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THE GAME CHANGER:- My new Nobel ( part- XVI )

Shoot at Arabs.And see the black money becoming white in the Switzerland thus if God bless everything will be eventually o.k.
                     Thus there must be a parallel spiritual revolution with the urge for a political revolution as both are same side of a coin only.See non is that shamless to roam around with a corrupted leader;only earlier there was no alternative opposition party like PPA like now we have in A.P.As when you work here then non can point finger at you.For it is out of love to your own party that you have joined it.And today the people will change as already lots of invitations are coming for us to address them; but we are unable to comply that request also.And what else a leader like also?
                        The emphesise should be making Peoples to understand what is best as the truth alone will liberate them.As only the great Hindu saying of all era-Satya Yug,Treta Yug and Kal Yug etc.have to be synchronised to come at a rightfull conclusion.Now the future depends on which party you support make more of introspections as politics also matter and have been advised to be taken in the line of dharma in all the religion.As the leader with whom you have a peaceful atmosphere what better gift you want?As the leaders character effects all the voters.If one is very provocative and impatient one then others will be worser also.

                             As He is the real game changer as victory belong to God.As He can suddenly make the Publics to think some other way that too overnight.As the Peoples are now fed up of the bombastic speech and will be compelled to accepting the gurrantee given by a spiritual leader.As what greater guarantee one likes as he himself is seen to be blessed by the Lord.
                   And one leader life testimony will be like his narco analysis tests also.As the witness will atleast not lie in God`s programme; as the great work of God how it can be forgotten.Thus there should be open questions;the God`s man like to reply any question.Either in the e.mail, Movile and telephone also.As Publics have right to verify this comments and mind it the worthless gossip will never help them.
                            This are my personal opinions and is not my parties and not aimed at hurting any one;and is for everyone`s well being also.Thus now need for all the party is a group of prayer warriors praying to God.And who knows the Pentagon have already one for them;as the Americans are always ahead then us in all the thing which is good for there country and world peace also.
                                 As the nations development is of our primary concern so we need to hit the bulls eye and don`t waste our time any more.And this greatness can be started to be made in micro lebel.Those who are made bad


earlier by the circumstance and who also seems to see others like them only may not be respecting genuine ones,or knowingly defaming others to keep there own monopoly.Or may even try to sponser a crook like them to keep there interest intact;or divide the voters;but the rules have changed now.
                        As the Peoples are questioning now why the man like Dhuryodhana was not killed in his infant itself as it is said a soothsayer have predicted that he will one day become periah for many;and in Mahabharat did not many lost there life for his stubbornness also?Thus there is great message in history and they are not irrelevant as history repeats in itself; this time is great historical time which will have greater ramifications in future.
                                                                 This time if haves class are seen hale bent on sponsoring someone else and do more cunning act, then it is perhaps going to be there own mistake also.As they may be thinking themselves as having divine right to rule others.But Publics have decided to reject someone like them even if they are very polite, handsome,resourceful and even there relative also are outwardly good.As time have come now when there is need for strong feel of need to change the system.


                                  And for this the public also have to elect a deserving leader who is under non of a lobby;as many a times the surrounding dirts do matter also.And for deserving one he will be one man Industry so the good one must be given chance even if there is seen no initial supporters also.As in time he may rock like a real Nayak as truth is with him.The case of Rahulji kind of politicians seems to be this right person born in wrong family.
                             As all the chance have been given to some redundant leaders for honourable exit;and it seems to be too late now and this is for there own folly.And like AAP we have no other option then to come open now.As why shame to collect open fund rising from others for a good cause also;when it is other parties secret weapons.And as for me God be thankful to give me knowledge and idea to do this,as this was perhaps the best thing with me and I had forgotten this also.
                            And hopefully my old readers and fans of my blogs http://togobasar.blogspot.com will not fail me this time by spreading this Nobles popularity.As they have reason to believe that I am speaking the truth as the important incidents have been earlier also reflected in my blog and facebook.And thus I am not concocting any story they need to know this as the world cannot be fooled together.

