Tuesday, February 24, 2015


                       The latest discussions regarding the need for looking back of the origin in the religion is a very honest and positive dialogue;and perhaps need of hour also to clean the mess.
           The cobweb made in our heart and soul by us need to be cleaned;as God seems to be personally always interested to come to us and we seems to be willing to be away from Him forgetting we are mare mortal.
            See in Old Vedanta Philosophy the human being is ultimately seen as atman and other atman even belonging to the animal is treated as same.
             Swami Vivekananda was perhaps sure of oneday even confrontation of the use of Hinduism name to address this country thus he sujjested India as Vedantaists.This we see in ………….
               Thus mortal man should not talk as if he is the savior of this country.And even the Christian preachers who only want to increase the congregation is wrong.
            As this religious discourse will surely help to bring an understanding in soul and spirit of all the Indians irrespective of his religion background provided this is done in right earnest.
                     So spiritualism must be discussed more least the more materialistic world make us away from God.And least old pride of our family and race make us more adamant and prideful.
              Thus I requests the Narad Muni types to not only criticize me to highest forces ;but also tell the good work done by me also.As for long gullitonning a person in his absentia have been national pleasure and past time.
               Yet great man like Baba Ramdevji have he have no good point to say?As he have and he have many admirers and the freedom of expression is a constitutional previlage.Thus great man are used by a super natural power.
                And thus backbiting was earlier never Indian character as by love and persuasion alone you can progress in this world.This is not Taliban land this is land of sadhu and logical conviction the backbone of Vedic philosophy.
              See problem seems to be lack of love due to communication gap and thus Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji was rightly invited in the recent Christian  programme in Catholic programme was a very good move.And great man Hon`ble P.M also made a historic declaration.
            See Human being can always make a new and better resolution.And the decision of top leader matter more.And the spiritual person`s and spiritual environments help him to make a new and better decision.
               Even the top RSS leaders  should be invited and shown the good work of the Christians and one day see even all the religious institutes will be advocated by themselves to be given equal help by the Govt. I am sure about it.
                As the day any Institute is seen to be doing good for the country RSS for sure will appreciate them.After all can God alone not bring much needed change for this country of ours?
                 Thus instead of praying for oneself should we not pray for our country and our leaders which Christians are always doing.And is Christian congregation`s nationalism is not reflected by the best of everything run by the Christian missionaries?
                  As non of a true Hindu man will not like the light of the God to not reach them; and will like their childrens to perish in ignorance and hatred like Kaaf Panchayat.See did not English education helped in removing Sati system during time of Lord William Bentick also?
              Thus the work of God have to be seen different from the perceived threat of civilization.Angry with the Britishers for ruling India many don`t even know that Lord Christ was even not from U.K.
           And did not the British Empire suffer most in the time of the 2nd world war also,may be cursed more for knowingly  tarnishing the image of Godhood?
             Thus the English culture may be rightfully be associate with English education system and Gothic design only.But God was and is for all thus hatred is work of devil.
              After all do the top St.Stephen College graduates not helping India only?Or our beloved India is it not respected in Europe and America for its secularism?
          It is purely mistake that those who have born in the Jeruslam alone will get salvation.The points put below will show that what we perceive to have come from foreign land e,i- Christianity is perhaps gift of our own old Sages.
                   After all historically even the Aryans have been seen to be migrated from the outer country only.And had it not happened perhaps Ravan Raaj may have been still their in this country.As Dravidians may have been curse on this country thus Aryans and Mongols may have been invited.
                And day the present generation rebels this may be ejected out from this pious nation also.As there is a force working in this land of the country from day one.Thus this is a spiritual land and here the piousness /Holiness ,spiritual leaders and their views need to be respected.
            Thus I am sure henceforth all the great and successful man will refrain from being misleaded in the name of religion.As there is nothing like basic structure unlike in constitution  in particular religion which can never be changed.
                As if one closely monitor than that doctrine seems to be more jealously protected by other religion also.In fact constitution itself have its origin in Holy Bible principles of justice and equality.And is the Indian constitution not derived from Britishers?
       And particularly for this Hindu religion this religion must also be seen with great respect for its great achievement in many fields.And for the Hindu followers time to also ponder upon this as the Christian philosophy of Love thy neighbor itself seems to be manifested in  PURANAS which says
                -`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASAS VACHANA DUYAM,PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`And that sums up all the religion`s motto in the world.
          You have to by hook and cook make yourself as merciful like mother Teresa not along singing jarring song in the form of Kirtans by the devotee to appease god ; will it help?
                See by pointing finger at other alone you may miss the Bus.And if a religion helps you to get Sainthood that only will matter.You have to be selfish in this world of little time when it comes to saving your soul.After all for getting medal in Olympic Games also one slog and sacrifice also.
                See you have to use the 6th sense to get the best.Thus mingle with as much Peoples in your young days and study the best for yourself before it is too late.Ensure salvation for your soul first this is real zing thing; as many ways will be their but it is finally you to choose the best for yourself.
                     This have been what great man have equivocally said in all the generation.See the true Hindu will never be angry for any religious discourse and will respect man who is direct and open.
           And have something to give as this is Hinduism character to be courageous and receptive to goodness.It will be insult to a Hindu if all is taken as very tough nut to crack.Crack they will but for goodness shake.Only they can`t be taken for ride.
                             Some who are in powerful political post have more responsibility in keeping peace and tranquility in the country.As the great Sages  have slogged for truth and it can`t be immediately experienced by an aam admi easily.
            More so this anointing in the religion thus perception of religion for each class will be different.Thus their seems to be religion related misunderstanding.But good that this  difference is now narrowing down.
                   Thus whimsicalness and proud character should be renounced by all.As speaking the truth will it not alone help even to  the benefit of rich and powerful?And hatred will it not first harm that man who resort this as via media.
                As will someone oneday not unknowingly anger the God Himself by hating other`s good point; only because he is from other religion and race?Thus fear him who comes with truth and purity for he is His and His ambassador only.
           As the great sages have always prayed to brought the light to all; and blessed is this time when we are seeing free discourse on this topics of great importance to benefit the millions.
           As you know the truth and the truth shall liberate you have been the main mantra of true religious philosophy in all ages.And their have been always certain negative energy to stop this.As some have made richness by propagating adharma.
