Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Power of Speech:

The animal doesn’t have the language nevertheless they seem to communicate through body language. The most powerful weapon to influence a Person is speech. All the great leaders where terrific orator. In the end it is the charisma of the person reflected by powerful speeches that motivate the society. It is wrong to challenge the power of speech only those who does so are the once who envy others oratory skills.

The Political party in the country has also terrific orators like in Congress kapil Sibbal, Manu Singvi however things cannot be attributed much of to the UPA Chairperson and may be this may be making the party more costly to get Peoples support. However chota Nawab Rahulji can be called as good orator, In BJP Narendra Modi , Arun Jatly , Satrugan Sinha , Tarun Vijay and Navjot Singh Siddu etc. can match the Congress in any argument.And in context to Modiji it is fact established that he is currently the numero uno . It is not only once knowledge but making the crowd to hear with rapt attention like Swami Vivekananda did in his Chicago address that does the trick.

The Modis advantage lays in his Amitabh like dominating voice, situational and relevant speech to sooth common publics sentiments and his experience in life . In this regard he seems to be more appealable than Gandhi’s. As any rich person can manage crowd in Delhi where crowd are found at through away price but that naturalists for determination to bring a change we believe in seems to be in Modis voice . It will be always party discipline for 30 percent of the crowd who are congress loyalist but this is view of other 70 percent that is thronging the BJP rally without any payment especially when Modi is around. This is kind of phenomena once laloo Yadav carried with him. One likes it or not while others are committing grammatical error the Lion of Gujarat has arrived with big bang.

The Congress will try its best to show that Rahul is more popular but after NSUI debacle in DUSU election it doubtful that the Gandhi scion will do much . The choice of the word and the language is what is doing the trick. Sometimes blatant attack also don’t give the due result .Today in this global satellite age one cant afford to have loose cannon like Varun Gandhi to benefit his own constituency at the cost of the party in other areas . Most of the political drama seems to be sabotaged therefore the RSS and other frontal agency needs to be extra cautious in their approach.

The BJP need to tone down its rhetoric and say its point in a prayerful manner as today it is world of the diplomacy. The emotionally charged RSS needs to rectify themselves in their approach to others as non toe their militant view as others are from different background. It is same with the Congress overzealous Seva dals about whom the common man are least interested. Always remember people are interested in themselves not you, and more so this time fed of both Congress and BJP most of them want to vote for regional party is not the arm struggle in many parts of the Country its first indication.

The Political Party should be very responsible after the judgment regarding Ram Janma Bhoomi issue comes . The mandir going to the Muslim may be better for the BJP electorally ; you never know , as Ram Janma Bhoomi issue was the short time gain issue for the Party . Today it has lost its all relevancy . I would rather suggest if the verdict goes in Muslim favour BJP should congratulate them and accept it as gods verdict. After it BJP Party may be able to begin a new empire where Gandhis devoid of issues may be made to finally rest in 10 Janpath like English king in Windsor palace .

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