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                                               The great commission have been given to all to get perfect spiritual hood and get the divine mercy and more so to the RKM students as the Swami Vivekanandas philosophy seems to have said stop not till the goal is reached, this goal must be more a total achievement even kingdom of heaven in the end.
                                         And when the aim and goal is good others are just natural part of it like the dream of a AKHAND BHARAT VARSHA.Thus the true Hinduism should not be misconstrued and from the Rishi Munis point of view it seems to be to discover Him.And interestingly even the most seemingly unpardonable sin from the Holy Bible e.i- Idol worship seems to be also forbidden in Hindu worship.As their is hardly temple of seemingly original God e,i -Brahma the creator in Hindu religion also.
                        As the world is narrowing down and best is coming this days thus this can be I suppose seen as SAMUDRAMANTHAN process out of which the Nectar /AMRIT have come in the tug of war between in the Devta and Asura which is in fact the introspection of highest order through logical arguments.The need is to take the real essence of the religious doctrines to reach Him.
                                        The world is divided between the ancient , medieval and modern era and here in this modern era we have the democracy to evaluate and this alone will help. Believe it very few will alone live in this ancient age mindset and their time is also ending fast.As instead of arguing on ideology and philosophy the person concern will give great disservice to himself , his society and nation if he is harping on the personal life`s of the person.
              The irony of this great country will be if the most important point is made as meaningless topic.See the elephant can be never ignored in the class room for long.Howsoever corrupted Britishers where they never lobbied for 2nd chance with Mahatma Gandhiji as some Arunachal Pradesh leaders may do to join BJP and try to get the BJP ticket.And when the honest are made shamful by the shameless then will the God and His will be naturally clear.
               And believe it in this matter Hindu brothers are more Godfearing after all only more righteous party like RSS could have earlier given chance to Hon`ble P.M as Gujarat Hon`ble C.M when he was no one.And Hon`ble P.M true to his self could have openly declared in world forrum to reach the least e,i- poor,educated and minority leader.
                  As the Karma will also come from His grace as in this new world where we seems to be in the fake end of the Kalyuga the wrong doer is this days immediately seen to be suffering  also.As the Human being have become too smart now destiny is truly seems to be in his hand.But in the end the bad is really seen to be suffering today also.See the condition of the Congress party in the State of Arunachal Pradesh .See the human happiness index is to be in fact measured by the sum total of persons achievement in every walk of life.After retirement non should punch and spite on a person.
                    Thus man will always need God and it is our privilege to worship Him when we are alive and best will be perhaps bringing a behavioral change in us.Howsoever some criticize RSS I personally  feel they are more better then some pseudo secular who even don`t respect the will of God and laugh at the work of the Holy Ghost.
                  As we are mare mortal and howsoever we felt bored earlier in the prayer hall of the RKM hostel yet this devotion time seems to have enriched ourselves with the divine spirit to live and to enjoy life.And prefer us to know the truth that will liberate us, in fact the seed of your greatness have been already showed in your nascent stage in RKM/religious institutions and Sunday Churches.
                 Thus it is really important to know the creator to get His full divine blessings after all their must have been a creator and after closely evaluating all religion it seems earlier forefathers where really Harvivorous like in the garden of Eden.To achieve spiritual perfection for which Swami Vivekananda must have said growth is life and retardation is death is but our compulsion.When the good Peoples of the world unite then great things also happen.As then the world become a Holy Church and Temple where the positive energy meet, unite and make God bless the world more.
                     Thus the true discipleship seems to be Inversely proportionate to the  blessings of God.Thus can earlier someone have fathom that miracle man like Dynamo will be walking above water, and fly in real life?This is the fulfillment of the scriptures where thy Lord`s kingdom and righteousness have been first asked to be seeked.And today more we see Gods channel more we seems to be benefitted.As more better man have been united today .Thus even the modern science can help in divinity  and to fight with corruption and nepotism as Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji plans.
                Believe it so man great and sacred man have waited for this days when great ideas and thoughts have been so common and easily available in the social network cites like in our generations. Believe it their was time for this some had to cross the seven Seas also like Swami Vivekananda himself have to cross the seven seas.And in his days also minimum one month was needed to reach the British shore by sea root.
                   And today even if you have not accepted the good philosophy but you are already practicing this unknowingly as unknowingly we have become autoprogrammed to do good. See the happiness of the Shopkeepers when Christmas comes , or the youths when the Valentines days come.And the parents when their kids got admitted in top colleges like –St. Stephens and Loyola and the ill person get admission in the Vellore CMC.
               Thus we must thrive for the best but above all from where everything comes we must salute him ,but we must respect our roots also.As when you have firm feet then only you can do great work.But mind it the culture and society is also dynamic the role of God can never be undermined as He can do anything and ultimately His will shall prevail.
               See after 28 yrs. when the Ramakrishna Mission School Viveknanagar Aalo was again seen by us we all must have felt nostalgic and melancholic. See howsoever it seems deplorable to new generation we have a emotional relation with it.Like the story of Garuda who used to take permission from Lord Vishnu to see his old tree where he was born and for which Vishnu Bhagwan was also said to be surprised.
                                   But when you want to give the best gifts to your near and dear ones you do something different isn`t it?as In the childhood we used to commonly write  in others autobiography -` I have a pen that is blue and I have a friend that is you`.Thus the rolling down of tears was but natural in the end of the recent Alumni meet of the RKM Students in the centenary celebration from 17th to 20th Dec. 2015 when all the memory flashed back.
              Yet when we want to meet in the heaven and take all the loved ones with you then you have to make some bitter choices in life.As nothing come free even the God who loved the world so much that He had to send His only begotten son to die for our sin so that those who believe Him will have eternal life.
                          The God loved the world so much and give his only begotten son to save all what a mind boggling idea if Barrik Sirs grammar have to be used, see the east and west must fuse for a better and secured future world.As Swami Vivekananda also dreamt, and he by using word must have been very emphatic about it.
            As non is complete man as man is social animal.The concept of Holy Spirit send as our friend is really promise filled with hope for the desperate sufferers.And man oneday wine and Apong can never protect us , it will emotionally and in the end the cost will be poor health of which many is dying.Thus appreciate the goodness and virtues of a person as your childrens are observing you.
                 And so all the good man of the world must unite.And this peace and brotherhood can be perhaps alone make by the Ramakrishna Mission School Alumnis who could be that bridge in this turbulent time of society in worst transition period. See even the orthodox Hindu ideology may one day harm the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis grand plan for the great nation.
                                  As can a community believing in 32 crore god and godess ever unite truly always and will their be always anti incumbency for the other party to be benefitted by present NDA Govt.?Thus the peacemaker and game changing plan of the Swami Vivekanandas vision and philosophy can alone today save this nation as there is now need for someone to be accepted as everyones , harmless and who are peacemakers.
              Thus the RKM friends have a great commission as we can really become a catalyst for change in bringing peace and prosperity for all.In fact the Ramkrishna Paramahansas philosophy importance also seems to have been established during a time where the middle way has to be adopted between the pro- nationalist and Imperialism  idea.
                  The Holy mother merry the holiest of all gave birth to Lord and Savior Lord Christ in her holy womb and on remember of this great moment on 25th Dec. is celebrated as X Mass in world over and I wish all Happy X Mass.See there is seen no better perfect words then in the Holy Bible to define His greatness from today`s point of view as an elite will want.As logic and truth can alone can quench the trust and hunger of hungry soul.
                As the western scholars have made lots of logical and rational experimentation before coming to a conclusion.And today can be seen better Vedantists in true sense of terms and need not to say why they are more developed.For a nation to prosper their is need for a think thank group, who plan good ideas to face the  future problem.
