , VYASHASYA VACHANA DUYAM , PAROPKARAY PUNYAYA PARPIDANAY PAPAY,`This is akeen to the -`Love thy neighbour`, doctrine of the Holy Bible.Some of the Maharashi may have gone too far in their belief but when a shorter root have been send in the Kalyuga by God, hopefully they will not like their successors to not take the better one or not?
                        A good man will only follow His divine will and see in puranic age also we see some Maharashi like Muni Sukracharyaji even challenging Brahma also who finally convince him not to make a parallel heaven.Interestingly in Hinduism also earlier their is seen struggle between the Shaivism and Baishnaivism. May be this is what is the true meaning of Samudramanthan is where the Amrita comes up after logical argument which is the real Vedanta philosophy also.
                     Thus it seems the argument which have the ability to unnerve the society and make it discuss about it is in fact good.As the Atma Chintan is the food for the thought and soul and without the introspection the society is dead.Thus hope soon other religion will also slowly catch up with the God`s expectations from us, and already we are changing and very quickly also in this global era..
                The real problem is in all the religion by prayer and pasting alone everyone is asked to first seek thy will which many seldom does now.And in important decession this old age practice must be done, see choosing a God and  leader is something which is going to effect you and community for ever.Thus we must make it a prayer subject and never talk this important subject in intoxication, world is changing so much that if you don`t change then you will lag behind.
                 As God alone can save us now from all short of evil plan that enemy and evil spirits are planning against you.And mind it even some army have died when they were in leave.Please don`t make your society and country die.Thus a very high level thinking is also very important as Pentagon is heard to have kept 500 prayer warriors to pray for all the major problems and to seek answer from God.
                Thus man who laugh against the God and His mechanism is the real enemy of the party and country who does not want his country to be progress and just making leap service -`Bharat Mata Ki Jain`.See when we really love our country from our heart and pray for it then only God will bless.I have been always saying that RSS are not against Christians, they are rather against not committed Christians who does not pray for the country.
                    .................Even Lord Rama before Lanka attack willing to take no chance did He not worshipped Lord Shiva who was earlier Ravan`s mentor?See misinterpretation of the God`s will is the worst sin,historically it is heard to be documented that for road show against the Britishers the Congress party sponsored Idol worship programme like –Ganesh chaturbuz in Freedom struggle time.
                          Thus my country man must be liberated from the veils of the lies and deceits and by facing it boldly only the BJP party also stand to gain.See in earlier struggle between the Devtas and Raksas why Devta was more or less always seen in upper hand?As they killed the Raksas moment he was seen.Thus even Amrit was not allowed to be devoured by one.See a good film director also may be needed to make a good movie on this issues very convincingly acceptable to all then alone all will like.And who knows even Oscar award may be gained.
                     Many film Directors,actor and actress who have perhaps short of become agents of Satan by the time they realize their folly in the old age seldom survive to do good work why?Need not to say why they are now seen to be meaninglessly divided in two camps between SAHISNUTA / Tolerant- Vrs- AHSAHUSNUTA /Intolerant issues.See being Actor or Actress doesn`t make one more previlage.In old age many face problem.
                       In fact it is the Human duty to always glorify Him as USA does as you will see the sentence-GOD SAVE AMERICA in all the important print like currency ,Constitution of America and Election Manifesto of their countries political party.And see the movie of the Male Givson -`Passion of Christ.`
              Believe it the  God must have put this great man in the Bollywood to bring moral uprightness in the society.Hope after this article I will get phone call from our Hindu college senior film Director like-Vishal Varadhwaj for a spiritual story and believe it here only the film Directors may get an Oscar award.As their is still so much spiritual hunger everywhere and after life may get heaven also.
                        See the spiritual liberation is as much needed for Countries upliftment , as when we don`t know the master how we will get blessings?Thus for facilitating the future bonhomie  the great sages have demarcated era into – `SATYA , TRETA , DWAPAR AND KALYUG` thus all the religious teaching`s is to make you reach to Him.And in fact the good man have always tried to be in His side, but their are really lack of spiritual Gurus.
                        Thus Lord Christ said field is many harvest is ready but workers are less.Hope this article will make the nation greater and commit us all to love the nation more.As one who love the God and self will be more loyal to nation also.But majority will still be knowingly accepting  sin and live as if they will never die.After all the fallen Angel the Lucifer is also the boss of the planet earth and will make sure all go to hell with him.But some have to make a beginning and tie the bell in the neck of the Cat.
                      But believe it few of us is also taking this leadership task also and making the difference.And some of forefathers who where perhaps so evil in their life and after death also may have become like Dracula and need regular blood need to be given salvation like Baghirath who brought Holy Ganga for purification of his sinful relatives.
                            Friends soon your own time to test death and destruction may come.Please don`t be like great Bhismpitamah of Mahabharata fame whom it is heard even god Parsuram could not even defeat in a wrestling bout.But who in the end find everything in life as worthless. That passion, energy and dedication you use it for a good purpose when it is time. The way you long for your loved ones when they are no more believe it worst is heard to befall in hell and soon your time may also come. And non can do anything about it thus love your own Atman and seek spiritual food also for yourselves and for them also.
