Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some love Rahulji :

Sometimes shotgun Shatrugan Sinha says what many Youth Congress Party members wanted to hear - I love Rahul he is so cute. It is also fact after all fortunately for the Congress Party workers their boss is real handsome. And what Shatruji has commented shows the spirit of democracy, opposition need not always oppose for opposition sake. But it also got to be the spirit of the Congress workers especially in Arunachal Pradesh who are least bothering about the civil right of the opposition. And later they will be also responsible alone if things goes out of hand .

Will bad times also not come for the present leaders and their chamchas and Naradmunis who are now enjoying the power? Not many are politicians and don’t see every thing from political angle and even if one , should have the magnamity to accept like Shatruji and myself in spite of being from different party and ideology that he loves Rahul Gandhi as William Wordsworth says – A rose is a rose is a rose . But not the Congress Party which youth wing NSUI have been out rightly rejected by Youths in DUSU election recently .

But all the glitters are also not gold with tremendous appealing and power Gandhi scion may have also great expectation from country to come clean in Swiss Bank issue . As all the successive Congress P.M is seen to be helpless in this front and if Gandhis are not unearthening this mystery than who else will is the common thinking . Another issue is extradition of dreaded terrorists in pakisthan , Chinese encroachment in Arnachal pradesh . And the doubt regarding feasibility of numerous Hydro Power in Arunachal pradesh in the view of Chinese threat and stopping the corruption in Congress ruled State .

Opposition leader like Shatruji must have made more friends by talking the fact. In spite of odds the worst damage done by his family elders wrong successive policies and Congress filled with pseudo psycho pants family frieds who slowly eroded the popularity of the party . The handsome Gandhi scion has definitely cut a niche for himself. He is definitely is cute , too good for politics more fit as an cine star may be would have gave salman and sahrukh run for money . Once again Congress may bank more on Gandhi family appeal rather than espionage communalism like BJP as it indirectly used to earlier by misleading the World that Gandhis where Muslim descendent. But too much of everything is also bad Gandhis are also overused brand like Amitabh Bachan who is seen doing any advertisement. And the Publics wants him to excel more than his father which is impossible as his father was more charismatic than him that is a fact Rahul will also accept . Thus junior Gandhi has to move cautiously. Without too muc antagonishing the seniours .

Rahulji may have lots of- dil may mere hain Dard-e disco, thus need our prayer support to have a good wife. The trauma he and his family have undergone is also unparallel. The name itself imprisons him and takes his personal happiness. Unfortunate part of the last of the Gandhi may be he will have lots of enemy within and outside the party as he is young and if wins tis time may stay continously for a long time . And precisely tha fear may ultimately unite all the oppossition also . He will need haluva lots of guts, perseverance and skills to remake the broken wall of the Congress fort which is all not well. After all he and his young brigade is danger to many old Congress leaders as well who are basically business mans. And in politics whenever things were taken for granted things went upside down . And the fast rate at which he is delivering will make the Publics to demand more .

Remember Bajpaijis noose dive in 2nd election when his Govt. was awaited back by majority. Mind it Gandhi belong to all the Congress party but non of the Congress are also Gandhi’s that is also fact . When it matter most, it is ones wife and family and relatives from same community that counts. Precisely here Bajpaiji also seem to have failed which exposed him as a alcoholic when it matter most; as old man without wife may have been emotionally bankrupt. Rahulji may not have same problem but running a family is the beginning of the first administration and those who have undertake this course can only respect someone like him in true sense of term.

A stray incident of personal achievement may be different but man when it comes to the race for P.M post shear amount of pro- media Blitzkrieg is not enough ; nerve of iron and veins of steel is needed as swami Vivekananda says . A Congress friend fumed that this issue must be taken up seriously in next CWC meeting after all this will affect party’s fate. I replied do you have any scope as Congress is Gandhi family and vice versa who will tie the bell ? Congress party is also at a fault have given divine image to their leader . And there is too much expectation from Gandhi scion and it seems without Gandhi family Party may die a natural death. Thus it is imperative for Rahulji to have his own progeny. Or less revered Manekas kids or foe Varun Gandhi may have to be invited after Rahulji.

Gandhis belong to none of the community that is its plus as well as minus point. In the end everyone is communal howsoever educated he is. As when the question of do or die comes ones community only counts ; it is easy to manage slogan shouting daily wages attendant in election rally but will they jump like a Bengali , Marathi , Guajarati will do for its own community . These are bitter truths as these situations are common in Politics. In politics one need 20-30 percent to do and die for you ; Arjun Singh showed his loyalty more towards his Madhya Pradesh publics by eventually saying that - things were beyond his control. Political commitment are temporary only good person will keep it . In Arunachal pradesh most of the good leaders prefer to join PPA in coming election . As this is the second best party they believe after Congress . The coterie around the congress party is alleged to be disaduing the honest one to prosper in the party .

The political loyalty is temporary and shifting. You see next time all the sardarjis will voluntarily work themselves to make PM Manmohan Singhji king for the 2nd time ; as already some overzealous hidden supporter may have been behind in making a cine star to sing in a movie - ek nahi do do bari jeet lu duniya sari , dil agar sacha to rab karde sab setting Singh is King , Singh is king , Singh is King . Today one can never purchase every one and it is even doubtful that today People are still loyal to Gandhi’s as they did earlier. And many Peoples may truelly want the last monarch to be confined in 10 Jan path like English Queen in Birmingham place so that monopoly in all form is gone for ever . As the globalisation influence our common mindset , Obamas success may prompt us to think that way as some critics thinks Gandhis have been give back more than they could haveimagined .

Even if Rahul fails as a politician but at least he can be remembered as a good social activist who is trying to bring a culture in congress which the party seniors are least interested as today Congress is all about minting money so far as it is seen . And by starting the revolution Rahul have no option than to go for its logical conclusion. The coming election may be turning point for the Gandhis in election it will be make or break.

As some other basic features have chaged like - the traditional vote banks of the Congress Party specially Muslim refugees have realized that Gandhis where wrongly projected as their own Muslim brothers. And if the fate of Congress hangs on Muslim emigrants and minorities basically why not they enjoy the power themselves by forming their own party . And thus congress have been more theoretically exposed as a communal party and its vote bank may be effected to sme extent . And besides with Social reformation the Upper caste and lower caste disparity have improved a lot making Congress slogan of Social Justice meaningless. Therefore single point of discussion by next election may be price rise.The Ram Janma Bhoomi verdict even if goes against the Hindus will be better for the BJP as the BJP’s non secular character issue will seldom crop up again after this issue dies a natural death . Because for Congress unfortnately BJP run State is more developed ta Congress ones .

But success depends on sheer luck for the Congress their best and last weapon is Rahulji alone will it burst or fuse is the million dollar question. But I wish the good Person Rahul who seems to be more interested as a Social activist rather than a Politician. And it may be also in countries benefit if last of the gandhi scion call it a day and live like normal human being and leave the country to God who will be a better master for lately Indians seems to have been more dependent on Gandhis and 32000 gods rather than the God and itself and it seems this is the main fault for the Country where China is about to inch in . Sorry Rahulji this is for Countries interest that one may have to sometimes make a Honorable exit when there is time as all the congress misdeed is also going to the Gandhis account.

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