Thursday, August 16, 2007

Politics in Sports

The Political influence in the sports is bad, it really effects the spirit of the sports . The injustice was felt by us when we attended the subroto Mukherjee Cup final against the Madhyam Gram in Delhi in the Year 1988 were three of our beteran footballers were removed on pretex of over age of the players in Semi Final stage, this was a plot, by and by; as most of the Organisers were Bengalis like K.K Ganguly Wing Commander [ Retd.] Honorary Secretary General and definitely wanted there Bengal to win the Football by hook or crook. At that time unfortunately Human right was not as vocal as today nor we had strong lobby in Delhi or this injustice could have been fought tooth and nail; we tried to protest as the removal of Jumli Ete, Mardo Ninu and Gumba Padu who were backbone of the team was definitely going to effect us but to no result; so much injustice were done to us as even Players smaller to most of our players were allowed to play. God alone knows how much amount of pain was put into our preparation, today also when we see the ground in R.K.M we remember with a nostalgia that this was the ground were we played, were we swet and smelled the mud of the ground; time was so different than ; that kick we felt when we wored the jersy of the R.K.M. being the part of the Unbeatable team of the State we felt the greatest kick of our life; we miss that adrenelin showering in our body when we had the chance to play in the Ambedkar Stadium which was the dream come through. Today also the players of the team have a special feeling for eash other. I am writing this because let there be no such injustice in the future that too in national level in the capital of Delhi as the North east guys are not inferior to any one and as it was later amply proved by Mizoram School winning the football after us. If this article are being read by the person who had orchested this evil plan let them come forward and apolige as it is a great shame for whole Bengali Community to win by default and deceit that day Madhyam Gram Higher Secondery School won the match against Arunachal pradesh but Bengal lost.

What is hampering the development

The few great Peoples who have ill reputation of bribing others to toeng there view have earlier motivate the Peoples towards lust and carnal desire for money to an unproportion hights making the majority Peoples to wait for election only , hope the coming election will be not that expensive for honest leaders, who are not as ill reputed as earlier leaders and unlike older leaders who were known for there excesses in there hey days when they gave a damn to any body the young face are expected to get sympathy specially when today it has also become impossible for senior leaders to controll such a large population specially through money alone and limited fund and the Acts like Right to Information Act making it impossible to make any further gaflas, the coming election is expected to be a waterloo for the Leaders who have earned disproportionate money through corruption alone and have the audicity to advice the poor farmers about good virtues who were there friends once upon a time; thus Publics may empty them of there richness as they have increasingly realised that some crooks have earned richness by laying hands on there share . Things is expected to go in favour of the Honest leaders also because of the reason that the Publics are also fed up of the corruption and bribery specially in job sectors as there Childrens even the meritous once life are in jeopardy now this is too much enough is enough is what all the parents must be thinking and definitely Old leaderships cannot shrug away from this responsibility after all they are the once who were in height of power once and have aggravated this to an gigantic proportion and as they were master manipulator themselves they lost the moral authority to control this. Whatever may be the fact, earlier leaders had tested the nector of the life and had a field day enjoing the life like a young man never to retire lucky man born at a time when others were so foolish fighting among themselves easy to divide and rule, for the present leadership things will be never same again as today the media have become very strong. So today the Old timers like Laloo Yadav and Mulayam Singhs have been shown the exit door for good due to the watchful eye of the General publics, besides the the judicial activism of the Supreme court and the taughness of the Election commissioner has made there life more miserable as earlier they were doubted to even manipulate the Vellot Box .In Arunachal also things are expected to be taugh for leaders who have been elected earlier only because of money and muscle powers as the Peoples have increasingly realised that they have made Bussiness out of Politics and use to gubble up even the M.L.A and other funds contrary to the common belief that they were giving ; they have leaft nothing for the aspiring contractors and above all failed to make a perrenial source of earning for the general Publics and are a total misfit being not well read and lacking creative mind to usher in a revolution , only duping Publics with promise of future benefits and money which will hardly go in the hand of some few loyalists who don’t have a command in Society. The unemployment has reached to a gigantic proportion and they are about to blast like a bomb ready to go the Robinhoods way.
The most potent reason why earlier Publics used to take money from leaders was that they used to be unturstworthy for they were No, 1 crooks in comparison to Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji but out of fear they could not do anything to show there anger than to part away with some of there earning, now the time has come for Jaisi karni Waisi Bharni, as I had predicted long time back that some leaders are poised to become like Devananda spending all there ill gotten money to maintain there superdom they never knew where from so much wealth came from and probably will never know were it has all gone as well; if they have hurt so many peoples they deserve to suffer after all so much public money was wasted that could have made our Arunachal as Switzerland, so in coming days no amount of even Swiss bank connection can save Old leaders who try to be New wine in an Old bottle; only Publics had to be aware of fake currency and there great breach of trust forwhich they definitely need to be cheated as well is what majority Publics are thinking .Gone are the days when Pt. Jawaharlal sacrificed his Legal Profession to choose Political carrear, today Politics is filled with crooks so why mercy on them is what the general feeling which is definitely a point to ponder for the relatives of the power crazy and obsessed senior leaders as the ground is fertile for another Freedom movement this time though fight is with our own Peoples.