                                     But real repentance from heart is needed more to progress ,Holy Bible says when Lord Christ truly accomplished the will of God in cross.He blessed Him with the sin cleansing power and power to give salvation to others.And for this also He have slogged on merit even if He was son of God.My dear friends the problem with the Christian`s are as He love all unconditionally ,so try to tell the truth be brave and shamless in also doing good work.Atleast warning part we can make even if we have no money and have many limitations.
                        Even if  many calls you as a mad man initially but remember if you have something to give others will sooner or later naturally flock into you. Not seeing the heart inside a person have been always a common mistake of soceity.Even Hanumanji had to out of frustrations also ones open his heart isn`t it?But eventually SATYAMEVA JAYATE isn`t the real philosophy?As the little voice of God will what one day save you and your family from the problem.
                 Believe it for few good man only this earth have been so far saved from nuclear holocaust and one closer to God alone can gift our country with nuclear protective shield also.Thus when our Hon`ble P.M Sri Narendra Modiji is seeing wider horizon and making friendship with others ,we as Country must rise in the occasion also.And believe it few good man and there writing also Hon`ble P.M may be getting outer cooperation also.Thus country need everything more so the word of God.To think and strike first like Israils.

                                                               See the Raksas elements are never as active as it is now in this era, and even if he sneak into our BHOJANALAYA to drink AMRIT / nector of life as shown in Hindu religious scriptures he have to be killed.As the more righteous have something which must be preserved at all coast thus this JNU issue is serious,and believe it the Hindu brothers have more hunger for spiritual outlook , only you have to be honest and convincing with them.
                    The BJP party have given maximum ticket to spiritual leaders and will surely respect good Christian and Muslim leaders as well.As Kautilya told-` ..........DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM.`I,e-Old/Enlightened one is more revearable than religion also, as he knows everything and must have reached  old age for his divine blessings,as sashtras will be their but true Shastra followers are less .
                               And the practical followers of word of God alone will have all the answers to problems.And believe it all religious followers we are from same community and in same boat and more closer then one who is not seeking God .And the mischievous persons who will be addressed as ASURAS in future are the ones who need to be nuked together like in olden days the Brahmashtra was used against them.
                 Baba Ramdeji say eventually the good man will take good doctrine and right side, very less persons later become successful man not all the students.The religion is also like this, all will be called but few will be selected.This is like the race in the Olympic Games but both suffers who escape this drill more, as death is ens capable and we being very sinful may be atleast saved of more pain by finding the anti dot now when we are alive.As only the great Prophets like Eliza was heard to have taken to heaven in physical body condition and this is so rare incident.
                     Thus the wisdom of God have to be accepted , the western outlook and our differ in one point is that now they seems to be following the Vedic philosophy of scientific and rational analysis more then we do.It is said that moment a Holy Bible scroll was found in the Dead Sea in an earn in a Cave long time back,now heard to be kept in Cairo Museum ;they made carbon dating experimenting on the scrolls made of Papyrus plants to find adjactly when it was written.
                    And only when it was find to be written within 300 yrs. Of Lord Christ`s birth then many where satisfied.And not only that they have calculated the era of birth of Lord Christ based on Roman Gregorian calendar which world follows as of now.Thus it is now 2016 A.D after birth of Lord Christ right?
                           Thus in todays new world , one have to come up with a good homework before telling anything.As Publics are very matured and will definitely take the best.It will be best for the RSS to befriend the preachers to talk for national unification as the national interest is a subject which cannot be compromised. And if everything is involved with the God then it will be better isn`t it?
                       And howsoever some laugh at RSS for their outward Nicker dress but believe it today most educated and visionary one is here in this group.And will definitely like divine blessings from PARAMATMA for the nations sake,only so far non must have convinced them nicely regarding the benefit of Holy Bible.Follow any religion but be a nationalist is their real doctrines and whats the harm in that also?
                    And as education is manifestation of perfection already in man, thus they need to be appreciated for even sponsoring Muslim students in the way to modern education.And many does not know that RSS have been always doing it and it is heard each pracharak is advised to atleast sponser one poor, minority student as Swami Vivekananda commissioned. Thus our all goal is same only and sometimes we may have to also appreciate some body else good qualities also. 
                          And even in the most of the writing of the Holy Bible  how truth was ensured? the process was -the committee constituted for compiling of Holy Bible by Pope /Vatican did not accepted only one version of gospel story  as gospel truth as told by one Apostoles.
               And see unless minimum two Apostles said the same thing in their autobiography it was not included  in the Holy Bible.Thus we have more reliable Gospel of Luke , Mathews , John etc.who gave adjact figure of what Lord Christ did at that time.Thus before hating others just like that everything need to be critically seen to come at a conclusion.     
                    The sacrifice of son of God in cross is serious business for Him as He did not wanted us to end up in hell.This is like as the parents where particular of our education in childhood.So we have to be serious with Him also posted a Christian believer  in f.b.And if we are not touched by Lords sacrifice then what more sin we are not commiting, as for whom His suffering was for?
