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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( Part- XXVII )

always try to be a friend of a nice person and I have always said that mind it there is nicer persons then me even in PPA also.
                       The leader who is good at cutting Mithuns and offering liquor in election will perhaps be uncomfortable with new generation leadership in his constituency.As he seems to be only interested in himself and his family and for the shake of greater interest he should be also persuaded to retire;as all is our family members only.And they may be persuaded.As He want to give best to all.
              See there is no comprehensive Youth plan from Congress party,there have to have been a data collection and perhaps a comprehensive plan made by an expert to see what can be done for them according to there interest.The large walls of the rich man around there house and banglaw will not ensure there safety if they have no vision document.
                                                      And the rise of local AAP e,i-PPA is due to this pathetic scene.See before the election there may be lots of declaration of plan and policies but see in the State like Nagaland there is seen more human resource development.As many Nagas have become NRI`s also.As the real goodness is bringing money from outside in the State;and the best like Tomo Nomukji from Arunachal Pradesh will alone do this;thus the cunning ones shows the talent outside.

                    As the Dimapur Shop keepers don`t come in Itanagar to purchase the cloths from here.And see the Nagas youths are seen doing well in other State also.As the much needed behaviour change will come from the Publics faith in there leaders and love for there roots.See why all the officers of A.P are now seen going to attend the work shop in Sikkim?
                                 And the love for the region will be also tonic for all thus this Si Donyi Festival in Daporijo to make all to love the earth first is a good concept.And as promised by Chief Guest Sri Laita Umreji  to make it State festival if the PPA comes in power.May be tomorrow an epoch making step in uniting all the Abo Tani brothers as if the 70% is o.k the rest will be also o.k.As all seems to have this same roots.And when the accepting Christianity suddenly is now seen improbable 2nd best thing may be not a bad option also.And mind it this interaction will help all.
                   As move for unity and integrity is need of time.It was time we needed some creative ways to stop two warring factions in the Tirap and Changlang Dist. Also.May be by helping inter marriage and giving monetory support to couples who does so.Inspite of growing criticism against me honestly slowly and slowly my recognisation is also coming up from many quarters also this is also true.
                                                         And good support made me to realize that all the other religious Peoples are also not bad ;only few who in fact belong


to no religion only religion of profit,hatred and jelousy may hate me.See we must respect even Muslims man also;as there are also great soul in other religion for this we must love and respect each others also;and never take the name of religion and God in vain ;unless there is exceptional circumstance like in my Basar area.
               And hopefully seeing the success of this social engineering in my place which should reach the logical end the other religion will also show there magnanimity to minority in there own place this time also.It is hoped.See I have right to ask help of the top politicians and Donyi Polo brothers also as earlier I have worked for them also.And mind it we need to hate the sin not the sinner more so to the devil who is making other to commit mistake.
                            See non is bathed of milk as I myself have also many weaknesses.But should we stop to do good work?Thus please don`t take my appeal personally.One was good in his own time;but after one year even medicine is not thrown away on expiry ground?As tolerance,love and effectionate without it no religion will be religion also and man who want to propagate against it directly or indirectly will bring more havock on his ownself and his religion also.This is now being increasingly realized now that God`s plan will happen eventually.

                  Thus good person of other religion have to be also respected as they seems to have made the God to still not finish the world also.As any one can earn for himself but good one alone will be seen as doing prayer and fasting for others.And even if other laughs the God certainly will be seeing all the works done secretly below.
                                  And the secret communal meeting will have catastrophic effect this is now known by all;as if there is secret communal meeting then again there will be seen communal unrest within its smaller community also;so and so forth that there will be insecurity and distrust of highest order.As our villagers are already living in the katcha building so need lots of cooperation and bonhomie.
                Our weakness can be made as our asset see the foreigners want to stay in local Katcha houses the homestay can be a good business venture.But for it there have to be a behavioural change.And sorry for this leadership have to change as they have lost credibility to teach.As they have shown the march ending culture themselves.
                           Thus from all counts some have failed and there will be definitely more problem if divine warning is neglected.As one can be smart but will never be Mr.Perfect.And becoming extra creative crook before