                        Say when my earlier idea of solving Ram Janma Bhoomi is not possible can Belur Math not act as the peacemakers.Let the underground be given to Islam brothers to make mosque and overground to the Hindu brothers.After all by seeing the nature of their last rite it seems to be perfect solution also.Because a way have to be found or this nation cannot be kept in suspension animation.
              This is of course if the Hon`ble S.C atleast don`t partially comply the Hindu sentiments who have seldom taken undemocratic means to voice their anger.And when some call spade a spade can he be criticised.And for one from RKM background he will be always outspoken.And honestly Hon`ble P.M have also broken the myth that outspoken leader are not successful.  
                 Thus important is accepting what you accept from your inner conscience as you never sit in a bus with no break. Thus be a lamb and get used by God the way He wants as He wants submission we don`t make much ifs and buts when we are in death bed isn`t it?This present philosophy of missionary may be better for all as all want young servant isn`t it?And see from time to time it was the divine power which was influencing all great saints from the time.Thus it will be pointless to question the divine time tested power followed by many.
                             And the Hindu Sashtras is very intelligent enough to divide the era as – SATYA , DUAPER , TRETA and KALYUGA etc.See from the Rishi Veda Vyasas time the Human being was directed to seek thy Kingdom and righteousness first e,I –to wait for the true messiah thus God is for all and everyones.
                  As the father /PARAM PITAH PARMESHWAR which may be Brahmaji perhaps know`s our latest needs thus instead of talking as if we have meet Him better to try to convey message to Him through his true massengers.Even great philosophers and spiritual leaders have written vast books and journals so that humanity select the shorter roots as in today`s time is money.
           And specially Swami Vivekananda have been very particular about even testing Ramakrishna Paramahansa who was his Guru.And he even become as Hindi writers says - GURU GUR HI RAHA CHELA SHAKKAR BAN GAYA.See  if you feel ashamed of God in Kalyuga then later when you have a dreaded diseases and illness then who is in the loosing end?Thus respect the Guru and Gurukul but regard Him the saviour.
                    See the divine philosophy of the -`Love thy neighbor` Is it not sounding like VED VYASYAS immortal verse -`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASHAYA VACHANA DUYAM , PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`Thus even the son of God He have rather come to enrich the religion.In fact taking goodness was the real essence of the Vedantik philosophy based on rationalism , logic and truth.
               And this is a natural phenomenon for a mortal human being for survivle also, and yes human being will receive what is best for him according to his own time and situation sooner or later, and mind it non like a bad and spoiled son.And thus for the best you have to also use your brain nicely or so much distractions,temptations and interference in todays time.
           See can some unique national problems like Ram Janma Bhoomi issues can be solved by itself if there is still a dead lock?And thus from  dependency on a single thought process which seems to be the effect of the localization in a particular place since time immemorial we may  have to surely go ahead and for that a global mindset have to be developed.This is natural and unstoppable or we may have still evil practice like -Sati.Thus change is for good.
                As our forefathers must have suddenly oneday discovered the importance of fire and may have started worshipping it.As it saved them from wild animals right?But honestly as the earlier Rishi Munis also wished we have to ultimately find the PARATMA which is the true meaning of life specially Hindutva.And yet the importance of the old worldly master never diminishes as he was always good when our challenges where less and left us at junction when we could take our own decision.
                        But when you see the truth then earlier the forfathers must have been left with the creators in the Eden Garden isn`t it.As this story of seeing the creator is more or less accepted by most of the ancient religion.Thus in spiritualism there is no scope for egoism and thou is holier mindset is wrong ,everyone is our own.Make yourself the smallest and love others with an eternal love is the Guru mantra.God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him with spirit.But as we are imperfect thus to teach us Lord Christ was send in the flesh and blood.
                 I believe true Swami Vivekanandajis followers will always end up in the right platform the bus on the way to heaven.They will be not ones like others without reading most of Holy Book will make whimsical decisions and make passing immature comment like when they have grown up.See to accept ones weakness is first step to learn as some smaller boy may have spiritually become more mature also.
                      And it must have been Swami Vivekanandajis  his own desire to see us being sited with the Holiest of the Holy, had he have been alive for such a long time.Thus best is praying God and asking His plan for you.Only believe Him others are mostly deceptive and eventually everything will happen according to His plan and will be for best.Man himself seems to be creating lots of boundary wall.
                   Thus sending Christian missionaries in Pakistan may be a great idea to calm it down and share the blessing`s of the God.See every institutions have to think upon some new game changing plan in life.How so it seems funny, see great man and country does not do different things , they do the things differently.And the USA definitely become super power by sponsoring some one like Mother Teresa and Missionary of Charity, and whats the harm in learning from others success story?
               See the great dead souls will like us to excel in leap and bound and in any though process will like our holiness and righteousness to grow.As the divine power is only interested in your inner purity how you get will be immaterial to them.Thus in fact religious intolerance is not doing service to anyone.Thus in my last article I have tried to show how earlier great Hindu spiritual persons also did something different.
                    That way even Ramakrishna Paramahansas doctrines are also not wrong when one live a Holy life ,specially during the time when the world was living in the laws.Yet this is equally truth that the real development started after the coming of Gospel as many Arunachalees are still regretting for killing of British officers in Siang Frontier.
                           And surely state of Nagaland and Mizoram is very developed and Arunachal Pradesh is still a rich State with poor Publics believes many.See my father honestly accepted they earlier used to wear leaves/bark  in their childhood but he  think first of putting 4 of his pro-genies in RKM School and all become officers.Though today the performance of the school may have fallen down a bit, as there is time for everyone also.
                 And interestingly what ever happens is due to others effects also ,even the Belur Math and its Mission compound must have been ones triggered by the commission of Sre Rampur University right?Thus the change is natural and must be for good and knowingly or un knowingly all learn from each other.
              We want a united India , prosperous India and powerful India then in the leg of almighty God we have to leave our ulter ego also, or only speaking and boasting without evaluating will it be auguring well?Can Christian Institutions can be blindly doubted of pro-sympathetic to Congress party , remember what happened in the Mt. Carmel School?
             And by the time our GDP increases a double digit ,will we like if the Americans and Europe make colony in the other Planets also ,and save themselves from global warming side effects.Which seems to be like Biblical warning in the Nuas time .
          Thus Swami Vivekanandajis role is like John the Baptist paving the way for the coming of the better things like-Lord Christ immortal divine and life changing gospel and as best have been already written hear in the Holy Bible ,the great person`s seems to have been using  it`s content only from our forefathers time believes some.
                      Even Mahatma Gandhijis non violence philosophy is like taken from the love thy neighbor doctrine of Holy Bible only.After all he himself accepts trying to become Christian in Natal South Africa.See his autobiography -MY EXPERIMENT WITH THE TRUTH.Thus as he said we must hate the sin not the sinner thus contrary we must try to take the good point even if it is from a small boy.
                 The great nation cannot still live in hatred that Britishers  have persecuted us after all so many good things have they not done also isn`t it?Educating great man like Baba Saheb Ambedkar by them had it not helped the nation in many ways?And see the Lutyans buildings in the New Delhi also;thus we must see two side of coin.And see even if you don`t take Holy Baptisma have you right to live in God`s world criticizing and Blaspheming against His proclamation.See non of the sensible man will do it willingly.
                And see howsoever unnerving it may be to the human being addicted with the comfort zone.But great things are done in pain , this one have to accept isn`t it?And see the world will go according to His plan and solution to dreaded problems like-ISISI is also coming from his favorite countries isn`t it?And see the falling down of the Berlin wall, can the hatred between India and Pakistan can it allow this kind of scene in future?Thus as practice makes a man perfect thus goodness have to be marketed aggressively also,as perfect practice makes a man more perfect.

