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Have Intolerance increased in India and world ?

                                                         The man who instead of accepting themselves as Kafirs for not keeping the Ullahs true will  seems to be now cursed and despised by the Ullah Himself, and He seems to be himself happy when his own are now attacked with the cruise missiles.And non is crying for them this time as when the evil like  terrorism is used in name of religion who will support them?
                          Thus the recent protest by one Muslim Leader in India against the terrorist is really appreciable. For those who think that Islam is all about violence is wrong this is the honest Endeavour of that Gentleman .Today the original Islam practice is really changed, a Muslim man was telling that earlier only one time sacrifice of Camel instead of Cow was used in Idd Festival also.
                           And it is learnt that the good Muslim still only take one time meat of animal in whole year.But since their was no Camel in India the Cow started to be eaten and the hate upon the Hindu brothers seems to have really  make some to kill more Cows.Thus hopefully this new developments in the world where the terrorists are seen to be in the receiving end will also help the Muslim brothers to stand against the evil which is hurming them is perhaps time to practice the real Islam or choose any religion without having to fear the Terrorists.
                       Enough chance have been given by the world body for them to repent but the few Orthodox Muslim spiritual leaders seems to have been preparing all of them to be taken in grave yard.Thus next time a new Islam leader comes up they need to realize that non can fight against the modern technology which is gift of God to the righteous human beings like Europeans and Americans.After all when one is rich and powerful he must have feeling of responsibility in the heart to be appreciated by God.
                                              This is the end result after like it happened of –Saddam Hussain ,  Bin Laden and ISIS thus non can fight the most powerful ones who must be most blessed from the Ullah or God side also.Perhaps their blessings for their commitment to their self development and others progress, as inspite of the large Oil reserves the charity work of the Arab countries seems to be confined .See the Muslims themselves are demonizing the name of Ullah as by emotion nothing can be gained.
                     The Intellectuals and elites of the Islam need to be proactive to bring a much needed revolution in their society. See when the elites and intellectuals are rejected in a society then the God seems to be angry,this the Young Muslim future generation need to know.Who knows the Satanic Verse writer Salman Rushdie was more right when he was saying that some portion of Devils verse have been accidently incorporated in Quran.And with the powerful Mongolian leaders  conversion to Islam it is also possible that some of their old malevolent god prayer chanting verses may have penetrated in their religious books also.
                     The other objectionable thing seems to be  air pollution by the Qazi and Maulvi with large war cry Azan shouth from the loudspeaker,that too in the early in the morning as if the Islam is still under threat from the crusaders.See the uneducated , visionless, and cruel pseudo Fundamentalist  Islamists seems to be forgetting that the good Ullah will not like to impose even his own philosophy on the immature Youths.
               And this Azan voice  early in the morning in the pre-Muslim dominated place seems to be autoprogramming the innocent Muslims in their sub conscience mind to become Jehadis.The earlier cruel and harsh climate in the Arab land and cruel Caliphates ruling it seems to have suppressed the good tale of love like -SOHNI MAHIWAL.Thus this showy nature of the present Muslim practice of using Loudspeaker is it good?
                  The society which never allow to introspect its own weakness will never adjust with time.And wonder what happen after the Oil Fields are finished in the Arab Countries.Then in the Civilian war that will follow some feels the Arab human beings will eat their own co-human beings.Thus the missionary workers and Meditation /Yogic postures of the Baba Ramdevji the Arabs need  it more for their future generation.As one have to control his negative energy himself as how long he can blame other.Thus can cine star Amir Khan instead of blaming his own blame others?
                That too at time when real intolerance is needed to bombard the Terrorist bases in Pakistan .See why no much terrorism is coming out in the Christian and Hindu Countries?AS Baba Ramdevji says -`KAHIN MUL MAIN HI BUL TO NAHIN?`The Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis unrelenting fight against the ones like D.Company will hopefully soon pay dividend as the temporary setback apart in Bihar election the truth always triumph.
                        As the same Peoples and party who have always used intolerance / AHSAHISUNTA as its weapon/ via media does they have now right to blame BJP, to which even three years have been also not given yet.See the real intolerance  have been shown by the Congress party to its own cadres specially -poor , educated and qualified leaders specially in the North East.It is time to see ones own weakness before attacking others.The AHSISNUTA / intolerance is really needed against poverty , terrorism and illiteracy.This makes the Hon`ble P.M`s working 24 Hrs. hard work more appreciable.
                 And hopefully the result will come soon also as his ways are righteous that take times but which brings a lasting solutions also.As the Countries basing on lies and deceits will never succeed after all in any decisions the European and Americans view can be neglected?We have seen the Congress parties brazen abuse of power in election and had they been in power will never allowed the Adhar Card fusion with the National Population census record to stop proxy voters also.
                   As in State like Assam see which party is banking on refugees.And even in the Collegium system of the Hon`ble Supreme Court the Congress party may have made bruhaha of highest order believes some.Thus atleast wait for 15 yrs. which is the term which the Publics usually is seen to give chance to a person or party even if he doesn`t work also.And as for Hon`ble P.M he is still rocking isn`t it? 
                               The present situation is also congenial for our Country, and may be a cruise missile attack on the Terrorist camp in POK terrorist camps may be perfectly enough to stop the likes of Hafiz Sayyid and D.Company ones and for all.As Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji  have more or less closed all the business entrepreneurship of D.Company in other Countries.Even it for it he have to face problem in Bihar election so is his mission not appreciable to remove the parasite of the nation and world.
                      And time seems to be right as the Pakistan cannot now afford to face the world in this issues and may hand over the fugitive to this nation also.This is only if one like Amir Khan who have gained more from nation keep mum.Who knows the rich class who are so powerful that in connivance with D.Company may have disappear the black money over night.While before last Lokh Sabha election it must have been their.  
                                Hopefully forgetting everything even the opposition leaders will support Hon`ble P.M in this issue like terrorism, as this is a great god given chance for the nation to take revenge on the true Kafirs.And time to unitedly  ask by Indians to the world -why attack in France only is seen the reason for passing the Security Council resolution to attack Syria? Is the human beings in India not the human`s?Hopefully the UNO will issue a more meaningful FATWA this time against the pseudo Allah`s followers in Pakistan who are seen to be the main epi centre of the wrong  Islamic movement, and who knows the Bagdadi may be also hiding their like earlier Bin Laden .