other knew;does it means that he is more perfect then others also?As earlier there where few contractors and few powerful rich family members and catching hold of one as supporter used to ensure there victory.
                    Today everyone is son of the soil and only respect the genuine family member who have served the Publics.As non will pay money to all;utmost distribute some calenders.And even here some clever leaders is rumoured to be behind distributions of calenders of opponent leaders unwilling to contest as to divide the vote share of that area also.Thus this Publics is now extra clever.
                        And as all the Publics now want fast money and thus there is possibility that after waiting and not getting any money even conventional Congress supporters may make a U-turn this time.As the good man will be always good he will wait for his leader as he knows the good food takes time to cook.As the Publics here identify Late Tomo Ribaji the PPA pioneer more;as he was our own and a very good ideal leader for civil society this is now being realized now.So now the devil will get his own dues many old leaders may get tresspass from the old workers hunting for money perhaps inside there bed room also.
                     As they can`t now make any more excuse;as if flemingo bird if he says he have stopped eating fish who will believe now?And how one can now repent as easily in the fasting centre also; and one who come to fasting

and prayer only for retaining his power and position will God also accept this?As for many time may been over now;after all what have been asked for earlier have been alone given and today the money also seems to be not working also for them;as other good one also have to be blessed and where so given in the form of new resurrected Publics.
              Thus may be time to stop inviting this perennial headache which comes with earning money surreptiously.As many workers complaint now even after giving some money all the villagers are told to collect money from him and there happens as said in Hindi.LENE KA DENE PAR JATA HAIN e,i- in the dream of getting you loose more.
                 But still I also appeal to all to forgive haves class earlier excess also as after all if I have not faced the near death situation in my life and changed.I may have been also one of them driving large cars seeing publics as purchasable commodities.But whatever I have is only due to God`s and have to work like Him also.The enemies who seems to have pre-planned to damage my future politics; associating my future with my rich family members whims and caprice,see my critics they may themselves now have to come in my aid in the new scenerio also.

                           As initially this criticism was also heaped on great man like Mahatma Gandhiji.As some will always make an excuse and some even if I have not yet meet them will stand by me.Just like Jamshedji Naroji Tataji who later on started Tata Company and become most respected person as well.
                             We have to always see that the voice of the Public is supreme and want a real leader now,whom they can be proud of who may have done something wrong; but have done more better work for humanity also.And it is always team work also,that make a party successful also.In fact I am very thankful to my Collegues in PPA for personally standing by me so far.And accepting me and my views in all the moment as they seems to also accept that ideological commitment of a leader itself is his immense property.
                    Once I read in a book there are three catogories of man one who make things happen,other one who sees thing happen and 3rd who is undmindful of happening around him.It is time to see in what catogary our Arunachal Publics are now,as God gives great chance to all.And this time the PPA is giving better alternative to all.See the inter party difference of opinion is natural ;thank`s God it should perhaps not reach to point of return in PPA as together we have all seen so much bad time.

                And definitely from my side I will always like the Peoples to support me from there conscience and core of heart as Lord alone will give.See  our Hon`ble C.M candidate Sri Laita Umreji himself is living testimony of a truthful man to core; a fighter in true sense of term who can be seen as bashing redudant haves class leaders ;that too much before the Anna Movement started also.
                         Thus like after AAP was made to be invited undmindfully ; will it not be better for the Congress top brass to declare no first attack policy in the constituency of atleast 10 top PPA leaders.As they like it or not they may have to tomorrow wooe us also. My word of advise to some over smart one`s-It was time for many to repent and give standing ovation to Late Tomo Riabajis spirit as He alone may be able to now forgive them.
                As we all are much indebted to Him and this is time His and Bakinjis spirit will touch the Arunachal Publics heart more.And it seems today the Publics will naturally down load top PPA leaders speech in there  website,facebook and mobile to be passed to others.As few good man seems to have ensure the divine power`s mercy on our society,and for them why the true Public will also have no special love.The word of advise to my own PPA man we need good spiritual man of all the religion also in PPA and there blessings.
                       Those who are badmouthing against few PPA friends also is in


