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The Moses search for the promise land which God wanted to give to the Zews is a inspirational doctrines for all the Peoples of all the ages. It has proved that best leaders are one made by God. This story has inspired innumerable peoples since ages to fight against the corrupt and tyrant rulers.

The Biblical study shows that all the important issues like equality, justice and fairness are the gift of the religious books like Holy Bible. And the God seems to love it and orchest his own plans to impose it by tooth and nail from time to time like Hindu sloka – Yada yada hi darmashya glanir Bhavata Bharata, Abyutanam Adharmasya Paritranam sujambhayam, Darmasanspanay, nitya sambhawami- Yuge Yuge.

Mosses was having a good life in Nile having close relationship with pharaoh; but his Peoples where made as slave. He felt he was called out by God to take his Peoples to the promise land the place where the Honey and Milk flow. The Biblical meaning may be not adjectly the worldly one, which may be in the presence of God’s blessing their will be total contentment regular flow of spiritual blessing. Interestingly many people also did not toe the Mosses idea at that time, thought that he was misleading the community. Some even may have liked the Pharaoh’s slavery where at least they had acclimatized and used to get daily bread.

But liberation seems to be not only getting bread and butter alone it is living with highest devotion to God alone , and living with dignity and self respect than only People can pray God nicely thus God seems to have personally orchested Zews migration to better future . Like today’s time whn genuine leaders are initially rejected; many during Mosses days initially seem to have defy the Mosses clarion call as they don’t want to live their comfort zone. The way in each election also the common man wants financial help from their leader without defending on their God. But God seems to be more interested in changing the character than giving a temporary blessing. And since the zews ultimately followed Mosses e,I heard the will of God in tis historc time therefore today they are the most successful person . Not that God is unwilling to use other communities also but they need to hear Gods small voice many have heard and also benefitted in other communities. The change which we believe in will not come by itself we have to start it may be we Galos can be Gods more loved one in time to come .

you shall not take the name of your God in vain as said in Old Testament of Holy Bible e,i- one should not call the God just like that unless there is absolute need . Today that situation seems to have come where God only may change the present horrifying situation. Today our State is also at a cross road to be or not to be swayed away by glimmer and glitters in election is the question when in each election money starts pouring . The Christian leaders have tremendous responsibility in election ; as the God seems to be against the selling of ones right as seen in Holy Bible where one elder brother sells his birth right to his younger brother for morsel of food and later regret . It is wrong to think that Old laws have been completely nullified by the Lord and savior as Jesus said I have come to supplement to the existing religion e,i- old laws . Therefore Old Testament doctrines still is valid and we have no right to refrain from fighting for justice for which our lord died in the cross .

Besides Christians religion basically seems to be a talking religion thus we cannot keep mum regarding this issue like corruption and injustice as there are still many places where Christian brothers have been denied justice like in contract works and jobs . The Gods promise land will come when we leave our comfort zone ; the first kingdom of God should be in our heart first therefore we need to learn to sacrifice like King David did to defeat the giant Goliath not by his physical force but by faith in God for He is the omni potent Omni present Jehova Jire . Many a leaders have indirectly become anti – Christ during election by corrupting even the Pastors and Missionaries by giving money as bribe for vote not as charity for extending the Gods kingdom. Their timing of donation is bad; it also bring Christians in poor light if they receive it . Better go to hell with 5 lakhs than with five thousand. Some Christian friends are promising to pay 50 percent of election money to fund the good leader by next election. A good decesion as nothing remain hidden specially election matter can be seen as first day of the judgement and it is better to do 2nd best thing. But the Christian believers really need to througly study their leaders - like have he ever taken any fasting programme etc. but once decided he must be also given due recognisation as everything if done for glory of God and poor is good . May be presently society is also going through the same phase when Lord and Saviour was compelled to make water as wine to feed the drunkards they seems to have understimate the power of God by undermining the poor Christian believers .

The present Society seems to be only interested in power and money instead of the daily bread e,i – the word of the God and give a damn about the Healing Crusade etc . But let us remember the way to kingdom of God is narrow and no body wants to go through it; wide one is way to hell it includes merry making in election working for leader which ones heart doesn’t accept. Time to show the love of God to every one through gospel by any means. There are also good Persons from other religion who have seen the good work of Christians in Vellor and other premier institutions like St. Stephens they should be sympathetic this line of thinking seems to have swept across the Christians leaders . It is not for fighting other communiteis but to repair the broken wall of State by divinepower. It will be also welcome step if this divine sense galvanise other religion members also like Buddhist and Doni Poloists. As those seeking God are after all in same boat and spiritually akeen to each other. And didn’t Kanduji also start his politics by playing Buddhist card. It is a true lie to negete the role of religon in ones unimaginable success.

In this present world, does this story have any relevancy, yes? One can see the European Countries it was reduced to Stone Age during 2nd world war but come back becoming more promising. The basic problem seems to be leadership crisis. The untimely death of Mahatma Gandhi seems to have created worst kind of transitional confusion in our country. As even after death leaders like Jay prakash Narayan, Binoda Bhavey, Morarji desai seems to have been Gandhi wadi and refused to accept Nehru’s brand of Socialiasm.