Sincerely Your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar.


I believe in sorting out a solution rather than discussing the problem though that used to be me usually. Not any more, this days , I have also become one of the ethopian intellectuals . Churning out an extra dose of an advise to those disperedos who perhaps want more practical help than the leap service, sorry for that: but cannot help , atleast I am better than those air condition wallas , who are telephonically advising frustrated People outside . Yes, one single soul can definetly change the World Christ Jesus did , Gandhi Vivekananda tried , however in our State it is like waiting for godot for a good leader , instead of begaining charity at home and become small time Gandhi we prefare to shy away I am no exception. But to my hearts content I have tried atleast , that is the consolation , honestly no self trade- fearing . Meanwhile let me give another dose of an success formula which probably my good readers will flash down the article in toilet like always . In our Democratic set up it is well neigh impossible to have a single window clearence system of investment opportunity as we have in China . However if our State is in a state of a dead man walking as Jombie those in Africa than what to day. State has failed us in having a coordinated approach to development as the Leaders and Beuroctes are more engrossed in there own interest rather than the States interest if we have a single genuine leader who spearhead the development in war foothing than things definitely stand to change . The problems with the senior and Veterian leaders is that most of them had there hand in shaddy deal earlier so they don’t follow that command and respect as we have not a single example of a leader with an unblemish record thus after every Govt. change it become impossible for the ex- C.M’s to come back to power because the fact is that they have never got popular mendate only clinging to power through State machinery.

Today investment is vital to the State . However it is not happening in a quick phase as it should be there . Today the state is that the Central Govt. employees calls it forviden land , fears to get transfer to the State , ironically not for fear of being eaten up by an animal as they earlier did but for fear of getting adverse remarks in there job carrier as for example Bank managers are said to be unable to fulfill there Banks target of granting loan etc. Recently I met Sri B.C Das the Divisional Manager of the Oriental company Ltd. His tell was interesting , gentleman said that since his inception very few insurance cases has been heard by D.C Court, so far postponment on one reason or another has baffled the Victims whereas the money are laying there in Bank . Unfortunately in one case the Poor man was dead before the first hearing itself. You blame the non Judicial seperation , constant change of the D.C but the end result is this- India might be shining elsewhere but not necessary here. Today much need of the of the time is Baptisma with the fire, that is those who has political will should come forward . Meanwhile for this generation common destiney seems to await us is that, non of us it seems shall see heaven for it is a road to perdition here; living below Gods estimation Man, it is the time for soul searching.