fact result of jealousy;as there cheating,beating and mis treating is not working now.As anarchy non will like; see the natural disaster in other places is it not result of silent support of injustice by the masses.Thus even the good Congress man may now also send there secret help to clean them of there previous sins.
              The typical feature of the Basar area have been it have been always ruled by top leaders with name beginning from T or To…in first word; which is also surprising element.And I have the distinction of working with Late Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji also.
                        Still now I have taken good care of personal letter written by grandfather late Todak Basarji.He must have been also concerned with the Basar Publics welfare and today would have despised his Congress party which seems to have contaminated Basar society beyond redemption also.As what they are good at is making Ponu party wait for money;and many may have also developed gastricities for this indiscipline life.
                      See today the women welfare also need to know that our Hon`ble PPA Chairman`s wife Madam Ringuji is the President of the State Women Comission and we are committed to passing good Bills in favour of women emnicipication.And also our PPA women President Madam K.Ringu


from Name Nari Constituency is also a upright lady and always have women interest in her heart.                
                                             Thus appealing to all leaders with To….. initial name atleast to also help me,your turn will come soon; why hurry have to spoil the curry?Publics today also like some one who have stood by them like the statue of Gibralter and have slept equaly hungry  with them when they where hungry;and well self centric leaders they can be convinced to repent and equally ruined by there cunning supporters making noises and nuisances in there houses.But has any one dare to openly speak on important point in open platform like the PPA leaders did which is need of hour;as man with mission give a damn what others think and talk about him; as non will openly dare to speak for the oppressed as they do.
                             And man this matter more as the 90% Publics are convinced with us.And are saying leave another 10% they will alone kill time and time for appeasing them have gone now.As time have come to see the interest of the Rural area specially the poor Publics.And this realization is also good as there have to be democratic participation.Today Tata sky have opened the Publics eye;and the senior leaders be ready for a big shock.And some get angry when we want to save them from heart attack.

              But it is equally truth that the PPA is Peoples Party also and the Publics genuine demands and aspirations have to be also taken note of; and for this we all are committed to make supreme sacrifice also if need be.But for those class who have always seen there own interest first they have to also show highest form of repentance.
               Time for me to see the goodness of the leaders and there families reciprocation on me for my earlier helping them also like-Late Todak Basarji  ,Late Tomo Ribajis,Late Dorzee  Kandujis,Sri Dibang Tatakji,Sri Kiran Rijijuji,Mr.Sr. and Jr.Apangji,Gojen Gadiji,Smty.Dakter Basar,Gamlin  and jobom Basarji`s family members;as for my earlier helps they should atleast have word of praise for me also.And perhaps will not cleverly blame on the general Publics.
                       As hope man will not be only seen as bad man if he want to cross someone life as calling the friends as best and foes as worst always how far this will go?As the days the Laita Umreji was going to be projected as Hon`ble Chief Ministerial candidate I have predicted that my area being near to top Congress leader;I will have more problem in future.As every senior leader seems to be  coveting this top post.And for this attitude the

present establishment seems to have themselves become impediment to the well being of the Publics for the infighting of highest order.
                                 As our main mission is not to flow like Ganga uninterepted unhindered about the scene of the mahem and chaos in its bank; for which Late Bhupen Hazarikaji had to write this song-`VISTAR HAIN APAR,PRAJA DONO PAR KARE HAHA- KAR,NISABD NIHAR GANGA KYON, GANGA BAHATI HAIN KUON`.Which means there is so much chaos and mahem in the bank but why you mighty Ganga is flowing without noticing it?In fact the poet seems to be challenging the great man of our time to take stoke of situation.
              And need not to say this same Assamese peoples who never took care of the great Bhupen Hazarika when he was alive flocked in lakhs surpassing world record crowd even of the rock star Michael Jackson`s last funeral procession.When he went for heavenly abode.Thus this superficial life may have to be removed and may be due respect have to be given to elites like in Bengal.
                As the swami Vivekanada`s philosophy fed to us from nascent stage was beginning of introduction of of hunger for spiritualism seems to have made me now spiritually rich to dare to drink the poison for others also.And as such I have reason to also respect the Guru of other religion also.As

