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                                           After the sad demise of Late Jarbom Gamliji Ex-Hon`ble C.M the politics of this State of Arunachal Pradesh North East India may be never same again.As many critics are saying now -if the INC party is not conglomeration of the vested interest officers,politicians and business man and really want to give their great leader lasting farewell.
                            They should henceforth promise to do away with all short of goondagardi in election which have been so far the typical features of this State run by the INC party .And interestingly this dirty tricks  Department seems to have been openly also used at their own party man also.If so Unless this badmash company is not stopped the credibility of some of the elected representative is always under question.
                    What ever the critics says late Jarbomji was perhaps one of the rare leader whose personal qualities like family connection, educational qualification and physical stature ensure the voters come running to him.And unlike some he never needed to  win by dubious means while few seems to be only doing this for their political survival.
              Like some are reportedly suspected of keeping the Magistrate in the toes and threatening them of imminent transfer,compelling the BLO to put minor voters in the voter enrolment  list etc.playing with the future of the students as politics is not a good environment for their upbringing.And in election time I am sure Late Jarbomji never brought in goons and proxy voters from his elder brother`s Aalo East constituency also.As an educated man and man of good family blood in him must have dissuaded him to do so.
                                  Unfortunately here in this Society unless something is given the Public also seems to be never satisfied also.And others who have never helped him or his community is also seen prepared sometimes. And this made the Jarbomji`s place so unique as he seems to have been really God gifted leader as definitely he cannot be blamed for starting this culture.
                Thus on obituary statement in the Aalo RCCN Cable on the day of report of sad demise of Late Jarbomji I was compelled to say please don`t shed crocodiles tear after your leader is no more.As while a meritious leader is alive it is better to accept his value also as only seeing temporary interest is it good?As for a educated leader even if he don`t give anything he is accepted to atleast inspire the students and future generation motivating them to study.Is it not big thing?
                  Today here  in this State the gap between the rich and poor is so much that  a decisive fight in the coming election is seen to be needed to bring a political and social equillibrium.And thus Unemployed youths and Poor Publics need to be angry when the rich man are praised unnecessarily in the party ,as they are always seen as willing to save their skin by cleverly becoming a political leader.
               As critics believe in this State if the honest leader comes up most of the crooks will be in the jail ;thus things should be always  seen from both the angle.And this alone will be perhaps lasting tribute to late Jarbom Gamlinji as he was a fighter and in his life never buckled under the pressure of haves and powerful class.
                  Thus for the rich class who now seems to be all united to do anything even planning to push up the dummy candidate to stop the genuine ones.Yet after the new resolve and with all the honest one mostly in BJP party now ,the things should  be also not easy for some crooks also.
                As this time there is really Hon`ble P.M Modijis wave also and BJP`s zero tolerance to corruption and nepotism is in for severe testing in this time; perhaps in this most notorious place of the planet earth.As ones great and peaceful land of the State of Arunachal Pradesh N.E India  is now struggling for life and desperately need a guardian angel.
                         As for Hon`ble P.M Modiji he alone seems to be aware of the importance of bringing a political revolution in this State.As even the RSS and RAO must be knowing that most of the publics are so unhappy of the system that tomorrow if there is war with an enemy the countries  future is in a great risk.Thus the periah for the national unity who have become too smart must be removed this many believe now .
             As each time the Govt. here in this State change the same person and leader Public hate most come back again and again in power.This is with the help of their illgotten money,shemless and whimsical character used as their time tested weapon.And for critics they win the election with all the dubious methods which even the South movie script writer will be surprised to learn.