                        This time it should not be INSHAH ULLAH but what UNO want that have to be shown there in the terrorist Infested countries ,and this is the decisive time for the world before the Islamic nuke in Pakistan goes to terrorist hand`s ,and  as so far the Pakistan have also not joined war against Bagdadi.And as the likes of the D Company is suspected to be making this man like Bagdadi to enrich themselves by emotionally pressurizing  the OPEC nation to sell costly petrol to non Muslim nation.Which is heard to be the true motive for disturbance in the Petrol zone/Arab peninsula .
                      This makes the world coalition against the terrorist camp in Pakistan more meaningful this time as the main switch  have to be closed permanently. The Indian patriotic citizens should not thus now not fall in the trap of the enemies, who will like the surgical strike against the terrorist camps to be stopped by rising this issues like – AHSAHSUSNITA/ increasing non violence , which in fact must increase against the terrorists and enemy of the nation how so powerful they are.If necessary by imminently allying with the Russia or NATO with the only condition to nuke the terrorist camps and ISI Hq. in Pakistan the real AKA of the ISIS.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



                                         Above the hoarding of the mega health clinic in memory
                                             of Lt. Dakto Basar ( 14.11.2015)

The dedicated  Doctors listening to the  Health camp strateg
  on 13.11.2015 on the loan of Er.Tomo Basar the man behind 
the show
                                         The Doctors making survey of the venue on 13th
                                          evening itself
                                             My mother presenting key of the OPD to Dr. S.Tatu
                                             M.O CHC Hospital West Siang Dist. Arunachal
                                             Pradesh Basar on 14th Nov.before the Health camp.
An OPD made by the family in the CHC Hospital Basar in
remembrance of a great family patriarch

The doctors waiting for their facilitation by Lt. Dakto Basar
  memorial trust members.

         Dr.B. Rana GMD Heema Clinic receiving the presentation from the

President  GRK Society
Even the pharmacists and medicine specialist
  had tough time distributing free medicine
on the D Day. 

                                  The Dakto Basar family is indebted to following great man and Institutions who took pain to join the medical camp organized on 14.11.2015 in memory of our father Lt. Dakto Basar and made record of short by treating about 2500 patience within one day.This is heard to be also a record in this State of Arunachal Pradesh N.E part of  India where the population is less yet the suffering is more, and also in terms of highest number of joining of top Doctors of this State in a single place this Health camp was said to be different.
                       This medical camp on 14.11.2014 was organized to mark the 1st death anniversary of our father on 15.11.2015.And the original plan of opening two OPD  room in CHC Hospital Basar to be opened in the name of the father by the family members was changed .
                       As this medical camp suggestions luckily came up, as if from the divine power in formal discussion between elder brother Er.Tomo Basar ( C.E -PHED , Drawing and Disbursement and few close Doctors , and fortunately for us most of the super specialist are our either relatives or family friend thus it have been possible to organise such gala event on that account also,within a very short time which is a real surprise elements .
                As it is a great challenge and need tremendous commitment to do so within a short time.Honestly this mega Health camp  organized by the Lt. Dakto Basar memorial Trust cannot have been also possible without also the help of :-

1.     . DHS Itanagar /DMO AALO  i/c CHC Basar
2.      Heema Hospital Itanagar
3.      RKM Hospital Itanagar
4.      GUMIN REGO KILAJU ( GRK ) society which deserve most of the credits
     Also special thanks to RCCN Cable Network Aalo and 49th Bn.ITBP.

