Sunday, September 19, 2010

The drop of Water:

Is going to be precious very soon as the underground water reserve is going to be squeezed up . Long time back B. Santaram a film director have nicely depicted this drought scene in – Do Bigha Jamin. In places like Delhi already 100 mtr. Well is being dugged it is heard as water level is decreasing day by day. Today the pausity of water have made the Publics to depend on poisonous waters.

The report of the Satluj River poisoning by Pakistan is an eye opener. Sometimes feel like why not resort to tit for teth and do similier things to those rivers flowing from Kashmir to Pakistan. If it is no possible to make a dam over satlaj river and send back the poisonous water to Pakistan. Atleast why not let UNO moniter this issue by having permanent post in this river.

God alone knows how much stomack this poisonous foods have damaged in India. As surely the clever Panjabi farmers will never themselves eat chemically contaminated food and always the victims seems to be interior place like ours; where week opposition so far and no media coverage make it agile ground for this type of nonsense. But as the report of children getting ill after eating mid day mill is increasing. It seems today these issues have blown out of proportions and something must be done to check it.

May be a new law have to be passed to stop supply of contaminated food as this is a form of indirect murder. But with each population increase Countries condition will deteriorate ever more as open edifice and throwing of dead bodies in river will even make the Ganga myth a jock. May be time for starting an army coorp for protection of the rivers and streams is need of a hour. places like Arunachal can be last hope for the thrusty country, thus the Country must promulgate a proper plan to save this water source by may be fencing the catchment area of the river and streams where local animals like Mithuns – Bos Fontalis can be also be reared so that it helps the farmers as their dungs will make the jungle grow and it will check animal tresspass in farmland.

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