                The helpless BJP supporters and cadres are seeing in lurches when some whimsical INC leader  easily go away  terming  Hon`ble P.M as madman openly that too in the public platform.And they are the elected representative whom some of our top leaders have as for now asked us to respect.But how can the insult to the Boss digested?
                This whimsicalness may be showing their pride and confidence to do anything with their illgotten money; even hoping to purchase Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.Thus for the top BJP leaders of State also it will be wrong to fall in their plan and tactics of fixing everything secretly.As man who don`t respect Modiji can he later loyal to the party?As some of top leaders in INC have earlier even cheated their Hon`ble C.M candidate 3 times also.Can they be trusted?
                 Thus the rumour of their  being planned to be taken in BJP will surely demoralize the party cadres.And it pain more when some of those charlatan Congress top leaders who have no respect for the party and Hon`ble P.M Modiji is now seen trying his best to woe Modijis junior ministers  in Delhi and on their State visit.This can be verified from Sri Taje Kumuthji  right hand man of Sri Tamyo Tagaji - the leader of the opposition.
               Taje Kumutji in recently concluded BJP District level meeting virtually wanted to move a resolution to stop one particular INC leader to hobnob with Hon`ble Central Minister who even used the platform of the Solung festival to call Modiji as madman.Sometimes for party interest and for showing the discipline and loyalty it may be better to bring the facts in the front of the world.
                          Yet some of the INC regional satraps seems to be now so powerful that now non can do anything about it.Yet many who have knowledge of the BJP functioning is saying that this party will eventually never buckle under their  pressure and will never take them in party howsoever they are powerful specially who have insulted Hon`ble P.M and nation.And many thinks eventually the will of the Aam admi will be seen by this BJP party with the difference; and ultimately the party ticket will be given to a genuine man only.
             And funnily while it was time to put some INC top leader in jail by CBI ;dreaming BJP party ticket for their boss may be little day dreaming by workers also.See here in this State  interestingly some if things suited called themselves even son of the earlier Hon`ble C.M also to amuse him.
                    Thus Taje Kumuth a Sr. BJP leaders urge to bring a motion against a Arunachal Pradesh INC leader for bad comment against BJP`s top leader for resolution for boycott by all the BJP was not also without basis also.As he seems to be feeling that in spite of all the good reason for bringing a president rule in this State; why the anti Peoples INC party in this State is given privilege in appointment with top BJP leaders. Which to him seems to be result of putting wall around the top BJP central leader by building up a coterie by the smart Congress leaders as usual.
                    And interestingly some whimsical INC  Hon`ble Minister forgetting their own past mistake is heard to have openly threatened to join china also if the fund is not given by the center. Thus many may definitely tomorrow  questions where is BJP`s Rashrawad philosophy ,this is  if soon something is not done in context of this State where the elected representatives are seen to make anti national comment.
             Thus many now accept Modiji to wage a decisive battle here as the local BJP leadership have definitely limitations due to prolong deprivation; yet the BJP cadres in all the constituency here have near unanimity will to remove some black Sheep from the political scene of the Arunachal Politics even if they are related with the BJP top leaders also.
             Thus non of the top leaders can be made confused by some INC leaders extra smartness.As for State BJP unit of Arunachal Pradesh the smart Hon`ble P.M may  soon definitely send a guardian angel like Adani to back up the BJP in this State preparing them for future election .This is the majority view of the BJP poor local cadres who have pinned their all hope in their great leader.And it will be better if this initiative is taken immediately.
                              As thousand`s of crores of money is heard to be misused here in this State by the INC party and still now shaddy deals seems to be happening ;and there is even constitutional provision to bring President rule in this State.As the Article 371(H) gives Law and order power under the His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.