                  This following mentioned  great man  spend their valuable three days for this programme incurring lots of financial and health loss and thus they deserve standing ovation not just from our family members but by the Publics of whole Basar area.On the arrival on the 13.11.2015 itself they started their task sharing  their experience with the GRK society volunteers and immediately after it made spot verification for the mega health camp that is the CHC Hospital Basar.
                    This shows their sincerity , professionalism above all sincerity and commitment for their own .I am writing this appreciation letter on behalf of all the Basar area Publics also who have really benefit from their presence and their service is now talk of Basar town in particular and whole Arunachal Pradesh in general.Hope this mission will be a new beginning in the relation of my family and all this great man who are truly divine angels.Our great appreciation goes to one and only :-
           1.Dr, Byabang Rana the CMD of the Heema Clinic Itanagar for even bringing his Elisa
 /Diabetic  ( Automate) Screening machine at personal risk.Thanks my school days partner and to be Kimboji for this great Endeavor, it really made the Medical camp more worthwhile. As I came to know this from Dr. G.Basar that without it the camp have been meaningless, and non will part with this costly machine in a medical camp organized in such a far place.Dr. Rana TUJSI GREAT HO.
          2.Dr.Reto Doye the senior Eye specialist for checking record patience from 8 a.m to 8 p.m
we salute your never say die attitude risking your own eye for others.And of course her better half for accompanying her and helping the camp.The well wishers  were  really bothering for Dr. Doyejis own health  as the longest line was heard to be in your chamber.And till dinner time also you was busy in your ring.
      3.Dr.Mari Basar ( Sr. Surgeon ) and prodigal son of soil for your surgical precision, you     have truly given the time to poor and destitute who are your own who could not have afford to come to Itanagar.As right now the society is going through worst financial crisis.
      4.Dr. Komri Ribaji ENT Specialist for your experience and for keeping the others in good     humour your fluency in Manipuri Language have surely attracted 2 I.C Comm.49th Bn.ITBP Sanjit Singh Sahab.
    5.Dr. Tojum Pakam ( medicine specialist ) for your great professionalism and for even entertaining the team on the evening of 15.11.2015 with your melodious voice. 
    6.Dr. Tuli Basar for your humbleness and your better half e,i- ane for being so kind and concern for us.
      7.Dr. Teli ( Physiotherapist) for your record check up of the patience on that historic day
    8.Dr. Dakto  Gara  ( Surgeon )  for your over all supervision , jealness and activeness we are truly blessed to be your Rigos
     9.Dr. Bai Bam  (  Eye Specialist  ) for your perfection and fastness in  dealing with the       cases.
    10.Dr. Goto Karlo Radiologist for your taking risk with radiations along with some dedicated  Staffs who got record exposure that day .
     11.Dr. Gemi Angu ( Child Specialist )for your good caring of our Basar areas future                generation.
    12.Dr.L.Karga Dental Surgeon for making sure that good many teeths where fixed that       day.
     13.Dr. Rinya Taso ( Ortho Specialist ) thanks you have shown that you are still the best.
    14. Dr. Todak Taba ( Gyne Specialist ) for your down to earthiness and commitment to           profession.
   15.Dr. Tajum Basar ( Sr, Gynecologist) for sparing his entire T.L Health care clinic and Ultra sound machine
    16.Dr. M.Basar (DMO Aalo )
    17.The GRK society which is always the best and its  President Sri  Karyom Riramji  and     Volunteer members specially – Nyanya  Mr. Jumi Basar ,Adv.Goken Bam,Ato Toi Basar ,         abir Tomar Basar, abir Karto Basar,abir Ibom Riram , Makte Marjum Bam  and Karjum Basar President BASU and others  who really put their heart and soul on the project.
    16.And also thanks goes to – Gojum Basarji ,Mokar Basarji ,  ITBP force ,Dulal  the event   manager and  others whose name I have perhaps forgotten also.
       Notice :- The Patience can contact Lt. Dakto Basar memorial Trust  in Ph. 03783-222644 to apprise us about the health development after attending this Health camp.And to apprise us so that we can make necessary introspection.

