Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Welcome my Criticizer

My best friend is my criticizer he always tells me with brutal honesty my weaknesses. A times comes when one become very rich and powerful and others don’t dare to rectify him. All the great man where because they had some criticizer and they heard them .Those who always want to only live with their admirers will never flourish. As the Hindi saying goes – Nindak Baba Vir Hamara Bina Kori Biney Bichara, Apan Dube Aur Ko Tare Aisi pritam Par Utare. Which means Baba Criticizer is my friend as without any money he helps me though himself falls down.

It is always skeptical that Gandhi’s will ever have good friends. This is natural as when a person tends to be very rich and powerful others avoid talking the truth. Who will tell them that God is the most powerful, someday they may be rendered powerless if he wills. Incidentally when everything is O.K. God change the things. Thus it may be also not surprise if Rahulji also fails as P.M. See what happens after the orange is full it bows down. See what happened of last time Football champions Italy - Rahuls mamaji party it lost isn’t it ; this time it cannot be said so regarding Congress success in election as honestly good Publics tend to dislike this Party which always manipulated and cash on the emotional mob .

Because today the simple fact is Congress party is filled with rogues and Rahulji cannot do little about it. Regional Congress satraps have become so powerful that party discipline and honesty will be only in paper thus good People who are really for vibrant India are exploring other greener pastures.

Thus good to be in track of a critic like me who may be of little help also? Also who criticize in positive way never harms. The Criticizer at least make themselves vulnerable by letting one know what Publics wants from him. Isn’t it the constructive criticism good for democracy also? Unless you are one ready to impose 2nd emergency .

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