            The present Govt. now seems to be resorting to transfer and posting to threaten the COSAAP, the strong service union not to join the strike against the INC led Govt.And this is perhaps to stop prompting the BJP to put President rule on the ground of the economic mismanagement .
                  Yet for how long this can be done as only the mare Govt. salary is now seen given by the cash strap INC Govt.?As in this State which have been for long made dependent on the center; the State Govt. is now seen surviving bashing on the begging from the centre.Thus for all, the change of the guards may be a blessing in disguise.
                                The stake holders should openly plan a middle way if the president rule is unacceptable to them.If it was possible our BJP leader Sri Tamyo Tagaji Hon`ble MLA and leader of opposition was  ready for a top post .The other  way can be if Hon`ble MOS Kiranji is brought in as Hon`ble C.M or if he is unwilling he should invite immediate relative/close person of present Hon`ble C.M hopes some.
             This few INC cadres seems to be opining to be the best option ; and to some in the BJP the practical and rational way may be not be a bad way also.But in that case also their seems to be near unanimity by all the Arunachal Publics that all the INC cabinet minister barring present Hon`ble Speaker and new cabinet ministers should not be given any fortfolio even if they join BJP.
          As Sri Nabam Ribiaji Hon`ble Speaker is seen as an exception person who was promoted just now and is seen forgiven even by the BJP.As he seems to have nothing to do with the badmash company which tried to disturb Hon`ble P.M in his election campaign in Itanagar.
         In this Society in transition place like this many feels a drastic step alone can save this State.See the way politics functions in this State is very different from other State.And even the critics are saying finding the best Hon`ble solution of exit out of politics is in the best interest of the present senior leaders of  INC of A.P who may be in heart of heart more then willing to join BJP but things are real complicated this time.May be the God also want them to be out this time.
            Honestly by next election even if many join BJP, Publics want to see non of them being given BJP ticket and may react if it is done.As they have made enough money for themselves and are seen as mother of all the problem`s.Some critic`s even opine the last State elections extra money spend by them also may have already give them a good lesion also.
               But for the greater interest of the Publics it is better to find a middle way also as this is a sensitive border area and countries interest should be seen. As for the present cabinet Ministers of this State  the Hon`ble P.M is also heard to be unwilling to make any compromise; after reportedly  he made the promise to Publics  in the Indra Gandhi park rally in Itanagar in the previous election when his Chopper was initially heard to be not allowed to be land by the INC Govt.
             Neverthless some of the central leaders plan seems to be cut the crop with the weeds and later separate the weeds and burn it like the principles as laid in the Holy Bible.Thus for now all seems to be suffering in this State as God alone knows the future.And as for now He seems to have already punished the INC party in the center for neglecting the prophets of this State; who was trying to tell that their was divine will for political change in some constituency also.
                             And as for the reported assurance to Hon`ble MOS by Hon`ble C.M of maintaining impartiality in giving contract work;  the BJP cadres seems to be still kept in lurch in work distribution;as even after Hon`ble MOS`s high profile visit BJP supporters were transferred and the contract work is seen denied to them.
                 And what about the prioritizing the scheme by the cabinet Minister?Will Hon`ble MOS ( Home) be also not allowed to make being a Arunachalee atleast  in 40% of the new schemes?For the cabinet Ministers of INC will never help a BJP cadre this seems to have been proved now.
             Thus the future time is really crucial for this State ;best is now plant extensively in agriculture sector immediately as exporting crops like Ginger,Dal and Soyabean etc. alone will protect your family for the impending drought and famine. For the interested Persons in this sector I can be perhaps of some help in identifying patners.As in country this days their is immediate need to search for organic crops for long life and this can be alone find in this virgin land.
               As with the best land and best Peoples Basar area stands to give many things.Unfortunately that Biblical fact during time of Pharaohs rule in Egypt  seems to be coming in this State of abundance with less qualified leaders to mess the future like always.And so time to prepare now by yourselves.