The Adam Bridge Vs Ram Setu

The Ram Setu episode once more shows the desperation of the Political Parties specially the Hindu Fundamentalists in the VHP and RSS who wants to hack up any issue for the sake of hacking to stay in the limelight and nothing more can be also expected from desperados who have realised the futility of hacking up of Ayodhya issues as they have entangled themselves between Deep Sea and Devil as no National Political Party will like to part with the Muslim Votes and also play dangerous games with with there own life as ISI and Dawood Ibrahim Company have effectively shown that they can go to any extent to punish the backlash against the Muslims.
This Ram Setu episode is a sinister move of politicalisation of yet another issue which is a political creation of mountain out of mole hole, both by the Ramwads and the Adamites as the whole thing is getting political colour ; as per the version of Secularists there is a hidden agenda, this move to name the Bridge after Ram which is mythologically supposed to be used by the Rams Vanar sena to Blitzkriez lankans, this is nothing but glorification of there forefather Ram vis a vis the Aryan community by them who takes themselves to be of a superior race and owner of the India. But the so called Secularists those who are blaming against the Manuwadis for all sorts of mayhem in history like – Ramayan, mahabharat ,1st and 2nd World War want to this Bridge to be named after Adam who was Biblically the forefather of the mankind but they also seem to negate the existence of the Rama but definitely there must have been also some historical fact about Rama when many things have been said and written about him; after all Hanuman has said to be rested in between the rocks which shows that there must have been supporting small Islands to make the Bridge but theory that Hanuman made a direct jump to Lanka, the theory which is seems to be of later exegration has harmed there own claim as some scientists claim that it is impossible to make a direct Bridge in this gulf ; the inferiority complexion of the Hindus who have always fear sychosis created by the Brahmins against the never ending increase of other religion is all evident. As the writings of Tulsidasa is still fresh in there mind, who seems to have brainwashed there mind that Ram was the only forefather of the Aryans and generation of this doctrines made Hindus to challenge the scientific and logical Christian doctrines that the Adam was the common forefather of the mankind coupled with the origin of species theory and the tracing back of the common farefather through there DNA. Therefore this Ram Setu controversy is not going to be subsist unless the All Religion Forrum in the line of parliament of religion which was held in Chicago during the time of Swami Vivekanada is held to frankly discuss all the religion issues with brutal honesty; till than the bridge is best kept in the name of the some other personalities because something is also definitely truth about Rama who must have been a great man. However from Intellectual point of view it will be more prudent to give its name as Adams bridge, so that it is a living tribute to all the mankind as Rama must have been one of Adams descendent also and also as there is reference of some forefathers called Ram and Ashur the sanskrit name of the Dravidians in the chronology of the forefathers. The fundamentalists without knowing anything are taking Christianity as a foreign religion this is remaining of the brainwashing made by the freedom fighters during freedom fighting times. It is time great Hindu Civilisation show there maturity by rising above all there never ending anger and complexions ,though that is a common feature of a majority psyche of a native but Aurangjeb who took Zijya tax from Hindus is long dead therefore why this anger now ; even Aryans should realise that they have come from other place defeating the native Dravidians and also that Hindus have a great history of values were king Dadichi is said to have even donated his body parts as alms . As the Adams common ancestory theory seems to be more plausible as after all ancestors must have scientifically originated from common ancestors and also as the brainwashing by the Politicians negating this Adams theory seems to be concocted and fabricated to emotionally garner the support of the People who were least interested in the Politics. In the view of the logical postulation and similarty of Old Testament were forefathers have been said to have separated after the tower of Zerrubabel incident ; it is pertinent to note that the Rishi Muni Sukracharya have tried to make a parrallel heaven also which resembles making of this tower story and the Nuas Boat story having similarity with Manus escape from Sea water in large fish this similar stories shows that our forefathers were definitely same not only biologically but due to similar story which definately slightly changed after a long gap which is but natural. Thus in the end it will be prudent to name the Bridge as Adams bridge Discovered by his discendents . The article should be engraved ,` This Bridge was discovered by Adam our Common forefather ,used by Ram and Re- made by Indians,’ it might be more plausible approach to satire the radical approach who may jeopardise such a big project of National importance.