                And as Swami Vivekandajis clarion call have been -`Up India conquer the world with your spiritualism`.Thus this is our divine commissioned duty to prepare ourselves spiritually before facing the world. Unfortunately many even not know their own religion also,more so who quarrel upon this topics.
                 I don`t claim to be the best yet I may have also some good point and that and that alone should be imbibed. For I have fasted and meditated for my own country man and have always wanted their interest.
                  Besides you and me are part of same atman and I am you and you are me.In the day of Judgment we may have to be perhaps witness of each others good conduct in the presence of God.Thus under influence of Maya some may now hate somebody for being different.But should human interest should be seen or divine interest?
          As we can alone give what we have.And in giving we find the blessings.Thus it is our Indian duty to follow what great Swami Vivekanadaji have said.One have to appreciate the ancient Hindu endevour to reach God /heaven.See the Sukracharyas bid to make parallel heaven.
             And yet he was made to discard the plan as there is no physical way for salvation.By love and love alone one will gain in life.Ones love always love have to be your motto not alone physical but spiritual till JAB TAK JAAN HAIN.
                      Thus many a times a spiritual man is perhaps seen as lunatic as he is different.In ancient time though it was not so.And see the best way will come by introspection,non is picture perfect as one grows up more he regrets his past silly mistakes .As introspection is the life line of any religion thus we should do this as often as Great Sages have been doing.
                And interestingly here in this country one will find all the religion seems to have some form of influence and connection from each other and this continent where we live  is our Karma bhoomi and now many find it as the DHARMA BHOOMI also.
              As God have really blessed this place with great fertility and there is Europe and Africa like land connected in a single place.And His divine power have promised to come back here as Avatar if there is any injustice in this place.
                       See all the earlier god and godess and angels where He and He alone.And today if He send something which you find as best is also His and His alone.
             In our Rama Krishna School days we used to sing this song-`HIND DESH KAIN NIVASI SABHI JAN EK HAIN,RANG RUP VESH VASHA CHAHEIN ANEK HAIN……….`That need to be spirit.
                  Though any religion form may be bit different but ethos seems to be same the end game is to meet Him only.That should be our outer approach.But salvation is a sensitive matter you have to find the best for yourself.
             As we are bad so we may have to proclaim His glory.But if we are good our character will alone speak.In fact today we will find that the father in heaven/PARAM PITA PARMESHWAR was always same in all ages.Thus this urgency in discussing the true master and His will.
             And He have always tried to reach us by His everlasting love.Yet we where the ones who hide from His grace like forefather Adam did after eating forbidden fruit and successive forefathers seems to do the same.
               See any incident in any part of world seems to have a great ramification in somewhere else.This is like shockwave effect of earth quake.As after all every nation is part of the world.But the Himalayas seems to be the centre of spiritual gravity and since ages have been instrumental in spiritually nurturing the world.
                         As long before the Vedas have shown who He was.Yet today we have also fallen down to such an extent due to our hatred .Thus there is need to wash the cobweb of  dirts that have covered our spiritual world.
                            And as the joint military exercise helps thus my argument if it is taken in right earnest should be good even if initially it may be uncomfortable for some.Which is just natural also as their have been geographical isolation for many years.
               But this again will give questioning ability which is life line of religion.After all you as person have to seek and find Him.And out here in India the religious connection of all ages seems to be very ovious also.See the use of weapon called Gandiv by Arjuna in Mahabharat.
                       Then the coming of Mahatma Gandhiji in the freedom struggle time.Does the things does not sound familier? in each successive history pointing that God really love this place and have orchested His own plan here?But their was god and godess for all ages and only their good character have to be taken.
                       Thus the divinity surrounding this country need to be also respected and introspected also.As non is picture perfect the best is yet to come.In fact interestingly if critically analysed there is no much difference between the Christian and the Hindus.
                  As Bapisma seems to have been practiced long before Lord Christ was even born in Hinduism way of life.And even the repentance and sin confession is seen their in one form or other even in my Galo traditions and culture.See Parsurams story when he repented after slaughtering Chatriya Kings.
                            See in Kalyug their may be now need of displaying faith more affirmatively so the Baptisma programmes seems to have been seen with suspicion.But does Hindu brothers and sisters is not making Holy dip in the sacred Ganga since ages.
                             May be more faith promise will help them better after all did not Parsuram bath in the Parsuram Kund with a promise to never ever use the weapon.Thus comparisons is interesting and by it alone a national reconciliation may be also find. 
                                            Thus we so small in the time and space have to follow what great like Manu and Swami Vivekananda advised to take the best from all.As all good must be His and His own gift.But it should never be at the cost of the national pride and interest also.Like varna system may have been only for that time and age.
                And today its ill effect like Kaaf Panchayat is seen.Did not Lord Rama tried to break that by eating fruit from Sabri and sitting in the Boat of kewat?Thus when we talk of making Ram Janma Bhoomi temple.He may be made more happy by bringing a behavioural change which perhaps Lord Rama wanted to see in His race.
           But since purity of heart itself is great gift to nation; as one man can bring much change and revolution for good;so there is in fact not contradiction in any religious preacher also.Due to the lack of truthful God`s worker.
            See some fringe elements seems to have used only 5% of our minor difference.After all who will not like a Holy Spirit possessed person to visit his house and bless his family?
          The greatness of Swami Vivekananda is he have laid the way for future reconcialation even after his death.Only for his writing may be Hon`ble Supreme Court have given landmark judgement declaring Hinduism as way of life; thus their should be no any misunderstanding.
                The most of my writing of Swamiji have been taken from his lecture delivered at the Triplicane Literary Society Madras under the topic –The Work Before us. In fact the God and the nature have always tried to give us a better life;and mind it everything was eventually coming from Him and Him alone.
                    And at one time the same super natural force seems to have send Lord Rama also.Thus unless you have reached His equal you have no right to denounce who are as great as Him.
                And who knows from one single God`s side at that time may be letting him born in majority Aryan dominated place may have also helped others.
           As after seeing all the scriptures all the god and godess and angels also seems to have been send by God at one point of time to make their life better.And Lord Rama was truelly seen as a secular King.
                        And so tomorrow if God Himself comes should we not in a position to recognize the master?This seems to be case of the claim of the Christianity and thus there is need for autopsy in this matter also.After all a good devotee of God will he not bring divine blessings for nation also?
              Thus once and for all it may be better to find the truth.As if there is as Baba Ramdevji says-`MUL MAIN HI BHOOL HAIN TO KYA KAREIN?`Thus it is time to evaluate truth is in which side more.After all anything will alone come from God.