                     And thus what Swami Vivekananda also wanted was salvation from yock of bondage of sin and  honestly Swami Vivekanandajis soul may have been more happy if the stride was made in this regard.From good to better , as he may have said BETA CHICAGO ADDRESS IS AN OLD MATTER NOW.
                 And in any case was the clap not for accepting the Biblical and Biological facts that every one are related to each others from Adam and Eves point of view.See had Ramakrishna Paramahansa did not intermixed with others also then he may have not motivated Narendra Nath to become a great man,as ignorance is not a bliss in fact this is a curse isn`t it.
             Today the global world have united us so much that we have the privilege to know the truth yet the lazy one who alone are spiritually malnutrition are trying to make others fight in the name of religion.For little knowledge are always dangerous ,and those who are still living in the ancient period kind of society and mind are first harming themselves.
                 In the most challenging times in their life they will be caught helpless by death and destruction like Vhir Abhimanyu of Epic Mahabharata time in the Chakravyu of life.Thus start the good work from now itself as we can die any moment ,remembering Rabindra Nath Tagores - YADI TUR DAK SUNEH  NA KOI, TUMI EKLA CHALO RAIN PRINCIPLES even if you are alone initially.Start the good fight as your enemy are yourself.
            Thus for all evolution is needed this is natural also as by being ignorant we can`t boast ourselves to be greater then other isn`t it?Thus to help the readers about the creator and our Countries role as commissioned by Swami Vivekananda I have earlier written my journal- `UP INDIA CONQUER THE WORLD WITH YOUR SPIRITUALITY,`in my blog.
                 See the hate will be very much catastrophic and the person concern will do great disservice to his own community also if there is made religion base hatred. As the love is the main essence and even if one don`t respect other ,can a great philosophy can be denied also at least from academic point of view also?
                    See the story of son of God even forgiving his own tormentors in cross is not marvelous, see how long we will only fear the worldly equations only and give disservice to the nation? As can son of God alone could not do that miracle and change our lifes as He is doing in many family , society and countries?
                Thus the Christianity is it not a world religion? and as the Human being is basically bundles of thought so ultimately best from the current view will and should be taken isn`t it?After all we have to make a better world as soon as possible.See the Lord Sri Krishnas philosophy -` YADA YADA HI DHARMASHAY …………….` this also talks of coming messiah isn`t it?
                      Thus we should not be so stubborn that we fail to identify true God and His will .See after DIGAMBARI , PITAMBARI will SWETAMBARI will not take avatar in the Kalyug?See unlike todays time their was no religion bifurcation in earlier time it was only the fight between the DHARMA and ADHARMA .
               And today  we human being have we not segregated ourselves from his graceness after evolution of the nation state and its defined boundary?As instead of TARKA / CHETAN we seem`s  to be ready to go physical in the name of the religion,god and godess.In fact when the Holy Bible is seen in detail it give no less credit to the Hinduism and other religion also.
                           See the Hindu mythology Kalpa Taru tree had it not later become Christmass tree?Thus those who want to see the similarity between the Hinduism and Christianity can see the story of the tower of Jerrubabel and Muni Sukracharyajis trying to make a parallel heaven.It is said in Holy Bible till the tower of the jerrubabbel all the forefathers language was same this shows the fact that human being evaluated from one common forefather.
              But when they tried to challenge God he changed their language, the forefathers quarreled and dispersed in other part of the world.Is it not convincing and logical after all even the Nepali looking Peoples of the North East are they of not the same forefather e,i-Adams family tree.
               And interestingly at one point of time the great modern Hindu Saints seems to have interacted with the Christian missionaries also.Did our own Swami Vivekananda did he not studied in the Presidency college?And later went to America ,did he not a made a clarion call- `Up India conquer the world with your spirituality.`
               Thus spreading love and friendship not our duty and above all to find the truth to get ourselves liberated and for whole of his life Swami Vivekanandaji was not he himself seeking truth and even said to have visited Rome also isn`t it?Thus their may be now time for paradigm shift as the great Indians can never be moron.
              See he never started a separate religion and the kind of passion he have put in the Indian mind specially RKM Ex-students unless the truth is discovered we may not be happy man also.As we are perhaps programmed to be different and enlighten others also .See the Holy Spirit and His work can never be criticized .Thus please let us help the villagers of the Doji Jeko village of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India Aalo where 13 house and one Keba dere recently gutted to fire.
                      In the day of the Judgment be the one to get the eternal life,even if your body ultimately meet with death and destruction, as this is a risky business and for it you have to perhaps develop that passion of Swami Vivekanandaji .And perhaps you have to also put star antenna in your own house to re-connect with the divine power in the celestial body.As human being are basically made for that only to seek the master and worship him the way you and He like it most.
             Thus make a comparative study and choose the best for yourself so that this country also benefits as one born again person is alone the greatest asset to the nation as personal richness is for yourselves and soon your inglorious bastard son`s may finish it also. Be the kind of king like -DADICHI giving your flesh and bone atleast spiritually to the beggars and hungry masses as you are also RKM product like me.
           Then perhaps their will be no beggar left in this country.And also please help the man fighting in the modern Kuruckshetra zone for the sake of righteousness and make your name registered in the book of life of God, as when everyone laughs at other He is perhaps sympathizing on that Guy.
                   In any case what is thy plan will happen yet it is human privilege to work with the master when alive isn`t it?And dear readers please finally believe you was the change everyone was waiting for .Thus finally Praise the Lord ,and wish you a  very special Merry X Mass and very promising Happy New year 2016, you mean so much to me and if you like this article please take it as my only affordable X Mass gift to you o.k.