                  As ones intention may be good but can a man fight a war without weapon and in this e-world; is not educated leader is a boon?And other will they be not seen as Mohd.Bin Tughlaq in future?Finally perhaps also the Publics time to suffer for their long stoic silence as Edmund Burke said-`Rise of evil is due to the silence of the good Peoples`.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


                My father late Dakto Basarji who left for heavenly abode on 15.11.2014 was a great man; as in spite of doing an elementary education he did so much for the society of the Basar area of West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India.That even the contemporary leader will be shy of seeing his performance which he did as a commoner.
                                And this is a honest fact in this part of the world where the Peoples are in the worst transition period and looking after their own bread and butter.And the kind of message that poured in the mobile and the social network proved his popularity.It is pertinent to mention that the Arunachal Pradesh which is in the North east part of India is lying in a sensitive border area with China.
               And time and again the China have been claiming this Arunachal Pradesh  as part of China.Yet many are unaware of problem faced by the Denizens of this place.And what really needed here is world`s sympathy as here the class between the rich and poor is increasing like anything.
                            And in this backdrop lots of local Good Samaritans like my father is needed.As whatever he did he did of his own without taking help of the power and position.The list of Late Dakto Basarjis personal contribution to the Basar town in particular and State of Arunachal Pradesh of North East India in general is worth pndering.In a time when the Itanagar was virtually  in jungle and the policy decision of the State was decided by the Siang Dist. Publics he did just what it was needed then.
                             He was born some eighty yrs. ago as eldest son to his father late Kardak Basar of the Gori Village.The family geneology of my father is –Ato/forefather Tani Nito,Nito,Topo,Pone,Neur,Urchi,Chikar,karko,Kore,Rihar,Hara,Aka,Kangu,Nguchi,Chimar,Marsen, Hengo( Elephant hunter),Gomar,Marli,Likar,Kardak and Dakto Basar.Interestingly as critics claimed their was really seen manifest blessing of  benevolent and malevolent gods and godess upon the family during my fathers time.
                    As in family pooja and ceremony the rainfall was really seen as some Publics here claimed that the family was blessed by the god –Buru Kale which seems to be short of Indra Devta mythological god of Hindu.Interestingly I remember the family priest Late Tage Angu of the Gori-III village once claimed that grandfather Ato Hengos curse of hunting the elephant was cleansed by my father by organizing a large Peka Uyu sacrifice.And he was claiming after that my father gained name and fame.
                                  He seems to have seen education as only means to change the society for good.And thus in the educational field he not only educated all his progenies but He was instrumental in setting up of the Gori M.E School ,Gori football field and played lead role in the construction of the Gori-I Dere being the ASM of  the united Gori and Soi Village.Being the Bazar Secy. Of the Basar Bazar he was instrumental in making of the Old Market Bazar School.
                             And later played pivotal land in saving it from the land encroacher`s. And some critics even claim that he convinced his Marli Aao family to cooperate the Govt. when some prominent Publics of the Basar area gave the Lower town area land for construction of the Govt.H.S.School Basar which brought up many great persons of the Basar area.
                   The great man always influenced his friends and relatives around him.We remember that there was a time that our house use to be the cultural and social meeting point.And surely great singer like Moge Doji,Director Higher education Tejum Paduji and Er,Markar Bam ( S.E PWD) etc.will accept this.
         And my father  even in odds he never buckled under pressure.This we show when our house was ones burn in fire and when his party lost election in PPA days .But he seems to have been very possessive of his childrens specially me as critics claim I greatly reflect him.
                                   In the Socio Economic front  He being the fighter for the justice and equality he was pioneer in the objection against the evacuation of the Soi Village.And for it as the compromise formula present Staaf canteen area is said to have taken birth in Basar area.Yet having vision of the future he was the only one to support the Leut.Governor K.A Raja to open capital in the Basar town.

