Friday, March 28, 2014


                      The history is being made in the 29th Basar assembly constituency MLA election where I am a candidate and the voting of which is on 9th march 2014.Please give all the prayer and fasting support.The sudden exit of Toni Bamji the MLA candidate at my request have really opened a door of hope for me.The alliance partner BJP have also not filed MLA candidate against me and there cadres are supporting me.
                   The large scale distribution of Scorpio,Alto and Maruti Cars till ASM level have also not deter the Poor Publics of 29th Basar assembly constituency  this time who really need change and are supporting me.The simultaneous election have deprived the senior leadership of getting no time to  distribute money which was earlier there Guru mantra.The election commissioner really need to be strict this time with the flying squads planning to  check distribution of money.The Publics in the Basar town area are very unhappy with the Congress parties last election promise of giving Dist.Hq. to Basar town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh India;and time have already lapsed.As the promise was supposed to be fulfilled before this ongoing State election.
                       Even the Tirbin area Publics are angry with the local leadership as very little have been done there.Meanwhile the supporters are requested to write more in the facebook and SMS in the movile to expose the act of redundant leader.The Gede Gadijis exit have also not deter the Publics who are more exalted after knowing that the HGB and GB the local council members is no more under Govt. as his proposer was a HGB.As earlier the Govt. used to lie that they are part of ruling Govt.and made them fearful.The KKSU groups of Tirbin area have also decided to join us after seeing the PPA meeting in the Siru Bazar in Tirbin town   at 3 p.m on 27.03.2014.
                      The Congress cadres caught off guarded by the Publics revolt  are seen telling lies that myself is also being supported by some close rich  relatives and I have Christian leniency.Whereas all knows  this is wrong as my relatives are more honest then them.And  I have helped the Gangi brothers and Hindus as well in procuring there temple land also.As for my stand this is fight for the pride and prestige of all the Basar area Publcs who have rich legacy of making great leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji who where also given two term chance only.As unlike other prospective leaders I could have also sold myself as this time crores of money and even the Chairman post was offered by the Congress Party to withdraw.Yet due to all the world communities prayer support I am still  standing like statue of Gibraltar as this is Basar areas Poor Publics fight and till now they have been in receiving end.May be God is giving them chance to liberate themselves from the bondage of have class and to first time have confidence in themselves.
                The friends and supporters are helping me in A/C No. of Miss Liyo Nyodu in Basar SBI No. -31322837465.And even the Prayer and fasting support will do as the God`s will really seems to be happening with this positive developments which may be life changing movement for the Basar area of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh India.If we win against odds it may have greater ramification for all the world who believe in divine power also.Meanwhile the I.A.S Officer the R.O of the Basar area election Smty.Pooja Jain with Movile No. 9436288733 may have to be also cautious and send additional force and vigilant officers in the following Pooling booth like-Deke Village,Degam Village,Kagi Vilage, Zirigi Village, Gako Dapo and Bege Village all under the Tirbin circle.
                     As this place have poor record of law and order problem and direct the sector magistrates to take stern action as late night money distribution is heard to be common feature specially in the Tirbin Circle.This is the night that all the God fearing Persons need to prey for me to accomplish thy will which prophesy have come thorough missionaries.So please prey for us as we are fighting against odds in this history making time..
                                                                        Sincerely your`s,
                                                                      Adv.Togo Basar( PPA MLA Candidate)

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