                     Thus even if one don`t become a Christian we have to appreciate a good point of others.A years back I liked one Hindu Sadhu who said  in the T. V that-` one who could even forgive his tormentors in the cross, If he is not son of God who else is?`Thus by realigning our interest with Him alone we will progress.And my country man should not commit this greatest mistake henceforth.As I love my India and want it to grow leap and bound.
                             See in Holy Bible it is said after death before going to be thrown in the burning fire of hell everyone is said to be crying.Thus God save some in the operation theatre to warn other and if he doesn`t follow it after cure, then is it not cheating on Him?See winning an election is a small thing but telling others His grand plan is a previlage as hope to hopeless is alone needed now in this beloved country of ours.
                  And believe it the Indians are very good if the earlier good leaders have told the facts sincerely ,then they would have earlier itself accepted the better argument.And our place would have also become like Honkong before a decade but unlike Forward Block and INA members the Indian National Congress members seems to have been filled with basic instinct of greed.So much so that great man like Swami Vivekanandajis supporters and Mahatma Gandhiji had to be really choosy with their words at that time.
                                See the story of forgiving and its wonderful effect in the South Africa by leaders like Nelson Mandella and FWD Clark ,atleast their is still now no communal ism and apartheid between the black and white after power change. Unfortunately here in this country the seeds of communalism seems to have been put by the congress party only by practicing short time gain policy.
                                           And believe it since the time of cruel Roman Emperor Nero hundred`s have died for their believe that they have seen resurrected Christ and will surely get heaven and faced persecution and untold misery  for it.And brothers unless they have really not seen the resurrected Christ ,that level of faith and conviction can any one have?
                  After all they must have equally loved their life during that point of time also ,and historian counts around 5oo Jews were tortured to death at that time, and this was just after the crussification and rise of the Lord Christ from the tomb thus this story seems to be very probable also.
               See non can manipulate the historical facts , even the places referred in the Holy Bible is seen still intact in the Jeruslem.And believe it even the good man of the Hinduism will rejoice at this great news of salvation as  good Shepard had gathered around the baby Christ when He was born.Only the one of the 12 Apostle incharge of the Indian Ministry doubting Thomas seems to have brought the spirit of doubt in this country.
         Lord Christ is said to be only living Lord as so far no bone could be find in His tomb after it was checked out .Believe it all the great man of all religion have earlier searched the better way  to take all to heaven and birth of Lord Christ seems to be God`s blessing for that commutative demand in the KALYUGA era.
                What Hindu Sashtras also write is also truth here also main stress is seen to assure that Messiah will be born .See the living sloka of Bhagwan Krishna -`YADA YADA HI DHARMASHYA ...........DHARMASANSTHA NITYA SWAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE,`That is whenever the righteous suffer the Lord will take AVATAR/ Incarnation .And see we have to be equally respectful to the Hindu beliefs also.And many of their earlier writing is also seen to be truth .
                See the lakhs of Monkey in all generations ,Hanumanji monkey god is truelly seen born in all era,as promised, while many animals have extincted by now.Even in some place where many relish monkey meat there also some is still seen .Why this closest animal to Human being is still vanishing ?But yet did Hanumanji also not switch over His friendship from Vanar Raj Sugriv to Lord Rama?
                 Thus had he been in todays time may have surely welcomed son of God, that fact great Bajrang Dal Sena members also need to know.And see Pawan Putra Hanumanji have targeted only the evil man like Ravana didn`t he?The Vedantic philosophy of searching Brahmatva is the true meaning of Hinduism that one can get by thinking everyone as his own.Yet ready to fight with the bad ones not the one who enlighten others.
            Thus emotional feeling must have a rational justification in terms of overall interest as God loves all and want brotherly relations.Believe it MAN CHANGA TO KATOTI MAIN GANGA i,e- If your heart is good then Ganga is in your vowel.Thus after taking lots of perilous journey in Badrinath one is accepted to truly change and love his old parents and country.
                    Or believe it Shivji may also take back what little goodness and blessings one have.See non will like to give 3 Not 3 Guns to his army in todays time when AK-47 is available Choose is your`s.The evolution is needed in religion also some may be misconstruing it as conversion.See some must have thought like Brahma Rishi Parsuramji before repentance and Holy deep in Parshuram Kund in Lohit River isn`t it?
                  Thus little knowledge which is dangerous must be removed by enlightened ones isn`t it?As they have something to tell so they are telling isn`t it?And they are under His divine duty right,for those suffering mass so the haters of the Holy Spirit are seen to later suffer most.As they don`t know how much Lord and great man have suffered for them.
            And for those who still see their is best I challenge them to help one enlightened one from other community and religion also, as loving other is the main philosophy.The temple charitable trust can have crores of rupees but it is only Baba Ramdevji helping a revolution for good ,then who is more godly Sanyasin.
                       As being a elite he is supposed to love and help elite community more and he is doing this.We have to evolve from I to we and to ours this is the only mechanism of kingdom of God.See the one living a wordly life have sometimes a worst challenge and inspite of better devotion  often misleaded ,and interestly great souls like Lord Shiva himself use to sometimes refer Devtas in times of problems to Brahmaji to be prayed in some case why?After all was He not creator and in spirituality humility and down to earthiness doesn`t it count more?
