Monday, June 1, 2015


                   It is wrong and unethical to condemn a party which the divine power seems to have already rejected.As the audacity of some whimsical leaders  when earlier all the divine warning have been tried to be conveyed and they seems to have laughed at it.
              Have been exposed now as this INC Govt. in this State of Arunachal Pradesh is seen to be facing worst financial crisis for which it itself have to be perhaps blamed only for undermining the earlier divine warning.

               See as some may have misconstrued the religious doctrines for long like love thy neighbor theory may be also direction for working for other nice Public's who are seen suffering for our silence.And forgive thy enemy may be for forgiving his personal harm but not for forgiving the Public mistake he /she does as leader.See it is said the Sodom Gomorrah was said to be not only destroyed for the sin of the Public's but basically for injustice to the poor and destitute` s.

                       But blessed are also those who seems to have stand upright in the time of His divine test.As in the coming time with the Biometric finger printing and eye lid test of the voters ,the days of the whimsical leaders surreptitiously winning election may be gone.And honestly their may be never ever again a better chance to make history also.
                 As the society here is going through worst transition period and soon the fighter of the justice and equality of the society may be given demi god image.Like it happened to freedom fighters who supported Mahatma Gandhiji after Britishers where finally defeated.
               Thus does this story need not be told for the society to learn  from its earlier mistakes.As a vibrant society need a great legacy to influence the future generation and they have right to know earlier what have transpired in this part of the world.
              And also as unfortunately Public's destiny is still linked with this Govt.and so may be some holistic approach have to be also made for all.So top INC leaders think thank need to carry forward this journal so that their worldly masters be beware of their few dishonest servants who may doom them still further also.
                  As so long as one respect the Holy Ghost and His will, his other misdemenour may be forgivenbut.And out here  some top leaders with their willing to still make open defiance to Him the future for the INC party is really sacky.As great man like Swami Vivekanada have asked all to sacrifice some God gifted qualities of his own.
             But out here some have so far only done for their own happiness and have only given psychological satisfaction to the Publics.Thus see the effect, the present economic mess is it not the gift of wrong deed of senior leaders?
                        After a long time I am coming with my whole side of truth and for this long stoic silence I have perhaps suffered more.As this have been perhaps meaning of our life to expose the evil , thus today I am coming open on what transpired in last election .See when my story of His greatness and gracefulness is whole truth and nothing personal against anyone, then  it must be told when I am alive isn`t it?As I have to also use my X factor`s isn’t it?
                    As their may be still some rich and powerful ones in this State of Arunachal Pradesh who may be boosting about their richness and claiming that by their hard work alone they have made progressed.Forgetting that they have already enjoyed enough for others silence and goodness.
                See others could have been more shameless and manipulative then them and thus others goodness have to be also respected isn`t it?And even if the mortal man seems to be partial but He in the heaven seems to be recognizing the earlier sacrifice of a devotee.
                   The problem with some Public's is that they always see others from different spectacle.See divine warning of prophesy or no prophesy which reportedly came against some excessive greedy persons in last election in my 29(ST) Assembly constituency Basar ,the human beings have been always divinely directed and programmed to do good.
             Or even if he /she don`t like that what little he have will be one day compelled to be given back to the society by the nature.As the divine power seems to be judging the habitual offender`s in the corruption field though it takes time for His judgement to come.
                        Thus great man like Swami Vivekanandaji also told to sacrifice for others.And in the 18th PURANA in MAHARISHI VED VYASA`S sloka also it is written-`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASHAYA VACHANA DUYAM PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`And see the same Love thy neighbor doctrine  in the Holy Bible.See this philosophy like charity and sacrifice is seen to be the basic features of all the religion.
                   And to ensure this justice more in this new era almighty God seems to have send the Holy Ghost to help the righteous.In the era of kalyuga since all seems to be now in upside down position , so some rich class seems to be seeing other as wrong howsoever good virtues other also have.
              Instead of focusing on main issue like deliverance and governance, unnecessarily other meaningless points like personal integrity and life of the hated person will be perhaps taken up as subject.And worst the psycho pants are seen spreading that notion and image of the person until person himself start thinking he is mad and good for nothing.Today out here this is the worst spiritual and moral sin hizacked by the rich class.
