Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Dubai of the North India

Today for the Muthias and thela walas the Arunachal have become like Dubai in 70’s which was the promise land for all the Public of the poor India who were inspired by nova rich who came from Dubai . Today in arunachal Pradesh Muthias basically from Bihar are said to be easily earning say Rs. 500/- per day in any normal day in the State. And have made good houses in their Bihar and U.P. it is heard .The kudos goes to the lethargic and the lazy local inhabitant of this area specially youths. Who are filled with egoism and are yet to appreciate the dignity of work. But the parents , leadership and the environment are also responsible for this present State.

Other factor is seen to be habit spoiled by easy money and dependency syndrome of the publics on their leaders. Today the condition is so that many unemployed students, yet they are short of waiting for the godots. So it will be prudent if we also learn the Bihari style of getting their baby sun bath in winter so that they get acclimatize in scorching heat that too with physical message by mustard oil . Because it is highly probable that tomorrow the jobs will be more less and the global warming will make others lazy to work thus it will be survival of the fittest like Nitish ‘s man are doing .

Fortunately for the Manipuris they seems to have crossed that stage of this transition period . Way back in 1970’s the B.A and M.A graduates in Manipur where seen to drive rickshaw with muffler on their face to protect themselves from being identified by the relatives. The Arunachal youths need to immediately do something about it, may be best earner award may be started by APSU for those who toe Bihar style doing part time job in vacation.

The unfortunate part of the Bihari laborers are they fail to acclimatize with the locals and fail to inspire the locals in good field . in this point I personally feel the Chinese labors will be better as said by Jai ram Ramesh .

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