                And how can I miss my Hindu Rakhi sisters in heaven like-Pritha Datta,Nimisha Rawat,Kiran Singh,Mina and Mithali Das ,Jilina Sangma. who tied me Rakhi from school days.Thus their can`t be selfishness in religion best have to be told for all.
                  May all get heaven more will be more merrier isn`t it?And you are compel to tell as Lord command one like it or not.Thus I have been always advocator of once more organization of parliament  of religion in our own country.
           To bring atleast a common consensus,a road map for understanding thy will as should spiritual man should appease human being or God?
            And see Ramjis spirit may curse a person if Ram Rajya is construed as Hinduisation of India also.The man who is too communal may later born in worst Islamic State then what?
            If the Hindu incarnation is to be believed this will happen also.After all in harsh climate like Arab peninsula can all be blamed for being not humble and moderate also?
                And as Swami Vivekandaji have said incarnation is the basic feature of the Hinduism and based on it Hindus  can accommodate with any thought process in the world.
             Thus there is scope for accommodation of all the religion in this continent if there is a positive discussion in the way other will understand.As will it be not better to develop a thought process which directly connect with God?
                   Many a times  a foreign preacher without knowing the Hindu sentiment may harm His kingdom extension plan also.Which should have been perhaps simply told as His willing to take all to heaven like Yudhistir.As from Biblical perspective man after all man will have always limitations.
               Thus God out of His passion to save His creation send His only son to die for our sin.This is plain and simple.Those who are perhaps good, or destined for salvation will accept this.And non can stop the will of God to be told also.And in fact non is against also.

                     This country really respects the Saints who can really give. Unfortunately many is perhaps still waiting for someone like Billy Graham the famous preacher to born here.
               After all more knowledgeable and disciplined Hindu`s in many ways , will they also like to go to hell for their ignorance if there is really a hidden secret code in their and other spiritual book?
                   And that too for lack of one hell of a good preacher. In fact I have seen more hunger for God in them.See does the Param Hansa logo of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission Institutes is it not surrounded by the snake does it not mean something?After all snakes have been always equate with everything negative in most of the scriptures.
             See during the time when Rama Krishna paramahansa was living the great man may have been also under tremendous pressure having to not to praise the good work of the  Englishman and Christians.
               After all this was also time that Raja Ram Mohan Roy was fighting against Sati system with the help of William Bentick.And this was time many educated youths from the Sri Rampur University was becoming Christians.Thus the history must be written showing the truth.
             And thus need of time is truthful preachers who don`t exaggerate; hopefully the new peace and prosperity gained today after all the postmortem done like never before will be eventually used for seeking higher goal for the nation and world.
            As Swami Vivekananda and Vedas commanded.`SARVE VAWANTU SUKHINE……`See the great Swamijis soul may have been more happy if we had gone ahead in life more so in spiritual field.The way Ramakrishna Paramahansas soul must have been happy for Narendra Nath after historical success in Chicago.
              See we can`t accept the great Peoples to be mean mind person like us.They will never have like us to fight in the name of religion this was sin which was asked to be fight against.
           The day one become truthful even the heaven will bow down.See did not in the end even the Devtas come to fight on behalf of Lord Rama in Lanka expedition.
                 This is the compulsion of the divine power to side with the truth.As in the end the truth and truth alone will succeed and if it is suppressed their will be side effect.
             Thus if there is little symptoms of thing to come know that it is time to change one who change will alone succeed.As He alone knows what best to send for His childrens in a particular era.
                   Thus this most controversial subject should have been discussed more in earlier occasion itself.But as Swami Vivekanandaji said we have swept the dust beneath carpet for long.He further said growth is life ;and  as fear upon ones own religion is highly condemnable.
                So If there is god and godess basically human made; then let it protect itself against the God`s will.There should be also no opposition of a spiritual doctrine only for opposition sake.
            After all this is most important subject and everything comes from Him and thus following His true will alone will help the nation.
                Many of Peoples even are unaware of their religious doctrines and without any reason get angry for their religion.But God may want fellowship  and obedience not sacrifice also and least anger in His name.The way to find all the answer is through Tapasya.

                   See we as human being have to follow the latest commandment of God after all avatars they were also send by Him only at one point of time; this line of thinking can it be also rejected ? In this country which have always allowed all view to flourish the best view must be taken for national interest.
             And need not to say with the rise of empire the rise of a particular religion have been also seen.Like the Buddism flourished during Ashoka the Great.Thus believe that what will happen will happen for good in future also.
           As for present leadership they are only talking of tolerance and justice which is after all the basic structure of our Hindu  philosophy our common legacy also.
                          This seems to be the true Holy Bible standing also.Yet to follow or not to follow Him is upto a person as God is a good God; He gives freedom of choice.
           But many a times within two view following the middle way may prove to be better also.Specially for common man who have no enquistive mind.After all everyone is not leader.
                 Even if one side is not totally accepted sometime it may be better to take middle course in transitional period.After all and eventually will of God alone will be manifested one like or not.
              As truth may be between two views also so all form of discussion is good.After all one can`t be accepted to change overnight also for good or bad.
               This is like Eugens Political theory-`Between thesis and anti thesis best is synthesis.As the true religion will take lots of time for a follower to understand also so God seems to be giving breathing space.After all Rome was not build in a day.Yet making the Rome like city is our national aim.
          Their can`t be crash course here in religion;the feeling can`t be as easily passed on to other like Rama Krishna Paramahansa did to Narendra Nath.
         And this question and contradiction in life alone seems to have help evolution of religion also after all many man many mind;and each have different problem.
                   The output of the introspection is always good.Again there is difficult world to be faced in ones life;thus one have to swim like Duck making water rejected by its protective shield which is like temptations in life which make us away from God.
                 Thus so important is also the philosophy of Rama Krishna Paramahansa.Yet non is not proof against all the maladies unless this alone comes from above. Even 12 Apostles choosen by Lord Christ only realized their folly after Lord only raised from the grave.As they may have hoped of worldly gain if Lord Christ got political success.
                See in ancient India also living with the God was a natural thing.The condition at that time in whole world was same only unlike this time where anger is more with the cheat by Christians or Hindu.But not perse by God thus there is no reason dieter for hating God and Holy scriptures.