                             See how long a person who don`t toe the same view like rich class can be chastised?Out here in this State honestly only few is perhaps best among the worst to discuss any important issues.And in an era where the Publics want to hear the open view of their leaders, is the new leader with clear cut views not more respectable?Specially when today corruption and nepotism is the main issue.And still now the corrupted relatives are seen to be protected by the rich and powerful.

              Accepted that we are not the best but when more better ones then us are right now silent then, can the fighter`s for the poor and destitutes can not be also appreciated?Specially  in a place where so far the conglomeration of the vested interest officers,politicians and business man have manipulated everything with non to be feared by them.With spiritual leaders also saying big big thing inside the Holy Church and temples only,whereas justice and equality have been what Divine power demanded from all.Than perhaps today some may have to stand up isn`t it?
           In future we may not be able to guarantee that we will be also not uncorrupted by the system,but perhaps given chance by the Publics atleast we will try our best atleast not to win election by surreptitious means.And that way atleast will not try to invite His Divine curse.As the Publics have the right to be lead by the best and unless given chance how educated leaders potentiality can be also judged?
                         And in the present time thanks God for some game changing plans like-sending Biometric finger printing machine for cheking double voting in election that have been always someones weapon.And here also Publics want is automatic rejection of the defaulting voters by the EVM machines.And strict compliance of the age in the adhar card so that the underage is not allowed to vote,and minor is made to remain aloof from this dirty business.
                       Perhaps other recent divine blessings to Public's have been putting of Air Tel and Vodafone tower for easy access to social network cites and facebook,Hon`ble P.M  Insurance policy alias Hon`ble C.M universal Insurance policy for treatment of the ill and disease etc.Even if the changing of the nomenclature seems to have effected the Patience willing to get treatment in out of the State.
                       And in coming time critics are already saying that due to this historical events even if young leaders will be temporarily laughed upon, see eventually they will be the ones who will make history.Like Late Tomo Ribaji in whose name rightly Naharlagun Hospital is reportedly proposed to be now named.
                    And this is perhaps first right move by Tuki Govt. and hope he will now work with true repentance for social equality and justice that a true Christian can alone do.For good or bad after all a believer have to eventually show his godliness character.Unfortunately some  powerful peoples forget that when the Public`s groan against them more so when the righteous ones are persecuted then the divine power in heaven is said to be angry.
                        In fact this doctrine is mostly seen in all the religion and by reminding it I should be at least not seen as deviating from the responsibility of an opposition leader.As at least so far I am not secret beneficiary to any INC party deal and setting also.And the opposition leaders should also not always criticize for an opposition sake isn`t it?
                        Thus from ancient time the custom and tradition have also asked to check out His divine will through priest who help in performing Uyu through sacrifice.As the word of the God promising other also progress who seek thy kingdom and righteousness first can it be undermined after all is this world is it not His?
              The Peoples need to know that thy will is always better as many rich man are also today seen suffering from many ailments.As they forget their own bad days when they where helped by divine force and good friends.And seen to be obsessed with earning money and make a political propaganda that money alone is needed in today's kind of society,if necessary  even through evil way also.
                     Thus some seems to have become knowingly and unknowingly devils agent and missionary as eventually if criticially judged they are seen as main villain.See is it good to always say two different things in two different place?And if the present leaders intend to again purchase the Public's in coming election ,let them openly offer their proposal .As non can be completely purchased and eventually one have to get His blessings for success thus should whole INC party suffer for one whimsical leader?
              And as sometimes the divine power also seems to be interfering to tame a person, in fact this have been happening since ages.As some seems to have become too big for the ordinary Public`s to be advised and corrected.And thus in all the religion His divine will alone have been first asked to be first prayed and meditate upon.And thus all the successful ancient King is seen to be guided by battery of spiritual advisers like Kautilya and Chanakya.
                   I believe any holy man in any religion will have something about him as there is power in purity and truthfulness.As unless there is really some power from His side non will pray Him also, as human being is very intelligent and will seldom do anything for free.Thus hope this will make someone now to realize his folly also as what He eat`s is  human egoism and pride.