                           But the power obsessed leaders  will there own family member endorse there own view also,this question need to be asked by themselves also?As non will like to take the curse of his father specially coming from a  God fearing person ;that too against divine commission mission.
                    As there are many lobby of a popular leader in other leaders constituency also thus this time some may be marginalised.As this days party alone does not ensure one`s popularity also;own party boss may have problem if he indirectly antagonise his own workers by harming there spiritual leader in other constituency.And this all only show God`s mercy as many are laughed at as poor but there may be places where they are respected also.
                                  As there may be still many good believers who don`t see politics and religion as different and are ready to sacrifice for divine will all the time .But the good trait of the present Hon`ble leaders also have to be appreciated also;he may be much better performer then many other political leaders also.But what better retirement chance can He also give by sending His message to do so to someone;one who should have seen it as a previlage also to bow down to thy will then developing egoism to see it as bowing down to his oponent.

                       After all our Peoples are so deep rooted in society and in future cannot think of settling in other State also so one should have taken right decesions.And learnt lesions from some leaders of Tirap and Changlang who seems to have been compelled to settle mostly abroad.
                  But problem is also that the world have suddenly changed and it was perhaps time to give reign to an educated leader also.As man this is time of e-governance and even the disconnection of the net and movile tower may be now seen as work of some uneducated jeleous persons in top position by some of the angry net users.
                  As mind it information is so much needed now;and is for betterment of mankind only as all cannot be given job so they must be given chance to explore there own options.And whatever is happening is also for good;as this is an era of information and technology thus for God`s shake we all have to change now.
                   And having said that there must have been also some bad things about the younger generations also;and for this we beg apology.But there is basically better idea with new generation also,which seniours have to also appreciated also.And this brainstorming session and power point is it not


better then carrying Ak-47 also?As one may be taking any one very politely as if there is no better person then him.But if the Publics are crying then whats the value of drama?
                     The problem with this State is the reason for joining in the Politics have been earlier seen to be looting;this is very bad motive.And this probably is due to the bad Uyu and our previous leaders slavery under them.It is time to come open in the light and enjoy;believe it the Lord have saved the good persons from many disease and infermities also.The trouble and past traumatic life of the human being does not make him a person to always see his own interest also.
                           And with this habit they may have jeopardize there own interest also as in coming time Lokh Ayukta is seen waiting for them.Thus I like the last emotional appeal by Nick kaminji to the misleaded youths of the Tirap and Changlang.Let us share the food please stop torchuring yourself`s.See do the youths in the mess will like this tough jungle life?And they also must be cursing the situation that have end them up in this mess.
                            And see this is very heartening to see the cunning michievios smile in some crooks face in march ending;as if others are fools and they are alone smart ones.The present leadership in this State have made sure every

ounce of money comes in there hand by making the MLAD and Special Package released by there hand only.And they seems to surely have more reason to merry more wifes also.But about young unemployed youths they are even heard to be scarred now to date a girl for life patner.As the future is so bleak.Thus my writing should be not seen as hate speech.But postulation of real picture.
                   Thus for the unemployed Youths they have to now help themselves.And like the Garibaldi who united Italy and went back with few potatoes the Basar area Youths should now join in to us volaneterilly.And enlist themselves as Polling and election agent as it is there future that is at stake and for which I have forgotten all my shamness.As they definitely deserve a better future and should not face the problem the way we had.
                                See all the lies and misleading against me will be eventually find nonsense as if I had rejected Rs. 3 crore bribe offer by a top leader what other sincerity I have to show as this can can be verify from Sri Kenbom Riba of pagi Village?And thus unless half of the property of the haves class  leaders is donated to GRK society can they be trusted and respected also?
                           As only the 10% of there corpus fund may be used to mesmerize the Publics also.And thus there was a real need of Guardian angel like GRK.As the money that belong to the society should have been