            And today whole local Publics are regreting for loosing this chance of economic boom.My father played a major role in starting the Old market /Basar Bazar with his few friends and never took any allotment from the Govt. land also.And great man like Sri Boken Eteji also credit him for setting up of the Staaf canteen market in Basar.Thus most of the claims of my father have witness.Thus many Publics of Basar town can see him as its modern founder.
                     He also played a major role in opening of the NH -52 road from Akajan to Basar in Shiv Mandir area as a contractor as he took one chen = 30 mtr. and completed it successfully for mare Rs.500/- which was also not large amount for the  worst challenging cite he faced.Later he went to Daporijo and established himself as a good contractor.In Basar his construction of two RWD Qtr. Can be still seen in the Gori Complex and one Irrigation channel in the Hiri area near Eshi Chiko Village.
                     In the political field he fought with Late Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M hand in hand and was instrumental in making him politically successful. He never played politics for his personal  gain and rather used to be in the losing end for it.Most of the prominent Public leaders in the town seems to have benefitted from his generosity. Unfortunately the beneficiaries who took land from him  at peanuts seldom looked back in his own time of crisis.My father always believed in my leadership and was really shocked when I was betrayed by close one in my last bid for MLA post from the 29th Basar ( ST) Assembly constituency.
                             And it seems to effected his health once and for all; as I seems to represent his pride and egoism.As perhaps he really wanted to do many things for the society through me and perhaps he himself felt his limitation for less education in his own time.And wanted to compensate himself through the educated sons and daughters.
            The present blog of mine,D.T Cable network we run in the Basar town,the famous GRK society in the Basar area is to many way I suppose ,effect of my fathers vision and wishes directly or indirectly.Even what little vote I got in last election. Even in our childhood the poor Cow Boys who use to take cow from Silapathar to Daporijo used to mostly sleep in our house.