               As prophets is for all even for those who see them as their enemy, as real enemy is principalities of dark forces and poverty which have to be fight jointly.Believe it even the young upcoming leaders have many good ideas and commitment for the Public's and many have so far blindly supported the senior leaders also.Only because one is rich and powerful how long one side of the story can be alone accepted as true?
                  See no where in other State the kind of cooperation the present INC senior leaders have get was betowed to other leaders by Public's for sure.And see only the one who have refused to bow down to good Public's/ majority demand have been shown  as king having quality of Raksas in Sashtras.So my dear ………….in future you want yourself  to be put in which category?
                          In Christianity also in the fasting centers through prayer and supplication the God is asked His will first before doing any important thing.As His will is supreme and thus I am not writing something different but perhaps something which is most important for all and is already known .Or if you suffer from dreaded disease in future will it matter to others?Thus fear Him as man is mare mortal.
                  Thus way you shamelessly make ill gotten money should you not also praise Him like myself when you are alive?This is if you are really a loving father,caring husband and good leader,as He alone can give everything isn`t it?See while in some place farmers are making lakhs of money due to horticulture products our farmers have been made as slave by some of leaders vision less and greed.And today the unemployed youths are seen helplessly loitering hither and tither.
                Yet some of you refuse to budge thus my dear brother ,why so much greed?This need to be our joint appeal to some now as Nyishi community is seen flourishing after doing away with much of uneducated political leaders.See when the graph is in favour of my claim how the more knowledgeable Galo community can still live in the make believe world?
                      As in my 40 days fasting programme in Chate Medziphema Nagaland years back I seems to have gained this writing power blessing from Him alone.As for me also writing consistently for a such a long year is not cup of tea, had it not been for His mercy and gracefulness.And at least this work of thy glorification seems to be giving me immense pleasure even if there are more richer persons then me.
                 Please take my referring of word  I as He and myself as Himself.As due to grammatical limitations alone I am using word I in the story of miracle done by Him through me as an instrument.Pliz always remember that I am the worthless person and He alone is great and you can do greater wonder then me also.
             As you are in fact better person then me in all respect only for not knowing Him and His will from true sense of term.Please try to change for good as this world is temporary and we have to only work for His glory as that alone will help the society.As who else will benefit from your large bank balance even will it save you?
                        See many a times the good man seems to be shy for speaking His glory thinking that other will see that he is trying to exalt himself.But in fact glorifying Him in whatever capacity seems to be our duty.Believe it my intentions are very honest and is for even the enemy also, as he have also right to know his own mistake.And who knows for some it is time to make a honorable exit before he is kicked out by angry Public`s.
               And when the personal letters and communications to him and his relatives have also failed then only today I am writing this story.As I need to warn the Peoples of His divine wrath which is very powerful .And mind it I have seen the helplessness of top Peoples in my own life.Thus at least the educated sons must tell their parents both side of the coin to their Parents.Yet the rich and powerful who repent to God may go faster then us also as it is said in Holy Bible –
                     `Those who come first will become last`,yet for a rich person unless his atleast 80% of ill gotten money is donated to poor and destitute through a Charitable trust making opposition leader,religious institutes and NGO as the members to moniter the good work.The divine power may not pardon some top Peoples even if we pardon him.See in this State most of the thing is seen to be fixed, but divine power may like a person better who openly talk this pressing issues isn’t it ?after all in the Day of the Judgement this truthfulness will alone matter.
              Thus I have been always saying that along with the corrupted leaders the one who misuse the RTI and PIL should be also chastised by the Publics.As He will be surely liking a person who try to do anything openly as hidden settings have harmed this State much.See before last election also I went to  W/O a Hon`ble and humbly conveyed that I have nothing personal against her family.
            And asked her to pray for her family well being and amount of money spend by her family in last election may be also a test of seeing the divine power  at work in last election.While initially his sycophants are heard to have said that I will not gain even 100 votes.While my team getting about 35 % of votes in the first attempt itself that too within couples of month of declaration of election which shows His divine blessings.And it is heard in the election victory celebration also many critics is heard to have more praise for my selfless team.
