Sunday, September 19, 2010


If you want to patao any body the guru mantra is identify your interest with him . You see everybody is only interest in himself, non is interest in you . The United States the master manipulators seem to have even convinced the angels to bless the country specially by praising God in its currency and its constitution by writing – God save the America. Thus anybody can be convinced even our formidable foe like Pakisthan .

The BJP and RSS cadres need to learn from this techniques as most of them only seem to be advocating hindutva whereas today are even the hindus interested in this? The good gesture can be started by sidelining the RSS totally , no less than official declaration to that extent by party spokesman may help . The total modification of RSS ideology with its new dress like NCC long pant may be not averse to many minorities if it promise to be the savior of all the religion instead of Hindus only . And since that will be unacceptable to the cadres the RSS should be do away with . Why because it is still operating with a mindset that there is partition of India like situation or Sita mata have been just kidnapped by Ravana and need to be rescued .

Today the minorities have a more dominant say in Indian politics and not that they like Congress but BJP has definitely failed to be an alternative to it . A atma manthan of highest order can only save BJP a honest proposal to the Muslim brothers to jointly make a inter religious conference hall against the proposed Ram temple at Ajodhya may help both the community . As sometimes U turn has to be also made in politics . And deputy Prime Minister’s post to a Muslim person if BJP comes to power may help the party rather than all sorts of bullshits RSS influence.

In the regional labels more flexibility has to be shown. Small things does matter like ban of Cow slaughter as for the poor tribal’s it is the easiest and cheapest source of protein. To get something one has to sacrifice something also in fact according to historians Aryans in Vedic period used to eat cow meat . Is the health of the nation also not important for those who can digest beef is crediting it for gold medal in Olympic games ; so Hindus have to mend their ways they cannot shoot at Gandhi and go away just like that. The spokesman of the party may have to openly apologies to the nation for this great Himalayan blunder which everybody thinks was done by a Hindu. A mahatma seems to have also cursed Rama before his death therefore this Ram ideology will lead BJP nowhere.

May be searching back the original Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh may have been better . The lord Rama a king who is rumored to have even killed meditating Sadhus in upside down position which is completely not expected of a gods avatar by some Hindus . Not that I hate the Hindus but the Hindus are losing out due to their lack of self introspection as they seems to have wrongly mistaken samudra manthan which the great sages may have tried to explain self introspection as real tug of war between Devta and Rakhsas . The divine meanings of spiritual books are difficult to understand. There are more to Hindus than lord Rama it is time Hindus overcome the hangover of Ravans kidnapping of sita mata by a Dravidian who they seems to have raped their godess .

The great Hindu need to evolve from the nightmare of the India’s partition where it had to went through untold misery. The Tulsidas Ramayan should also be seen from other angle as it was written during a time when the Muslim where really torturing the Hindus but today does that situation exists? 2ndly is not most of the Pakistanis and Muslims one time Aryans by blood and even there were some good Muslim rulers like Akbar.

Therefore the history should not be brought in to brain wash a particular community and mind it by doing it the BJP is harming itself. It is resulting in only development of narrow outlook workers. Any Person has a personal right given from God and the constitution to do whatever he wants. Didn’t sita mata not jumped inside the earth like a Muslim is burried instead of being burnt before committing suicide. Who knows she was not from Muslim background? As it is wrong to believe that Muslims only come in the form of the attackers and looters even the Hindu kings used to attack in presently Muslim sides like bamiyan and Multan . some Hindu kings also influenced others slowly and slowly like Asoka the great sending his missionaries in Sri lanka to spread the religion he believed . Therefore one side of history should not be thought who knows Jesus Christ was the real avatar as predicted in Hindu religion ?

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