Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The mechanism of God`s work:-

                        Non can fathom God`s mercy and graceness,but may be the enlightened one`s knows to rest in Lord ,which is making him  devoid of any worry in his any mission, thus he can do many things at time without getting V.P or nervous breakdown as he knows Lord will manage everything for him in right time. As Lord will compel the situation congenial to His disciples in there mission; which many will feel impossible initially and will try to disturb him by trying to malign his character also. But the day of the charlatans who are paid to criticize the genuine leaders are gone; as the enlightened ones whom even Lord Buddha asked to respect have also sacrificed enough to get Lord`s mercy this many don`t see and they waste there times waiting for senior leaders favor in vain.
                                  See today every one need money and it is well impossible to pay all by any top leaders in election. So best is praying for thy will and His graceness and work for grass root support with honesty. As of all the religious doctrines greatest is praying and accepting Lords will with all your mind and soul. See the involvement of God and spirituality is invincible for Peoples development since time in memorial, see how place like Tawang is even more developed in place like Arunachal Pradesh also?So for those Politicians whose time has real elapsed for change better make honorable exit.

                                 And thus the charismatic God gifted person can he be stopped ?as eventually all have to accept His myth only as he is being used by Him; as said in Holy Bible every knee have to bow and every tongue have to confess that He is Lord. So from time to time He seems to make certain drama in some part of the world to show His greatness. And make the enemy of his chosen one`s fight among themselves also.And more so in more deplorable place like mine where there is need for Guardian angels to send there helping hand so this S.O.S. And mind it the helpers will be this time acknowledge by non less by God Himself. See the criticism against genuine Leaders more so against the God`s servant will it not boomerang ?the feel good factor along with few loyalist circle where the wine will be drain down like any thing will it work today for some redundant leaders?

                   The  way a good person and young class have requested old leadership person for fulfilling the earlier election promise, this should have been heard long time back. As this days the Lord seems to be personally working for His kingdom`s extensions in some place ;after the stubborn persons refuse to change and  thinking himself in right side of world. See God wants to give to all so much why by stubbornness of one self centric person his supporter will unknowingly try to fight His divine will to see justice and equality done more to poorer section of society? See will His plans will be not best for all?
                      And today time have once again come to seek His will as it was in olden days times where once everything was done according to His permission only. And today even though some laugh at this arguments; but mind it going by scriptures it is seen Lord is more interested to make a nice leader in most corrupted place like ours also. See the success story of Sikkim Govt. ruled by regional party which is similar situated place like this State. Thus time to be matured by the publics. As the corrupted haves class leaders earlier in fact seem to be afraid of CBI and maligned all the Publics by changing there party as easily in this State bringing disrespect to all, while citing State interest. Thus time have come to fight for the pride of the State as whole this can be only done by supporting a regional party like PPA which can rock in this coalition era political time. Thus from now time to prey for persons success who first think for State interest.

                            As when the Poor and destitute are in agony in some desperate place the  Lord have always worked through some angels and prophets earlier also.And by criticizing his chosen leaders past deeds one does not absolve from his own failures of failure in deliverance. As after bad governance which make Public's economically unsound and later ill and diseased is it good to give them few money that too for vote?See many after nice confession and repentance of sin have changed as believer, as brother`s it is real  difficult to make the  heaven bow down also; and as God through prophets even want to save some stubborn leaders from sudden doom they have to be appreciated; as coming danger is there own making, for there never ending greed.
                  See truth is bitter initially; but one day it will be later good for all as if you side with thy will later every one will come to support you only.Thus some should not  stick to power any more and think that he is best, while danger is lurking for him for his excessive manipulation and nepotism and disturbance to God`s scheme of things. And also one should not take power and position as his birth right also.And also for the righteous ones they should also keep every thing below Lord only; thus pseudo religion followers will be also not pardoned in today`s decisive historic battle time, as there wrong decision may be exposed very soon. As real worship is to pray Lord with all his/her might.

