Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Save Likir Tasar

Today in this world charity has lost its relevancy, but it is only thing most pleasing to God as we human being also always want something from God without actually following his commadment. Therefore God may expect us to help others without expecting anything in return . So with the utmost hope that there will be still good person who will like to help someone whom they have never met in their life , This Tasar family is appealing to all the Human beings in this planet earth with the heart of king that Smty Likir Tasar age - 46 Yrs .suffering from kidney failure since 2 yrs. whose blood group is O Positive survives. Wife of Sri Bibom Tasar age 50 , mother of Miss Bombi Tasar age – 20 , Miss Bomyo Tasar age -19 and Mr. Bomge Tasar age -18 she is in the verge of her death bad .
Though her family members also tested their kidney to give one of their own as her both side is damaged but it didn’t matched with their beloved Likir Tasar C/O Sri Bibom Tasar Gori Complex of West Siang Dist Arunachal Prades Basar. Only a miracle can now save the poor family who has spent most of their money for her treatment. As her life hangs on kidney Dialysis two times a month which takes around one lakh rupees per month . They are so desperate that want to contact with even relatives of the Patients who are suffering from other Organ malfunction who want to exchange other organ like liver in return of one kidney of O positive suited to Mrs. Likir Tasar. Those good Samaritan Peoples may talk with the aggrieved family in the contact No. 03795222490 , 9436238258 ,9402220989. This adjustment seems to be the only option left for the family. We fervently hope in this world of evil still goodness and compassion prevail and help may come from unknown end. May any one who read this be compassionate enough to tell others and be the part of the mission operation to save Smty. Likir Tasar .

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