                  As Lord  and His Disciples have also loved you so much with their  everlasting love and want you to also know that happiness is under his protective shield.Thus seeing their noble intentions way you have forgiven the Christian missionaries.So hope for sake of love, affectionate and good intention you will also forgive some of my misdemeanor also as I have myself many weakness only for this love I have for you all.May God bless you. Amen.

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Regarding the RKM Centenary Celebration :-

With Pegu Sir
The 1988 RKM Batch -Son of the soils
before presenting group song

The senior teachers with the organisers

My Rakhi sisters -Pritha Dutta,Dr.Nimisha Rawat 
and Sister Meena Das from L to R.

With my sister Nimisha and  Gamba Padu( Riba)
3rd from Left

                                          This was the ground we played with my 1988
                                          Subroto friends Mardo Ninu and Oni Apum

                  The Ramakrishna Mission School Viveknagar Aalo is suited in the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh India.This have been earlier conferred with the best School award .And have the distinctions of Subroto Cup Runners up in 1986 and 1988.I was fortunately the member of 1988 Football team.
             The School was opened in 1965 in the thatched Kacha house in the present football field of the School.His Holiness Swami Nageshwaranandaji was the first Swamiji of the School.And the first student batch was – Sri Reli Loyiji ( Comm. 1st IRBN Govt. of Arunachal ), Marnya Eteji IAS ( Secy.Education GOA) ,Gamli Paduji ( Secy.Supply GOA), Huzar Lollenji ( Secy.Fishery GOA), Reke Bagraji ( H.Master), Tejum Paduji ( Director Higher Education GOA).
              The others were Binduk Paduji ( Deputy Director health Service GOA), Radhika Angu( Deputy Director Social Dept. GOA) .Lt. Jombom Padu , Lt.Hogmar Ete , Lt. Mardo Padu etc.The School Cock was Sri Tasin Taring , Lt.Tage Ngomdir and Lt.Kato Ngomdir and Sri Marte Ngomdirji.The first teacher was Sri Mukhopadya patirji and Sri Raghunath Shindeji ( Seniour  RSS Pracharak).
                       The current ongoing centenary celebration of Ram Krishna Mission School Vivek Nagar Aalo of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh from 17th Dec-20th is a real refreshing moment ,meeting my Ex- Alumnis of the almameter Ramkrishna Mission School Viveknanagar Aalo West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh specially the Alumni of 1988 batch is real great, it was like  meeting the relatives in heaven.
                     That moment will be our treasure for our future generation as for a moment we become once again the child.Seeing the ground we played and seeing the school class room we read made us nostalgic. And the Jagjit Singh the reputed Gazal singers song INSTANTLY come in the mind -` YEH DAULAT BHI LAIN LEY, WOH SHAUHARAT BHI LAIN LEY, BHALE CHIN LAIN  MUJSE MERI JAWANI ,MAGAR MUJKHO LAUTADEIN WHO BACHPAN KA  SAWAN , WHO KAGAJ KI KASTI  WOH BARISH KA  PAANI ` .
                 The best part was meeting my most beloved sisters namely –Meena Das , Nimisha Rawat and Pritha Dutta in flesh and blood that too after a long gap .As my love for them have been platonic from the day one since they choosed me as their brothers and tied me Rakhi.I have really tremendous emotional feelings for them and honestly this relations have what bind me more close to the Hindu community also.That was perhaps the vision of Swami Vivekananda who wanted a united India also.
              As for me my Hindi Poems writing ability in my childhood also seems to have attracted them but their was definitely a call of a divine power perhaps.We may have been real brother and sisters in the previous lifes as my sisters are also very much sentimental about this relations.Though some of my class mates have been pulling my  legs  from the day one but I am really sincere in this regards.And today`s generation may not even understand this also.But a relation that was made when we where innocent are really respectable.
           And my sisters are in fact more successful then me and I am really happy for them.The other important moment have been meeting 1988 RKM batch namely -Lemli Loyi , Er.Durik Kamduk ,Er.Komba Taso , Sri Minli Tato , Satyajeet Bhattacharjee , Teli Ngomdir , Yomto Ete ,Tapor Kotin ,Amber Limbu.Smty Ritu Dubey,Smty Jayanti Rajkumari etc. 
                   On the morning of 18th Dec. the oldest 1966 batch seniors shared their earlier experience of RKM School when the school started from scratches.Hope the current students will learn from this values of the Ram Krishna Mission School Vivekanagar Aalo West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh.
           A School magazine was released to commemorate with the occasion showing the old pictures which reminded our childhood.On the inaugural speech Most respectable Sri Boken Eteji  99 yrs.the man who persuaded then His Excellency President of India to set up this school told at length how he brought the RKM School.
                       He was given an standing ovation by all and meeting Achi Marte Ngomdirji , P.K Roy Sir and remembering great Grammar perfectionists like Barik Sir, Ram Sir and meeting ever green P.T Teacher`s like- B.D Mishra Sir and  Pegu Sir and other old teachers  was really a great total recall  moment for us.
                   As their echoing order still is very much heard in our ears namely – CHOTTE , BETE LAST , KAMOSYA , FINAL MAIN DEKHEGA etc.Seniour like Er.Gaken Eteji Secretary Govt. of A.P appealed us to be ones more be Children for atleast 3 days in the campus.And similarly Sri Marnya Ete ( IAS) Exalted the students to achieve unbelievable feets in life.Seniour student like brother Ujjual Chudhary and Achi Kanki Darrangji ( D.C ) asked for rising above mediocrity.
                 Another thing we were longing was to have lunch in the Old Dining Hall and Swamiji and management of the Alumni meet made sure this desire were fulfilled. The test of Mission School simple Dal Bhat after a long time was real mindbogglingly .The earlier hunger in the school days was real too much today we wonder where it all have gone?
                        And my class mate Lemli Loyaji who have written an indirect satire on a friend in the current Magazine for which more then me someone else was responsible he really seems to enjoyed it most.With Dal in his glass he seems to have re-enacted the old days.As elder brother of 1987 batch Achi Choje Lamaji says -`We the RKM Alumnis are atleast bind -` Not by blood but by atleast Dal,` See their was time savoring it was like drinking nectar as then virtually food was so much a time pass in a boring moment of life.
                   And thus the eating large number of Puri in an competition ones a year was an interesting event for us . In the evening of the 17th Dec.-to 18th Dec. their was batch wise introduction and cultural show in the Gumin Kin Hall in Aalo.The Alumni`s doned with the blue jacket where the logo of the Alumni 2015 was put looked like Gari Baldis shouldiers.Wow that was incredible and glorious experience to be ones again united and being like a Child , away from the future worries.
                   The friends who could not make it seems to have also repented after all can we ever meet again ?Yet on those days they were reportedly hooked to the facebook and watsup.Inspite of State political crisis ones like Achi Talo Putum have also made it here.Meeting friends like Satyajit Bhattacharjee who flew in from Dubai, Ritu from Kanpur  who complemented my another Rakhi sister Sangita Sharmas absence also was a great.We made sure to take as much photo so that in the end we get bored with each other and don`t cry when we parted.
                     And seeing some like Achi Sanjay Bengia,Er. Nyido Takaji after long time was a great feeling also,this school has really united everyone .Hope this RKM family will ones again repair the  broken wall of this State currently going through a great political crisis.And perhaps in this moment of worst transition period in the State this Alumnis can alone work to bring a lasting peace and togetherness.We can definitely make it happen rising above our religion and class  as Swami Vivekanadajis blessings are perhaps always with us.
                The good thing about having both the RKM school experience and maturing in Christ is like having two mothers.In the end when you have benefitted from both and you become a better human being.And when the world respect you for being different you feel good.As right now we perhaps now desperately need a peace maker who makes peace between two different views and who is equally loved by both.And thus this short of experience alone helps in the nation like ours where there is too many diversity.
                      For me honestly both was necessary and both is adorable as it have preferred me to be adjusting to the very challenging world.The call of God is from above you can`t help  if some one is got called by Him to follow Him way He wants.But the Ramakrishna Paramahansa`s philosophy is equally right.When he ask us to  see the elephant in totality also.
                For a man who loves humanity he may need not have religion also and he will stretch it untill it cover everyone under his accommodating heart and for it he have to be a great lover.In fact Lord Christ himself have said Love is the greatest philosophy in life, many a times we only see the difference and never see the common features of two objects.The religion is no exception ,see there is even no time to love then why hate?
         The best part is when the world have accepted you as you are even if it took some time for others to know you.We the dwellers of the great country must follow the Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati culture of mutual respect and regards in true sense of terms.And this is perhaps the essence of being an RKM Alumni.
                 Honestly I still miss Anup Jalotajis Bhajans in my school days that’s very funny isn`t it ?And made sure to bump in the prayer hall in the evening of 18th Dec. with great gentleman Bhasker Pegu Da presently ADC Dhemaji Assam and sister Prof. Sweta Pegu.
                  Our love for the others and others love for me should not stop till JAB TAK JAAN HAIN.As till death do us apart if I love someone with an everlasting love then this itself gives you the kick of the life, as God must have plan for you to meet a particular man /woman in life.And you can`t help about it isn`t it ?but little time we have we can be further accommodating to others also. And this report we get from every Ex-students who are really contributing the Country in their own way is really great.
                           And even if you have bitterness in life in the nascent age but this experience are the ones which later shape your characters and make you different from others. And perhaps make you to trod a path less travelled and put a foot print for the next generation to follow.Hope the RKM friends with Swami  Vivekananda`s philosophy will try to be always united  make a difference in our and others life.And this should be the motto of our uniting after a long time also.
                        As the great souls are commissioned to do so and the right time seems to have already come for us to work together.As united we stand divided we fall and thus ones more time to remember-` ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL of removing many maladies of this State and Country is made by us, so that the soul of Swami Vivekananda may be made more happy by us.