                     And even before last election I had wrote five letter to  top workers/relatives of my adversary of Tirbin circle that divine will for giving me political leadership chance can it be not respected?As before last election few missioner and Priests have conveyed this divine will to see political change here in the 29th Basar ( ST ) Assembly.
              Thus after that myself have even took appointment with one top gentleman to talk it out, but he did not turned up in the appointed time.It is pertinent to mention that in earlier friends tough time I have helped them selflessly when they was in worst crisis.And could have disturbed them when I was offered free MLA ticket by Apang family.
              And in one Gentleman 2nd victory time on his request conveyed through a friend on the larger interest of the Public's I had again sacrificed.As at that time INC party had promised that it will give Dist.Hq.status to Basar town if it was voted.Though that promise is yet to be fulfilled till now.See our Hon`ble P.M is seen to even keep fasting /VRAT in important event remembering the divine power.This show the sincerity of the true leader after all He is the one who gives everything.
                Interestingly regarding divine will prophesy to see political change in the 29th Basar ( ST) Assembly Constituency. Before election I have even written top INC leaders like Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji, Ex-Hon`ble M.P Takam Sanjayji and Sri Rahul Gandhiji thus I can`t be blamed for not discussing this important issue in time.
                And even if their P.A and secretary may have been apprehensive of telling this facts to the powerful Peoples.The record should be still with the Facebook section of the Google's Co. Ltd.The problem in this State is if you say more then you are alleged of speaking more and when you keep silence then also you are alleged of keeping mum.
                       And as I apprehended for having audacity to mess with the divine will did INC party did not see drubbing in the centre?And was not my loss become small in compare to debacle of a big Gandhi family?And is not Hon`ble C.M Sri Nabam Tukiji of my State is this days not heard to be facing sleepless night due to financial crisis of the State?
                Thus can INC party still afford to be careless now?As Biblicaly also the rejection of the divine will is seen to be catastrophic see the story of the Abraham`s son Ismail`s birth and curse on his successors.It is pertinent to mention that in the Basar area so far Christian political leader have never rose to the top political post.What ever be the justification fact is fact.
                And even the minority community have been seen deprived in the Govt. contract work, as only 5% of the local contractors seems to be from this community.This is even when today the Christian population of the entire Basar area of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh  is nearly 35%.And if there is a manifest injustice in line of religion , then how good God will remain silence?
                  This injustice should not even happen in the Christian dominated place to the other religious community members.Need not to say why the United State of America is so powerful for reportedly keeping a prayer warrior group rather then a think tank.As all the money and brain could it save the Congress party in the center?Thus this mentality of even shooting at the Squirrel even if hunter is carrying Dear in his shoulder is it good?
                  And in spite of this earlier warning if a Hon`ble C.M from Christian background allow his subordinate collegue man in line of divine fire to manipulate everything in election time.Then will it not anger the divine power all the more?As some believe in last election even the JCB Tyre was used to ferry money inside from Basar to Tirbin circle to dupe the election monitoring Flying Sq-ads.
              Leave aside the use of minor voters and trafficking voters from neighboring constituency which is always heard to be common here in this part of the world.At least even other INC leaders from other constituency must not be falling to such an extent isn’t it?So as to even kidnap the election agent of other party which is reported here in election.Is this the INC culture?Even in some constituency at least 2-3 family members of politicians should not be A Grade contractors also isn`t it.Then for one man`s whimsical and audacity his whole party will it not suffer?
               Thus was for Hon`ble C.M was it not divine ordained for him to atleast see the justice be done in this matter , even if he could not interfere directly like he did to help his close admirers of other party also in winning election as he did in last election.As Hon`ble C.M is a big post in this part of the world.
               This question is prone to come to the good INC party cadres also who really believe in the work of the Holy Spirit in the desperate places being a good believer.And for them may be time to stand above party line.As what is more important,day of judgement or respect to present worldly leaders?