Sincerely Yours,
Sorry to one and
every angry person
for national interest
Adv. Togo Basar.

The Power of Mind

The power of mind if used nicely can do wonder for our Peoples , the way Japanese and Chinese have dominated the World market; afterall we have the same Mongolian ancestors as Chinese and japanese but the problem seems to be that we are totally confused and have lost our foccuss rarely master piece like Ane Ge Nyode is made which ought to have been a common affairs. In fact in whatever field we concentrate we have the power to excell ; after all , the fastest game in the world- table Tenis is dominated by Chinese, one of our own Chinks . Now the problem with our folks may be is that we want to do many things at a time that may be bassically due to bad motivation and guidance and also in this transition period too many options have tempted us to explore many avenues at same time. I remember a japanese who came to study Sanskrit in India and was concerned only with Sanskrit so much so that he used to eat sleep and drink only sanskrit what extra ordinary foccuss man. Brucelee once said if one with a weaker body has a stroonger foccuss than he can beat a stronger man.
At present we are living like Japanese lived during 2nd World war all either confused or misutilising our potentialities like Japanese Kamakajee once called Angels of the Sky ready for harakiri suicide for there Country by colliding there planes with the American Ships who were emotional and self centered to the core as they were destined to doom; we must learn from the folly the effect of misleading the Country for thousand of years by telling the youngstars of offdated and irrelevant samurai tradition falsely made to believe that emporor Hirohito was God unto himself which prompted them to jump into war hastily. Accepted that Americans have killed so many Japanese but they are also the once who have given mindset to work to Japanese as well, by mordenising the educational system of japanese during Martial Law. Even Prophet Md. Have said to have said that the greatest Jehad is against one self against his own weakness like jeolousy and greed etc. But some of Muslims are pracisely against that dictum thus the need of hour is to make the system pool proof Individual Blitzkriez like Mussaraf will seldom have any effect specially if he is himself not practicing truth in letter in spirit this might be one of the reason for the failure of experiment under taken by one of earlier C.S as he was not commanding as much respect as late sri tomo Riba and late bakin Pertinji here in our Society today inspite of odds, luckilly peoples are realising the importance of positive thinking the mussrooming of places of local prayer centre visa vis place of meeting of mind are examples but here democratic values must take root so that there is constructive and creative discussion or we will one day make our own life more misearable if greed , lust, and jeolosy etc.also pollut this temple / cradle of future revolution which alone can clean our dirty mind and motivate us to exploite the true power of mind.

