Thursday, September 30, 2010


It is the case of the Congress party in State of Arunachal Pradesh , the inter party enmity seems to have come over ground and two camps seems to be fighting among themselves . And in the State were opposition were never given any chance earlier , today state is media , Publics and the warring faction themselves are doing the needful much to the oppositions relief . Today Govt. seems to be confused - it can neither take action against the main culprit of the thousand crore rupees PDS scam were Poor mans rice were mismanaged and unable to do away the witness- Apangji in PDS scam who is demanding for CBI in PDS scam. After all there may be skeletons in each ones cupboards and it may snowball into major crisis therefore this silence over the issue.
The old Panther apangji this time seems to be prepared to blast himself like human bomb to finish everything with him as if saying – Sanam Hum To Dubenge Hi Aap Ko Bhi Le Dubenge . And it will have similier effects with case suppose to increase against other officers and Politicians . The Robin hood kind of Personalities who have remained in the Opposition party like PPA and NCP will have field day in the coming days as the embraced Congress High command in the centre may be compelled to give olive branch to Political Party like PPA and some Individuals in the fear of being routed in the coming election if this problems are not solved immediately. The NCP Party is at present spearheading this campaign as PPA is having some technical problem .
However party is soon expected to go beyond the NCP once it regroup . And good part about the party is many NCP cadres are planning to join the PPA as the report of infighting within the party for stand against the Govt. is coming . As for the PPA it will be never be under any influence in fight against the corruption. Those leaders who want to save their Skeen better go to other party is what majority cadres are thinking. In the coming days their will be major shift in PPA stand as many leaders on this line of thinking are planning to join PPA and contest in the Executive post of the PPA in its General meeting to be conducted soon as far the Party constitution as per as my knowledge. Senior PPA leaders should not fail the general Publics aspirations as even though we are in a vintage position in a position to get 30-40 % free voters any time in election but we cannot also be mute spectator to the corruption charges against the regime . Luckily for PPA most of the Party leaders are ready to make supreme sacrifice if need be and the Official stand regarding PDS is lets the law takes its own course . The best part of the PPA is as a NCP friend said it is ultimately going to be Congress Vs PPA or Congress Plus PPA one likes it or not . Because the Arunachal Publics are tailor made for PPA and Congress issue or no issue .Guru mantra is going to be either be with the Congress or be against it in PPA .
Today in our State neither Govt. can digest the PDS alleged accuse nor vomit it out. It is also alleged that the PDS lobby have fielded their candidates in all the party . They always try to blackmail the Govt. ; this way or that way . After all it is question of saving their Skeen but we have to also think that there was a time where it was short of jungle Raaj in our state and every one of us were also responsible one-way or other . As today also some crooks hate the opposition members individually if there is no check and balance this things will happen naturally may be worst is yet to come . The PDS accuse also ought to have earlier thought that if one rides a tiger , one day he will have to climb below and will be in danger of being eaten by it . Some believes , not only for ruling Party but also for the opposition party some tainted leaders are becoming impediment for the party as they will never do opposition work or resist their evacuation .
This should not happen it is better to go to heaven without the hand that make to commit sin than to go with full hand as said in Holy Bible . Therefore all the party have to come jointly with strong determination to take advantage of the situation and clean the mess for good . But it is very doubtful as this wonderful situation will be not exploited rather more of the brick bats ad mudslinging may be seen in coming days . It is time for Hon’ble C.M to show his credential ties as already FIR lodged against him was registered or not God knows . Will this issue be not the best time for all the leader to make introspection of highest order and if need be sacrifice all the moh- maya before taking actual sanyas and paving way for the better ones . Or Publics will always see them as power obsessed maniacs scoundrels who have taken refuge in politics. If the tainted seniors don’t realize the Publics may be prompted to kick them out and put one Tirap-Changlang honest leader in helmns of power for State interest . And next time all the opposition contesting from future Party like PPA may have to make a post poll alliance with Congress Party of Tirap and Changlag even if Delhi likes it or not .

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