                   See unless one have some merit one can never throw light on such sensitive issues and believe it eventually this may be good for all.As even for the leader in the line of fire this Dist.Hq. non delivery issue may have been time for making a honorable exit from politics in time.See whatever one do history will soon ask question.Can you accept the present silent Public's to be silent in the future?As will you like yourself to be seen like Demon in the future like Ravana and Kansa for whom the divine power /prophesy/warning  had to be only send so far?
                   And so soon within INC party also for future security the old INC leader who may have left the party easily in earlier occasion for maximum number of times, suspected to be most corrupted and resorting to largest number of transfer and posting to punish opposition supporters.This short of leaders may be kicked out and shown the exit door believe some.As the world have changed apart within  2 -3 yrs.and Public's seems to be waiting to punish them and their hatred may finish the whole INC party also say some critics.
                  As in future also there is no guarantee that some senior INC leaders with the habitual disloyal gene in their blood will stick in the party? thus soon the INC party may have to make narco analysis/lie detection test of its leaders before bad time of party comes ,this is of course barring few like Hon`ble C.M and Hon`ble MLA Nyamar karbakji who seems to be atleast ideologically committed to this Gandhi family and party?
                  Thus INC party High command may be also soon tempted to promote the few loyal one for parties future survivable believe many.As some is already heard to be dating some BJP leaders secretly giving sleepless night to Tukiji report some insiders.But the present top leaders of the INC party from Christian background and who themselves benefited from divine blessing in earlier occasion for them honestly this gross negligence of divine angle will oneday harm them more.
               And see how they will face their own congregation and family members in coming election and in future life as how long political power will last?As this is fact that some top leader in A.P have so far only benefited from divine blessing though they have no much personal charisma about them.
             Rather then only negative complaints against them with their large property uploaded in the facebook do they have any option left then to come to fasting centers for repentance?As the Public's have now honestly no much respect left for many of them,and only a miracle may save them.
                And with the enmity with the divine will the INC party may be no where in the coming election.As the life testimony of the more righteous Peoples is showing that God is in their side.And as for sinner like me He also have showed me some magnanimity also by not letting me down in the worst situations.As my greatest sin would have been deeming His name yet He always delivered.Honestly believe that best is coming , frankly if you are destined to success non can stop it.
                    And thus in this challenging time instead of repenting and doing all the good things like-promoting good officers in atleast top position to get some goodwill of the divinity and humanity.The Arunachal top leaders seems to have not changed a bit yet,and still seems to be gripped by unnecessary egoism.
                  See unless a true repentance and new start is made oneday most of the present leaders may develop worst illness and disease for which they themselves will be responsible.As when it was time for them to work for new changed image do they will be foolishly accepted to be still after money for transfer and promotion of the Govt. servants ?Give a damn about any problem, by seeking thy will alone one may at least make a honest exit even if he is doom to suffer.
                         And as it was not for the first time I was used by Him to do miracle also, thus can my credibility can be also questioned?And thus today I am categorically writing all the miracles witnessed by me one by one which I have also slightly reflected in my Nobel- `Up India conquer the world with your spirituality.`So that any iota of doubt regarding Him is removed please only see Him and His wonderful creations like nature –
               Sun and great scriptures like-Holy Bible,Gita and Qur'an others are temporary.See When God use you He put you in a position when you are able to influence other, and those persons who hear the prophetic warning alone will flourish.After my dangerous operation years back when I nearly died and after saving me He have perhaps left me for days as this.
              Many a times we have to rejoice that we are alive even if we are poor .And after that operation/spiritual transformation I had the feeling of His divine presence and forgiveness.And feel in this worst transition period like this He seems to wanting some to speak out the fact that through Him alone all will flourish.And thus there is no need to worry or appease the rich and powerful.
                    Later  after operation I was saturated in the think thank team of Jr. Omak Apangji Ex-Hon`ble MOS.And at that point of time when some psycho pants wanted his near and dear one to be given MLA ticket I completely stood against this.I still remember Smty.Mone Yomgam ( Apang ) not daring to carry forward my advice written to her to be given to her father and asked me to give it myself.When I gave it to Sr. Apangji he was so angry and furious and made sure I was removed from his coterie.