The Pathetic Condition of Sportsman in Arunachal Pradesh

The condition of Sports man in our State is very pathetic, the Politicians who have no Sporting carrier and love for sports have really failed to inspire the masses in the field of Sports as a Carrier oppurtunity.The health is the most vital agenda of the People, as our mortality rate is very less . Neverthless some old folks like present Honourable Chief Minister Sri Dorzee kanduji , Ex- Chief Minister sri Mukut Mithiji and some Chief Engineers and senior officers are praiseworthy atleast in one regards for being regular players of Badminton and indirectly at least encouraging the Publics to do so. But it is
yet to be seen if they respect the Sports- man in there personal life like Sri Gumpe Rime the Guy who was the first Professional footballer still playing in first Division League football match in Indian levels in reputed national clubs.
The Guys who have swet there blood for the name of the State like Gumpe Rime should be honoured in the State by giving them a decent job so that the other sports man get inspiration from them. He has a great sporting carrier being the first professional player who played in reputed club like Mahindra and Mahindra, who has to his credit the cap of getting gold medal in National games in football for the State of Maharashtra, he is the only player to become ex- Captain of Assam State footbal team, also ex- Maharashtra State Football team captain and presently Captain of the karnataka State Football team and till now playing with the Hindustan Aeronatics Ltd club. He was also given Arunachal pradesh Governors Gold medal award for his extraordinary performance in sports. But it is very surprise to learn that one earlier Sports Minister of Our State refused to even have audience with him . If many Tom Dick and Herries have been given job why not his experienced local Boy be not used for our State interest, in other States the certificate of Bachelor in Sports Education is not at all the criteria for appointment as Sports Officer, even class X pass students who have excelled in there field are given Sports Officers post ; it is surperising why a Class XII pass professional player like Gumpe is not invited in the State.It is pertinent to mention that in one UPSC conducted examination for the post of the Assistant director of the Sports the qualification needed was class X pass.Therefore the Govt. should relax the recruitment rule in special case specially if the Guy has swet too much for the State. If the Govt. is sincere it can create other post as in other States the Sports Hostel are run by the State Government unlike in our State which is under SAI thus new post can be created like Sports Hostel Incharge, similarly Sports Acedemy Incharge, Football Development
Officer or Coaching department Incharge as it is prevelant in other States.
Think what will happen if all the hungry and frustrated Youths suddenly starts to cry for there right oneday, atleast for now they are busy diverting there frustration in the football grounds ; our previous leaders have only done short time gain work and lacked the vision to lead the Society for future and did nothing for the future generation most of the Unemployed youths are in lurches and there frustration is genuine as in all the enterpreunership only the relatives of the
M.L.A and Ministers alone prospers. As we are sitting on a time bomb which might burst any time , Let us learn from Manipur experience which is going through worst type of transition period yet able to face it due to discipline they learn from Sports . In Manipur jobs are said to be secured for the Sports man -First priority to the medalist in International arena, than in National than in State level; but what can be expected of the state like ours were the rich are secured of jobs for there Childrens by even buying the Sports quota
Deprieving the deserving ones of there bread and butter only misleading and showing greed to the Publics only during election time and making the state a fertile ground for the Terrorists to play the game of different kinds where they and every one will suffer one day.

Adv. Togo


The boundery dispute between the Arunachal and the Assam State have become like clash between the PLO and Israel, only the good thing about the later is the peace brokered by the George W.Bush in the form of drafting a road of map , will this Uncle Sam role be played by Smty. Sonia Gandhi who is the Dejure ruler of the Congress Party and as such like mother to both. Lately Assam has found a escape Goat in our State as the Mizos , Meghalayan and Nagas have become hard nut to crake due to there undiluting unity when enemy is at the Gate. This is also possible due to election of high quality leaders based on there unblemish records. Enough is enough with the chalega attitude of the Govt. it should immidiately complete Independent construction of road communication, criss-crossing all the State territory avoiding its dependency on Assam and start construction of a Natioanal Airport anywhere in Arunachal which is centrally located if there is a dart of land in Itanagar.
My utmost sympathy goes to our Galos in particular and Arunachalees in generally who are facing untold misery in the foothill areas. The tough tactics played by Naga regiment have said to thwart many of Assams nefarious design, after all even if they have many more regiment but due to the internal turmoil faced by the State it is really doubtful weather they can really regroup at the coast of there own internal security this seems to be taken advantage by Nagas. Our IRBN should learn a lesson from there Naga counter part, because in peace time the said force are ill reputed for there harrasment of publics while cooperating with the assam police as it is alleged by Foothill Peoples during actual time of action. But than the politicians are also responsible for not giving IRBN a free hand and giving a beffiting reply to the big brother in all the front it is learned . As the claim of the Assam Govt. over area Kanku circle as disputed is unacceptable in the view of the Hilly nature of the area as the Assam Peoples usually say that hilly area belong to the Arunachalees and Parliament question and answer in lok Sabha in UNSTARRED QUESTION No.4611 by Sri D.Erring on the question of the boundery dispute between the people of NEFA and Assam asked to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru who was also Minister of External Affairs at the time who answered in 5th May 1961 on the question of (a) Weather the Govt. are aware that there has been a Boundery dispute between the People of NEFA and Assam ? and (b) if , so weather the Govt. have appointed some Committee to enquire about the matter and to demarcate the boundery ? The answer by the Jawaharlal Nehru :- The people inhaviting a large part of the Siang Frontier division of NEFA are known as Adis there are some Adi Villages in Lakhimpur District of Assam also. When the physical demarcation of the Innerline was taken in hand in this area some time age , the Villages in Assam represented that the