                        The Ram Janma Bhoomi issue is a great challenge for the present nation and here also the Holy Bible and the writing of Vedas can play a majore role.We have to see weather both permitted Idol worship?And Muslim brothers need to ponder weather our Hindu brothers want to make a temple in Muslim Holy Land?Only a holistic way will make this nation great.
                The whimsical comment in this sensitive issue will not do the elites of the Muslims and their community any good.Have now  burden have not come on them to show that Prophet Muhammad despised hooligans and terrorists this is by word and deed.As was not the surrender of Medina a political event?And if it was not so should not some come open to show they are good and different?
                 The demand for making Hon`ble P.M speak regarding this issue in Maan Ki Baat radio  programme by some great Hindu Acharyajis/Saints  is also wrong.As if he ask them to go to Van then what?As in old age the Sadhus had to slog in jungle doing Tapasya for years.Thus the RASHTRANITI be better left to Hon`ble P.M.
                        As Lord Ram is in the Veins of Hindu brothers and that is more important as divine power will like that divine Aura of ARYAPUTRA in totality in his followers, the great character of one who loved poor lady like Shabri and respected lower caste member like Kewat as his own.He was Lord Rama, see how many you have helped in life?And large amount of money piled up in the temple trust is it not meant for one who is fighting for truth and justice in other place like Lord Krishna.Even if the main leader is seen to be from other religion. 
                             And remember in case of great issue like Ram Janma Bhumi mandir in his own time  perhaps Lord Rama will also show his miracle as RAM HI JANE RAM KI BATEIN.It seems the Mughal threat seems to have compelled the great Hindu Saint one like Tulsidas who compilled epic book,Rama Charitmanas to stress in Varna/ caste system to make the community secured.
                  But it did perhaps more harm as the Mughals took use of Muslim brotherhood doctrines and contrarily our country was disunited .Mind it in each election- poor and member of lower caste is tried to be wooed by all.Thus why not a holistic approach is tried to be find from now itself which is way of Lord RAMA.Please unless you completely read ones view point never make a passing remark.
                 Yet I personally support Hindu brothers demand for making Ram Temple ,but even Lord Ramas soul may be more happy if from the Vedic angle a idolizes meditation temple in His name like Bahai /Lotus temple is made in Ayodhya.If it is Lords own birth place He will definitely like a righteous living of His followers more , isn`t it ?
               Here may be man from any religion may be able to come to pray for the Ram Rajya which seems to have been the true wish of Lord Rama.As interestingly most of the genetically related original Aryans have also today become Muslims and Sikh believe many .And for the country well being also some game changing solution must come up in this regard.
           As we cannot accept the civil war to come up in this land of Ramaji and in his own birth place that too from His Garva Girha, all must give their prayer support and brain to make a holistic solution in this matter.May be a non controversial and acceptable Holy man is alone allowed to control the new temple if made also, or later many claimants may also come up.
                     We the enlightened ones can`t live in the make believe world that everything will be fine by itself.Believe it the holistic peaceful solution will help the nation and BJP party,as it is now in power.And this means responsibility for it also.
               The Dhar incident in Himachal Pradesh is a good example of a creative solution for a vexed  Hindu and  Muslim controvercy. See when AAP KISIKO SIDDAT SAIN DIL SAIN CHAHEGA TO ,SARA KAYNATH APKO USKE SATH EK KARNE KAIN LIYE LAG JAYEGA.
                Thus everyone should think of doing something to bring a solution in this regard as this is a family dispute.Hopefully Hon`ble Supreme Court may ones again give a chance to leaders of Indian Muslims to show that they are also as respectable like other religion Peoples.Who only believe in talk,discussion and peaceful reconciliation and  solution and their leaders have the guts to represent their congregations, community and religious members.
                  See prophet Md. Was parse against the Medina rulers and even finally accepted their proposal for continuing  with atleast Idol worship of Moon god and Star god.Thus in this matter middle way even their Prophet Muhammad will like for sure , I feel like even many dreaded most wanted Terrorists in the Pakistan also like a better solution to all contentious issues ones and for all.
                The real problem seems to be the universal doctrine the main emphasis in all the religion have been spirit worship which seems to have been forgotten .In our Donyi Polo religion of the State of Arunachal Pradesh which is the oldest as it seems to have inherited most of the pre-vedic practise.Here also the emphasise have been on calling malevolent and malevolent god`s spirit  for help / Doililli and the priest having this power to call is called as one with TAGO NYIGRE power.
                      But today in later part here also the Doni Polo i,e-Sun and Moon is seen given emphasis it is said in earlier time the Priest used to quote it for imbibing those clean values in life .In the Holy Bible it is written for 6 days God made everything in universe and in the 7th day made human being out of His own imagination who was like Him in all respect.Even Baba Ramdevji accepts earth as a planet only.And say one day some may make colony in Moon.But even then can for the sake of worshipping a divine power can Human being hurt each other also?
              As said earlier the real religious book should have perhaps come serially in this way- First the Doni Polo belief of the Arunachal pradesh Abo Tani tribe which sounds like pre-vedic thinking/ philosophy.VEDA , PURANA , OLD TESTAMENT , RAMAYANA , MAHABHARATA AND NEW TESTAMENT.And surely the great man may have perhaps compiled it this way and may have benefited after reading it serially.See little knowledge is dangerous thus the enlighten one is said to be very near to God in Hinduism also.