                 In the field of the agriculture he sacrificed his Teru WRC field to make hybrid crop/ rice research possible.This show the introduction of the IR-8 rice variety in the rice field of Basar town which suited the local environment.He was also instrumental in the opening of the ICAR farm in Basar town of the west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh in cooperation with the Ex-Hon`ble C.M late Tomo Ribaji which is the 2nd best in the North east.And in opening of the KVK farm in the Bam village also he played a lead role.As this was time when the leader was blindly followed and the land donors based on fathers reputation and good connection perhaps kept mum.
                 He showed his patriotism by playing a vital role in donation of large chunk of land to the 22rd Battallian of ITBP.Which later converted into 23rd SSB way back in 1968.This was time when the Commandant was I.V Negi ( I.PS).And presently this land is again occupied by 49th ITBP Battalian. 
             The document relating to the land transaction should be in the SSB RK Puram Head Office in New Delhi.And even the land owners like Karto Basar of Soi Village is still alive and also important man like P.I Sri kraken Basar of Gori –II village.And thus Govt. of India should  have no problem if it wills to reward the Patriotic to inspire others.
                        There was time that the new recruits used to come to seek my fathers  blessings.And earlier a SSB quota for job recruitment was given for my father to decide.Many well wishers  expect a recognisation from the Govt. of India to reward my fathers patriotism.
Atleast so far for the Govt. side Hon`ble MOS ( Home) Sri Kiran Rijiju my bosom friend personally called up condoling the death of my father.As for the ICAR – Joint Director Bhagwatji he come on the behalf of the Dept. with the floral tribute.
                                              The fathers last wish for recognisation of his endeavor for donation of SSB/ITBP land  is not without basis, as father and his team have never taken a single cent for the large chunk of land donated for the defense establishment where 49th ITBP is now settled as on Nov. 2014.See during a time when non seems to be ready to donate a land to army that too freely my fathers endeavor may be seen as  an example for others also.As so large area and in the prime place will be worth crores of rupees in today’s time.
                            Seeing his patriotism on 26.11.2014 Sri Kenrik Basar the Gen.Secy.( organization)Basar Mandal BJP of the 29th Basar Assembly Constituency )wrote an application on behalf of the entire Basar area Publics to the Commandant 49th ITBP Battallian presently in occupation of the defense land to recommend name of Late Dakto Basar for countries highest award for this yeoman service to nation. As for my view this if accepted by the highest body of the Govt. of India on very special case should encourage other also who may have done great service to nation.
                            In the business field he was the first to bring the horse in the Basar town.And mind it ride it like Cow Boy with a white can Cow Boy cap which was his trade mark.Man was so fashionable and before time and can be seen as an aristrocat at his best. Unfortunately today’s rich man seems to be not enjoying the life the way my father did.The man lived the life completely in his time and seems to have been exponent of fashion also.
            And not only that he brought cobbler and barber  for the first time in the Basar town.And the Bihar business man  more specially seems to have spread in Basar town by his initiative.And in late 1970`s in connivance with the J.K Satto company he brought Power Tiller and distributed Rice Mill of the Bharat Shakti company in whole Siang and Sibunsiri Dist. With the partnership with the Withering Company.
                      Today also his rice mill is functioning in some nearby and far off village this even Magistrate Sri Hento kargaji accepted.I accompanied my father on many of his business mission and many a times he use to sacrifice his part of profit on Peoples request.To some critics view he was first instrumental in setting up the cinema hall in the Basar town also though for the technical reason the License could not be procured by him.And thus he silently sacrificed his right for a relative.He also started the Koor Aao Saw Mill for operation of timber which benefitted many Publics.This was in partnership with the Ram Avatar Sharma of the Tinsukia Assam.
                In the education field he made sure his all the progenies get nice quality education.The kids where provided all the facility like-tution by the best teachers, badminton ,gramophone facility in the childhood where provided to us.He even provided us the milk from the cow this show his passion for making us so special in a time when others where merry making.Thus when the progenies are seen as different by critics credit alone lies on my father who seems to have always learnt from others.
                         And he surely seems to have knew the value of the proper diet from the day one.The best environment have made all the brothers and sisters very confident citizens with the positive outlook.Er.Tomo Basar ( C.E PHED /Drawing and Disbursement working under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh ) and Prof.Topi Basar my younger sister now teaching in the Delhi University ( Law Faculty) is notably known for his values in their life.And father also advised many students to achieve greatness the main beneficiary seems to have been my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar`s batch who always used to visit my house.
                             My father was suffering from asthama and had to struggle all his life.He was orphan at early age and brought up by the forefather Late Kargo Basar who was also one of the only freedom fighter of the Arunachal Pradesh.My father was blessed with a nobel wife Late Tumbi Basar who was also great lady of her time.
            And my mother was first to fight against the force marriage in the Aalo Bango Dere of the West Siang Dist. This was when the R.N Haldipur who later become the leut.Governor of the State of Arunachal Pradesh was the Hon`ble Deputy Commissioner. He lost my mother Late Tumbi Basar on 4th Jan. 1974.And after my mother died of cancer he re-married the present mother Smty.Yai Basar.
                         He is now servived by-Smty.Tokir Angu ( J.T),Smty.Topu Ete ( Bussiness woman),Er.Tomo Basar( C.E),myself,Sri Tojo Basar( proprietor of D.T Construction House),Prof.Topi Basar,Sri Toli Basar ( Bussiness man),Er.Tonya Basar,Er.Todar Basar ( A.E Power Dept.),Smty.Tongam Lollen ( LDC).There are also some great man who have helped my father in his times of troubles.We the D.T family will be always indebted to Hon`ble M.P Rajya Sabha Tarun Vijayji  in helping tracing my beloved father few years back when he was lost in the street of New Delhi.
                         This was time when my father was really ill and perhaps upset with my family and personal problem.The family will be also indebted to the family and friends who visited my fathers last rite.Notably of them was Sri Tabom Bam ( IAS) Retd.Chief Secy.Govt.Of A.P),Sri karyom Riram ( Rtd.Secy.Govt. of A.P),Rtd.Director health Dr.Tajum Basar, Rtd. Director Agriculture Sri Tago Basar,Sri Eken Ribaji ( Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister) ,Sri Hengo Basar( P.D ),Sri Doi Riba ( business man)Sri Naksang Tsring Gen.Secy PPA etc.