B.One who is appreciable for kind presence on 15.11.2015 is :-

1.Sri Jomde Kenaji Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
2. Sri Toli Basar Hon`ble Chief Engineer ( Highway ) Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
3. Sri Eken Riba ( Commissioner RTI ) Govt. of A.P
4.Sri Emin Rumi ( Joint Director Health ) Govt. of A.P
5.Smty.Moni Tsring ( D.C Kurung Krumey ) GOA
6. Er. Jummar Kamdak ( C.E Power ) GOA
7.Er. Markar Bam ( S.E PWD ) GOA
8. Er. Jummo Geyi ( S.E PWD )GOA
9.Er. Rimmar Taso ( S.E PWD )GOA
10.Sri R.Bagwathi ( J.D ICAR )GOA
11. Sri Sanjit Singh ( 2 I.C Commandant 49th BN ITBP ) He made sure the Govt. of India does not forget its land donators and loyal country man.
12. Brother achi Tomo`s PHED parivars about  1 S.E rank and  5 E.Eng rank officers  lead by :-  Er. L.Kri ( C.E PHED ) namely - Er.T.Talo ( S.E ) ,Er.Likha Teki , Er. Badal , Er. Welly ,Er.Lingi , Er. Marter Riba ,Er.Hage Mobing , Er.Lingi , Er. Joi Angu and Er.Tuba Angu all Executives. 
13. Brother achi Tomos class mates all officers about 8
14.Sri Bida Gadiji Ex – Secy .G.A ( Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh ) for cancelling his Foreign trip) to be with us.
15.Sri Tabom Bam ( IAS) Ex-Chief Secy.Govt. of A.P.
16.Sri Ibom Tao (ADC ) , Sri Dakkar Riba ( ADC ) and others.

17.And the prominent Local Public leaders of Basar area:-
a.Sri Jonya Basar ( ZPM ) Basar
b.Sri Migo Basar ( Block President Congress –I )
c.Sri Ninya Gadi ( A.Chairman ,Govt. of A.P )
d.Sri Bini Zirdo ( ZPM Ego )
c.Sri T.Migo Basar ( Chairman Tomi Polytechnic College ).
d.Adv.Kargo Bam and others.

Lt. Dakto Basar the man who lived the life full size and have become immortal by his deeds.

Comments :-

              1. Sri Migo Basar ( Block president Congress Party )- He was really different and can be called as the builder of  the modern  Basar area.He was even ready to go to jail for social issue.The present Soi Village is due to him.
              2.Smty .Moni Tsring ( D.C, Kurungkrumey Dist)- She was epitome of bravery and his father lt. Tomo Ribaji was in great many way encouraged by him in  earlier times of troubles.
               3.Sri Bagwati ( J.D ICAR):- According to official record he had really found Lt. Daktoji had really hand in donation of ICAR and KVK Land of Basar area .
              4.Sri Gojum Basar:- He tried all his means to develop this society and he claim he was  witness to Lt. Dakto                      Basar       playing crucial role in donation of the present ITBP Land, first to plough WRC field with Ox, first in  distribution of the  rice mill  as  dealer which brought economic revolution  ,and other notable work- first to bring horse ,cobler and barber and used power tiller  etc.And encouraged local entrepreneurs in the vegetable market.
              5.Sri Karken Basar ( P.I )- He played a crucial role in opening of Gori and Basar Bazar School besides setting up  of  Basar Bazar.
             6. Sri Hemmi Basar ( G.B );- he never feared any one or favored any one in keba / legal case, his loss is really  immense to this society.
             7. Sri Jomde kena ( Hon`ble Cabinet Minister GOA.P ) - Lt. Daktoji alias Lalaji`s Koor Aao Saw Mill naming shows his  all encompassing character while others were using their own immediate family name that too at that time .
               8.Dr. T.Basar ( Sr.Gynocologist):- Lt. Dakto Basar had a unique quality he seldom lied and favored any one unduly.
                     It is pertinent to note that when even the Itanagar was in jungle he show all the new thing to this society.And to some critics had his view was accepted then today capital of the A.P  have been in Basar town.
Sri Jomde Kena ( Hon`ble Cabinet Minister A.P) a family
 friend  paying special homage 

                                              Sri Eken Riba ( Hon`ble Commissioner RTI)
                                           The man in spite of some weakness who deserve 
                                              no better appreciation then this sentence
                                               inscribed in this rock of immortality
 The man this land shall never see again .A paragon of wisdom
courage , vigor and benevolence.Inspiring many , your name shall 
forever remain .You seemingly conquered every difficulty with 
resilience. Here rests the man whom we wish to be born again.
-on 15th of Nov. 2014 he left us for the ABODE OF BLISS. 

                                          2 I.C  Com. Sanjit Sigh 49 B.N ( ITBP) Basar 
                                           laying flower in official rite.
Sri Ganesh Koyuji former Commissioner Govt. of A.P paying homage
with her wife

Pin drop silence in remembrance of Lt. Dakto Basar

Smty .Moni Tsring (DC Kurung Kume Dist.seen in red switer )with
Dr. Bagwati Joint Director ICAR)
                                          Sri Toli Basar ( C.E Highway ), Sri Hengo Basar P.D ,
                                          Sri Emi Rumi Joint.Director Health and Ego Ribaji
                                          and others.

                                                AN APPEAL :-
                                                                   The Lt. Dakto Basar family patriarch Er.Tomo Basar is willing to offer residential plot to any Doctor specialized  in any subject willing to settle in Basar area permanently after retirement.

                                       THE MOTTO WE SHOULD LEARN:-  In the end what other thinks about you matter more, for the future generation should not curse you when you are no more  in power , position and world.

Thursday, November 5, 2015



 Rare photo of Lt. Dakto Basarji first with white cap on ,Comm
G.S Sajwan  Group centre SSB in  3rd  position with a loca
 apong and sweeter on in  joint Picnic in late 1978.