              As the enmity and  violence will be in interest of non as all have innocent family members in their back.Thus hopefully even the enemy of the country will like to change for their better future also.As the Pakistan itself is now bleeding and believe it by backing up good initiatives alone the party concern will be seen more in positive light.Let us make a new beginning and created a history for the betterment of mankind, see had it been in China the JNU anti Indian slogan shouters may have been  shoot in the stadium.
              For those fringe elements in Hinduism also who think that by the Hindu voters alone Hon`ble P.M have been voted to power, I want to appeal them to be modest as this is the real character of a Hindu person.In the present issue of is BJP is tolerant or not?When many great souls are trying their best to accomplish  Hon`ble P.M`s promise made in the other Countries like Parish to reach to the least and minority.
                  We have to be careful ,as the rich and powerful who despise Hon`ble P.M Modiji may smartly try to emotionally blackmail some in the name of religion. And did Lord Rama himself not took the better way by virtually killing the Raksas and Tantriks on the behest of Guru Viswamitraas told in our Childhood in Hindu Ramakrishna Mission School?
                                         Thus to closely observing other is very important as in religion the difference between the good and bad margin is very less.And the Devil is seen to be expert in deceiving after grinding everything together in the Kalyuga he sems to be not satisfied.Thus the knowledge of even a small philosophy is important to know the missing link. 
             And as even from the long time Vaisnaism and Shaivaism within the Hinduism also have been not seen struggling for religion supremacy? thus a final peace deal is it not needed in this country?Where we can evolve from this MACRE KA JAL /cobwebs of religion and become DEVTA `s/enlightened ones.
                    See in the Preamble itself the founding father of the Constitution have put secularism as the inseparable part of the Indian Democracy.We must respect it and in catena of Hon`ble S.C landmark Judgement also like in -Maneka Gandhi Vrs. Union of India the basic structure of constitution which is fundamental rights like- Right to practice any religion have been even warned not to be amended.
                See their is already a need for submitting a affidavit to maintain secularism in Society registration Act.And what to say about the penal punishment provision for inciting violence in the name of religion in the Indian Penal code?Thus the innocent Publics should not be mislead that a Indigenous faith Bill will be passed in the State Assembly under BJP in the State of Arunachal Pradesh and their rights like S.T certificates will be abrogated.
                       As in this State rather in time of Congress rule the Christians where badly persecuted and Indigenous faith Bill tried to be passed to harm Christianity.And this rumors  must be the secret hidden plan of some Congress Die hard members who are seen to be jealous of increasing joining of Christians cadres in BJP specially in the North East.The Christians brothers here can be assured that their dietary Manuel and religion will be not interfered by BJP.
                            And so far I have been never questioned about my religious background and views.As this party as of now seems to be respecting freedom of expression but brothers this JNU case is different.One cannot accept to let ones idea accepted by denouncing the motherland, this is too much and no religion allow this.
                             See in fact in all religion justice and equality have been shown as the real philosophy of spiritualism. And in Holy Bible also the God really seems to have destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah for not only sin but injustice to the Poor Publics.Thus for some our question is-how many you have given employment like Baba Ramdevji ?and does he also questions the Christianity?
                     Thus it is said more curse will befall on enlighten man who spread religion of hatred, see all are like beautiful flowers of God.And I appeal my Christian brothers to never spread hatred as Holy Bible forbade telling gospel to one who is not interested.But this is also fact that many a times a person concern just want to start a unnecessary discussion himself and tend to blame the missionary.
                                   As the BJP philosophy is KARM HI DHARM HAIN and  in the Vedic era also beef eating was not totally forbidden, and specially in the North East as the place is very poor and cool and they seldom use milk.It is earnestly prayed that the BJP leaders of N.E are given full cooperation in developmental issues ;and this meaningless topics raised by smart one like Lallu Yadavji to show his Lord Krishna family connection should be stopped here.
                     As it will be foolish to invite a running Buffalo to hit you as happened in Bihar election.As what we now hear in this State of Arunachal Pradesh from some  is -will the party give MLA ticket to Beef eaters specially Christians like you in coming election, and honestly it really sound irritating ?That is other matter that the same Congress party which have so far never given MLA ticket to any Christian in the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly Constituency in the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh that too when the population have reached 30% will be surely behind the show.
                                    Thus we must give a great man like Hon`ble P.M our utmost cooperation, believe it he is doing everything possible for the Hindu interest also.Sometimes the inside work is more effective also which not all can be seen.But their have to be holistic approach in life, it may be better a convincing man from other religion is made a VHP Spokesman for Ram Mandir issue.
                As this days to get the things get done without hurting other is the true success mantra ,after all was Lanka Raksas Raja Ravana also not given PANDIT/Brahman title at his time by Muni Sukracharyas party, not for his GOTRA but for his knowledge? Man this days media are always after the good move also like Grey Hound Dogs.     
                As their is need for a UNO for all the world betterment let us keep something as very holy, neutral and for everyone.See even Swami Vivekananda is heard to have visited Rome.And as Lord must have come for all why quarrel?See even the good Christian himself doesn`t want the unnecessary increase of the congregation. Why because here in this religion truly called one alone can be beneficial to himself and others also.
