Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ram Janma Bhumi Solution

Will lies if there is a Political will between both the Leaders of the Hindu andMuslim communities. The misunderstandings have to be solved. Contrary to the popular believe that Babur was a Muslim he was a mongol related to Chengij Khan Family. And in that case Mongolswere the ones who destroyed the Ram janmaBhoomi as till Akbar the Mughals were pure mongol. It was only duirng the time of the Auragjeb that the Mughals seems to have shown real interest in Islam. The imposition of zizya is also said to be mostly for recovery of the revenue as lots of money was spend for makingTaj Mahal .

The Hindu’s at that time seems to have been influeced by the re-writing of Ramayana by Tulsidas who seems to have exgerated the earlier Aryan power the tampering of the spirtual beliefs seems to have lasting impression on our Hind Bhais . Did not great Lord Rama accommodate Bibisan Ravans brother also though he was in a position to kill any Lankans? The real Hindu gods - Brahma Bisnu and Mahesh cannot be sidelined to a powerful king whose relevancy have subside to a great extent as the rift between cow belt and the Dravidians have decreased to a great extet ; therefore the Hindu reaction after judgement will be unfounded.

The Ramanisaton of whole concept of Hindu life seems to be always keeping Hindu brthers in a perpetual misconception that still there is a threat to the Hindus as if Sita mata have been just kidnapped .The Ram Janma Bhumi case even if it goes against the Hindus may also help the BJP to emerge as a party with tolerace if it accepts the Honourable Courts verdict and more so even after winning it jointly share the land with Muslim brothers for a good cause. It may than help BJP to beat Gandhis in its own game plan. As the Ayodya issue seems to benefit the Congress more than the BJP as in each election some section of Congress seems to talk of imminent attack on other Masjid also if the disputed land fall in Hindu land. And for the Muslim brothers also after its settlement it will be their time to receive the fruit of developmet as they have been only emotionally feeded so far including miscoting that Feroj Gandhi was a Muslim.

But for a honourable negotiation a nutral man may be needed who is acceptable to both the communities. Those days should go when a North East person may be thougt of as a fool. Today may be a Nort Eastern may be needed to broker a deal as we are nutral lots and of the same clan of Mughals who started the mess may be we should be the one to be the peace maker ; ofcourse if invited by both the saction .

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