Sunday, September 19, 2010


Amir Khan is a gem of a Person and a real hero in a Country which desperately need one. On and off the screen. Men have done more than many politicians who have failed for ages. He has beautifully raised many a issue in Public eyes. Earlier the parliament debate used to be restricted to the parliament. See how he made the point regarding use of redundant old Mig 21 which was notorious for crashing in – Rang De Basanti. And showed the poor education system of the Country in 3 Idiots and Tarey Jamin Par.

He is a perfectionist as an actor , director , and producer his story telling style is something different . His creativity superb every of his film you find something different from other. Need not to say he is one of the most earning actors in Bollywood.

As a Person also he seems to be O.K. Never reacting for any Muslim issue for the sake of being Muslim like other emotional actors do. As he seems to knows that he have fans cutting across Party lines and need to be more loyal to the Country which have given him so much . Only Akshay Kumarji I suppose seems to match his magnimity to some extent for being the Bollywoods highest tax payer last time.

Now in his new avatar as promoting the good behavior to the foreign tourists he is doing country lots of good. Here is a real Khan in word and deed. There are many ardent fans of Amir who love him thoroughly. And time for whole Country to give a standing ovation to prodigal son of the soil. The star like Amir can really matter a lot for changing the Country he should also take up the issue of Rs 250/- (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty lakh Crore rupees only) rotting in Swiss Bank as alleged by Baba Ramdev. And also identification of Islam with terrorism by appealing the Pakistani to hand over all the wanted man hiding under its active supervision . As he is impartial no Political Party should mind as both the communities idealize him .

Amir’s sincerity had made sure that – Tera Jadu Chal Gaya. Next the country will be looking forward to Amir may be he will show how to get a gold medal in Olympic. The ageless actor will soon turn 50 and may become the first actors who will succeed even in Hollywood. And will continue to do any character with much √©lan.

Amir is a special example to all the physically deformed as he himself is not of much height but due to his positive attitude is ready to conquer the world. Time to say by all Indians in bowing down style - Jahapanah Tujshi Great Ho.

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