                                             Lt. Dakto Basar`s rare photo with SSB Group
                                              Center Officers in 1974 Com. C.B Pradhan
                                                  in his left.

                    My father late Dakto Basarji who left for heavenly abode on 15.11.2014 will be surely be happy if his near and dear ones show their face to him on the auspicious occasion of his 1st death anniversary on coming 15th Nov.on 11 a.m at Basar Old market West Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh.
                    As my father was always fond of his relatives and community interest thus hope everyone will make their presence felt on that auspicious occasion.As if this occasion end up as a day of promise to service the Basar area society nothing like that.Not that he was my father but an standing ovation he really deserve as a person who really loved this society.

                             Sri Dakto Basarji was born some eighty yrs. ago as eldest son to his father late Kardak Basar of the Gori Village.He seems to have seen education as only means to change the society for good.And thus in the educational field he not only educated all his pro-genies but He was instrumental in setting up of the Gori M.E School.
               And his genuine regret was not able to bring Ram Krishna Mission School in Basar area,among other things his contributions will be always remembered in making of -Gori football field of Gori Village Basar , the construction of the Gori-I Dere being the ASM of  the united Gori and Soi Village.Being the Bazar Secy. Of the Basar Bazar he was instrumental in making of the Old Market Bazar School also.
                             And later played pivotal land in saving it from the land encroacher`s also. And some critics even claim that he also assisted late Tojo Basarji for construction of the Govt.H.S.School Basar which brought up many great persons of the Basar area.But his greatest contribution have been making of the ICAR research firm and KVK in Basar area and also donation of land for setting up of ITBF.
                   The great man always influenced his friends and relatives around him.We remember that there was a time that our house use to be the cultural and social meeting point.And surely great singer like Moge Doji,Director Higher education Tejum Paduji and Er,Markar Bam ( S.E PWD) etc.will accept this.
              And my father  even in odds he never buckled under pressure.This we show when our house was ones burn in fire and when his party lost election in PPA days .But he seems to have been very possessive of his childrens, specially me as critics claim I greatly reflect him.
                                   In the Socio- Economic front  He being the fighter for the justice and equality he was pioneer in the objection against the evacuation of the Soi Village.And for it as the compromise formula present Staaf canteen area is said to have taken birth in Basar area.And having vision of the future he was earlier one of the only one to support the Leut.Governor K.A Raja proposal to open capital in the Basar town.

                 And today whole local Publics are regreting for loosing this chance of economic boom ones and for all.My father also played a major role in starting the Staff canteen and Old market /Basar Bazar with his few friends and never took any allotment from the Govt. land also.And great man like Sri Boken Eteji also accepts this .Thus most of the claims of my father have witness.Thus many Publics of Basar town can see him as its modern founder.
                     He also played a major role in opening of the NH -52 road from Akajan to Basar town; in the present Shiv Mandir area as a contractor as he took one chen = 30 mtr. and completed it successfully for mare Rs.500/- which was also not large amount for the  worst challenging cite he was given at that time .Later he went to Daporijo and established himself as a good contractor.In Basar his construction of two RWD Qtr. Can be still seen in the Gori Complex and one Irrigation channel in the Hiri area near Eshi Chiko Village.
                     In the political field he fought with Late Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M hand in hand and was instrumental in making him politically successful. He never played politics for his personal  gain and rather used to be in the losing end for it also.Most of theprominent Public leaders in the town seems to have benefitted from his generosity, specially in terms of getting land for settlement .
                  And for his openness also he seems to have been made as the ASM of the Gori Village for 5 terms that too uncontested.I appreciate his greatness when later he sacrificed his post for more educated person like Sri Gojum Basarji.My father always believed in my leadership and ultimately hoped that due to my less greediness the Publics of Basar area will support me.
                             And last election unfortunate result in which I was a candidate seems to effected his health once and for all; as I seems to represent his pride and egoism.As perhaps he really wanted to do many things for the society through me and perhaps he himself felt his limitation for less education in his own time.And wanted to compensate himself through the educated sons and daughters.
               The present blog of mine,D.T Cable network we run in the Basar town,the famous GRK society in the Basar area is to many way I suppose ,effect of my fathers vision and wishes directly or indirectly.Even what little vote I got in last election which peoples call as a honourable beginning also was God`s and his blessings only.                   I remember even in our childhood the poor Cow Boys from Daporijo side who use to take cow from Silapathar to Daporijo used to mostly sleep in our house.This was his greatness and sometimes we got even infection from his magnanimity for sharing their dirty food.

