Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gandhian theory:-

It is seems to be an all encompassing theory seems to have even propagate cross breeding of the Muslim and the Hindu so that it benefit the Country and the party, cannot do so than mislead the innocent Muslim into believing that they have Muslim blood today also, ruling the country indirectly in the form of Feroz khans progeny ; and it had the dire effect specially to the wondering Bangladeshi immigrant in Assam who voted it to power time and again .

It is pertinent to mention that Far Flanged State of Assam and Arunachal seems to have been made as hen that lay golden egg for the Congress as other place media and opposition alertness made it impossible to do so. Both publics were successfully fooled to clear the boundary dispute next time which never happens. But for the senior leaders intentions were always not bad also, as after partition there were still many enmity between Hindu and Muslim and repented Nehru seems to have made secularism as his personal mission and it helped the party also so far.

Only now when the outside Muslims have become so powerful and are forming Muslim party themselves that Congress is trying Indian Vs Bangladeshi Muslim in Assam. Divide and rule have been Congress strong point. It seems to have inherited all this from its master British who were more sympathetic on it rather than Subash Chandra Bose `s Forward Block. Now that their own man is contesting what will be the fate of Congress traditional vote bank.

The advantage of the Nehru Gandhi family was that they were first in everything including studying in Oxford and Cambridge. The knowledge is power, though their were richer man than them also during their time but they knew the pulse. The Muslim weakness of taking brotherhood ness seriously was well taken advantage of; Mahatma Gandhi’s charisma to take the mass with him and Jamsedji Naroji Tatas money seems to have been well taken care of by smart Nehru.

Even the chota nawab Seva Dals Rahul Bhai seems to have taken good advantage of Oscar awarded slums dog millionaire movie song as congress theme song. You know this is in gene for the Gandhis, taking credit without much work, one have to admire his innovative ideas like his great grandfather Motilal Nehru smelling the chance sponsoring the Congress party for his family Primeministership is what critics are alleging . So far so good but now as the BJP kids also studying abroad must be telling their parents to change , will the Congress game plans not boomerang like Brasil , Italy and Argentina football team . But the RSS may be restraining the party to show its desire flexibility though there are also no lacks of man with talented creative ideas in BJP. But eventually God calls the shots and over hype and too much Public expectations may kill the Gandhi party eventually. As there is time for every one after Sachin it was Dhonis fate.

The party seriously need to ponder upon means and ways to win the minority like exposure of the Nehru family as Hindu only Pandit from Kashmir who have only exploited the accidental death of Gandhiji and worst Feroz as a Parsi rather than a Muslim. Father of the Nation whose confusion confounded the death of lakhs of Hindu as well as Muslims as he kept pending inevitable partition of India as critics believe. Taking whole country as his personal property changed the history of two country for ever as critics claims ; this issues not small things to shrug away , nevertheless Nehru Gandhi family also give us Independence and it overtake other weaknesses .

But Country has also given back to them more than they could have fathom. The largest chunk of land in Delhi like the king in England’s Windsor palace belongs to them namely 10 Janpath. Today in this competitive age even the opposition may complaint this benefit in coming days. The last symbol of democratic monarchy in the world is the congress party God knows what if Rahulji dies without an issue. But today when people every where inspired by obamas theme - to vote for the change we believe in will not Gandhi’s made politically unemployed in few years time as present trend seems to be trying something different. With the defeat of the Brasil and Argentina new equation is seen to be rising in this world where traditional winners are seen to be beaten in their own game plan.

The goodness of the Rahul will be criticized in his own party I am for sure within sort time this will happen as seen by debacle of NSUI in DUSU election . Though not saying openly Anderson issue may be making Junior Gandhi well wisher to wonder weather to launch him next time or not. As my friend omak Apangjis noble idea were rejected as they are not expected to see problems in their life and only giving advice and more so in Rahuls case honestly unmarried one is not respected and regarded. The problem of the Rahulji may be same he may be really interested to make the whole thing upside down. He is more like an opposition and reactionary leader as he may be kind of Person who is really sincere and even if in ruling he may be frustrated to see the slow phase of development in our Country . But this is not what his majority party member likes in Congress they have come in politics basically to mint money.

So unless a complete change in guards is made even to the extent of importing like minded critics from other party the Congress may see worst kind of identity crisis next time as it is filled with aristocrats and social justice issue doesn’t fit it . The Congress strong point may itself prove its weakness.

This time Congress is seen in back foot weather to save the Muslim person responsible for attack in parliamentary house or not. It is congress own misdoing a critics opines, by making a holy pact with Muslims in each election for which the Muslims seen to be contended with small consideration like non evacuation of Bangladeshi Mia from Assam, non action regarding extradition of dreaded terrorists etc., non action against irritating ajan of the ulemas in masjid, none interference of the muslim personal law etc.

The Congress party is trying to save their face by criticizing Gadkaris comment that is the person responsible for attack of Indian parliament damad / inlaw of Congress Party. But by reacting it Party is going to harm itself; tomorrow when all the country man demands the same thing than what? After all, Congress is lately seen to be already between deep sea and devil in issues such as Anderson extradition case. Not all the issues raised by the BJP are bad. Like – Red Sari and Anderson issue after initial refusal congress has to take humble pie . It seems BJP has finally learn the game and making the offensive like the Spain football team scoring in most appropriate opportunity never missing .

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