Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Pakistan Poison

We have heard of Pakistan sponsored terrorism but have never heard the Poisoning of river with Chemical waste. The Sutlej River flowing inside the Punjab is said to be mixed with toxic waste of Pakistan nuclear plant. Who knows the rice chemically contaminated are not send in interior places like Arunachal Pradesh. The Govt. must make a immediate study in this regard as the tribal Peoples of this interior place is seen to be dying prematurely .

The Communist State of the China is far better in this term as they never fall to such low standard, though they are in vintage position if they want to do so . And imagine what if it also does so . As the most of the rivers flows to the countries from it and are now mostly also going to be checked by dams where thousands of workers are expected to work. If the catch mant area of the Arunachal is too large for dilution of poison in water it is not going to be same anymore as most of the proposed Dams will be more near China . Thus a friendly relation with the giant neighbor is imperative.

It is pertinent to mention that today communist China is more capitalist than India .The Chronic labor problem in the Hydro Power construction in Arunachal Pradesh could have been solved if cheap Chinese laborers where called as suggested by Jai Ram Rameshji Union MOS for Environment . Unfortunately there was no takers of his creative suggestions than and he got lots of media bashing. As the Pakistan strategy to romance two power at a time seems to be benefitting the country. Tomorrow uneducated workers from Bangladesh which may flock the State may be a constant irritation to the state publics unless of course Congress sees vote bank politics here. The Govt. should not compromise its national interest to continue its vote bank policy as peace in this region is very important.

Mind it, it is in the Countries interest that common culture, tradition and aspirations of the Arunachal Publics and the Chinese could have been used positively for the Country. Only for the lack of clear cut policy the Country may suffer which desperately need Chinese good will in view of the numerous power projects coming up in Chinese border. Therefore it will be prudent to allow commonwealth kind of relation with all the Mongol countries which should rather increase India’s influence in other neighboring countries as well. And who knows with our neighbors help the country may finally save its prestige in Olympic Games etc. Today it is world of engagement and cooperation thus this view is also worth pondering.

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