                          Thus non need to fear unnecessarily, that their is lot many plan and money for converting other religious followers from Christian side.Believe it their is no money coming from the western countries to the missioneries.After all many Western Countries are now more poorer then this country Publics also.
                     And today our strict FEMA laws even stop inflow of money for the mission work.But when holistically seen when the local devotee waste his charity money and instead of sponsoring a good missionary and Holy man only for his outward appealing dress trust a Crook also,then whose loss it is for us?
                                      Thus please keep committed Christian also above religion also, as it is very difficult to become someone near to  mother Teresa also.The Christians are called one for a specific purpose, they are said to be body of Christ and thus anywhere they pray become a Holy Church.Thus the present world which have become the place of symbolism and ritual .Thus all need not  work together in good issues?
                            We seems to have made temple and religion for making sake ,and made gap between us but the issue should be weather siding with the Adharma or Dharma in this historic occasion when the battle of Kurukshetra is ready.In fact when you hear all the beliefs with rapt attention all is seen to be part of the same cosmic energy.
                            If you are great man to be triggered for enlightenment by a shadow of tree like Lord Budha then it is well and good.But everyone may have not that same tempo, thus God had send the saviors for the sinners also and some need to be always with good man to have a good character /to get blessing of God.And sometimes God and majority decisions are better .May be His decision are also and of those who are role model for others , as in this modern world of corruption and nepotism also new dreaded disease are also coming up for which we have no human answer.
               And so we must be a nationalist = man of rational mind , thinking all Indians as our own ,as Hinduism also seems to be advocating it by its -`VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM` philosophy.As in India their is so much of religious tolerance and this must be increased also as this is our true identity as a country. And herein only our all wellbeing will lie also.
                       And this is hallmark of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis reign also and soon the critics will also have to accept it.And will have to accept that India is most tolerant / SAHISNU country.See when the Gods gospel is also not tolerated ,than will it auger good for all of us?Thus hope from now after you have know the truth you will be tolerant and atleast will not like to mess with God.
                 The basic philosophy of the Christianity is that -`the man as made by God in His own imagination is most adorable thing and can make great stride in his life,and thus he is revearable more then idol also.And more so the wife made by the bone of man must be loved, adore and she should submit to his husband more.
                    And see the mass prayer e,i- the commutation of the positive energy by the body of Christ which is the real Church, is due to the conglomeration of believer triggering  that holy passion in all to change for good.Even for the sinner who unmindful join in the mass prayer as the Hindi saying goes - `KARBUJA KO DEKH KAR TARBUJA RANG BADAL TA HAIN`get touched.Stop being one to post for prayer support start to write Amen for others.As you are also best and son of your mother.
                   And as your own Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji tells good man naturally take a better group thus more a Satsang of this type is it not better?As in all religion divine power seems to be wanting good man to often meet.As their is a heard to be a good positive energy out pour when more Peoples meet.This can be seen as joint military exercise with outer country army super power where both gains.So long as the love and friendship is in air God who seems to be loving all equally seems to be blessing.Father must be liking all His children s together.
                           Believe it due to misgovernance only outfits have come up in Nagaland also, or Holy Bible clearly warns-`those who will fight with the sword will die with the sword,`The RAJ DHARMA was earlier forgotten, in fact their is parallel need for DHARMA and the RAJNITI to flourish.And thanks due to the Holy Church united effort in Nagaland soon their may be a permanent peace like in Mizoram after signing of Mizo accord.
                          As many great man are praying ,fasting and working for it.Give more time to Hon`ble P.M he is surely working on Holy Bible doctrines only.As the real followers are more blessed by Lord then the talkers and thinkers.As in Beatitudes which is also the favorite verse of Bapuji ,it have been written-`BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ARE PEACEMAKERS , FOR THEY SHALL HAVE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.`
                        One have to have pity on the North east as with meager resource,worst corruption earlier engineered by the Congress central force and in worst transition stage it is still living like in the pre-vedic era.See even if modernity have come but centuries of gap is eating the basic edifice and had it not been for Christianity .Some Publics may have also joined the anti Indian side as one disloyal to His God will he be ever be loyal to His country?
                Thus in 2019 State election or in mid term that may happen due to present political crisis even the divine power may not forgive the BJP also, if it gives chance to some worst corruptted Congress leaders to take political refugee in BJP.As that have been always some leaders character to be shameless and bribe the central Highcommand of any political party while making the poor and downtrodden groan and suffer.God will never forgive any party if the same thing is allowed to be continued.
            See as Dharma Raj Yudhistir of Mahabharata fame told the Yaksha 
that the most surprising thing in life is everyone knows that he is soon
 dying one day but lives as if he is not going to die.See you can also 
become as truthful as Yudhisthira if you accept your weakness and submit 
to God.As He is more concern for our well being then us also and surely 
knows when to give you and what.And He need not to be fear in this grace 
period more so as He is not as punitive and cruel like other god,godess, 
angel and Chetrapals who have reign over human being for thousand of 
                      And now that they may have been called back to heaven for
your sake also.This facts you alone have to search as this is your life non want
to mess as others have no time for themselves also.Atleast for your sake am
 I also not trying something isn`t it?Thus should I not be forgiven for loves 
sake even if I commit some mistake?