used meaningfully also.As there was need to develop young enterpreuners to work in the tour and travel agency and market our place.
                     And thus all short of nonsense and gimmicks by the present leadership should it be tolerated anymore?As they may have been groomed to have everything and seeing everything as purchasable;and if it so then it should be the single point agenda of all the unemployed Youths.As if we are not for them and rural more poorer peoples for whom we are.
                    And thus I am ready to sign that if given political chance I will personally never do contract work also.And for some leaders they may be not bad in there heart also;and they can be plainly sujjested this way also.As if the aim is purchasing the Publics vote why not do so meaningfully also where there is collateral damage for them also.
                     After all this days nothing like honesty as suddenly the Civil society members are also seen to join in multitude for a good cause.As the Basar town Public have seen the sudden surge of multitude in Miss Bompe kali murder case.This argument of mine should not be seen as personal enemity but the clash of ideology.And mind it as easily we blame the leaders we the Publics have also to know our duty.The day election begine how long we can forget our God?

                                 And honestly tomorrow if given political chance; in my own good day I will like to exit out.And the present rich leaders have already seen there good time and there close supporters arguments that they will be no more hungry for money is ridiculous.Thus this GRK proposal is a good chance to prove there credentials if they are really good;as for me my Bank account No. can be checked by any one.
                          And mind it if there is any aid it`s expense will be displayed in blog.And this help from unseen Guardian angel`s is also highly improbable as the general Publics have been increasingly made to become heartless this days.But atleast in the Day of Judgement I may be considered for doing something openly which others like to do secretly also.
                      But is it not the Basar area Public`s fight which they have to wage themselves; ones prayer support and sympathy is it not more then enough also?As in front of human will power can anything stand also;and have the time have not reached to that extent when we have to make a coordinated effort now?The common Publics of Basar,Bam and Gadi alike as is it not time to rise above communal view to see who is best for now?
                      See if the money distribution is the sole criteria to choose a

leader in election.Let there be open distribution of the money in the Gori field under the camera coverage of the D.T cable network.And mind it this time even if there is no camera coverage also the one ASM taking less then Rs 20 lakh,GPM not taking less than Rs10 lakh may be never be able to forgive himself.
                   As man you are now going to be part of the battle of God,god and goddesses;thus when in any case going to hell this time why not take something which you can be satisfied of.As man there is no small sin or big sin.And as easily you criticize a opposition leader without money now may be your turn have come to show your own goodness in reality.As for long you have quoted various attractive words to woe your rich leaders.
                           And mind it for the rich leader’s village members this is my caution, after initial emotional outburst can you be left out in this loot by other Village members also? Thus just go ahead and grab the opportunity and when you don`t get the requisite demand come to your own poor leader who have greater plan for you.See many a times we fail to see that those class who have no emotion left with them we try to appeal them again and again.

                                    They will perhaps never acknowledge that we have also helped them or there family.Only the Publics are fools and so it is time for them to also be opened up.As this is what God wants happiness to reach all.And for long this rich class have been able to dupe all;see there is story of great scrificie by my family members since ages.As they seems to have more hunger for the welfare of the Publics then increasing there wallet.
                              Mind it this powerful speech matters as I have a legacy and conviction to make it.As a power seems to be insisting me this is right time and if you don`t who else will.Thus it was time for others also to do what is written in Holy Bible in Jeremiah 42:5-6.See it is not that I am best that I have been choosen by Lord.But there is so many good Peoples who have no outlet and for them may be little bit of talent have been given to me.
                          And mind it in todays time getting 70% support is also more then enough .This will be only 5% top contractors with tender work in there hand who will be irritating to my arguments and they seems to also mislead the rich political candidates also. While the political aspirations is a democratic right but spreading the notion that the poor leaders have no right to contest how far this is right?  