                                            The God who have recently shown the believer like Dynamo walk over river, fly and vanish in thin air thus for Him nothing is impossible; thus it is privilege to accomplish His will in politics. Thus hope my place where specific Lords programme is said to have come through missionaries like-Sri Tojo Riba and her mother staying in Jipu prayer centre,Er.Kendo Zirdo,two Panditji and whole Jipu prayer center prayer warrior in its special prayer session showing for political leadership change as willed by Lord in my constituency.The God fearing persons will side us.See also earlier Evan. Christopher in Aalo Healing crusade also have  prophesized God`s willingness to make a Christian centric State in A.P.And his first prophesy of Arunachal soon going to get Christian Hon`ble C.M have also come true.Thus hope the Congress and the BJP high command will hopefully declare Most favor relationship/status quo for my opposition party like PPA in 29th Assembly Constituency Basar West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat election to be scheduled in april 2013 to show there respect to the supreme power`s will.As Lord loves the Poor, destitute and minority more and can show his favor to them also if there is a manifest injustice to them in place like this; which must have become place like Sodom Gomorrah or why this warning from Prophets. As the Poor can they say the facts in the face of rich and powerful.
                     And the selfless missionaries there prophesy can be hardly doubted as they   have no personal grudge against the Hon`ble Basar area local MLA.In fact one of the prophesy  is made by Gojen Gadiji`s own full time missionary sister. See the Christian leader is yet to be given chance so far here in my 29th assembly constituency, and if the Congress party talks of secularism this was time to show this in letter and spirit by them. As burden is more on them after terrible persecutions to the Christians in 1970`s where many Churches where earlier destroyed in this region. And this Lord`s will in interference in politics also make`s even the missionaries to be surprise this time.But after seeing Lord`s power display in modern world this days it should not be a big surprise also if He really wills leadership change in a particular place. And in spite of my earlier prayers that I am worst sinner not fit to be made as political leader also;He seems to have mercy on me yet one time again as exemplified by this positive prophesy for me by some great believers of our time who have been brutally accurate so far .

                          The God`s miracle witnessed by me that article I have already written long time back in my blog to show that He is truly living God and earlier even made me prophesize against two Hon`ble C.M and two Cabinet ministers which have come truth in there own life also.See the Samaritans in Jerusalem a non Christian congregation have only survived even in Lord`s place for there open acceptance of Him and His divine will of love and friendship. As they must have been aware of all others converting to Christianity before them who tried to stood against thy power.Thus the majority Gangi followers in my place should also show there magnanimity to me. The need is allowing the Lord to do the work,as He is the owner of this world and heaven and  is the real secret of success for all great man.And sees the best interest of all;and it will be wrong to stand against His will.As this days He seems to be hating some man who seems to be spreading the notion that through lie and deceit alone one will prosper in innocent place like our`s;see one time world richest man Warren Buffet he claimed to have earned his richness by his shear hard work alone.
                   And we now need that type of exemplary leaders.And thus why God`s will be also not send message through some prophets against an Individual who is hell bent to take all to hell in some place by spreading this negative attitude that by dishonest way alone one will develop. As this is dangerous doctrine can take all to hell so why not divine curse will not come if there is no too much injustice? See the things are not that bad in similarly situated places like Nagaland and Sikkim also where the Publics have all come up open in support of good leader and regionalism ideology which today really delivers. Knowing fully that through election of good leader and party alone more God`s blessings will be gained even in far away place like North East.Thus it is time to be vigilant least some does not fall to redundant leaders old trick and incur divine displeasure.

                        As God does great wonder for disciples so why all will not eventually like to seek His blessings; as the basis of divine relationship is trust which will develop by friendship; which will again develop by faith which will be by hearing the word of God. And one who have none of this relationships with Lord ;will alone wonder and doubt of another persons spectacular achievements in spiritual arena. And mind it unknowingly God`s good disciples enemies may be tomorrow branded as Raksas in history, if they don`t repent now as hardly prophesy against some human beings barring Raksas have come in earlier world history.The obedience to Lord`s will is our duty and opportunity as well; why egoism for it also?The world wide exposure of all the secret election promise should now make the senior  leader to come more open towards repentance. See Lord can do anything better then others; as He is the supreme power and seems to hate the liars and malicious talkers; so can one who have already suffered and sacrificed for Lord can he be underestimated ;as Lord alone take note of good things done secretly from long time back done selflessly. As others are silent now.
                          So his disciples have to speak for truth and justice for poor and desperate Publics as this is divine ordained to do so in Holy Bible and Bhagwad Gita.We have to ponder why the stage have today reached to such an extent that divine power have to interfere in some place like our`s?As God may be seeing the evil Peoples secret plans to come back in power to peril of the Publics interest, as He may be aware of inability of poor Peoples to rise any voice against injustice; thus may be using some good Samaritans even in other religious sects also.After all if the leader really delivers then why a groups called Taliban’s always come up in my place to influence the poor Christian voters.