                   It is pertinent to mention that when he was Hon`ble C.M non dare to tell him anything.But today he is a perfect Gentleman and is very fond of me and his family members accept my not taking any undue advantage when ones upon a time I was heavily relied.In last election also I had asked Sr.Apangji to make an alliance with Late Setong Senaji Ex- cabinet Minister and Lt. Jarbom Gamlinji Ex- C.M and he should have heard my advise.
                      But fault is not his only ,today also I have family feeling for the Apang family and hope them all the best.The problem with the Arunachal Pradesh is ones leader is out everyone is seen to be after criticizing them  that is real bad.My next political prophesy was against Sri Lijum Ronyaji Ex- Hon`ble cabinet minister Power.
                This happened  year back in the Basar circuit house Room No.3 in the presence of Er.Modak Riba the A.E ,PWD Basar Division and he have himself ones told this in the Emmanuel Church.Ex-Hon`ble Power Minister Lijum Ronyaji was then accepting the Ex-Hon`ble P.M  Bajpaiji to win for the 2nd time as Hon`ble P.M and was sure of himself becoming Hon`ble C.M for his good connection to him.
                  While I told him it may not be done as he was filled with very anti Christian attitude and in next day Bajpai Govt. fall down and later he was also defeated by Ex- H.C.M Late Jarbom Gamlinji.In the case of Sri Jarkar Gamlinji present Hon`ble MLA Aalo town in his 2nd decessive election victory.
               I  had congratulate in advance  in the pre election counting meeting in the conference room of office of the D.C Amjad Takji West Siang Dist.Aalo. Hon`ble MLA Jarkar Gamlinji today also accepts this facts and her wife as well. In case of Ex- Hon`ble C.M Dorzee Kanduji I ones get the chance to meet him in the Borzar Airport Gauhati.
                      Where he insisted and asked me question -who will become new C.M ?This happened in the presence of the Ex-Hon`ble MLA Tswang Dondupji of Bomdilla I told him that one of the Buddist leader will soon become Hon`ble C.M .Later in Darka village of West Siang Dist.A.P Ex-Hon`ble MLA Dondupji was accepting to me that within 10 days it happened that way.
             Today the problem with the top Peoples is that after becoming rich and powerful they seems ot be forgetting the divine power who helped them.Who may have wanted some good lad to be adjusted in their team.
                 Yet all who have not experience great misery and test may not be able to stand firm for Him also.As this world is temporary this all know yet few alone follow.And you can call the worst pain like death experience I faced  in the operation theater as a divine test/calling.
              Peoples don`t know how much one have sacrificed to gain His divine presence.And they always feel that others must be also given 2nd chance as man will always never be perfect.Thus my writing may be never seen as a vendetta as for academic discussion also the facts have to be put in the public's.
               Thus after lots of internal meeting and bid to persuad my ex-friends alone I am today coming open in Public domain regarding this things which some may mistook as personal enemity which is not.As for the winning candidates in last election also the critics seems to be of the view that this time losers seems to be more blessed.
             As right now the State of Arunachal Pradesh is facing worst financial crisis.Thus by His blessings the problem seems to become blessings as this State is so much dependent on the central Govt. for financial aid.
                       See even the rise of Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji  is from God`s blessing as years back  in the Healing crusade programme in Aalo town of the west Siang Dist.A.P.The divine prophesy come to Evan.Christopher the Christian preacher that soon a Christian C.M will take office in the State.And thus in this world thy will is done and it is better to follow it also but to the loved one He seems to have more expectations.To reach the man in last line thus is Tuki Saab ready to repent?
             My personal experience is when one dare to stand against thy will then it have been always catastrophic.This the christian leaders should have known it more better.As the Holy Spirit and its miracle ensure that everything is o.k in the world and this political party disciple is meaningless.As one who is loyal to Him alone will benefit even his party.
                                  The Peoples forget that God bless a person for a greater cause to help some more in deplorable place and thus earlier the Gandhi family seems to have been chosen.Thus earlier it was chance for it to save the man in last line.And as it failed thus Hon`ble P.M Modiji seems to have been blessed as victory belong to God. 
                                    The God of justice seems to be ensuring justice and equality at all coast. To whichever community if there is apartheid like practice then He will like good master naturally interfere.