            The much needed introspection which the great Indian sages told as SAMUDRA MANTHAN/ATMA CHINTAN.And what comes out is nector alone.This is needed more.Thus the man who is seen as an enemy at one point of time  may be God`s man also.
                  As we may have made our own god and godess this may be result of like making CHATNI of all the positive and negative energy made KAYAM CHURNA by the earlier Sages in the laboratory experiment called –SAMUDRA MANTHAN.This experimentation if really happened seems to have harmed most of the religion and religious books also.
                   And this also may be also God`s plan to give salvation to few and perhaps effect of our forefathers weakness to protect all the good philosophy and intermixing which seems to have brought out the worst.Thus what little difference we have may be good but we have to ask Him  to show us the right path.
                 As all the good and bad energy in the world may have been really intermingled in the famous Samudramanthan the greatest Yagya performed by Sages.
            And only because one man is from not higher verna should his all claims be rejected as easily also?Thus the Holy Bible saying that I have come to make brothers fight with his own.
                The meaning may have to be construed as ideological clash and not personal enemity.As since ages the true enemity and fight in all races have been between the believer of God and one believing in Satan/Adharma.
               Thus their  is seen Dharma Yudha in Mahabharata also;was it not fight between brothers?Thus simply the highest form of religion has to be think in term of siding with the more truthful person or community.
                      Thus the religious doctrines seems to have been segregated in the Kalyug by Satan.Thus one have to collect the best from all.But the Holy spirit is send as best friend by God,as promised in the Holy Bible cannot be missed out.
                              This is like Shivjis 3rd eye also one is accepted to develop this highest form of virtues.Thus the wrong preacher in any religion is seen to be divinely cursed and seen ending up in mess.Thus one should fear to say more or less in His name.
         All the difference we have is man made under influence of Satan.For one thing God have never made this class variation also.This seems more of political alleignment to protect the nations.Todays KHATRIYA class can be seen as Indian Army.
                     Thus the dynamism will be always their in religious philosophy and it helps also.But as it happen so slowly we don`t feel its impact.But change is for good and believe it is happening according to His plan.Only if you are in line of fire you will feel the pinch like what is ill effect of KHAF PANCHAYAT.
                  Thus goodness will always manifested in one form or another.See amidst crimes and sins the serial like –`SAVDHAN INDIA`is also gaining TRP.
           And thus the foreign origin theory of the Christianity religion should be also taken in bad test as our country can never be inferior to any one ,yet it can be never be deprived of the best also.Say no to foreign culture ,yet say yes to God`s son`s love and sacrifice for us should have been our stand.
                    As can their be greater philosophy which shows extent of God`s love for us?Today problem is Valentine Day have contrarily become more popular then more pressing duty of atleast saluting our messiah.
               In fact in Holy Bible the main stress is please don`t forget your God`s concern and love for you.Isn`t it a terrific feeling to be loved by God.And what is wrong and anti Indian in it.Thus ignorance may doom some as non can stop this holy spiritual relation.
                 As after all Lord Christ being son of God have a higher spiritual standing.And really Christian country are also not seen doing bad also after all end product the AMRIT will it not speak of the result of the experiment called –SAMUDRAMANTHAN and atmachintan/self introspection in an Individual level.
              Yet since religion was way of life in this country thus lack of interest in perceived foreign/other religion is natural.This is in fact our religion told a Hindu friend as three Magi who show the star and discovered baby Christ seems to be a Hindu astrologer.
                 As they are said to have come from eastern side where Aryans where earlier doubted to have settled.And even some rumor that Lord Christ got the divine teaching from some Hindu Saints.
          Only the dead forefathers may be knowing the fact and how not they will be hurt?If today we out of hatred and ignorance praying some one else?And letting them to rot in hell.
              As through a good son 7 generation forefathers sins is said to be forgiven by God.And thus can we also take risk as in this spiritual field things will it not happen according to God`s way?And see was Lord Christ was not rejected by His own race to the benefit of others.
               And to make him a true world God and savior.As the true son of God in fact can be no countries soul monopoly.The compulsion of the working of spiritualism and force of nature have to be also accepted.If non accept and respect any one supreme body then God is the owner of this world.
                       In fact more religious hatred seems to have come more in the days of freedom movement; as some claim it is historical fact that freedom fighter Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak started Ganesh Puja to motivate pan Indian opinion.
                  And thus sometimes immediate human need seems to harm long time interest also.See non of the country can today stand alone and thus following Swami Vivekandajis clarion call to take leadership in religion field alone can make our nation more great.
                And thus this is our duty to follow logic and rational mind to come at just conclusion fit in todays time.As after all to make this nation great such divine subject how it can be compromised.And it will be impossible without the spiritualism truly and fully.
                  As our rich legacy will make us to know the best and in fact this is what Holy Bible ask for also.To know Him and His kingdom first yet God respects others culture even if this is temporary.Lately religion have become too much of a fashion then passion also.This is effect of the external wordly life in Kalyuga.
          Even my own knowledge will be never be able to satisfy your thrust in Lord.It is His and His grace alone which have even fallen on the poor and uneducated with whom I had also to sit for number of hours praying together.And you have also that super atman in you pliz use that yourself was what Swami Vivekanadaji asked you to do.
                But honestly the advertisement may help the film promotion but not the religion.As this is something which is really going to effect the person concern first and make him most despicable man.See the worldly habits and addictions may give temporary relief but ones if there is a family problem of worst order.
                  That same wine end up as the reason for ones death and destruction .Thus as Holy Bible command one should 1st seek thy kingdom and righteousness.As that man will always have Holy spirit by His side to help him and to rely on.
                      In a good Holy Church there is really 5 fold ministry.Different devotees gifted with 5 kind of Holy spirit anointed power like-Seeing vision,seeing prophesy,healing power,one having power to sing in unknown tangue and one having preaching power.     
              And thus  for growth in spirituality also we have to be preferred to gain the best in the current times.And thus God have commissioned to tell His gospel in Holy Bible;yet not to one who is not welcoming.This is honest truth one like it or not;after all God`s ways will be always different.He may want to cover and protect human being by a shield.
                   In fact quest should be for becoming a better human being then other thing will automatically come;a charlatan Christian who don`t try to practice much as he preach is also the form of Satanism.
           It is time we stop supporting our own ;only because he is from our own religion also.Now that this country is lenient now we have to see ourselves first also.
