Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Most corrupted one

Fed up of loss of the self dignity to appease the politician the Utter Pradesh I.A.S

Cadres is once said to have voted among themselves as to ascertain, who were the most corrupted among them. After all there is bonhomie within the elite community so brutal honesty was show in sporting way to identify the best among the worst.

A high ranking officer close to the Hon’ble Chief Minister was indicted as the numero uno as anticipated ; need not to say it didn’t effected their tenure as they continued to salute their boss in jahapana style . Now when all the system fail who is to be blamed and specially in our place where there is no permanent CBI and full Judicial activism in true sense of term will not the most prodigal sons of the soil and elite force show how to enjoy life . But when other less deserving once also making more bucks their explanation seems to be worth pondering also. Unless Public as a whole come out open in arms which is highly improbable their act may have to be accepted as for now.

The audacity of the Congress party have crossed all limits as it is now only seems to be interested in appeasing the corporate house and in our state it represents some officers who are officers and Business man instead of being an Officer and a gentleman . Though there are lots of good officers but due to their insecurity they seem to be keeping mum. As the entire top ranking officers and Politicians will think it their divine right to make best use of their opportunity and will want none of them who don’t toe their idea.

Now the million dollar question is who is better a tribal or non tribal officer. At least for the non tribal officers they may be equally corrupted but may be not as interfering in local elections as their tribal counterparts who want to save their position and want a slice of cake in all the affairs . Even begging for extension of their job as reported . But the pertinent question is what have Society got from them so far ? But every body is also responsible even the aam Publics for keeping mum . Some Officers seems to even want to enjoy the power after they retire and as such seems to be planning to contest in elections . But it would have been better if they have retired and taken up Social reformation in true spirit . The outside investors will not come unless we make a humble beginning . I am surprised leave aside charity why rich and powerful are not investing in our own place in those sectors which will open up employment opportunity.

The burden will lie on some tribal officers who are at present in vintage position to do good work after they retire. As they should also give back to this society from which they have already gain so much. It is a wrong idea to again contest in election after enjoying so much as Public seems to have rejected out rightly such moves earlier ; as many retired big corrupted officers and their relatives previously thought bitter lessons in election . As electing this Peoples are again seen as giving this corrupted soul a golden opportunity to mint more money and disturbing genuine oppossition Party in the State as they seldom have the guts to contest from the oppossition party.

Some of the officers in their honest days where seen to be very much traditionalist and regionalist advocating for saving our culture and tradition. On their retirement will they really help deserving candidate and ideologically close political party like PPA is a million dollar question, or it was just a clever ploy to lobby for their own benefit for power only Doni Polo knows .But there are also few exceptions those who belong to rich family but ideologically are different from their relatives .In coming days all the Oppossition party should contest from regional party like PPA which ensure about 30 percent free votes and ticket should be only demanded for the genuine Persons who are ready to make supreme sacrifice for the Society . By only seeing once bank balance Publics will again suffer like they have always . Because new change must come and it will if the 1st generation leaders who are of about 60-80 yrs. pave the way for the 3rd generation leaders who are minimum greduate and youthful from 30- 50 Yrs. Today the 2nd generation leaders who are all of about 60 yrs. and above. are enjoing the power . It will be the most prectical as the Younger one has always seen to be defeated the older one . This is the natural phenomenon which alone can be used for the interest of State . I appeal to all the seniour leaders to accept the last time defeat gracefully and pave the way for their younger ones . It will be also praise worthy of the present leaders if they exit honourably in time .

Somebody has to make a new beginning how long Publics will be fooled . In our Galo belt the Officer lobby so far seems to have out rightly reject deserving candidates as if those honest chap will either let them be beaten by the anti social elements or send them in prison on corruption ground . As if their honesty is impediment to their ambitious plans which is of course unfounded as they also know that today that time has not come . But definitely their ambition to capture everything must come down and also corruption should come down bit by bit for the shake of future generation . Thus some one has to make a humble beginning and say I am going to sponser this and that candidate even if he is not my relative . Even those who have earlier resorted to corruption must make meaningful investment in their area . As in Arunachal the failure of system as a whole made some terribly corrupted but they also need to be given a chance to repent . In future times after retirement they may be the also once to sponsor the honest leaders and help to vote for the change we believe in which will never come if we wait for it .After all none will like them to be branded as traitor of the Society after they die .

Good times should come for the honest leaders .As they know that a honest leader will alone help other Business man and investors to flourish in sectors like Tourism , agriculture and horticulture where everyone will benefit . And as the self centric and selfish leaders will always think his benefit and will never cooperate others in true sense of terms . I am sure many good officers in the highest rank must be thinking in this line after their retirement . It is easy to criticize others who are in high position , but given the chance most of us may have been more corrupted than them also. Thus we may have to say give a damn what happened earlier let us make a new beginning as somebody has to say so . The quantum of richness cannot be only seen from the perspective of how much bank balance a Person have but also from how much he is loved and respected . That ensured persons like Jyoti Basu as immortal in political arena .

Thus the chance must be given to repent for everybody by sidelining them we will gain nothing . We must work together rich and poor alike for our Society . But so far non has this good Samaritan plan and let the money go waste instead of supporting a deserving candidate . How long one of the most powerful lobby be insincere and irresponsible towards the future generation . As the world is changing and there is demand for justice , equality and transference; is it not time for some honest officers to say enough is enough . And if officer fraternity does not do so , than opposition may have to completely sideline this lobby as in earlier election in most of the constituency candidates with this line of thinking have won with huge margin breaking the myth that they alone matter as 90 % are neither officers , Politicians or Business mans relatives .

It is better to fight this issues democratically than it is taken advantage by the anti social elements like Naxals and Mao wadis . Will rich and powerful intend to spend their old age in places like Delhi suffering from homesickness , lack of water , electricity , organic - vegetable , fruits and food instead of genuinely being seen as messiah by becoming Industrialist investing in homeland in sectors like as Tourism , agriculture , horticulture , tea Garden and animal husbandry etc.I appeal to rich relatives of corrupted Officers and Politicians to repeant as their can be separate ideology between one who belong to a rich family .

But those who have achieved so much success in their life must have been good man initially and in their heart of heart may still feel for the future generation. And we need to learnt lessons from Bhopal gas tragedy kind of things . Our officers in our state especially the natives need to be extra cautious in all the developmental issues as too much everything is bad . Though in our life time we may not suffer but later on you never know what will be consequence of rampant signing of MOU in Hydro power sector in seismic zone likes ours , as country has also turbulent relation with China above us which is in a vintage position to sabotage our ambitious developmental plans any time. And God knows like in Union carbide defective parts may be used in Arunachal dams .

History will always question some officers for bringing kind of money in election. Some officers are at present said to be like mafias manipulating everything for the ruling Govt. But none can be said about future. As People are increasingly becoming restless against all the facilities even the Political post and Govt. tenders taken away by officers relatives . The French revolution kind of situation has arrived the Beurocrates and Old leaders like Jacobins as termed as creamy layers of society by B.P Singh are enjoying the real benefit of being Indian . The united coordinated joint attack from the opposition may ultimately finish of the congress party if it still not mends its ways. And top officers are also accepted to be vigilant of which way wind is blowing and lead the society in a responsible way as future may question their present decisions.

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