Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Dark Side of Indian Army

The Indian army is going through worst kind of problem kudos to our lack of Political vision, the civil war like situation within the country and rampant corruption. If there is a war with China western critics believes that it won’t last for one month unless Uncle Sam intervenes.

The suppression of regional aspiration time and again by political system of the country and rising gap between the rich and the poor has given a Mao wadi like situation in country. The guru mantra need to be strong federation makes a strong nation so like United States of America time may have come to give more power to the federation . Today the outfits have the audacity to directly attack any army and CRPF convoy at impunity. There is report of ITBP jawans being killed above Mechuka along Meck Mohan boundary some dead bodies even rotting it is heard . Worst Indian Govt. seems to be hiding all the facts about body bags .

The army also are at fault specially the earlier army cadres were suspected of even raping the minor girls and killing that too while going in convoy in interior places . May be that is the reason in interior place like Arunachal Pradesh they are not getting kind of support of the locals in places above Mechuka, Taksin and other area where Chinese Liberation Army seems to be having upper hand . Besides the moment time comes for promotion from Colonel to Brigadier and furthermore the Army officer have to be in Delhi to manipulate his promotion it is heard.

However it is also to be accepted that lately the public relation with the civilian and the army has really improved to a great extent. Though initially there is paranoia specially to those army who are transferred from disturbed area like JNK . The need of the hour is to bring transparency even in Indian army and to cater to their need . Army may want a Nana Pathekar type politician to look into their affairs that is for sure , their fore they may be also given a say in whom to appoint as defense minister .

The countries defense minister and spokesman have been always seen to be unattractive , old fashioned and redundant only seen to be enjoying the lime light and some women secretary seen as if they are loving marketing in Islamabad . Therefore Military person may be made as spokesman who should be of minimum a Brigadier level. These things matters, even in America they make army to do the press briefing on war matter. After all this is Armies portfolio so why the Politicians and the Secretary like to hog the limelight.

The Country need a clear cut military strategy sometimes it should do and say like Israel. To begin with It can be send to add the pakistani Publics devasted by Indus river flood . As we have missed to oppurtunity to attack it with hell fire missile in Terrorist camp with US connivance upon likes of dawood Ibrahim against whom the Congress Govt. is always seen to be shy of saying anything. As the sanskrit saying goes - chama shovti usi bujang ko, jiske pas garal ho. Usko kya jo dant hin jo vish rahit vinay viral ho. It means only a snake with poison can forgive not one without poison, teeth less and humble. A clear cut vision is needed if you can’t fight him either give him general amnesty by bringing all party meeting to talk about it . As barring few leaders in BJP most of them are already said to be at the payroll of the big D in each election man is rumored to be the real financer.

And in the above context our magnificent Indian army must be feeling frustrated to have to wait like Air force in Longewala battle as shown in movie called Border ; as they have been made as political puppet without giving them any power. Thus time may have come to back up our army by a strong foreign policy . choose a friend ether china or USA or even both can be tried to be pacified by our Country by becoming peace maker between two power block as time migt have come to accept that Russia has losts its earlier position .

Unless one leech is drinking our blood how our condition will deteriorate to that extent Army sure want to pull out that leech. But have Govt. ever given it any real power . It may be time to rethink our peace initiative with neighbor like not allowing Pakistan Cricket Players if they don’t take concrete step in regard to Satlaj river poisoning , fake currency printing and extradition of Most wanted terrorist and other importat issues . As howsoever they deny , the burden of telling the truth always lies in Muslim Country as seldom they have done so and where always cought later . The great Indus river flood which effected 2/3 of pakisthan land is also seen as curse of God by some saction of Society .

If Pakistan promise to change they should be rewarded more than what they could have imagined may be this is rigt time to throw the card . To sideline the Pakistan other Muslim Countries must be engaged in joint business ventures. The different Govt agency and entrepreneurs should be coordinated with army , as the army will be also helpless unless we have something like Pentagon, CIA, James Bond and future Job securty to back its family after their demise . Who knows China weather bomb is behind numerous cloud burst and can be purchased for drought areas of the Country making it beneficial for both the Country . If they have one does our army can do anything about it ?

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