                 In the field of the agriculture he sacrificed his Teru WRC field to make hybrid crop/ rice research possible. This show the introduction of the IR-8 rice variety in the rice field of Basar area  which suited the local environment. 
               He was also instrumental in the opening of the ICAR farm in Basar town of the west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh in cooperation with the Ex-Hon`ble C.M late Tomo Ribaji which is the 2nd best in the North east.And in opening of the KVK farm in the Bam village also he played a lead role.As this was time when the leader was blindly followed and today the benefit is really seen for the Publics.
                             He showed his patriotism by playing a vital role in donation of large chunk of land to the 22rd Battallian of ITBP.Which later converted into 23rd SSB way back in 1968.This was time when the Commandant was I.V Negi.And presently this land is again occupied by 49th ITBP Battalion  Force of India. 
                         The document relating to the land transaction should be in the SSB RK Puram Head Office in New Delhi.And even the land owners like Karto Basar of Soi Village is still alive and also important man like P.I- Sri karken Basar of Gori –II village.There was time that the new SSB recruits used to come to seek my fathers  blessings.And earlier a SSB quota for job recruitment was kept for my father to decide.
                                                                         And in the business field he was the first to bring the horse and good variety cow in the Basar town.And not only that he brought cobbler and barber  for the first time in the Basar town.And the Bihari business man  more specially seems to have spread in Basar town by his initiative.
             And in late 1970`s in connivance with the J.K Satto company he brought Power Tiller and distributed Rice Mill of the Bharat Shakti company in whole Siang and Sibunsiri Dist. With the partnership with the Withering Company own by R.P Chabriaji of Guwahaty.
                      Today also his rice mill is functioning in some nearby and far off village this even ADC Sri Hento kargaji working under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh accepts.I accompanied my father on many of his business mission and many a times he use to sacrifice his part of profit on poor Peoples request.
              He was also also heard to be instrumental in  setting up the cinema hall in the Basar town with partnership with relative Late Todak Basarji.He also started the Koor Aao Saw Mill for operation of timber which benefitted many Publics.This was in partnership with the Ram Avatar Sharmaji of the Tinsukia Assam.
                In the education field he made sure his all the progenies get nice quality education.The kids where provided all the facility like-tution by the best teachers, badminton ,gramophone facility in the childhood where provided to us.
             He even provided us the milk from the cow this show his passion for making us so special in a time when others where unaware of health and other basic need for child growth.Thus when the progenies are seen as different by critics credit alone lies on my father who seems to have always learnt from others as he went as far as Kanpur on his own in late 1970`s,which was unthinkable for a Arunachalee at his time.
                         And he surely seems to have learn many things from other and knew the value of the proper diet from the day one. And father also advised many students to achieve greatness the main beneficiary of my fathers magnanimity of good host in dinner ad advise  seems to have been my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar`s batch whose friends  always used to visit my house.And is still dated as the most successful batch.
                             My father was suffering from asthama and had to struggle all his life.He was orphan at early age and brought up by the forefather Late Kargo Basar who was also one of the only freedom fighter of the Arunachal Pradesh.My father was blessed with a nobel wife Late Tumbi Basar who was also great lady of her time having represented State in Republic Day parade in new Delhi in late seventies.
              And was first to fight against the force marriage in the Aalo Bango Dere of the West Siang Dist. This was when the R.N Haldipur who later become the leut.Governor of the State of Arunachal Pradesh who was then the  Hon`ble Deputy Commissioner. My mother died on  4th Jan. 1974.And after my mother died of cancer he re-married the present mother Smty.Yai Basar.
                         He is now servived by-Smty.Tokir Angu ( J.T),Smty.Topu Ete ( Bussiness woman),Er.Tomo Basar( C.E),myself,Sri Tojo Basar( proprietor of D.T Construction House),Prof.Topi Basar,Sri Toli Basar ( Bussiness man),Er.Tonya Basar,Er.Todar Basar ( A.E Power Dept.),Smty.Tongam Lollen ( LDC).There are also some great man who have helped my father in his times of troubles.We the D.T family will be always indebted to Hon`ble M.P Rajya Sabha Tarun Vijayji  in helping tracing my beloved father few years back when he was lost in the street of New Delhi.
                         This was time when my father was really ill and was on medication .The family will be also indebted to the family and friends who visited my fathers last rite.Notably of them was Sri Tabom Bam ( IAS) Retd.Chief Secy.Govt.Of A.P),Sri karyom Riram ( Rtd.Secy.Govt. of A.P),Rtd.Director health Dr.Tajum Basar, Rtd. Director Agriculture Sri Tago Basar,Sri Eken Ribaji ( Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister) ,Sri Hengo Basar( P.D ),Sri Doi Riba ( business man)Sri Naksang Tsring Gen.Secy PPA etc.