Line around should be revised to include them in NEFA . One Adi Village from NEFA represented that it is right over some cultivable outside the Innerline in / Assam should be safeguarded . A meeting of senior official from assam and NEFA was held in Shillong to discuss the problems . the political officer of the Siang Frontier Division and the deputy Commissioner of the lakhimpur District jointly toured the areas . It was not considered to appoint a committee to enquire into the matter . the Assam Govt. are understood to have decided to extent the same previliges as are enjoyed by the people in the transferred areas to the Adi Villages under there jurisdiction. They have also confirmed that the right of the Adi Village from NEFA possessing cultivable land in Assam will not be effected any where by the demarcation of the Innerliner. And Officer each from the assam and NEFA has been disputed to remain in the area to settle the differences on the spot till demarcation is completed. However today the Assamese compelling the local Arunachalees to register there patta in Lakhimpur is completely against the vision of the architecture of the country. We must respect the Gandhian way, but it thus not mean exposing our torso . The Govt. should engage battery of Lawyers if necessary . The People of Arunachal specially those in Foothill area have to also overcome there inferiority complexion and join the National mainstram so that outsider thus not take undue advantage of there simplicity. Meanwhile the Assam should realise the unique brotherlee relationship with Arunachal Pradesh via People like Bhupen Hazarika etc .And also that the State have maximum number of Assamese employed than other State the matrimonial and traditional ties apart . I am personally looking forward to Mr. Home Minister Sri jarbom Gamlinji with great expectation, who can be a good ambassador of Arunachal and Assam fraternity , mutual understanding and cooperation as he is in the position to inititiate this good samaritan work. Hope this time a permenant policy to the vexed boundery dispute will be resolved to the benefit of both the neighbouring State, as this golden opportunity will never be find again in the atmosphere of the mutual comaderie previling both the State being ruled by Congress-I Party .