Even the secret of the success of Gandhi mantra basically was repackaging of Holy Bible in Hindu context; after all Gandhi initially tried to practiced Bible and found that it is very difficult for a normal person. And being from a staunch Hindu family it must have been also difficult for him to accept every Bible word in toto. But something will always remain same the love, forgiveness, and charity as emphasised in Holy Bible because people still fear God in their heart howsoever they say against it ; that Gandhiji used . That’s why the powerful Britishers were also compelled to leave the India. We the Arunachal Christians seems to be living more like in Old Testament time of Holy Bible , thus we need to fight for our right as bearing injustice only because we are Christians is wrong . There are many other religion followers also who support our view of equality and fairness in all aspects of life as there are also some villages here in my place were they need cooperation from majorty Christans.

It will be misconception to think that all the Persons from other religion are bad. Most of the religion has common doctrines and teachings and in times they may be ones to help us. That situation should not come when other Christians from other place have to interfere for locals Christian’s right as our Galo Society is very vibrant and rational thinking is supported. May be till now they may be unaware that not a single PMGS and tender work have been given to the Christians contractors in Basar ; to my knowledge I hope this is not an advertend incident . In times I pervently hope that Galo community will show the seed of communal harmony by giving equal chance to other religion members also .

Because in the end the money also does not matter with someone. Had Mother Teresa liked to contest as M.P every one would have thought it their life time opportunity to support her. Thus the God still call the shots and its followers are flourishing in the entire field one like it or not. Other question - Is it good or bad for the Politician to identify with his religion? At least in Christianity that seems to be right, as everybody in the Holy Church is part of body of Christ, it is ones duty to ask for prayer support from Church members as in Christian life God must be given priority in everything .After all the Old testament stories are filled with political ups and down . Only today we have a poor idea about politics as it is so much polluted. But Gods man must come forward to clean it or who else will?

As in Christianity there is non other than the God and his body e,i- fellow believers. The influence of God vis a vis Church has ensured the prosperity of the state like Mizoram where Church playing pro- active politics have made MNF cadres surrender. Therefore it is also good for the country that religion works for the betterment of the society in that case it should .Those who denounce role of church in politics are indirectly paving the way for terrorism and chaos as with non to fear some of our leaders have brought class disparity to such a dangerous extent that one day civil war may come like in Nepal. It is pertinent to mention that Congress party was started by a British Christian A.O Hume. The Sati system abolished by William Bentinck Christian Governor General. It will definitely take time for two great religions to accept each other. Sooner the better; only because someone else is from other religion should we denounce him thinking why he did not work for our religion interest?

Don’t we have any responsibility to our future generation? Basically problem seems to be jeoulosy, but some times it may be also good to motivate other to also thrive for exllency. But in common issue we must be united and we must love other more so if he is from a minority community that’s what lord Jesus tells and that’s what may be Doni Polo actually may be wanting. You never know with what problem a Christian lives in Basar or Doni Polo lives in Tirbin. Therefore we should follow the almighty God above us who is God of justice and fairness and stop thinking Christians as Traitors as most of religion was started by our common forefathers. Even many of the Doni Polo beliefs are new thus change is inevitable we mayS have differece of opinion but no personal dfferences .

One never knows about the future it is Gods prerogatives. It is none of our bussiness to ponder as it is beyond our capacity. Even some of other religion belief has been also left with time like Sati system of Hindus. It is better to hear others point of view and use our own rational thinking. It is surprised to know that there are still some Samaritans in Jeruslam. Because they were good Samaritans even they may have been better than Christians. The servivle of a new religion will only lie in accomodating others like that good samaritan who save that Zew in Jerico who was badly beeten and robbed despised and left by his own fellow man.

If God wills every community will respect and lend ones active support like Mosses got, but for Gods mercy one has to be righteous in the eye of the God and man. And as easily he wins he may be also expected to remain a good person till the end as God ad Publics will not like him to be like others .A good Christian leader can be seen as good Doni Poloist and vice- versa, basic thing seems to be same only the motivating factor that is God for one and Doni Polo for other wo are more akeen. In our case more precisely ideal is non other than the son of God himself only if all seek the truth than all the confusion will finish. The ignorant can never become good Person leave aside being a good Doni Poloist or a Christian.

It is a misconception to think that Holy Bible and Christianity commission force converson as only Gods calling can motivate some one to become Christian. Thus if any thing of this sort is happening I condemn it with my strongest voice .The Christians should show that Christianity represent everything good . But in this transitional stage their will be many evil also which cannot be attributed to Christians also . That is same everywhere like Mao Wadi in Nepal . It would have been more better if rich and powerful would have also realised their folly . Holy Bible will help to bridge this gap; the other religion believers should also show their magnamity by respecting justice and equality. If they think that their god is also perfect from all angles. In that case a good Christian will be eventually seen as a good Doni- poloist and vise versa in their practical life which is more relevant. Thus who want to confuse the religion for their own end is the one who knows that they are not the ones who are individually deserving. As it should be the greater good that should matter to Christians , Hindus or Muslim as said in veda – Serve Sukhina Bhawanti , Serve Bhawanti Niramaya………………………… .

Fortunately 95 percent of religion is same unfortunately we fight over 5 percent differences. Due to lack of communication and misdirection by our leaders. May be time to check weather our leaders are also practicing what they are preaching . May God give good leaders to both the Christian and Doni- polo community dring this testing times.

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