                             Gods promise to save the mankind unlike in the time of
 Nua, His promise stand as it is in the form of Rainbow made by Him.And 
now that He have send His own son to be your steward ;all will surely 
welcome Him way everyone benefits from Him directly or indirectly.And 
 even if Child is naughty Parents love him.Thus He must be ready to forgive
 your misdemeanors.
                                                         See the great realisation have also come
 to great man like – Bhism Pitamah but in the death bad.The irony was he
 had blessings of immortality with him but had to prepared to die.And
 prepared taking water from Arjuna against whom he fought ,and even 
refused to take anything from Duryodhana in the end.Thus why wait for 
death and destruction in the end,If you harm God`s man will you be happy?
                 Though initially it may be interesting if you are surrounded by 
flattering tongue.See did Bhagwan Parshuramji took holy deep in river 
Ganga?Thus the moment a man determine to leave everything evil,that is 
the moment he become great.Show your anger on powerful person like in 
Pakistan  by openly chastising them in media if one have guts, one should 
not target innocent God`s followers isn`t it?
                                                                                  As the sobs and tears of
 the Holy man is what angers the God?This Congress party who lost in the
 earlier election should learn as when the prophesy of the Holy Spirit
 possessed persons is laughed at.Then will their be no divine consequences?
Thus the battle is ones again ready yet victory belong to God.And mind it
 He may again exalt an enemy if He truly repent and thus leave all evil plan
 of harming the righteous souls and their congregation.Can you fight against
the divine will?
                  The true Brahman who have alone the aptitude for taking the better knowledge instead of making petty argument will make an introspection and take the best.The good family gene called PRAGYA also helps as for meaningless gossifers they are in the losing end.And their pro genies may soon come as rotten like them and remember if some one is speaking in your back then believe that you are worth noticing also.
                            Thus the present  BJP Highcomand will surely be never as foolish as earlier Congress High command, as the honest leaders cannot afford to come to Delhi also.The earlier Congress party seems to have believed in face value and may have helped those with the blood of poor in their hands or who may have harmed the Lords scheme of thing more.
               Atleast in todays time we don`t see much communal riot isn`t it?In lower rung leadership their may be some anti Christian posture but in high level the BJP leaders seems to be be very sincere.And seems to be respecting all the religion.In fact we even pray for new religion and this is the real mantra , praying for each other also. 
               Thus as evolution is needed , in spiritualism also it is needed to imbibe the character of His divine Lordship, the closest relative of the God alone will logically give a better lesion and inspire much needed behavioral change.And the satanic forces howsoever they may sound good initially bring civil war in the end.Swami Vivekananda have also searched for truth in life so you have to brother, their is no short cut method.
                     And how much you know about his personal life?See more we get dependent on scientific achievement, more our spiritual weakness will come.As perhaps then their are other more poorer co-human being to be looked by God also.See what Veda says -`SARVE SANTU NIRAMAY , SARVE VADRANI PASYANTU..................`
                    Thus those who only pray for their own is also bad more then making a temple for forefathers we have to imbibe the legacy they have left for us in true sense of terms.And mainly stand for DARIDRA BHARAT WASI , CHANDAL BHARAT WASI as commissioned by Swami Vivekananda which Hon`ble P.M is trying to do.See real essence of festival like Mopin of my galo tribe is also critically find as to even love the animal.
            See even if your own is rich and powerful but if he have Ravans character will you help him?See even Lord Shiva had to finally leave Ravana isn`t it?He had to or he may have been also forgotten as the Man  is god - NAR NARAYAN in Hindu philosophy also more so Public.JANTA JANARDHAN,see how long we will allow the Ravan to shoot at his own epigy in Dussehera?
                 After all we have been made so dependent on each other by circumstance ,but see Man not only need bread and butter but the daily word of God as told by Lord Christ.After all as God`s spirit is working in man so he is alive and relishing the food isn`t it? See God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth.This teachings are so much different from earlier ones as all ancient thinking seesm to be revolving around food.
                 This is what? Perhaps promise to live like Him as much as possible to be near to Him, Yudhistir is claimed to have  lived that way and may have also reached heaven by deed.But for us we have to be always with the good persons to change ourselves.Let us make this journey more secured by being surrounded by good ones.
                Even if the future seems dark God will save us, remember the scene when the Lord Christ slept in the storm while crossing the Sea and the boat was in great danger and His disciples panicked.Thus He is always working for us and we have to be always vigilant.And we have been also given many power by Him. Use it for mankind shake. 
                                    See unless you follow what you say non will respect you also.And like we prepare a better mode to travel in other place in spiritualism also one have freedom to do so.Good for someone if he reach faster, see good man get happiness when righteous prosper.The day Baba Ramdevji was humiliated in Ram Lila ground I was perhaps one of the first to object in Rahul Gandhijis in his facebook itself, to the shock reaction of some die hard congress members in his f.b.