Monday, December 14, 2015


                                                  .. The latest political turmoil in the State of Arunachal Pradesh is interesting as His Excellency Governor of State have directed for conducting special Assembly Session on 16th Dec. 2015 .And permitted the new Speaker to allow the passing of no confidence motion against the earlier Speaker.
                        It is wrong to misunderstand BJP, if the issue become very important then it have always stood for the Publics.No matter what have been price specially with the party President Sri Tai Tagakji this is seen.The problem with the Arunachal Publics is also lack of trust in their leaders from the other party like -BJP who have been so far never given any chance.
                 And in a way can a Hindi movie buff suddenly expect the Villain like Sakhti Kapoor to change in the 2nd Half?And honestly due to the poor Congress leadership , the case of the Public`s perception towards the Arunachal Pradesh political leaders seems to have become something like this.And this responsible old leadership refuse to budge and still seems to be making many excuses.
                       But mind it this is also insult to the present leadership only if they are feared then respected. In fact they are yet to show their true leadership as so far they have never fought against the odds. Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis charisma seems to have lasting effects on the current Publics who seems to be accepting one like him.Specially some present senior leaders here in this State of Arunachal pradesh seems to be stinking.
                And thus the present leaders need to change quickly as the future is so unpredictable for them.As by siding with all the syndicates to harm their adversary will this tactics only work?Thus soon like in Mizoram this State may do away with the Student body politics also.As the Publics seems to be fed up now.
                            As earlier also if their was fair election many better leaders must have won the election claims many; as critics are now citing that the modern technology has become the basis for real development, and here the old face seems to be falling behind for their inability to cope and still try to futilely hide their inadequacy.And their earlier all illegal means for winning election and becoming Hon`ble C.M and Ministers seems to have been decoded also.
                 And even if given chance the young generation leadership may also not be able to completely remove the corruption and nepotism practice instantly, but nevertheless must have expedite the developmental work.This is the official survey report by some sociologists of the world over who see enlightened and educated more suited in today`s time,and uneducated the pariah for development not allowing little outside investment unless they have a share.
                     See even if one is in power and position but if he is uneducated what message he can give to student`s as Chief Guest?Can he say don`t study and your society will reward you?Thus this Taliban practice of winning election by surreptitious means by hooking with other greater evil force must be fight tooth and  nail by all.See the audacity of attacking the constitutional post of His Excellency Governor`s seat.This is tantamount to anti India activity as the Governor post in this State is given exemplary power under Art.371 (h).That too by the constitution of India.
                      And he have rightly called for assembly as the general Publics are really lately  seen suffering and if there is mid term poll election.It is going to be due to the Congress party infighting and conglomeration of the vested interest groups clubbed together in this party like crabs in plate.
               And their inability to become united, as when for looting only the leaders have united then Congress ideology is meaningless and farce here.The Congress Highcommand will have to now perhaps suffer for their rejecting the spiritual , honest and educated leaders in their camp,as now non can be trusted and may sooner or later run to greener pastures even if their promise to madam Soniaji is telecaste in live.This is believed by many now.
              As making the fearful officer to hear their view point is easy but  who will respect a person who himself manipulate to become chief guest in some party.And raised the stake for the coming of good leaders so much that the Publics groan and tears reach heaven.After all great man like former president Abdul Kalam Azad had he not said-` More then building and roads we need educated leaders `?Man how long the core issues can be subsides.
                  And the corrupted ones use the innocent Nyishi community members to grab the land allotment of adversary and de-promote the opponents relatives.This have happened to myself and my family, man being a Arunachalee and above being an Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI-Council for Baptist North East India.And even when I have been always advocating for Nyishi brothers thinking them as co-Christians imagine.If this can happen to me what not will not happen to innocent Buddhists in the Bomdila area.
                    Thus what Kaliko Pulji said is not devoid of merit also.He have infact warned the community not to miss the heaven.As talking big thing inside the Holy Church is easy.But one have to practice it in letter and spirit.Yet when the young generetion meets then we the parents have to accept them as they are the future.As love is above everything thus soon my Nyishi Nyamte will be saturated in my family as our BAHU.Thus one have to always see the future.
                       The person who calles himself friend and Kimbo need to know the value of it.Do I have no right to have small plot in D.Sector Itanagar and do god like person even if he is related to an opposition person has he no right to promotion on merit? And who on earth give any community right to supersede his 10 senior officers in promotion?
                Thus if His Excellency have to take over the reign of power for law and order problem he is accepted by all to give VRS to ten top most corrupted officers, promote top ten officers in planning Dept. to Division post.Make sure the Zonal Chief Engineers sit in their respective zones and the other other District Publics barring Itanagar are not allowed to do direct contract work for the end of justice.
                  Thus the present Govt. if come back to power will have lots of answer to make in future as the washing is needed from top echelon of power .And already divine power seems to be angry with it.And this earlier divine warning was always neglected by Tuki camp even if myself was earlier seen to be used by thy power to prophesies political fate of three Hon`ble C.M and three cabinet Ministers.My life testimony have been already written in this blog  as -God`s miracle witnessed by me` .
            See one can try to manipulate by money and power for one time but not always.Interestingly same Hon`ble Tuki sahab who benefitted from thy blessing in the Aalo healing crusade when prophesy came to Evan.Christopher have he now become so powerful to neglect the divine will?See in last month also I had warned in his face book.Thus even if he survive the current political turmoil but is he not facing rough weather`s?And will he have any respect left from his own Christian supporters also in times to come?                       
                 As when His divine will is not complied with then will their be no terrible consequence?This Hon`ble Tuki Sahab have to have earlier itself accepted.As even if he survive he will be like zombie taking all to poverty and suffering unless real confession is not made.See only God and His will is above manipulation and it can never be purchased also.
                       See some Peoples need to know the story of Raksas Raj Ravana and his team, who until defeated by Lord Rama in Ramayana,may have never accepted their deeds as that of Raksas.So never commit so much sin that your own party members soon start pointing finger at you.As putting money inside JCB Tyre in election time may be a smart move from ones  side.And making innocent clan youths praising you in the face book.But what is gain when your own is about to kick you out and hate your presence in your back .After all how long the divine displeasure of Lord story can be suppressed by attacking other more truthful one?
                             See criticizing a person in absentia is an easy thing, but writing an open comment with much elan is gift of God.And if it turn out to be truth very soon it has to be seen with respect as then it is truth.See few days back I wrote an article claiming that in my family when it performs Uyu PUJA the rain starts falling  in Basar town.This is accepted by all and on 11th dec. it really started raining when my cousin Kenmar Basarji started PEKA UYU sacrifice to Deities.

                        And interestingly it only stopped on 12th morning when Christian celebrated CCB-Christian Community of Basar celebrated 11th Pre-Christmass celebration.Thus other thing we need to observe is when the angels also respect the Holy occasions we must respect each others spiritual views and sentiments also.
                          And see no matter how many money is offered to BJP Highcommand by Mr. Manipulator  everyone hopefully specially RSS in the end will like to follow -`SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM`philosophy.As this is the basis of Vaidantic  philosophy.Did the Mahabharata did not started when Dhuryodhana`s even refused to give even 5 villages to Pandavas?
                        And against DHARMA non will like to come up as it will be like facing Lord Krishna with Chakra in his own hand.As had he not promised-`YADA YADA HI DHARMASHYA GLANIR BHAWATI BHARATAM , AVYUTANAM DHARMASYA ……………………….SHWAMBHWAMI YUGE YUGE.``And when we call every part of India as Bharat Varsha then any place here is it not part of Bharat?And thus any party will also face the same Congress fate if the unique development in some most corrupted place is still neglected.
                          As CHANAKYA SAID - RAJASYA MULAM NITI , NITISHYA MULYAM DHARMAM , DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM/ enlightened one.Thus spiritual person is above everyone.And the poor have been termed as god JANTA JANARDHAN in VEDIC philosophy, and what will be its true leader then?
                              Thus the willing successful person , camp and party in this worst political crisis in the State of Arunachal Pradesh have to from now promise to give ticket to atleast 20% spiritual leaders in coming election.With all their sincerity then only the divine omni present God may perhaps bless this time.   