                      The generosity of my father was even seen when his last will was read out by my elder sister which was written by my father.And which secret was knowingly eluded from others at his direction when he was alive.The will bestowed a portion of land occupied by his brother Nyajum Basar permanently to him.The greatness of my father was also seen when he was no more, so much of crowd was seen in his last rite which truly spoke of his greatness.And so many prayed for his bereaved soul.
                  My father lived life King size saying and doing what his heart said and thought, he was a fearless man and never compromised on his principles.His last right was performed by the grandson Mr.Moli Basar, Mr.Moji Basar,Mr.Joto Basar and Mr. Limi Basar.He always wanted the best for the Society.
              Hope his wishes are tried to be imbibed  by the present generation of the Basar area in particular ,the present D.T Shop in Basar is a tribute to a great man and the progenies want to do something more for man of his stature in the future.And as for now is opening a OPD in the CHC Basar for the medical patients on the same day of his remembrance on his first anniversary  in 15 Nov.2015.
               And  want all friends and relatives to visit in the Old Market Basar town house to get his divine blessings and to bless us.For few great man alone make a legacy in this life others make mare living and we are surely proud to be his sibling and for inheriting his gene pool.And will surely continue to serve this society till the last drop of blood if you wish so.

Some of the comment of the Peoples on my fathers death:-
1.   A truthful man who never compromised on his principles have died-Adv.Mikar Basar( As verbally communicated)
2.   The great man as he was he left for heavenly abode on the auspicious occasion of the Galo calendar- Z after Diri/less agricultural production time and before Dichi I,e-winter.( This is the message Sri Karyom Riram Rtd.Secy. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh  read on the funeral ceremony)
3.   The Govt.must recognize the contribution of Late Dakto Basar on setting up of ICAR , KVK and ITBP in Basar area on coming 15th  Nov.
             Joint declaration above political line ,community and caste etc. on behalf of people of Basar area,the memorandum submitted by :- 
                      1.Sri Migo Basar ( Block president Congress  
                      Sri Nyamar Riram ( Mandal president BJP ) Basar 
                     Adv. Goken Bam Chairman Human Right

Our prayer :- Oh father let thy soul live in peace without any illness in eternity with the blessing of almighty God and may live with the soul of our dear mother Late Tumbi Basar we are fine here.

Friday, October 30, 2015



                                                           ADVERTISEMENT :-    
                                    Special offer of minimum three truck of organic Ginger 
                                             from Sri Jumkar Basar at cheap rate before 
                                                2nd week of December.His contact No.
                                                        91- 9402916552
                                            E mail -

                    On 3rd Nov. 2015 Honble MOS ( Home ) Sri Kiran Rijiju  is visiting ESPL part of Basar area of West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh North East India , and all the Basar area Public`s are looking forward to his coming with great hope.At 1.30 p.m his choffer will land at ITBP ground and from there his convoy will first move to the PWD Circuit House then Hon`ble MOS will go for inspection of Degree College at Nyigam Village and then will move for Sago village.
              The nearby villages and schools have been instructed to wait for the VVIP in the que from the Old Market Basar Bazar till the PWD Circuit house  from 12.30 p.m to 2p.m as he need to be shown the Basar town discipline,beautyness  and potentiality and above all preparedness in any time for call.Though this sudden programme have also demorlise some but we should not buckle under any pressure .He will be accompanied by Hon`ble MLA Sri Tumke Bagraji.Another most outspoken and reliable leader of the West Siang Dist. in particular and Arunachal pradesh in general.

        In the evening VVIP will stay in the Govt. Circuit House Basar and will meet the prominent Publics of the Basar area and hear the Public grievance.The Hon`ble is requested to do something to stop or cancel the politically motivated transfer and demotion that seems to have been excessively used in this 29 Basar ( ST)Assembly constituency by Congress leaders.And even if their is problem in some case the Hon`ble MOS is accepted to keep this representations to be solved in priority basis in future. 
              For the destitute and illiterate villagers who want help in the above matter the sample of various applications have been saved in the computer of Sri Tami Angu in Staff canteeen Basar near Urban Shopping Complex .Pliz inform the suffering relatives immidietly;Sri Nyamar Riramji Mandal president BJP Basar Unit can be also contact for any help. Pliz lets make this programme a memorable one for all.Next day on 4th Nov. Hon`ble Kiranji will leave Basar after breakfast. To attend Foundation Stone Laying Programme of Ministry of Road transport and Highway at Likabali , West Siang Dist.Pliz pray for the nation and his long life and happiness.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