willing to be belonging to world family must be our last temptation`s and goal and final journey as well.
                   As there may be more pathetic place then us and who knows there may be also some one who want to link to a good cause also?As a success against odds in one place may embolden many others.See the good man thinks I will never allow others also to face the problem I have faced.
                            And as long as poorest of Arunachal Poor Publics understand our secret voice of concience we have whom to worry and for what?As this feeling is something God gifted and cannot be manipulated;as if there is feeling of Godheadness with you and you have great plan for your own the criticism will make you more committed also.As truth is I have also loved them with an everlasting love and will definitely have that positive vibrations each time I work for them;and they will have for me.
                     This are the silence motivator/vitamin of great man. As Judgement only belong to Lord so my any sins will be seen in the day of the Judgement ;but if I have passed His divine test in issues pertaining to poor brothers and sisters which is issues of grim concern to Him,then this Publics they have to also hear my version also in right time.
                        If the critics are also right now seen taking help of there

liberty.I have to also;as I been always supporter of freedom of expression;but feels it should have been used more against the rich and powerful person then against poors and there leader.As few officers like Joke Anguji Secy.under Govt. of Goa is atleast seen to be that cup of tea.And so ones all other mistakes is irrelevant after this as this quality also a great man can have.See when the good and more enlightened Basar area Publics they also want deliverence now,there is definitely chance of a possibility now which hope all should develop.
                   As positive feeling of leader is what the Publics need and this have to be told by all to there relatives stationed in the Basar society.And whole the world Publics atleast need to prey for the Publics of the 29th Assembly Constituency of Basar of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India also.As honestly the Publics also hears the versions of the more superior one`s as this is also a small place.Thus superior ones living in powerful places and post have more responsibility to tell the fact;truth and guide the lower officers and business man.
                                      And in that case then I am the one also who need to sleep quietly and wait for my turn also after doing my homework; as the same thinking persons like me specially the NRI`s settled in the foreign country will perhaps like to do good work through me also.As what they may have wanted to do when they where staying back home in India could be

now done through us.As every CHANDAL BHARAT VASI DARIDRA BHARAT VASI ,e,i- even the lower cast members and poorest of poor is our own Indian.
               This is as told by Swami Vivekananda and I believe there are many Swami Vivekanadajis supporters in outside country also.But woods are dark and road is long,so miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.See the extra creativeness may be God`s gift only,as Arunachal pradesh Political leaders will never have that media advantage like Arvind Kejriwalji can use the national media for world wide help.
                    As for me till help come I have to do everything myself,with no driver,no P.A and party office also.After all Congress party is also an old resourceful party and is notorious for its machivillain plans also;but who knows tomorrow there may come a unanimity in Congress party also to throw down the cursed leader as man called Jonnah was done as shown in the Holy Bible story.As he confessed he was running away from Prophesy so God`s curse come in the Ship in the form of cyclone where every one`s life was in jeopardy.
                                    The PPA the party with difference need ot be different as it is a team work so there is need to respect each other.As it is possible the top leaders may be also unavailable for election campaign for you; so never ever insult a poorer cadre.As the Public`s want someone else also to

campaign for you also and respects the senior cadres more as they have more credibility also.And they have to be respected also as they are still sacrificing for all;as there is something which a visionary and outspoken leader can alone do.
               And thus the money also need to be spend by a rich leader and supporter when there is needed like in election ralley.Mind it most of the senior PPA leaders have decided to work for party and abstain from contest and those who are contesting are also seeing it as a mission work.And mind it they may be also seen with great respect also.
                             The idea of self aggrandizement in PPA Party is less ;see the Publics are much smarter now they seems to know that th present leaders are only good in courtesy calling.Earlier I have been more vocal because there was less leaders with open view; as there was too much fear against the ruling party then.And today all seems to have wocken up;is it not the God`s victory?
                   See if the aim is for self aggrandizement the Publics will know the boly language of a leader also.But also certain consideration should be also made to the leader if he makes a creative move and is parties asset.As then