                    For all remember life changing movement and history making time is very short.Don`t allow other to become great at your cost even great man make a greater confession, accepting ones own mistake is also a great work.And for my co-workers pliz do what you believe in , even the personal visit is more effective.As convincing the person ideologically will be also more effective but for it you have to leave your comfort zone also.
                                   Thus please join great party like BJP and believe in great vision and dynamic leadership like- Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji, as this is history making time.As initially the great leaders had also no money and power.See the good person will never wait for a proper time to voice the genuine issue thus Baba Ramdevji is perhaps very fond of me.
                       Ask Sri Naksang Tsringji Ex-PPA Gen.Secy. to believe it.And even if not from party loyalty point of view also a layman will only want any party to rule for utmost only three terms.And in south in Tamil Nadu in each election there is seen new change of party in each election.
                             Many are saying it is time His Excellency Governor of Arunachal pradesh take use of Art 371 ( H) to save this State as when Constitution itself have permitted emergency in this State then it must be followed, as that exceptional situation seems to have arrived with about 21 Hon`ble MLA pitched in Delhi since last couples of months and with their constituency Public`s under the mercy of god.
                Sometimes trying to postulates to much goodness also doesn`t help the State and nation .And the Publics in the State of Arunachal Pradesh are accepting the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji to blitzkrieg  if mid term election is declared here; and even if the Bihar election have gone to UPA the Publics here are atleast are sure of political change here.
               As the Congress policy of creating dependency on the centre have today harmed all and themselves also ,this idea is not as easily going to be removed also.The lazy congress leaders who used money and muscle power and made lame excuses to be in power  is to be blamed now for its future nemesis. The State Publics perception  that now that the Adhar card finger printing and eye retina test  is going to be making the election clean is not devoid of merit.
                  As when Hon`ble P.M is in helmns of power he then he have the guts to take risk for the betterment of the Publics.Thus even if the Congress leaders make a facelift they should not be taken in BJP this majority demand of the Arunachal Publics cannot be undermined .As some of them have commented what not derogatory speech on beloved leaders like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji that too in open Public platform?Atleast that man the BJP will be not foolish to take specially if a divine warning have come against him. 
             Regarding the Chakma Hazong issue , and concerning giving of Citizenship to them the Publics need to accept the weakness of the Congress party more.After all this years was BJP in power?The attack on the BJP is meaningless and neither there is now feeling of the regionalism in this State,thus only for sake of saying we should not say anything.The worst enemy corruption which is effecting your current life who is thinking and saying against this?
                    Thuss present Publics here seems to have been spoiled beyond recovery and so for that the Congress leaders themselves many may even not dare to contest in coming election think some critics.As from their past record ,so far they have only survived by money and muscle power and with the change in the wind can they continue that miracle?
                And as such many is yet to undergo real political litmus test in life as today everyone cannot be purchased and one have to have real oratory skills to attract the Publics.If you can`t talk senses you will be termed as dumb , and if you commit mistake in speech  it will have side effect as days of dadagiri and purchasing all Voters are gone.And this is also a new phenomenon and mind it those who are saying only money is needed for leadership ,that have class member are also may be fearful lots inside their heart.
                 The campaign made by the Congress that BJP is anti Christian is seen to be worthless allegations. As question will come then why not the will of God prophesy was not followed in last election in one constituency?As the prophesy of the Evan. Tojo Riba was said to be laughed at by the Congress party.
                       And still now many seems to be living in fools paradise even after congress face dire consequence for neglecting this divine warning.Thus this party need to be told that will of God is above everything as Holy Bible says -`Never insult the Holy Spirit`.Thus unless the Congress party officially discard the divine cursed leaders their may be no end to this political crisis.
                       Honestly only an educated , more enlightened and spiritual leader who will like to win the election by the fair means may later not sell the community also.As atleast APST status of the State local inhabitants can be now jealously safeguarded by electing more honest leaders.
              Or the present trend of money culture may one day make a group who may even pass a Cabinet decision  to jeopardize the future by giving outsiders also this APST right which scene  cannot be rejected either ,If the Publics don`t realize it now.Hon`ble MOS ( Home ) Kiran Rijijus comment regarding beef shows how the BJP party is committed to the North East sentiments. 
                              The problem with this State is even the good leader may have to be initially sit with the bad ones but hopefully in the end everything will change for good.And hopefully ACHA DIN will come here after official battle line is drawn.And many critics are expecting Hon`ble P.M Modiji to atleast pay a one time visit to Aalo town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh.Atleast in case of sudden declaration of election , as he have already come to Pasighat and Itanagar town.
                                               And who knows some of the senior leaders realizing the changing mood will have to take honorable exit , as egoism is pointless as non can as easily fight against the anti incumbency politics.And with the one camp of the Congress seen as vocal as never before and seems to have come prepared this time  does the Day of Judgement have not truly come for the Congress leaders from this State?
                       Had Tuki Govt.had it been in Jonah`s Biblical days then shamefully the person concern on whom the divine curse had come, he may have himself have volunteered to jump down from the Ship for sake of other.As he would have been perhaps aware of later bad name of his family also.
                        As money and power is temporary only if this is understood by some, after all in history very few have perhaps got divine warning and got their names in Raksas list also.If only some shambless of shamness was on some whom earlier also many warning was given before myself  coming up openly in Public domine.
                Man , this days the world is changing so fast that nothing can be taken for granted in future and non may be as advising and open and give another better option by advise.Provided If one with not obsessed with power and position and not filled with egoism are not ready to hit on their own Leg by their own axe.
                     After all how can the doctrines of the great Sashtras  which says-` seek thy kingdom and righteousness first then every thing shall follow unto you`,can be inferior to a mortal man`s potentiality  and party.Thus better realize this fast before worst ordeal comes that have been my personal experience in life.

                        And mind it the great spiritual leaders have also underwent great suffering`s and God alone keep account of their earlier sacrifices. And when He is with you then who will and can be against you?Is both the camp hearing? See in Mahabharata both the warring camps gave most favoured status to Balramji you know whose brother he was?