                  Baba Ramdevji is revered as he is to many extent man of commitment and positive energy ,and  moment he reached Itanagar God knows why he was fond of me.As perhaps I was the best among the worst by welcoming him, though some say their is telepathic bonding when some Peoples meet.
                    And believe it first God want you to be a good human being and as I respected him and in absence of other visitors may have been  my privileged to be liked by him also, so is the case with the spiritualism.This is real mechanism of spiritualism also , we also forget that Lord`s spirit seldom comes in life .He though calls all but only the fisherman like apostle Peter  like man in Biblical era alone reciprocated,  heard his request and become immortal.
               The one who could have been a roaring business man and for humanity sake when he have followed Lord and Savior then he is not recoverable?Thus please for your own shake never make a swapping remark on every Christians as if all are bad.Their are good and bad everywhere but why curse Lord for it and  denouncing  Holy Spirit and Judgement is said to be the worst sin in the world.But their is also one verse when righteous have been given previlage to say for the sake of poor man also.
                   The analytic and logical explanation being practically used by the educated Western Peoples though originally coined by great Hindu Saints we seems to have lost its relevancy and perhaps thus suffering.See the essence  of story of Samudramanthan, not using this common sense and understanding given by godess Saraswati have been perhaps our loss only.The Amrit/great success is perhaps out put of introspection using rational human mind as by logic and truth alone one will progress. Remember purity is power, SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.
                   You may not need to risk going to Badrinath be good unto others and others even Bhagwan will be perhaps good unto you .And thus even if you are not devoted Christians if you sincerely in heart respect Lords sacrifice,perhaps then many of your sins will be pardoned.Please show your magnanimity as you are not that bad,if you don`t change your descendants going by your current traits may oneday even declare computer Virus in the list of god and godess also.
                     Then if tomorrow your soul rot in hell will their be any hope as good disciple of God is said to have his 7 forefathers saved from hell?See even the earlier rebuke of elderly person is a blessing this you will have known if you have been in the position of Vir Abhimanyu in the Kurukchetra,well soon  that time  may be also coming to search for your weapon .
                                                       The problem is we take all the scriptures as mare story, their are great hidden meanings for our survival anti dot for future problems.The Christianity can be also seen like for the sinners and for the lazy Peoples its like crash course before B.A final examination.
              The critical subject like religion and taste of the Holy spirit will be alone given to those who really slog for it.The emotional feeling that what will happen to my religion in future is fallacy, if their is ancient god and godess they will protect themselves isn`t it?
                                              Thus see what is best for you and believe in yourself as when you grow your family and country will and this is more important.And as for me if I am a national leader loving my own country man then must tell the truth.But all not necessary do the same work all they have to do is think work as a missionery.Even for a wife her main mission field is perhaps looking after family and sponsoring the Pastor.
                              And it is the divine work of the almighty God to give what at what time.The audacity of the Congress party to make demi god leaders in the State of Arunachal Pradesh perhaps doom them.As some politicians have said to have even laughed on the prophesy by some religious man for respecting the will of divine power in my constituency for leadership change.               
              In fact God is one only and all the scriptures helps us to reach Him , provided you make a rational and analytical study and take the best from all if you are in hurry and really mean business.This is in fact honestly not for gossip mongers and clay lalaby persons /charlatans as their is so little time left.
                        As our time is crucial we never know when will our life end, and howsoever powerful you are by worthless argument you are in the loosing end.See time is money and many of us realize this when we are far away from the loved ones or in the verge of separation.And mind it He is the one truly loved by all and needed ,if you handshake and always live with man with negative energy then you may get infected by deadly diseases.
                                   The political leaders who transfer deadly disease again give peanuts for medical expenses.Thus be with the more righteous leader and be blessed.This only few good man know and have their family flourish.See what a political leader give is nothing as he makes even missionery backslide in election.And as the Human being have been short of forbidden to sell his right in election.See Jacobs story in Holy Bible and the human being have been short of asked to fight for justice and equality.Thus can you work with an anti Christ which may have been in earlier occasion quoted as Raksas. 
                          And we should think in terms of saving the maximum in this new global world of social network, not all will read a good point.But some will and if they benefit good isn`t it?There was a time in olden age good things only where shared , not like today when only- Tiranga, smoke , tobacco, wine ,wishky,Ganja , drugs , weapons,AIDS and nuclear weapons etc. are tried to be shared.
                 Yet may God bless this world as after all we are of same race and I was also once hopeless sinner to the point of no-return, He had mercy on me and please have pity on others also more hatable,as devil in era of KALYUGA have corrupted them.And fact is their Atman is while they are alive itself crying for MUKTI/ salvation inside.
                Believe it is only against the turncoats, insincere and fake ones the Peoples are against of, or Lord Christ still remain super star and many wants to know about Him.See change of attitude is a natural phenomenon and if it is coming from above Baba who can fight it also? So let us better know who is God, god , angel and man and get blessings for yourself , your community /party and country.
            And believe it the righteous man can alone bring blessings for all , it is privileged to be with him.To have him in your PARIVAR as through him if His blessings comes then is it only not material?And thus hopefully from now on within the parameters of the of the constitution the creative one will be also recognized what will be our difference with the charlatans in the JNU who know no brake?  May God bless our country ,Praise the Lord Amen.