The Battle of 1962

The Chinese agression 1962 was the single most important event in the history of India with a far reaching remification . In context of NEFA effect was most, only after this, there was a National awakening and after this defence of the Country was given top priority. The most in- famous speech of pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which he is said to have said to solace the Indian masses who had just lost the war that the loss was not worth regrating lossing the rocky and torny mountains not fit for Human dwellings was definitely in bad taste with the opposition and critics even today. However the real Nehru was crieng in his heart ; humiliation and frustration got better of Panditji and finally he left for his final journey sick and dejected in the year 1964. That year he had a final meeting with his friend His Holliness Dalai Lama in Dharamshala were panditji was not in his self. Military superior India lossing a battle at the hands of an enemy inferior whose man outnumbered the machines; for it is pertinent to point that the Britishers had helped india with enough arsenels the left outs of the 2nd World war for which a perfect damping ground was needed against which the peoples Liberation army of China was too much ill equipped therefore a jolt a short of a national disaster like Americans received a jolt after Vietnam war was natural for a new Country which was emotionally charged as the newly created India desperetly needed that victory .
However Smt. Indra Gandhi did what his father left the unfinished task, namely rebumping the defence of the Country specially in NEFA which he renamed as Arunachal pradesh.As a prodigal daughter of father as well as a Country her immidiate priority was to frustrate the Communist Chinas evil design as it had a successful made in road into West Bengal by helping the Naxalites.It seems during the Cold war days China was determined to flax its muscles by engaging the large military reserves who were becoming restless after the great Cultural revolution, whatever the reason may be they seem to success in there plan. Mainly due to two reasons – the knowledge about the Terrai , passes and communication line and gaining the confidence of the locals. However in contrary the Indian forces failed to make a distinction between the local and Chinese . According to a local information Chinese Army treated them very nicely in comparison to our own army which mistook locals for Chinese funnily an Indian plane was seen to drop food and other logistic supply to Chinese front whereas the poor and the hungry Indian soldiers were longingly peeping down from the jungle with empty stomach this was the state of art confusion and chaos prevelent at that time; funnily in one combat zone one own army Battalian is said to have been wiped out by own army taking them to be enemy how far this are correct God alone knows but some locals working as Portars there statement cannot be shrugged off: there seems to be a acute lack of coordination, poor leadership and mentle unpreparedness. Things like this might have been lost not mentoioned in the research paper, books and journal in the name of National interest however unless if we don’t learn from our past mistake how we will succed in future the bad part about our selfs is we always curtail the facts in the garb of patriotism and National Interests but facts are also important part of history that must be preserved . In 1962 it was strongly possible that the newly formed emotionally charged India could have done the worst thing by removing or disturbing the central command structure or hyrarchy in army so painstakingly created by Britishers to maintain the descipline in army therefore doing away with British style and loyal officers and filling them up with inexperienced native officers the neo officers though not laking in nationalism but military expedition certainly they did not seem to understand specially in terrains of NEFA mother of all the Battleground, there Knowledge of the place was limited to Tezpur .
Kudos goes to Smt. Indira Gandhi for bridging the gap between the People of NEFA and Indian mainstreem by personally supervising the growth of Arunachal pradesh. I don’t agree with critics that kingship was introduced in her time permenantly rendering the People of Tirap to the subjecthood of the kings who were not little different from the locals. The British had already accepted the suzernity of the king; so, she cant be completely held responsible for ushering in a class war between haves and haves not in Tirap district . But being a Politician she had a certain limitations she had to also concern about her immidiate gain; that can be seen by her abolision of privie Percie in other place of the Country during emergency and her desperation to impose kingship in this part of the country, this was definitely surprising; however administrative necessity might had compelled her to do so after all there was not a single responsible authority to begain with. Another allegations that the Christian Persecution was worst at her time in arunachal pradesh however there is no evidence against her personal involvment. It is possible that Lt. Governor K.A. Raja may had personal interest to take such measures as he might have thought that Christianity was making a drastic change in peoples life therefore aggravating Social tension as it happened in initial period of christianisation in Mizoram and Nagaland. However if she had a hand let the God be the best judge, afterall she had to later drink the bitter pill and bear an Italian Roman Catholic as her Bahu. Sonia gandhi by the way is said to have more love for the Tribal people of this remote part of India than her mother inlaw as well and so be it ammen, for the Tribal believes in let by gone be by gone and work for better future.

The sin committed in the field of Medicine

The greatest disclosure made by Aaj tak the News Channel, which has shown that the duplicate medicine is long, used by we the innocent Publics at the cost of our valuable money above all our health; some perfect crooks that need to be severely punished are playing with our life. And most probable victim of the this inhuman Business is non other than we the innocent Publics of the Arunachal Pradesh who goes for a big sleep after each election, the need of the hour is to take the sample of all the medicine and send it for laboratory check up; it has become more imperative after the near death experience of one of the P.I in Aalo were he was injected with the diluted saline.
The greatest of the corruption which effects our very body is this corruption, the Peoples are spending there hard earned money in medicines like malaria and jaundice, the disclosure against other scam can wait but danger to Society and immediately Government has to do something regarding it. Another threat to the Arunachal Publics are from danger of the cheap wine, whisky and Rums who knows if they are not expired and duplicate as in this Country God alone knows with all the peoples after immediate money nothing can be sured of; as the news of fake currency being made in official press of Pakistan in Quetta is pouring in even the money we are expecting in Election from some leaders with pot of gold may be fake. Publics have reason to be aghast at the Governments silence, whereas if it has been with Americans or Israelis they would have definitely send Apache helicopters to bettered the Pakistan Government Press at Quetta with Tom Hawk missiles time has come to do something in this line by State Government to the Pharmacists who are playing with our life’s.

Sincerely Yours,

Adv. Togo Basar.