Thursday, December 3, 2015


                                 Above the Pic. of Biru Uyu of my family

                                                                      It seems from time in memorial the God have given equal importance to nature and wanted to save all, thus there is seen vicious circle of mutual interest. See in Holy Bible the Nua was asked to bring pair of all animals in his Boat and the Mosses was he not talked by the God from the Bushes?And today also the Indigenous tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh make alters of plants and trees branches and pray it by treating it as god and godess.
                        And interestingly for cutting a Zhoom land also in the State of Arunachal Pradesh North East India the permission is taken from the Uyu /angels responsible for the guard of that area which perhaps have been said as CHETRAPALAS in the  Veda`s of the Hindu scriptures.This rich Galo community practice of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh is really appreciable thing.And howsoever they looked as uncivilized but the British Anthropologist in late 1940`s Hamilton have termed the Galos as most civilized.
                           The Hindu brothers also pray trees specially the Pepal tree saying all Devtas live here and interestingly the indigenous tribal  Peoples also fear going to it`s look alike tree called Hirek  tree thinking that it is the house of Uyu/angels .I have interestingly found that for hunting also in my tribe unless a blessing from the Jungle god does not come then he won`t get success.And only to few hunters that blessings for hunting skill seems to be coming also, and for hunter also either he or her wife will first show dream or vision in advance before a good prize.
                               Thus since centuries their have been a perfect balance with the nature, god and human beings as eco-system is really needed.Thus even saving plant , trees and animals are as much as duty of the human beings and we must maintain eco-system.As this is divine commission work and playing with nature will be catastrophic this can be considered as unofficial Ten Commandments for all Humanity.And thus today we must rise above our parochial views and see without nature we can`t enjoy life as well.And for how long the T.V/ideot box can be seen also? 
                                          And above all had nature it had not sustained our forefathers and human generation we had been not their at all, now that it is Old and helpless we must take it as mother.This seems to be the essence of the nature worship of the Donyi Poloism of the Arunachal Pradesh also.And when we don`t nourish it soon we will have our Capital New Delhi converted to a Gas chamber and by the time realizations comes it may be too late.
                                      The Galo community of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh strictly believe that those wanton destroyers of the Plants and animals have to later face worst sin and curse which the local priest/NYIBO also cannot cure.May be something to do with increasing Christianity who are in search of better solution to their earlier sins and mistakes.
                                 Many a times we seems to be feeling that only sin is injustice against human being and it may be not so.As I am telling our family experience below to show it how the God loves all the animal and Plants also.And in all religion this have been indirectly asked to be preserved.Though truth and love is the main essence of all the religion and a smart man and community takes goodness of all as life is so short.
                    The legend has it that one of my great grand father Lt. Hengo Basarji provoked by his father in-law ones cut an elephant in present Teru Rizo area near  Basar town of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh North East India.And for many generation the sin/curse was disturbing the family from forefather GOMAR , MARLI , LIKAR to my father Lt.DAKTO Basar`s time, untill lastly that sin was cleared by my father through Uyu /sacrifice by our family Priest lt.Tage Ango of Gori-III Village of Basar area.
                       This facts Lt. Tage Angoji my earlier family Priest himself ones told me and today both are not in this world and interestingly each time their is sacrifice to deities in our family their is seen rainfall.Interestingly my Galo clan are so advanced in this matter that even the most sacred Peka 10 Mithun /Bos Fontalis animal sacrifice in marriage ceremony e,i- PEKA also comes to few person`s from the divine will.
                            See even if a person is rich he may have not his wished fulfill in this matter and no clearance may come from above.As before this PUJA a chicken liver test is made , howsoever it look odd but from the Anthropological view our culture is treasure house.As from ancient time it have maintained its virginity and is Pre-Vedic practice.
                             And earlier only Togu and Peka Uyu /benevolent god worship to deities was considered as the yardstick for successful man in Galo community,no matter how much Shops and Malls one made it was irrelevant from the local sides to respect them truly.As the forefathers soul was believed to come and visit and bless the descendants in that sacrifice time.This is short of like Hindu Yagya  practice and the Nyibu is like ancient Rishi Muni`s.
                             And earlier time when Peoples were not that rich organizing it was so difficult, whole community participation was needed and only old local ornaments,Brass metal and Beeds have to be presented to the priests,and local Fish,animals  and Apong a short of local wine prepared with great difficulty used to be fed to all .
                  I also attribute my today`s accepting Lord Christ to my fathers refuse to accept Nyibo/priest advise to cut only 10 Mithun which was the maximum limit in the alter of Togu which is considered as Benevolent god .As ones  my father had insisted and compelled Nyibo Tage to chant the mystic mantra and cut more then ten Mithuns in one go, and soon I nearly died in the operation theater that followed that TOGU marriage ceremony of my elder brother.
                          This happened some 30 yrs. back and honestly in that painful experience alone I perhaps seems to become a born again person to some extent ,and today trying to be maturing in Christ.Even our inlaw Sri Moken Garaji who was also about to become a Nyibo, who can also talk with the divine power in unknown Tung even if he did graduation was before my deadly operation telling me that.
                      On the night when his Gara family was sleeping in my fathers house during TOGU ceremony a pure white man came in his vision /dream and show his displeasure to him for cutting more then 10 Mithuns.Thus I have seen the dire consequence of not following the age old practice and milestones set up by our forefathers also.
                         Thus we must respect each others religion as there is definitely something in all and all religion seems to be against the wanton killing.Even Lord Christ made few fishes as food for multitudes and also ask to re-collect the left outs.As the main essence of all the world religion and original writings  never propagate hatred and wanton killings.Thus only picking up the points which will make the society to fight will be wrong.The present excessive greedy society seems to have forgotten that greed and false showing may be the genesis of all the problem.
                 Did Hindu King Baghirath did not brought Holy Ganga by his meditation ?And did he and great man like Bishma Pitamah ,the Yudhistir the always truth teller who is only claimed by Hindu Sashatras to reach heaven by walking towards it did they took Holy deep as often in the Ganga to impure it?And was the great promise keeping power alone did not give power to Bisma Pitamah the son of Holy Ganga of the Mahabharata fame to nearly defeat even Prasuram the Hindu god?
                      Thus those mortal man who prepare their parents ashes to be send in Haridwar may have to think twice and love them while they are alive and make them enjoy tour of the Dhams/spiritual centres when alive.As -`kUCH TO WAQT BITAYEIN APNEY PARIVAR MAIN , TAKI APKA BHI NA ASTI KALASH AJAYEIN HARIDWAR MAIN.`As the crooks only mostly may be showing their love after death of their fathers and mothers.As this nation have cried enough only in the Hindi movie theatre only.
               As atleast in this matter of non pollution of Holy Ganga Mata Vir Savarkar`s soul  may be better .See the accidental incident like Harakiri by the Queens of the Chittor for fear of Mughals by jumping inside the Fire have it not started the burning custom of the Hindu body?Does Mata Sitas choosing jumping inside the soil does it not show other custom in earlier time?
              In Buddhism which is like Hinduism in many ways the Lamas decided what to do with the body some are buried and some thrown in river.So is in the Jainism practise the dead are kept for the birds of prey.Thus in Hinduism in the ancient time the burning of the dead seems to have been not the basic features of its religion.
                         This may be subject of discussion by the Hindu theologians after all now the life of humanity is at stake due to carbon emission`s.See ones a person die he may in any case get VILIN IN PANCHATATWA that is join with the water ,air, soil , light and fire. and  thus this philosophy may have to be studied by great institutions like RSS and VHP members as the nation seems to be needing another social reformer like -Raja Ram Mohan Roy to save all.
                         For the bad children`s are hell bent on polluting the Ganga Mata but not coming to it for blessings when alive see the story of Sravan Kumar he served the old parents when alive.And his death in fact trigger the seed of epic Ramayana.For the dishonest sons it may be better for them to be put in graveyard for increasing the fertility of the soil of the Bharat Maata, atleast after millions of years to increase the petroleum products of the nation also.
                   Hon`ble president Pranab Kr. Mukherjee after studying the HUM NAHIN SUDRANGE/We will not change  character of some of Indians  may have been compelled to say that the dirt is in the Indian mind.See did not Mangal Pandey the hero of Revolt of 1857 did they get proper burial?
                     Yet did they not made a legacy for this nation?The Human beings are bundles of thought and what he inspires to others that matter more then how he was cremated in the end.This is the real need of Indians.Thus I salute the Armies ,Missionaries and RSS members who have come out to serve the nation far away from their Homeland`s.
               See in our local Donyi Poloism practice in Arunachal Pradesh also the Old parents who hate their Childrens are believe to come to torment them even after death.And this anger for mistreatment for mistreatment to parents in life even the ritual after death could not save them.Sometimes even the dead are heard to urinate above their enemy when their dead body are carried for last time.
                Today it is seen who ill treated their Parents more when alive are seen to show of their superficial love more after they are no more.Thus soon the Peoples of the Vanaras and Ayodhya themselves who are worst hit by pollution's may now put big hoarding saying we unwelcome dead man in our Ghats.As only the crooks who don`t bring their Parents when alive in TIRTH STANS like SHRAVAN KUMAR need to be told this -`KUCH TO SAMAY BITAYEIN HARIDWAR MAIN ,ISSE PEHLE KI AJAYEN APKA ASTI PINJAR BHI JAAR MAIN.`
                                For some perhaps time to introspect that what purpose he have in life to become liability in death also ,to pollute the GANGA MATA and increase the Global warming ?As imagine crores of trees that will be burnt to make bone fire of dead bodies in future.In fact in ancient time seeing SITA MATAJI`s final choose after death and Buddhism practice of meditation by Lamas  to see what kind of funeral that dead man deserved -weather to leave in running water or putting inside the soil.
                    It seems in ancient time the burning in SAMSHAN GHAT seems not to have been the only option.Thus for the nations sake it is better to take a new steps as our forefathers may have never imagined that oneday their will be large Car`s emitting CO 2 and threat on the humanity.And see all religion is seen against holocost.Bhagwans are themselves are seen against using of the Brahmasthtra weapons. 