Thus the same blue eye boy may today end up as the reason for the Parties divine curse tomorrow if he is excessively corrupted and his family members are suspected to become 26 times more richer in 5 yrs. in one area.
              And see howsoever rich the fellow is can he be trusted for the party interest if there is reason to believe that divine curse is coming through him?Thus in Holy Bible when Jonah was seen to be divine cursed person he was thrown down by the captain of the Ship.In fact this was on Jonah own request as at-least he accepted his own mistake.
                But out here who will dare to approach some leaders with perhaps some ancient evil king Herod`s stubborn spirit in them.Yet see no amount of political connection can help a person if heavenly force is after him.In fact the spiritual sickness is the biggest problem as it can doom whole family and party.See He is sitting above and seeing everything below and His stick is most harsh.
               The current problem with this State seems to be lack of fear of divine power.And I am hopeful as reported even the Catholic Bishop and fathers must have plead my case to highest forum as I am very vocal man and already my story should be talk of town.  
                         As eventually the political advisers and think tank cannot be blamed as it is General who take ultimate decision.And thus Gandhi family themselves seems to have been harmed for earlier wrong decision as sometimes you have to respect His will more then anything else.As other small leaders are eventually seen as mare pawns .See though the Public's here see everything from richness and power angle, but that does not seems to be happening with the divine force.In fact what right now this INC Govt. and its leaders need is lots of good work and repentance.
                  As for years this innocent place have been looted by few cunning ones, and today the irony is master is seen to be suffering for some dishonest followers whose party ideology is also doubtful.And after this article is released again some old shamless tactics of threatening to commit suicide by some leader may be heard.But hope for the whole party and Public interest INC will now show some maturity. 
                 As shooting arrow at Ravans epigy by top INC leaders will not alone do.And from Publics side also the secret resignation plan one year before election by manipulative leader is going to be seen as very selfish act also.As how many times the Publics can be duped by some?
                               See everything belongs to Him and is under Him ,as for my eloquent claim also I myself have to went through lots of acid test in life.As in last election itself I was tried to be bribed a lot from INC leaders not to contest election.Thus for those who criticize a person in God`s duty is he not doing so at his own peril?As unless man have something will divine power use him repeatedly?
                 How long one will change fence with their temporary worldly leaders.And really not fear Him alone who really need to be feared?Thus in last election also I have told the INC representatives who come to offer bribe that I was also feeling that it was a time for divine test.And honestly I have seen lots of bad  consequence on my foes after last election in individual level also.
                   And yet I humbly accept that I am also not Mr. perfect in all the matter and all the time.And myself also banking on His mercy and graceness and not claim any of the above miracle to be my own making.But it was surely His and His mercy and gracefulness alone that did the trick.See some philosophy of Holy Bible can never be ignored never insult the Holy Spirit and never make the poor Public's to groan too much that their cry reach the heaven .
                   As all the good dreams and visions of the coming thing of rich and powerful persons He alone have surely put in my mind,as I am also a mare mortal man.Then also believe it the things are very bad in my place.And as so far this constituency have seldom disturbed the leaders with numerous RTI and PIL like it is filed in other place.
              And thus it was perhaps time to understand his own folly by some gentleman himself.And to Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji  and Hon`ble M.P Sri Ninnong Eringji I have politely earlier written back that it was not my personal view and comment.
               As both have earlier communicated me requesting not to say anything personally against them perhaps thinking whatever I say use to happen.Former in the facebook and later through a cousine brother communicated to me.But being a INC senior leader they may not accept this facts in the Publics.
               See it is His divine mercy and gracefulness that alone can save a person specially those against whom divine power is also seems to be angry.Never ever commit so much sin that even the divine power get angry as that way what not greatest insult one gain for himself and his family?As this eternal blot may be never be washed for eternity.
                    Honestly to me His  greatest work I have seen in my own life is rise of the dead lady in the Ragi village on our prayer  in the previous Panchayat election,this is witnessed by Mrs. Doken Dokes family members also.This was really challenging time and already my Block president Sri pelin Lombiji was already beaten up black and blue by few INC supporters.