                After all non can be picture perfect.Yet this sin confessions should make me modest and down to earth which alone may make me bit near to Him for whom His favorite food is ones pride.Though for all time son of God have already died for our sin.
              This may be a faithful Christian Preachers beliefs and passion for which he slogs in his life and tell about the salvation.In any case ones endeavor to help other have to be appreciated also isn`t it?
                   As who have in today`s days  spare time for other also?Had it been not for love of God and reciprocating by some and vice versa this world may have finished long time back.As God want fellowship with human being as both need each other.
            See Baba Ramdevjis talkative nature can be also attributed to his jealness to make others self conscious of value of health through Yoga also.Before things goes out of hand.
         And see here only crowd that throng him is one like him only isn`t it?Non is force  in his Yog Shivir isn`t it?So is the believer is not forced into Holy Church also.
                 This one have to understand ;thus it is time unlike other time; first others view point is studied by thinking like him to get what other got.As we need each other more then the animal as if we get;we will get from human fellowship only.
              Mind it, spiritualism is more difficult and if one is seen practicing this sacrifice consistently then believe that man have some form of great experience in life.As TYAGA is not an easy thing unless divine ordained.And the end product the Amrit/nector is well being of the Publics.Like mother Teresa was mother to many.
                And thus non should make bruhaha from day one without knowing about other;as mother Teresa is a once in a blue moon case.See even the great man like Mahatma Gandhi was about to be Baptised in Christ in his South Africa days.
               But may be for him at that time freedom movement was more important,or he did not find a good inspiring Christian or he developed the notion that it was too challenging.
           The way young boy see football as very dangerous game from outside but manage it ones is put inside the ground.The fact that grace of Lord cover the believer`s in many ways that feeling and experience alas the man in pilgrim alone feels.
            As non is picture perfect thus one have to always learn in life even from small boy.Or howsoever great you are you may have a short life.There can be many reason and excuse of death.
                As for average Indian they are much better then any one in other country in this spiritual field.As for man like Hon`ble P.M goodness seems to have been auto programmed in his mind from the day one.He really seems to be Jille Lahi.
             Her mother must have taught lots of value added stories of Upanishad stories. Thus it is good to tell good motivating story to the child from day one.The good part of the Christianity seems to be taking the small Kids in the Sunday Church School from day one.Yet the Baptisma is alone offered when one is mature.
            Today my higher spiritual realization is due to my parents and alma meter that one have to be also obliged to.The Indian Christians that way must be also thankful to this Hindu philosophies parenting and guiding them and for making them   realize truth in their own way.
              The problem comes when earlier Gurus and parents are criticized. This even Holy Bible never commanded ;being Christian and following the best does not give you the right to act smart.As religion is a sensitive matter there is always doubt against the other from the day one.
              Specially the new recruits are like Karate white belt holders of new batch kicking everything in their way.Thus the elders must not promote violence as any form of sin big or small is sin only.
                                  Thanks that this positive discussions I am writing seems to have been triggered today by non other then by Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis; after he accepted all the religion as same.
                    As Baba Ramdevji says GANGA SNAN have to begin from above; so King being spiritual himself will hopefully make this nation greater like Evan. Carlbaat made of Switzerland now called as Heaven in earth.
                  And for one thing today the globalization is also breaking all the barriers within all religion also.And even the modern day supporters claim that life is much better now.After all what happened in Chittor Fort during the invasion of Mughals did not spread to Bengal in the form of Sati system.
            Thus it may be time to fight bad custom and traditions like class war.And like the French revolution may be this is time to start a new renessance.As think that we are the change we have been waiting for.
             As non else will come to help us.As Hon`ble P.M have given bold statement pliz join him to make him more strong and to work more vigorously for us.
          As we are a different race and a nation and have long record of our boldness and courage.And when the others will say we can`t it is time to show we can.
              As let us see the fruit of our commitment and sincerity in our own life time.And now  old orthodox view are not now being challenged everywhere ,like Kaaf Panchayat?
              And it is for good only as the good man and some dead ones who have been waiting for ages for removing this ills must be rejoicing now.This shows that the enemy is within.How long we will blame others for our own malady like Pakistan?
               You don`t know what is pain until you get born in this Jat villages.And God forbade this may not happen to you and your relatives.So we must be concern of problems in the other part of country.
             After all we are same Parivar member so this audacity to touch this issues.In fact Hindu brothers should have said more vocally regarding this.
              After all don`t somebody have  not to tie the bell?And if there is surety of salvation of a disciple he will do more in field which he think is right.As MIRA BHAI  left all LOK LAAZ /shameness for Her Lord Krishna`s shake.
                 And as said more congregations /SATSANG joins to praise and worship God  then more He works wonders.This is really seen this days with spiritual man like Dynamo seen flying also.
                     Today may be satellite and Inter net have united all the good man in world also.Making the positive energy more vibrant.Thus believe it everything is happening for good and in time.             
                    This must be the time when all the Saint and Sages must have prayed for;the absolute freedom.The years back you can`t have seen scene of jocked at TRISHUL DHARI Sadhus/Sages as shown in the latest movie P.K
            Believe it the Publics have changed it is few who want to bulldoze others. As for long ignorant Publics have been duped by few man donned in the dress of Sanyasin also.
                  Thus it is time to pride in any Indian who is really famous outside irrespective of his religious background ;and seen to be doing for making all feel pride of themselves as a co- nation  being.As one go outside the communal relation diminishes so why enmity within our own country?
             In fact in the new world order all have intermixed and have theoretically become half Christian and Hindu also.As our view of religion is dress and culture.
                Yet from the divine angle he seems to see only the heart.Thus we have to clean the inner thought first more so for some Christian who don`t even visit others festival when invited.
                     My view is for the sake of living God everything may be done .As is Human being not extended part of God`s reflection also?Thus not for Idol also but for your friends you may have to break certain barriers also.
              See the rise of OBC as Hon`ble P.M is mark variation from the Chatriya alone earlier given chance in the Eklavya days to be the warrior and King.In fact God sees the heart and if Hon`ble P.M had he no predestined mind to clean the system.
                      I am sure he may have been never been blessed to be able to even convince some of the radical VHP leaders also to stop the Christian bashing also.As God really seems to be willing to give equality in the world and the SARASWATI is not monopoly of a single class.
             Thus Modijis elevation is a miracle and after this miracle is seen ;It is high time to accept this hatred as bygone things.As the great nation must be matured now and stress more on nationalism as RSS and IAC Guys are dreaming for.