               In fact for the nation allowing Hindu brothers to make RAM temple in Ayodhya is perhaps small deal in compare to this monstrous customs which may kill all sooner or later.And hope soon here also we will soon see a land mark judgement as Right to Live is also a Fundamental Right.See the dead man is always less important to one who is alive.
                  After all by the virtue of first claim right have Aryans have no better right to nation after Dravidians.And as the Babri Maszid was made by the Mongolians and recently Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji seems to have already paid adequate compensation to the Country of Mongolia/Babur does it not satisfy the Muslims who where not related to Mongolians in race?And interestingly the Mughal rulers seldom followed the Islam rules also and the Indian Muslims specially the Qazi and Maulvi need to be educated about this facts.
                            Thus the judicial activism may take account of this logical arguments as unless this misunderstanding is removed our nation may not grow, as Babri Maszid issue seems to have subsides the more pressing issue as for now.As for the threat to the great persons for their open views ,INSAALLAH even if State Govt.does not give Police security,  I am sure even the worst Muslim fanatics may eventually accept a more truthful and honest man as their own and declare him as short of PIR/AULIA.
                   As now all the good Mulism knows that Sheria law was later addition by the political class i,e- Caliphs.See what is written in Holy Bible in Beatitudes which was even favorite of our father of the nation most Beloved Bapuji -`Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall have the kingdom of heaven.`My father have been always one of Person who talked rich and Poor alike and surely later he was always eventually accepted as man of his own kind and non eventually hated him.As man like him was perhaps badly needed in the earlier important local arbitration's case matter also.
                         And may be needed more now in modern world,we must also respect each others religion as there is definitely something good in all religion and practice,yet it is dynamic and from time to time best may have to be taken and adopted.And thus Swami Vivekananda must have said growth is life.As the basic features of the Hinduism is also KARMA thus the Hindu god , godess , angels and forefathers souls may be perhaps rather be more happy if this time another Bhagirathi comes up in Hinduism to save them also.
                 Who removes all the dirts in the Hindu brothers mind so that Ganga remain ever pure as everyone seems to have forgotten importance of Karma /life story of Yudhistir.Thus the other religion is not its enemy as the Hindu brothers are themselves finishing their life line by forgetting their great tradition.Even in Muslim the Elites are now studying the real contribution of the Muslim Heroes for Humanity shake ,that`s very good point.As one know and follow the truth and it will alone liberate them.Thus for nation`s sake and future generation all must rise above parochial view. 
                     Today the Galo Bane Keba which is the apex body of the Galo clan of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh North East India have banned this cutting of more than 10 Mithuns during Peka /marriage ceremony ,of course unofficially rest can be cut out of alter.As sometimes the person concern also have to pay back the lump of meat he have received earlier from friends and allies.
                    See many a times we forget to accept that we may have suddenly started to follow a new practice started sportingly in one forefathers time.But as we know that we are in KALYUGA so better accept the minimum sin practice should be the official stand of all the religion.And see from the smallest of the religion also their is lots to learn.And today we must do all possible thing to save our environment and save the humanity.
                      As  more sacrifice is also needed for some rich man as many friends and guests flock in during such Galo sacrifice thus unofficial cutting of extra Mithun was allowed outside the Alter.And as the Mithun meat is considered as sacred thus crowd is logical in such Puja.Yet the Galos is learning to live with new challenge.In fact the control of pollution in Kumbh and other Mela may eventually help the register Hindu Sadhus also.Imagine if their is no ceiling in Hazz also?Thus it may be now time to make a Board of short in Hindu pilgrim center also.
                 There is another interesting story regarding Mithun sacrifice which is scientifically known as Bos Fontalis and looks like a Buffalo.It is said this animal was presented to Abo Tani the first Human forefather by non other then the Sun God.Legend has it that in fact it was originally not meant to be cut also, the human and Mithuns then lived like brothers and sisters and used to talk.
                    It was only during the fore father Takar Tajejis time this animal sacrifice started to be cut thus the culture and traditions is dynamic and need is the fighting for the real core values like inheriting good characters of the forefathers which alone will benefit.Thus before cutting it also the Priest is still seen to convincing the Mithun semi domesticated animal by chanting Mantras, there is a special process for cutting this Mithun, it is not cut randomly like that.
                As this is a divine process  thus hope the Environment lovers will not object to its cutting in the spiritual practices howsoever it looks cruel. The Tour operators can contact me as in the winter time some family may still continue this TOGU practice as this is really worth seeing.The modern global warming is also loss of respect for our ancient practice.The east and west philosophy must be used meaningfully.
                            And interestingly in  Galo practise the quantum of sin of the animal hunting namely –tiger , elephant and python have been equated like human being murder. And this makes the Abo Tani clan members fear this animal hunting as after killing a Tiger one hunter have to sanctify himself for one month in jungle living alone.Or many a times the curse have been really seen to befall on some whimsical hunters specially when one`s wife is pregnant the hunter is strictly warned not to hunt.
                           And surely on hunting crow the consequence have been really seen in form of mole in one baby,this have been personally witnessed by writer.Thus for Galos animal hunting is not an easy thing as for wild Boar equal number of a domestic Pig have to be given in sacrifice to jungle god.As you see since the male Boar have a Pungent odor the hunters may tend to shoot the female more.Thus the angels seems to be more concerned with preserving this rare and extincting animal as for Deer there is no much problem in hunting.
                Thus one see how divine power seems to protect the minority and rare animal species also,as even Swami Vivekananda has also said sparing others life / JIVAS PRAN is the greatest charity practice.Thus there is lots of do and don`t in jungle and Fish hunting in Galo practice also ,which must have been earlier forefathers common practice everywhere .More a bigger a Fish is caught and more punishment is seen to befall on man by god and angels.Thus who knows after stopping Whale Fish hunting Japan will get lesser Earth Quake tremors as divine rules may be same for all howsoever one is rich and powerful .
                           Interestingly still now some Peoples of my area believe during the local family sacrifice and Puja the rainfall is seen starting  after my family Uyu/sacrifice is made in alter.This I have mostly find to be true also thus who knows our Marli Aao family members have still kept that holy bonding with the nature as divine power wished from time in memorial.
                   We must respect good aspect of all the religion and respect its unique features as the tribals have also family totems/ IST DEVTA to be reveared..As for rain fall issue in my family after sacrifice even Ex-Hon`ble Chief Secy.Govt.of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Tabom Bamji IAS accepts this facts regarding my family unique traditions.Thus God and nature have to be perhaps really respected.
                     The Holy word like -`You shall not commit Idol worship should unless followed in totality in terms of hating all evils like –lie , greed , violence etc.should not be used to lower others practice that`s my personal belief. The great scriptures of the Holy Bible like -` Love thy neighbor` and Hindu Shastras -`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASHYAS VACHANA DUYAM , PAROPKARAY PUNYAY ,PARPIDANAY PAPAY.` shows the basic features of religion which unfortunately non seems to be following now.
             This simplicity of character shows how the peoples of the Arunachal Pradesh have kept that Holy divine relation with nature for ages.And need not to say this State of Arunachal Pradesh is some of the last Biosphere reserve of the Indian nation must be protected; and in earlier  planning commission meeting when I was in PPA we had the privilege to ask for green and peace bonus from the center on that ground also.
                 In fact since the human beings have been given brain He is perhaps duty bound to save Plants and animals as almighty God wishes.And in some versions of the Holy Bible also it seems the commission is -`go and gospel to all creatures’ not only to humans. I appreciate the goodness of certain portion of all the religion and definitely we must preserve our flora and fauna which is a great thing.That is we must not live to eat but  eat to live as a thing of beauty is joy for ever.
              And now in the view of the Global warming it become all the more needed that everyone try to become a contributory partner in saving planet earth. And help Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in his grand vision to save this planet earth after the recent Parish summit against global warming.And since he is now the JILLELLAHI/JAHAPANAH by his KARMA also ,thus from earlier Muslim practise point of view his view must be respected.After all he is the WAZIREH ALAH Hon`ble P.M who are authorized to make Sheri ah Law.
                The Peoples of the Basar area of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh North East India have also resolved to work for preserving environment under aegis of GRK –Gumin Rego Kilaju Society-GRK,  which means-` Lets educate others to preserve the nature`.And under it recently 5000 fish Saplings have been put in the Sie river of Basar town basically by local officers who have decided to give 5 % of their salary for this cause.See the yardstick of defining love will be how much a man even love animals,as one loving animal will he not definately love co-human beings?
                   The loitering Goats and Pigs have been now banned in Villages and the Villagers  have to be rear them in closed compound, this move have really benefited the Basar area society. Hope soon likes of Baba Ramdevji who is non political person like this GRK society itself will think of setting up some institution here in Basar area for mutual benefit.As this place is agile for growth of Organic Ginger ,Cardamom , Maize , Green Tea  etc. and it is pertinent to mention that here the State of art ICAR  is set up here by Govt. Of India.
                  So for the world needing pesticide free Vegetables and crops better make a trip here and can get first hand experience with the ancient  god and goddess through the mystic chanting of the Nyibos.As since the local here are very truthful and simple which only the Almighty God wants thus the Christian believers and Donyi Polo believers from here may have better solutions to your many illness and diseases.
                And in view of the future threat of Madras and Bombay city being flooded by the Global warming effect`s and suffocation in Metropolitan City due to carbon emission.The serious preparation can be made for future danger with us to take a beautiful land in good locations as land lease period have been now extended to 90 in this State.As preparation is always better then cure as I am dreaming to have a short of LAVASA project come up in my place ,thus pliz join the plan to make Basar area  like the Kyoto of Japan through GRK Society.

                                  The interested person can contact in