                And as Lord seems to have even loved the extincting animal as well.For example a few tortoise was remaining in my place also after prolong hunting and one of last one`s surviving  leg was cut by a person called Karli Chiram father in-law of one N.O.P Mahato  of my Kadi Village West Siang Dist. A.P Basar.And lo to her and everyone's surprise her daughter was born with fingers as if cut by divine power. So if Lord can go any extent to save an extincting animal also; then why He will not love human beings also that too one of His own disciple who have been even lied in last election of full cooperation this time by a rich and powerful monopolistic leader.Thus it is time all come to my rescue to get divine blessings without making any excuse.See those relatives who have earlier also sacrificed for society and have been instrumental for defeat of monopolistic Congress party I have lots of regards.But for one who have always lived for his own interest the coming election may be historic last chance to repent.
                   Thus whole of leaders Donyi-Polo followers should not invite divine curse unintentionally. And who knows now I will be alleged of taking lakhs of money in earlier election by malicious talk of redundant leaders  followers. But God alone sees the truth; will any excuses last any more in this decisive historical period? As it is out and out political power obsession that one wants to contest again and again after telling it is for his last time.See to get divine  blessings one have to hear the word of God and work according to His will; till there develop personal relationship with Lord and then He starts forgiving all his silly mistakes like a good friend. And see which friendship is more important? The worldly leader`s or the divine Lord`s?

                              As the will of Lord is unstoppable if He is there He will definitely bless a pure heart; so it is better to side His will and also take the credit for success of that chosen man`s mission for which prophesy was made through some modern prophets; as this is divine power which is working through that man and by cooperating him the Peoples are showing there respect to Lord Himself. As how so one howl and shout can God`s will can it be stopped? and does other does not need Him also? Thus it is time to stop showing tough by dynamic contractor leaders ;and time to accept the fact that all need Lord; as this days the punishment to evil doers seems to be too swift in this modern world to the excessive corrupted one`s peril also.
                 Thus today the sacrifice has to be made by all in this historic occasion, more so by the person warned by divine power to repent in right time.And it is privilege today to surrender to divine will also, specially after the truth have been now brought in world forum regarding one`s great cheating and manipulating ability ,after all requests were made to that leader as humanly possible to let him make honorable exit by requesting for keeping his earlier promise. And see by accepting this alone one may save himself from sudden doom also.                  
                             The person who after proper prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit can sen -t any amount in my account name of Adv.Togo Basar A/C number in SBI Basar Branch A/C No.11877839037.In the Bank Code No.6032.The Swift Code being -SBININBB 159 this is for foreigner who can send there donation as gift.The interested persons can tomorrow  ask for audit report also.And the persons name who help me his name will be also later displayed unless he wants to hide his name.See Lord only bless generous givers; I will only accept help from the fully convinced persons of Lord great mission in my place.The cheque can be also send in following address. See the amount will be only used for bringing a clean Govt. as envisaged by Lord in my ministry. And my earlier life testimony -Lords miracle witnessed by me can be read to see the God`s test in my real life.Please pray for us even if nothing can be send in this desperate place where God seems to interested to bring a change for ever. 
                                                                                       Sincerely Your`s,
                                                                                       Sri Togo Basar
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                                                                                    Arunachal Pradesh,Basar, India
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who will form the next Govt.in the centre?

               This is million dollar question now and in quest for sure victory both the BJP and Congress are seen using there everything this time. With the clear request of Sonia Madam requesting the congress party cadres to woe the regional party leaders for coalition in the recent atma chintan Shivir in Jaipur.The Arunachal Pradesh Congress leaders have to act something tangible now specially after this Helicopter scam.As the imminent parliament acceptance in principal of passing of Lok Ayukta in all the State within one year of propose passing of Jan Lokh Pal Bill very soon seems to have made the sword of demo ogles hanging in the neck of the leaders who are basically contractors by profession in this State.