                                There was a time when their was need for many elites to fight against the injustice and inequality in this State,as the bad part of the power and position is responsibility.As with the big LLB degree a responsibility also comes to fight for the poor and downtrodden forgetting your own interest.
                 Need not to say all the earlier freedom fighters are basically with Law degree thus the Advocates also need respect and it is their due also.And sometimes out of emotion someone also had to make a pitch war and in kind of State like this it was earlier needed also.
              As earlier in this State the Public's alone wanted close proximity with their leaders.Thus we also did our best during a time when non had the guts to challenge the bulls from ahead.Because unless you was in system you cannot change the system .
             This was the time that staying in place like capital town of Itanagar of the Arunachal Pradesh State of North East India for the more righteous ones was more challenging, as they were victimized.As the truth tellers were less at that time and  believe it so many Journalists and advocates earlier got bashed up also.
                               Even though I fear no death but for the sake of the mission their was need for sitting in a safer zone and continue the fighting,and today good to see the bold writing`s in the face book which was never allowed earlier .Earlier believe it the communalism of worst order was used to be in power, it was used to buttress others ,then newspaper never carried any anti Govt. article.
                The opposition leaders land allotment and project where stopped instantly and the relative doing Govt. servant transferred or demotion-ed.Howsoever good one was, but for it only a single community and a tribe alone cannot be held responsible.The local ruling leaders also are suspected to be the instigators in many case.
                  Thanks that today the things have changed now for better and today there is no much fear of the State machinery.And in this new environment the professionals can return to a better environment to pursue his carrier.Lately my daughter have been heard saying father you have always homework at hand .She does not know that being an Advocate I have to really study a lot.
         As for the political carrier it depends on the Public's blessings and thanks that today they are very aware and want a good leader.And perhaps will prefer a leader who is professional and don`t dint much on the MLA LAD and Special package which solely belong to Public's ,and will perhaps choose one whose profession is not the corruption and nepotism alone.
                       Today  it is good to feel satisfied that you have become a catalyst for change with great man like my friend -Hon`ble MOS of India Sri Kiran Rijiju who also fought against odds.And hopefully in future BJP party will plan its best to make way for good ones.And unless the mass also come forward to change then can a few leaders can be also blamed?
             And the new political environment will perhaps give a lots of breathing space to the honest ones.Earlier the Public's wanted the leaders always to be in their touch and thus the leaders where also given sleepless night and even going inside the bed room of leader was a common practice here.
            And the leaders  were chased two and forth by the contractors and top workers ,and perhaps it was also because of the fact that the pot of Gold was with some leaders .Thus the earlier unorganized way seems to have also harmed the old leadership.But sometimes honestly one have to also accept some of sr.leaders atleast- stamina and endurance, and have they been educated may have adapted to new situation as well.
           But today the realization have  also come that the political leader with professional background like in the Plain areas will help them better; and also that it is not possible for a leader to meet everyone at a same time.And those leaders who are close they have been also tested and found unwanted seen failing in having a vision documents and political will and above all lacking in social engineering specially in the top important level.Like in meeting with -
                Secretary , IAS and IPS officer level meeting`s where the educated alone is seen to be popular.And need of time is now to work for a system change and thus time seems to have taught a bitter lesions to publics ,even if Hon`ble P.M have been never seen personally also Publics here are also changing hearing his vision.That is a very positive sign, may be cascading down effect from top to bottom.It is said the spiritual and educated leader have a very positive effect on the society he leads.
                Thus in this new background the good professionals are now also getting time for their own profession to help the multitude of Public's in a better way when they are not in power ,who also want a reliable legal redress forum.And if your persona help you in helping others then what is wrong?As more then merit there is definitely a charismatic effect of a popular person thinks some friends.
           The time have come to appreciate the truth also as SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.As the days of badmouthing and being blindly convinced by the poor and innocent Publics are gone.Todays Publics are very practical and goes by logic and convictions.If need be they will send Hanumanji to bring Sanjivni Butti from KISKINDA PARVAT.
              Even in the Legal profession in fact the art of crossing  and for knowledge of law other then the facts of case lots of wisdom and intelligence is needed.And which is rather gift Of God besides experience.And thus this is wrong to think that the Lawyers are Liars  as when the client make a futile effort to lie he will be caught and one in the position of the Hon`ble Judge is very smart.You can`t easily dupe them thus the Indian mindset need to be changed.
              The honesty is in fact best in all the position and profession and thus ACHA DIN clarion call of Hon`ble P.M should be tried to be brought by all in all the profession also.And see the popularity of man may matter and for it also truthful man will excel but above all the prayer support of the peoples in your life really count.As the Dacoit will be ultimately get shooted ,thus this is perhaps time to know some basic facts.
         Our philosophy got to be -Be honest don`t take exorbitant  fee in your professional life .Serve Lord by serving your clients enjoy the work as Lord also now perhaps want you to be also happy and enjoy the gift He have given even if your own fail to appreciate your merit.Thus enjoy the life by your standard don’t be too good to be detach from world as some have to be in the system to help the spiritual Peoples in the fasting centres and Ashrams .
                As it happens in politics where there can be sudden reversal of fortune ,and thank God that atleast you have always a better substitute in this Legal profession which is truly a Royal profession.Praise the Lord for His shower of blessings on me and my clients.
                  And thus the persons needing my guidance can contact me in e mail -togobasar@gmail .com and my new Airtel Mobile No. is - 7085674844 and my new Vodapone No. is 8794068245.And the Ph. same as usual - 03795226614 and BSNL Mob.No. 9436229344.The unknown person can first give a message telling their legal problem so that I can reply.And for the Advocate friends they can first write in SMS From and so.Pliz don`t make a call or SMS unless their is real need .I am generally free in the evening time for important call.Thank you may God bless you.

                                                                                    Sincerely Your`s ,


                                                                                  Adv.Togo Basar