                      The generosity of my father was even seen when his last will was read out by my elder sister which was written by my father.And which secret was knowingly eluded from others at his direction when he was alive.The will bestowed a portion of land occupied by his brother Nyajum Basar permanently to him.The greatness of my father was also seen when he was no more so much of crowd was seen in his last rite which truly spoke of his greatness.And so many prayed for his bereaved soul.
                  My father lived life King size saying and doing what his heart said and thought he was a fearless man and never compromised on his principles.His last right was performed by the grandson Mr.Moli Basar, Mr.Moji Basar,Mr.Joto Basar and Mr. Limi Basar.He always wanted the best for the Society.
           Hope his wishes are tried to be imbibed  by the present generation of the Basar area in particular ,the present D.T Shop in Basar is a tribute to a great man and the progenies want to do something more for man of his stature in the future.And in his first death anniversary in 15 Nov.2015 want all to visit in the Old Market Basar town to get his divine blessings.For few great man alone make a legacy in this life others make mare living and we are surely proud to be his sibling and for inheriting his gene pool.

Some of the comment of the Peoples on my fathers death:-
1.   A truthful man who never compromised on his principles have died-Adv.Mikar Basar( As verbally communicated)
2.   The great man as he was he left for heavenly abode on the auspicious occasion of the Galo calendar- Z after Diri/less agricultural production time and before Dichi I,e-winter.( This is the message Sri Karyom Riram Rtd.Secy. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh  read on the funeral ceremony)

Jeeny Pagmen Gitu Taba Is duniya main jobi ate hai wo chele jate hai.Rehte hai to bas unka karm unki acchai jo hamare yaadein banker reh jate hai bas yaadein banker.His soul will rest on the heaven.
Kajum Nyori · Friends with Nyami Riba
One of history one galo people we remember all the time.
Rintu Saikia my heart beats for great soul.

GoRa Api Bam May his soul rest in peace....

Lendo Lendo May God take care of his soul.

Moi Basar We are bereaved! May his soul rest in peace.·

Bommi Riba He was a man of principle.Honest,courageous and candid.We have lost a pioneer.Achi; you lived an inspiring life! 
Deep condolences to bereaved family.May your SOUL rest in peace·      
Jacy Renthlei · Friends with Arun Chandran
Very sorry to hear about da news a heartful condolence..our prayers will be always der for u n ur family..may his soul rest in peace.Amen

Reken Lollen · Friends with Marina Doye and 9 others
mikk yajj yallo yeken be yela ka emla kumlikk dagna


Nyoi Nyodu · Friends with Rinku Riba and 7 others
May i pray almighty Donyi -Polo to give peace, courages to our Ato Dakto's departed soul in his heavenly abode.        

Tunu Gadi Deepest condolences 
Kari Riram Taso · Friends with Toni Bam and 14 others
My deep condolence. May his soul rest in peace
 Kenga Lombi Lombi · 24 mutual friends
may God help for the eternal peace of his departed soul..

·Ipe Basar · Friends with Marpin Basar and 31 others
Tape, drop me there, come n lets go there... he use to order me whenever he met me as he would never ask me if m busy or have time or not. I'll miss him. RIP.

Minjom Padu · Friends with Takam Sanjoy and 24 others
May his eternal soul rest in peace. At dis hours of distress may almighty gv all family members enough strength & courage. to bear with irrepairable loss.
Tony Pertin Togo, my deepest condolences. It is difficult to fill the void but he will be happy if you follow his teaching. I pray to Almighty for his eternal peace. RIP.

Gonesh Koyu · Friends with Reto Doye and 1 other
Read about it in the papers. A very good and loving person has left us. Regret we could not be there.

Lotu Gadi Condolense..may his departed soul hav the best of evrythin in heaven..

Kajum Nyori · Friends with Nyami Riba
We r feel of our stem are broke.we remember his great contribution.god care his soul.

Chibom Taipodia · Friends with Goge Basar and 3 others
i prey 4 yor father soul

Gocar Riba my Condolence
Sq.Leader Hemonto Panging Deepest condolences..
Toko Teki Our deepest condolences.may his soul rest in peace.

Amit Ghosh · Friends with Hemonto Panging
Heartfelt condolences

·Lemli Loyi May his soul rest in peace ! I remember your dad as a successful and handsome young man in his Wily's Jeep, when he used to come to RKM hostel to visit you, during late 1970s & early 80s period. My condolences to you and your family, my friend!

·Kaling Jerang my dear Togo/ it is unfortunate that i have not been able to be beside you as i am back from koloriang n sarlie. all my thoughts and prayers are with u . may the departed soul of your dad lie in peace. asi kaling

·Nimisha Rawat Deepest condolences 2 u n ur family on ur father's demise .May his soul rest in peace.
 li Nigam May his soul rest in Peace.My Condolences to you and your family.

·Karchi Basar · Friends with Marpin Basar and 5 others
Piine yirne, abo ne donyi-polo moko lo alli be inmo ge ka emla kumlik dagna.
·         Togo Basar
Our prayer :- Oh father let thy soul live in peace without any illness in eternity with the blessing of almighty God and may ever after  live with the soul of our dear mother Late Tumbi Basar