it is his own creativeness and talent for which others are benefitting but in other matter the leaders should also not poke much like in contract works.
                      As even the Lord Christ choosed 12 Apostles and they were enough isn`t it?Thus we also need to cut our coat according to size also.The old leaders argument for need of rich leaders in todays election should also finish after AAP coming to power in the Delhi.So why more power obsession as even if there will be too many rich leaders fatty looking posters in street ;there may be more question`s in Publics mind this time.
                       See earlier myself and PPA leaders have faced worst rejection of old friends door closing in our very nose also;even then we are ready to forgive them.As man is after all temptable by devil.As for me I have been lucky to have few good relative who also secretly adoring me;and that is enough also.As victory ultimately belong to God only.
                          And as per my outlook even few congress man who have helped me are more greater person then me also.One perhaps will never become closer to God by going in Holy Churches number of times.But by being good even in helmns of power and abudance;may God don`t make me so rich that I become proud;or so poor that I start to steal also.But thanks to Lord for protecting me so far as man like Sri kamin Ringuji Hon`ble Chairman and old man of PPA a honest man ;perhaps he can now die peacefully like


Prophet Mosses.
                       And see if we respect the seniours this will also happen to us in the future.Thus PPA must search back earlier senior leaders also and give atleast decent burial from parties side in the fake end of carreer.As the seed planted by them have today also become a big fruit bearing tree also.
                        And it is privilege to hear from great man like some senior PPA who are still alive.And for resourceful PPA man also even though self sufficient in term of resource;there commitment for a party fighting for poor brothers and sisters of Arunachal Pradesh is phenomenal. This is honest fact and more of rich Arunachalee must take a lession from this; as this is crucial time for making an introspection of highest order.
                      As this days the State news paper also is now flooded with criticism of the ruling Govt.so whom to worry now?And tomorrow more skeletons may come out from ruling Govt. cupboard to make the haves class - the conglomeration of the vested interest officers,politicians and business man`s life more miserable also.
                           And some of them if they don`t make honourable exit now; they may be left behind also and its there own making also;as they have seldom made symbolic charity also.And was seen never poke into an affairs

unless there is a personal interest.But once upon a time they may have been also good and so must have been blessed and must be still God fearing and have to be told of truth also.As it is wrong to provoke other to commit more sins;as someone may be not that bad inside.And see there should be still a corner of goodness in them and hope they will give peace a second chance when there is right now win win situation for both.
                          And before thrown stone by frustrated Youths in this new changed world they must realise the gravity of situation.As in some places earlier even the campaign of the opposition leaders was heard to be disturbed by there goons.This have happened in my own life also and when this have been our main reason for coming in politics how we can tolerate this any more.As in new situations what is guarantee that the snake will bite the neighbor only.See two versions if allowed will alone take our area to new heights.
                      And for this I exempt the innocent publics from moral guilt as everything was earlier with the powerful leaders and they spend lakhs of money for there propaganda;and many seems to have been forced to keep there calenders and given  more emphasize to keep there pictures then divine power also.And this will change if the PPA is given one time

chance;then Peoples will see the real development like in Sikkim and Nagaland.
                                But we want some rich business man also;someone now like Tugo Gankakji the proprietor of the Siru Rijo Tea estate.As what gain Public`s make of others richness at there cost?Thus this is time the innocent Publics rise up and today they have risen to a great extent also.
                As howsoever the rich man in the town area boast of the voters is always with them.The rural areas are going to determine the outcome now as for years they have been kept in lurches.And if there is little bit of murmer against there opposition leaders;then it means they are waiting for there leaders to appear to them also.
                                            And for this to fulfill this appeal  to world may also help us .But for the good citizens they also need to know that there less resourceful leader is right now busy appealing to whole the world and thus need there prayer support also.And see this money gained in donations will be much better then the money earned surreptiously taken from Publics part.And later aimed to be taken back from the commission of the project on the way from Planning commission to the project cites in A.P.As who knows there may be direct involvement with the PMO in the corruption of the interior places questions some now.

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