             And have the form of war have also not changed today leaving the concept of Chatriya the warrior class in varna system redundant?And Indian army taking their duty.Thus is it not time to respect this new Institutions more?Thus custom, culture and tradition being dynamic will always change.
           Please always believe that what ever happen is for good as the way the Jugalbandi and Fusion music have brought out the best in English and Indian music; so it will be in religion.
             See if the innovation and creativeness is stopped then the world will once again witness what is happening in Iraq in this country also.See only seeing Star Movie will not do we should be catalyst for good change in our and others life.
              Then only we will feel our life have been worth living and see man this is the greatest kick in life.And if we have concern for others ;think what not more concern will be from part of God to you who made you?
          And todays most of the Youth is ready to grab anything good; and for their sake we all must change in every angle also after all we have mostly lived our life and have no right to jeopardize their`s.
            If we are still stubborn the future generation may never forgive us.And so better to accept His divine sujjestions to love His son.As said -`God loved the world so much that He send His only begotten son to die for our sin, so that those who accept Him will have eternal life.`
                 The great Hindus can`t be that cheap to not even respect the son of God for His eternal sacrifice for us.And hopefully new god and godess will be stopped to be made now.As lately even Hon`ble P.M was also not about to be made as God?
            After all the creator who have given us everything; who could have asked lot many thing from us; did He not asked for simplest  thing from us?
            And for good man he will automatically join the right mission and the complainers and lazy man like the rich man Lazarus will surely plead in hell to send back in the world ones more to convince his relatives who were alive.This is as told in Holy Bible.
            See there is no end of human being and also no end of those who are ready to die for Him.But remember that revivalism gives last chance even to an unachievers in the life to have eternal salvation.
                And thus Christianity should be seen as an option to save oneself from chains of re-birth.This is also like more shop it is merrier for the Buyer also.Thus let the god and godess alone challenge this.  
           See all the good advise one reject in life as an student ;and thus one is an officer and other is a farmer in the end.Yet friends spiritualism is for eternity you will not have 2nd chance in death bed.
              Or do we also like old servant in our own life?Yet He also have a veto power for sure and thus all sin is pardonable by Him.See this makes the Christianity also all encomposhing.As the thief in the right side hanged with the Lord Christ even have no time to take Baptisma.
                       But the real fearful thing is faith comes by hearing the word of God and have you heard enough in your life?That thief was really lucky when Lord was their besides Him in flesh and blood.See who can save his relative suffering from cancer; is it not Lord and Lord alone.
                     Yet it is also bad to come to Him in death bad.As that way non have right to defame Him for not healing for the lack of faith of a sick person.But here after accepting Him as Savior ; many have been seen to die a happy death.
                   But the question is are you happy now and after trying lots of other thing for your cure are you still stubborn?The choose is your`s.This is relation between you and Him please send no money only prayer support.
                       He is merciful God and have even interfered when everything failed.This I have myself felt when I was dying in operation theatre.And who is complaining me for loving my Indian brothers and sisters?
                Non for all is eventually a good family man and is always looking for best for their near and dear ones .Friends the last years flood in the Kedarnath is it not indicating something?After all God is He not the master and will He not send better one  in His own sweet will isn`t it?
                   If we as nation is today  ready to bring dangerous atomic energy power station from America  for electric sake; will following God`s will should not be thought upon also?
               After all like we are fighting here below the earth;will supreme power who is one will also fight above?Will Make In India slogan success without Him being invited here to bless every project ?
             See this have been probable that Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modji may have been successful in any party and in any position also.Though this is equally true that the RSS and the BJP was first to give a wonderful platform to a person even when he was no one.
               Yet God alone seems to use even powerful Institutions.As said great man does not do different thing.But they do the thing differently as there is unseen force behind them.
           Thus we should not look back from now.And go ahead in life to once more make this nation great as this may be the agmarked time for change.
                And like the Barcelona Football club picking up the young lad Messi even if he was suffering from the Polio.
             And later on he become the greatest star.So the great leader Hon`ble P.M is also accepted to show his magnanimity; as it is said the good leader is one who make more good leader like him.
               And hopefully in the more deplorable place he will be more particular about that also.See why Lord Rama picked up Hanuman ;he must have been aware of biological connection of Hanumanji with Shivji.And many may have been skeptical of Lord Ramas strategy initially also.
                       SAMAJDHARO KAIN LIYE ISHARA HI KAAFI HAIN.Thus one should be liberal like Hon`ble P.M Modiji as he seems to have now gained respect of friends and foes alike , perhaps heaven and heade also to be addressed as JILLE LAHI –the reflection of God.
               sometimes in the feeling of doing great service to his own religion one may be doing disservice to the humanity also.And for which the God may not forgive if there is fight in His name also as happening in Arab country this days.
                         There was a time when all the Publics seems to have the loyalty to their own sect and religion.As the fringe elements made one more adamant.But as in name of religion more Christians and the Muslims are ready to die also; thus it is wrong to threat other in the name of religion.
                Thus Hon`ble P.M have done the right thing by praising all the religion and promising to punish the religion haters.And  this peace talk in the highest level have the power of uniting all and should be good for the nation also.
               After all for poor man like us praising God is a compulsion but blessed are also those who are rich yet not forget the roots.After all He is the source of real-` LOSS OF CULTURE IS LOSS OF IDENTITY`,slogan.
                 See even the invaders of this country on ones upon a time have influenced our society in one way or other; thus only hatred is really bad.As eventually it is seen all the hatred seems to be used by some vested interest rich class to keep their monopoly.
             It is only the lower class whose thumb is seen to be cut apart like Eklavla`s in the Mahabharata time that too asked by Guru Dronacharya as fee for inspiring him secretly to learn archery.
              This is pathetic if this is great Hindu scripture we still idealize, then there is really a question mark? The problem is Modiji should have happened long time back before many of our children died under order of Kaaf Panchayat.
                     Hopefully soon an action plan will be also initiated against this making a secured island for the lovers far from the hating eyes.As we Indians have been made addicted to sins and crimes Modiji will also need to be given reasonable time to clean the mess.
                  And this is everyones duty also.As forefathers have great expectations from us.After all we have to also accept our weakness that in many field like in Olympic Games we also lag behind.