              And at that time I really was very angry at the death of the lady in my ZPM candidates house in my visit.As I had even no money to give to my candidate it seems the divine power heard our earnest prayer for giving life back to that lady and show His presence in us.And with His mercy are we not the most reliable party?
                And another historical moment was warning to Late.Dorzee Kanduji Ex-Hon`ble C.M  to repent for his sin ,this happened about one month before his death.This is witnessed by Sri Kembom Riba of Pagi Village and even Buddist officers close to Ex- Hon`ble C.M and his family members should knows this.
                   The non acceptance of the divine will is really seen to be always catastrophic as Hon`ble C.M`s Chopper met with an accident of worst order.His advisers should not have laughed at the work of the Holy Ghost.And  before meeting Ex-Hon`ble C.M late kanduji I had asked even Lt. Setong Senaji Ex-cabinet Minister to prepare to become Hon`ble C.M also.
                             And after sudden debacle of Lt.D.Kanduji it is heard the majority Legislators also proposed  Late Setong Senaji to accept H.C.M post .And I feel if he had accepted this then the communal tension may have not flared up.
                    And it is also pertinent to know that before previous election also I have directed him and Lt.Jarbom Gamlinji Ex-C.M to not to contest from the INC party also.They should have heard my suggestions honestly I went to them for 2-3 times as after 3 days fasting programme in the Jipu prayer center I felt like to make a political alliance with troika – Lt.Setong Senaji, Lt.Jarbom Gamlinji and Sr,G.Apangji.
                 As for Sr.Apangji atleast he seems to be still hale and hearthy as he contested against INC party even if he lost election.Thus important man are warned in advance by the divine force and those who open their ears to prophets advise they alone may survive.See sometimes loosing election is seen to be small matter this makes the prophesy all the more important.
             And when there is violation of divine will and one face the consequence  perhaps their anti camp should not have also regret.And another lesson is good man who help the man in God`s mission seems to be indirectly benefited.As I was used to advised brother Lt.Setong Senaji and he was also magnanimous in helping me.
                      Thus in fact God seems to be very much curious to make nice leaders for everyone's betterment ,as some present leaders may have been good but some better  man may need to be helped.And as the manipulation here in this State have reached to such a gigantic proportion that unless a divine power interfere the good leader may never get chance also.Yet He also seems  to be giving 2nd chance to one who make a nice repentance.
                 But even after winning if one feels guilty conscience in his heart and knows that he have been curse for his party then what the value of his victory?See at least the Gurudwaras of the Panjab is seen to have gained more maturity that way ,as if the Akal Takth pass an order/decree  then even the Hon`ble C.M is seen to be polishing the Shoe in Gurudwara and seen to fear the highest spiritual body.
              That way atleast his sin may be forgiven by God in the day of the judgement.Need not to say why the Sardarjis are very successful also.Thanks God that this days in the era of Kalyuga His direct intervence is also seen in this State.
                 Thus all religious institutions should ones again take their rightful place as perhaps some political leaders perhaps they alone can tame.As in the coming political battle in this State loyality is perhaps going to be tested in the line of between Dharma and Adharma.
                      See it will be wrong not to say His greatness when he have saved me in an operation theater long time back.And for the fringe elements against me do they want to deny Christian voters taking interest  the BJP party?And when there is full proof record of His greatness and work in my life can I be doubted also or insulted ?
                 Even if I myself accept that being a human being I have many weakness also ,yet have tried to always stand for my old friends in his bad days.Ironically the new Sangh parivar  is seen to be more righteous and God fearing in their heart and so perhaps in last election got the divine blessing also.See ironically in this State number one critics is eventually find to be one who have benefited from you in earlier occasion.Is this not showing presence of excessive evil spirit?
                        As God is for all thus ancient Hindu Saint seems to have asked to wait for the Avatar of the Kalyuga and thus who knows Lord Christ is the  messiah for all who have been asked to be welcomed.May every body realize this that there is same good atman in dedicated follower of other political party also.And here the INC Party sabotaged by few excessive corrupted ones seems to have failed for hating others just like that ,May God bless this State and nation.