Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bose was real Boss:-

Had Boss been born in Japan must have become Kamikaze pilot committing hara-kiri. The Bengal tiger was the Hindu Taliban of his time. The British seems to have been more fearful of him than Mohan Das Karmachand Gandhiji. Gandhiji was respected more to show how bad Boss ways was. But in the end the Gandhi seems to have won.

But that was basically because the British was too week to control it any more and overnight seems to have packed all the valuable Indian antique properties to rebuild its country after German Luftwaffe plane nearly bombed it to stone age time . And in the chaos and Euphoria of getting Independence the Country leaders seems to have overlooked this dacoits. Some critics even suspect that Nehru was misleeded by British to take rigid action against the China to provoke Indo China war to dispose of all the 2nd World war British left over weapons to revamp its economy.

Bose was the freedom fighter per excellent like federal Castro he may have made a successful political carrier only for the sudden reversal of fortune. The defeat of the Japan which helped him so much was a shock for him personally and others who were his ardent admirers. Some suspect the Bengali mind was behind the haste jumping of the Nippon in the war of Pacific against Americans.

Ras Bihari Bose who married a Japanese and later Subash Chandra Bose also married a Japanese is believed to have brain washed General Tojo, Foreign Minister Isuru Togo and Admiral Yamamoto. As being the Japanese in-law and being well versed with its language they had a good social recognisation and commanding.

So possessive where the Japanese about their in-laws that the Nikona Koki the Japanese Secret Service were specially instructed to protect them .After the surrender of the Japan the British where more interested in trial of Subash Chandra Bose. Because from Midnapur rampant murder of British Officers to using INA against its own British colleagues Bengali mind was behind it was suspected. But for Bose his accident ensured his legendary image.

A critic told me that today also Country is running due to Bengali brain only , but due recognisation never given to them. You see our prodigal pranab Mukherjee dada will be never made as P.M as People still hate one who has national feeling as Congress party which Subash Chandra Bose despised for its character every body is still after loot as shown in common wealth games.

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