                            As non is that rich to give all ample money,not possible for seniours leaders to go around eating in every ones house;and this Publics who have been made more smarter by the deceit of the old leaders themselves also cannot be now cheated any more.As earlier few powerful ones where alone needed to be convinced,as there where few family in authority and everyone accepted there point of view.
                          As the ruling phobia have been overused now in this State ;and this have been used by conglomeration of fatty corrupted officers,business man and politicians of which fortunately ideologically I was far removed in my life in letter and spirit.This haves class monopoly have brought the political fatigueness ;as for long they refused to budge.And the Publics in there heart of heart want new face preferably with same simplicity like them.
                       And I have right and reason to write this Noble in this changed world where many Peoples are taking divine warning seriously;and want a leader who can be seen as asset for world.Live local think global seems to be now the guru mantra of a leader.As seems to said in Holy Bible the Sodom Gomorrah a place was not only destroyed for the sins only;but for the

excessive injustice to the poor Peoples also.And for this all the good man in whose heart there is already Godliness have to act together.
                      Thus the knowledgable leader alone will always keep himself updated with religious sermons;as this alone is tonic to grow and serve the humanity.As for other end will be definitely bad and may doom others also first there family members.As like the Pied Piper of Hamlin the leder can take all to hell with them through wide road.And see this fight for justice and equality and sponsoring good leader have been divine agenda from day one.
                         This is the narrow road that have been asked to be followed.And one have to help it with missionery jeal as everyone have to become directly and indirectly a short of missionery only that is those who love themselves and there family.As this world can never be alone secured with the groups of prayer warriors who remain hungry for us.
                               And for one who want to become great have to do this;as absolutely there is no other way then this also;as mind it this is easiest way also;as many have slogged day and night for Nirvana also.I liked some peoples who have openly pledged to help me even if they are supposed to be hurt most by my kind of writing.And see God may also open up a new

Opportunity for them.As is there any way then to sponser in thy mission and hope for the best also?
                             we have also helped other without any reason as we accept God to help us.And perhaps this was for this time that earlier I had to endure hardship in my operation and felt divine intervention;after all I was also flesh and blood member of this same haves class relatives also.And had to have a logical argument to show how I changed in life.
                           And perhaps God was also preparing me for playing a moderator role in times as this; as in fact today some haves class member need a peace maker more then other also.As in fact in was time for them to go to the fasting centre and the Holy Place,believes many.But cannot speak openly in there face.Thus mind it this time it may be bit costlier to purchase ones conscience.As in this world of excessive price rise and nepotism the family interest is at stake like never before.
               But publics have reason to accept my family relatives also as better among worst of this class also.As today also they are not helping me perhaps they respect the Publics view who will be better King maker.And as this is commulative Public duty so it is also bad to blame my immediate relatives also for not taking the initiatives.After all few only may have made number of excuse and rejected Mahatma Gandhiji also in his tryst with the destiny also?

                          And this present problem need to be seen as a opportunity for all to change also.See I will love to remove the comment in this blog if the persons concerned also show the magnanimity to justify there covetiousness and hunger for more power and money.As this love for the poor and downtrodden should remove my all others sin`s and mistakes also.
                          But the top political leaders and beurocrates like a father of the whole constituency should have sometimes acted like a parent also and should have given peace a chance which may have been good for themselves and for all;in this worst transition period.As for the elites also this is wrong to criticize me in my absence also because sacrificing in reality is worst part.I have earlier also shown sacrifice and mind it you need to respect one who does it.

                                 Mind it If you continue to harbor this evil thinking your own Chidren may not look after you well in old age also.This is the theme of story I have told earlier where the mouse ultimately survived and other died who where initially enjoing at her problem.This is the mechanism of God so He have said love thy neighbor.May be to one who is in more desperado situations.