                  Thus after this outer cleanliness drive under aegis of SWAKCHA BHARAT ABHIYAN ;hopefully directly and indirectly the Indian spirit will be tried to be clean.As this all seems to be interlinked and there is no option also other then to purify all.
                              If critically seen there is really also substance in this latest spiritual discourse for understanding the relation of this BHARATMATA being our DHARMA BHOOMI AND KARMABHOOMI also.
                 See even for the Christians who think that Holy Bible is the latest gift of God there is seen philosophical affinity with the Hinduism  if things are seen critically.
                   As said SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM in Sanatam Dharma/Hinduism.Which means that Shiva is truth and truth is beautiful and why?because Lord Shiva was he not even ready to take poison for others survival?
              In my Galo tribe language which sounds more like Prakrit language which was even before Sanskrit Om means the poisoned arrow.As Lord Shivjis body was poisoned for accepting to drink poison for humanities sake thus His symbol seems to be called as Om.
                               Thus any one who sacrifice like Shivji; is he not Shiva like?Like Lord Christ dying for others sin is He also not respectable? I appreciate one Hindu preachers who said one who even forgive His tormentors also in the cross;If He is not son of God who else will?
               This is the magnanimity and love God ask from us.And towards all the poor and downtrodden also ;after all can a man in the rent house accepted to curse his owner without giving rent also?
                 See more than adoring great man it is the willing to follow their life in letter and spirit that is more important.And being able to tell the facts from the Indian perspective alone a preacher may gain more followers also.
           See as said while in Rome be Roman.After all is Anup Jalotaji`s Bhajan song not less pleasing to an Indian mind? This have been pleasing even to me who have been acquainted with this from my school days in RKM .
                     Thus many a times problems seems to be lack of communication and our challega type attitude and addiction in life.In any challenging time the true disciple is accepted to keep Him above everything else.
               Thus more educated and knowledgeable and practical Gurus  is needed in the religious field also.As for the Christians also they should see the divine quest for perfection in Lord Shiva.
                After all was he not the first to take short of Baptisma by allowing the Holy  river Ganga to come down in his head from the heavenly galaxy.
                  See the value of water Baptisma in the Sanatam Dharma also ,when the Bagirath is seen to bring down the river Ganga with great difficulty to wash the sin of his predecessors.
                And after the sacred bathing in the Holy river Ganga alone the nectar was said to be earlier taken by the Devtas also.This is said to be now remembered by organizing Maha Kumba Mela in the Holy river Ganga.
          Thus by loving Hinduism alone they can be convinced of the Holy Bible view point which is not alone Christians but worlds legacy.As Lord Christ died for everyones sins and the religious procedure is more or less same only.
              Thus unless one is really born again person also the Hindu brothers who are no less religious should not be seen as inferior and tried to be misleaded.After all like young Narendra Nath they will surely put coin below Rama Krishna Paramahansas coat to find the fact and Bio-data of Guru.
                Sometimes religion seems to be same;only lack of knowledge and our more focus in the worldly gains seems to be bringing the ill will and hatred.
           The need seems to be only the purity of heart in himself, this can be alone developed by being with the best motivating preacher`s.This days God channel give the best opportunity to see the best.
                 But what People are seeing is only trash in T.V.But mind it to gain something you have to sacrifice other.And remember in the end good always happen for positive minded person.
                           Like one thief hanged in the right side of the cross along with the Lord Christ before death repented and lamented for Lord Christ`s pathetic condition; and it is said he was taken in heaven instantly.And you will again say who have seen the heaven also?
                        You are right, initially I had also same feeling.But ones when I was healed in the operation theatre by Him for sure ,then I have realized my mistakes.Friends many of you may not even gain 2nd chance in death bed;this is really painful experience.
              Thus pliz do as much goodness while alive as this alone will help.But since the spirituality is a feeling /grace and coming from good karma also;thus I can`t let you feel this and non by mare preaching alone give this also.
              This need His graceness and your repentance and fellowship this is like lobby for projects to the officer concern before you are finally given.And remember you may be not fortunate to be hanged with the son of God also to comfort you.
                Thus be prepared to take the hard way as one never know when one will die tomorrow?See how wonderfully Yudhisthir eldest brother of Pandav of Mahabharata have defined greatest wonder in life to yaksa.
            He said-`every one knows he will die oneday yet live as if he will never`.The good God seems to have send us greatest answer we asked for?Believe as Ramakrishna Paramahansa also said -`Where there is will there is way.`
              The man who have been called,saved and choosen for a task master will punish Him more if He doesn`t comply it.Thus even hearing the master before calling may be better for some.As for all this divine work have been commissioned but non show interest.
          The seed shown in the rock never grow as this is stolen by bird/devil.Thus one should be religious enough to know other`s also.
         As sometimes the eye is deceptive and the mind have been depraved since birth.Or how the sinister evil like Dowry and female infanticides can be also tolerated in the great Hindu country?
               Is it not time for the VHP to see this dogmatic views alone as the real enemy?Good that Baba Ramdevji is now seen encouraging free discussion regarding this issues among His Acharya Gurukulam scholars in the Astha T.V.
               Remember the true equality and justice and above all forgiveness will alone come from above.Trusting the super human being have always make us flop.
            The greatness of Lord Christ was even if He was son of God yet lived among us and deserve respect out of His shear Karma besides He had great Pragya that He inherited from great blessed forefathers.Thus He alone seems to be picture perfect from the Hindu angel also.
              Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa stood test of time of young Narendra Nath who later  become Swami Vivekanada by his direction.But for others it will be difficult to find the divine Guru this days.Thus you have to look to Him and Him alone and Holy Bible given by Him.
                     The most comprehensive,divine and latest will of God that have been send for mankind.See your own knowledge will have limitations; the way the western scientific achievement have been accepted without mincing word.
                      You have to become slave in the world to become King in heaven.After all is salvation is an easy cup of tea also?The greatness of the India legacy is making us to identify the truth more quicker than any other man even in Vetican city and Jeruslam.
           After all when night is night and day is day how can their be two God?Either they are wrong or we are.Thus this question answer need to find and must be made as the subject of prayer if one is really interested to know the truth.
                    As one get one life and one chance to know the truth.The love of the animal is confined to a few moment.Thus don`t wait for your animal reincarnation.And through politics of hatred one will succeed only for a few years.
                     But using knowledge for the mankind one make permanent imprint in the History of civilization.Up India conquer the world with your spiritualism telling about the love and tolerance in word and in deed by giving testimony that earlier you was bad but not now.