                Though every party leaders are also not clean but at least in case of other non Congress opposition party they can always take the credit that earlier the alleged corrupted congress man were never criticize so long they were in the party.But moment they went to other party like PPA criticism was started to be heaped on them.And as for the PPA leaders if proven as guilt in the court of law they are ready to exit any time.So congress party which is mother of all the mismanagement in this State should look there own self and stop throwing stones at other if they themselves are living in glass house.As today every one is fed up of lies and deceit by the central parties and want to try the indigenous party which calls for looking back of our great past.And need not to say most of the regional minded Professors and Lecturers in Colleges and University have already spread the regional ideology with the young generations students making the congress party ideologically bank cruft.After all the tribalism and regionalism is in our blood vessels says an over enthusiastic youth.

                 See Narendra Modiji or no Modi some critics suggests the main benefactor is going to be the 3rd Front members this time.As many feels that Rahulji ought to have been launched as U.P Chief Minister candidate first.As the Gandhi family is today too weak that they have no grass root connection also even if they are tried to be projected as national leader believes some. As the Public as whole seems to be content with there local leaders this days.And are seeing the resentment in the Kashmir Valley in Afzal Guru case as NC /Muslims also shifting towards BJP vis a vis Narendra Modiji.Who recently also compelled the American Senator to praise him for allowing Ford Company to invest in Gujrat.But many will also like the BJP to slightly deviate from its Hindutva agenda by coining phrases like.BJP is for searching the real God/truth by introspecting all other religious doctrines also, which could have been more apt then this Ram Rajya agenda short of things ,which seems to be very specific and localized agenda.As this time both the BJP and Congress is not accepted to take any chance;as critics even predicts some dooms day scenario for one of this parties at least for 20 yrs.

                   As for the PPA we are surely going to see the response of the other political party to the PPA prominent leaders seat in the coming Panchayat election. And this may be also opportunity for the State Congress party to kick out one person and his ambitious dreams for hampering the Congress party prospects in other places as well.As important portfolio like Hydropower cannot be given to a man with dubious records, specially when the Govt. desperately need the land owners to cooperate it making Mega Dams like in Sikkim. See when it is time to take the honorable exit root for some Individual leaders of congress party who have ruled enough and lost all its credibility, there stubbornness may not only doom them but all with them. For few vested contractor leader holding sensitive post to the peril of all the State is wrong as order of Hon`ble S.C to give prosecution sanction within 3 months is also dangerous for them.And they seems to be behind earlier false promise to the Publics in previous election as verified by there trying to ruthlessly suppress some opposition leaders even after earlier promising to support them this time.Which shows that they themselves where not sure of there party promise and wanted to finish there opponent before hand.

                  Honestly this would have been time for some leaders to make a sacrifice in favor of young, dynamic and visionary leaders who fits the bill in this era of e-governance. And this would have also inspired the old leaders in other places also who are also confused of present political developments and want the leaderships in the more advanced Galo area to pave the way for this kind of sacrifice/honorable exit. As days of Congress local leaders trying to sell congress ticket is gone as all the State Publics have today realized that some Central leaders have made Five Star Hotel out of our money.And many have realized that as our local Publics sentiments and ethos are with PPA and its ideology about 50% free vote will fall to PPA candidate only so it is better to play safe this time by enjoying Public's conscience vote.As the repenters  like Nick Kaminji PPA Standing Party President is saying by his political experience that  it is other way round in central party.More then getting help from them the leader suffer more after joining them.
                            The series of recent events like 2nd time victory of Barrack Obama in spite of all tactics by haves white class for his pro-Poor agenda bill,victory of Narendra Modiji and  victory of Opposition  in Goa shows that the time is going backward for the Congress Party here also;as today it is global world and there is same type of thinking everywhere.And thus here some Congress man are still  giving some brave front, and  making lame excuses,but clever Publics only want to make PAISA WASOOL from them this time.As senior leaders seems to forget that they have entered the wrong part of history like earlier CPM cadres who were killed by Public's political fatigues more then anything else.And also as some jumping masters frogs have become Toads unable to jump now.As this time the political party is going to be a death trap for them.As non will be able to change there party as easily unlike other time.As for PPA it is now in most vintage position and it seems the great English proverb is here to come also;namely-`Rolling Stone gathers no moss.`God alone can save some redundant leaders now.