                           See for personal enemity it is wrong to spoil one`s own and dear and near relatives life also as what the shyness in bowing to will of God;did last time also did I not abstain from contesting?See for success I have to always believe that Lord is with me;and many a time small miracles where also send to me from time to time to perhaps continue have faith in him,after all I am also simple man like you all and need to be continually encouraged;as this days whole world hope is pinned in Lord only.
                                 And though today I have reason to be even be satisfied that God have shown greater miracle in Delhi election itself.As many People where earlier mocking at me but need to appreciate this developments also.Thus the new leaders also need to realize before the Publics start counting the  JANAM KUNDLI/Bio data of the present haves class leaders also.
                            As for me the Public need to be concerned that unless I have real positive feeling for the well being of the Publics I may have not choosen this line.As who knows compelled to be more irritating with my writings some may be compelled to give his everything to the Publics.Thus both the way my purpose may be served?
                       As for me I myself is accepting that I am sinner but greatest sin may be not doing something by the god man towards the apathy of the Poor and down trodden brothers.It is wrong to let them think that there faith is

bad as good man in the Kargu gangi and Holy Church have been praying for the Unemployed Youths for long.Who are crying ceaselessly and have atleast not joined the outfit till now.And for there sake one who knows and lived the pain of the Poor brothers must be given chance now.
                             See today Assam itself seems to be more advanced then this State;as there was a time when the man and maid servant flocked to Arunachal Pradesh from Assam side.And now it is other way round;thus there is need to make a quick introspection now.Thus the leaders over all view and persona have to be studied;one may commit mistake under helpless circumstance also.
                          But pertinent question is have I have been earlier given a chance and have been found unwanted also?So this Kingship theory in any form is bad.In fact this may be tried to be imposed by the High Command agents of the national party to sell there party ticket at the exhorbitent rate.But today the Publics have understood everything and will perhaps seek there own leader who may be unable to distribute the calendar also.                                 
                             See what is important is what you think about yourselves then what other thinks of you and ultimately most of the Publics will not like any attack without any basis also.The more attack of my being not supported in life by the rich relatives will be by one who is fearful inside.See my elder brother have earlier already shown his guts fighting and defeating


the ruling party also.
                              So for some of officers who have never done so in there life,it was time for Ganga snan for them.As the things should be always seen as a new opportunity.And in any case this is now a common man fight in India to fight against all the ills;see this AAP success have changed all.
                       For rich friends my question is ;why only allowing some one else to take all the blessings in God`s commissioned mission?Some day some Peoples may regret for not standing against todays conspiracy/ blackmailing of some officers relatives;as is it not slap on whole the civil society members?As this seems to be the via media in this society to retain ones power and position.
                              See even Gandhiji may have a rich brother made by Britishers and some may have foolishly said first let his brother come forward.See if God wishes it may end up better in life.As the majority Publics sentiment which matter more will definately go against a leader who is only well indept in highest form of manipulative tectics.Even in old Hindi movie when the Villain kidnappes the close relatives of the actor and ask him to come in the secret place.
                              It is seen many a times the Publics have been also shown to

come to rescue that person.Thus this ruling Congress parties pressure tactics is ofdated one and Public must see that they have no vision document so doing this.See only a man with this childish mentality who think that that through force and blackmail alone he can always manage the things get done can do this.Whereas today even the local fish called Talo refuse to take the fisherman`s bite for 3rd time.
                            Those who blame others are worthless man only bold man wanting to make lasting imprint in history like my PPA panchayat candidates are great man;for others ;for them coming election may be last time to  show there brave heart.As the warrior blood is in tribal and the conscious will never permit any tribal person if he lost a wonderful opportunity to fight in life.
                       Why trying to come to eat the corpse of Deer killed by a Lion?Why not put hand in Lions mouth itself?And this migth be the reason some of the officiaI class die a frustrated death after retirement also.As non are seen to come to them after they are no more in power why?
                 How long this highest form of the Narad Munis character will be inherited upon to appease a new leadership;enough is enough of this

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