              This JAGRUTI and awakening was what  great Swami Vivekananda wanted to see in us to see the VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM philosophy achieved in true sense of term.And he made virtual tour of whole India in his foot and today also his soul may be blessing me for this small endevour.
          Oh son of the Manu oh you one borning on higher Varna don`t you also want to do something great?For how many times the spiritual leaders have cried for you and our nation yet satisfied on old glory you are not reciprocating and being stubborn digging your own grave.
                 So Holy Bible perfect in all angel seems to have been send by God to liberate all.This is like latest amended constitution copy.But only choosing particular portion to your liking will not work.
                And initially this will be very boring subject also;as our body and sould have been contaminated by Mr. deceiver Lucifer the fallen angel.As you will be feeling like joining Kinder Garden School initially in spiritual arena only to shout loudly A-Z.
              And as most of you are definitely now like baby feeding on the breast.Yet Keep patience even while hearing what the experience ones are saying;as they have also taken time and pain to reach in their new position.Yet I am sure great Hindu will take no time to excel in anything as spiritualism is in their gene.
            This only I can tell as an experienced man to some extent.Yet I am also still maturing in Christ and trying to be a good Christian and this is same as being a good Indian citizen.
           And yes I have also met many spiritual man of other religion also and have benefited myself from them.Yet worshiping creator is it not beneficial then worshipping His creation?
                   In Holy Bible it is written-`Blessed are those who are peace makers they shall  have kingdom of heaven.`Thus their should be an attempt to let all realize the truth without being hurt.
              As non is perfect and non have right to spoil the curry which alone belong to Lord.As all the beautiful Indian deserve to be taken to heaven and our fight is with the dark principalities who is our true enemy.
                As God seems to be willing that all His creations unite for common good and ultimately find Him.And see everyone have been blessed uniquely by the God also.
               Thus need is uniting without any reservations and always try to do good whichever religion one belong to.And in fact by this alone today one will survive also.
                Let other praise your work, live as if you have done nothing; this is fact also.As had I died in that operation theatre long time back then what?
             Thus God alone does everything in life.So what the fuss in achieving anything after all how many talkative spiritual leader we have in our country also?See a poor and uneducated  villager with honest heart is no less blessed then me also;and many more times then me also.
                     As for me I am like typist writing what is His gift.So why angry one me also?Thus from the God`s point of view the real purity seems to be sin qui non for the salvation. 
         As when He have commanded to seek thy kingdom and righteousness first ;then one have to may be think and act like divine power Himself then only He will prosper.
             As perfect practice alone will make a man perfect.And richness and effluence have to be seen in totality also; ones ability to enjoy his life in fullness in whatever his position is to be appreciated.
              As from a position when one could have committed suicide; is it not good that person concern is doing what he feel happy about most in his new life is really appreciable?
                      As it is probable that God alone will eventually interfere in the life of truthful man.As today everyone seems to have motive for helping others and only in bad times few friend like Gautam Adaniji alone also stood for Hon`ble P.M isn`t it?Thus best is sing His glory alone as He will alone give.
                   Some friends also ask me; what you gain by always writing this off topics whom most of the Hindus may be allergic about?And warn me that some of the top leaders of the BJP may eventually also want to sell the MLA party ticket to the highest bidder like earlier INC leaders in this State of Arunachal Pradesh ?
                      And contrary to them like the King of Ramnad some rich man may like my stand the way Swami Vivekanandaji was welcomed after Chicago address also.I have also to be hopeful of good conduct of others.
            But see the happiness is something which is skeen deep and rejoicing in every moment of life.When you have seen the death and end of life and used by the divine power like Zombie than  have you any option left?
                As many are busy in making money in this temporary world ,their may be also need for some by Him to walk like good spirit to do good work like good samaritan.After all this spiritual discourse may also help many one never know.
               As prophets alone warn the others of coming danger; like the INC fail to hear  the prophetic warning of some spiritual leaders short of warning them not to meddle in the 29th Basar (ST)Assembly constituency in last State election of this State.
            And some leader is now seen in the deep pith from where the Lord alone can pick up.See even their INC party office in the 10 race course in New Delhi is now under threat from dissemination now?This is perhaps the effect of audacity of standing against thy will and laughing against man used by Him.
          See the consequence of Dhuryodhana only believing in the money and the army of Lord Krishna.While the armies in the Pandavas side must have been atleast sure of salvation even if they die in Lord Krishnas side.
             So friends who are bothering much about me ;my new Hindu friends knows more about this.Unfortunately in this State of mine till now only money have been made as the only important issue by clever rich class.
          The true Hindu who join BJP know this good principles and will surely do the good fight in the favor of the best in the future Kurukshetra which seems to be all set to be waged in this State of mine in coming election.
           As oneday I will like to write the kind of injustice we had faced here in detail to prove it that,- how it have become like Soddom Gomarrah which God have said to have destroyed not only for sin but for injustice to Poor Peoples living their?
                 See some who preach in God`s name have long life of sacrifice and dedication in thy name also.And so they can`t be as easily nullified also.
          As the great man become great by respecting thy will alone.As God can alone do wonder and may make money also meaningless sometimes for His special loved ones.
                   Specially those who have faced untold misery for Him and have story of great pain behind them ;and  did He recently also not by His grace made AAP make miraculous come back in last Delhi election also?
             Thus fear Him that can alone save your party also this stand same for any one howsoever powerful He is.Lately like Hon`ble C.M Delhi Arvind Kejriwalji I have also feeling that God is really active in our life this days for a greater cause.
            That is the reason for my earlier tryst with the destination and contesting MLA election amidst the odds.Though we have been temporarily cowed down.
                  But hopefully we made a punctured in the bottom of the gigantic Ship in the first attempt itself,The whimsical leaders surely ready to be swallowed in the Tsunami called Narendra Modiji in next election.
                   May God still give senses to some and bless India for digesting my offbeat writing`s also as my intentions to warn all of coming danger may be forgiven.As I can`t help loving all the Indian brothers of all safe and size.
                  Meanwhile time to come out from emotion and live in the world of practical.The Godhood is manifestation of spiritual perfection already in man.The Constitution of India is gift of God and for any Indian citizen respecting this itself will be like worshiping Him.
           And though it alone most of our problems can be solved.Thus this must be respected in a divine way specially after Hon`ble P.M have also appealed to do so.May God bless India.