Sunday, September 19, 2010


That one day their will be no discrimination of Christian in my place and both the followers of the Gangi and the Christianity - two great religion communities will laugh eat and drink together in the bank of river Kidi . Though today the others may think it is a dream but I am sure that day will come.

One day when leaving its all differences both the great Doni Poloists and Christians will work together for our common destiny. The oldest Doni polo religionists will show their magnamity and give chance to a Christian leader also in all the fields like Christians have been always doing to them so far. After all the love is the true language of any religion and non can tell other lacks it .

Unfortunately we don’t see 95 % similarity between us and starts to fight over 5% differences which seems to be man made. Both are right and both may be both wrong at times . Both need each others prayer support as we are at least in same boat to seek God. No denying that Doni Poloism is the oldest religion but it is also fact that they badly need our prayer support for overcoming this transition period. It is wrong to criticize others and see them as traitors instead of making a self introspection.

Today non can live in isolation therefore the religion is complementary and mutually beneficial the Doni Poloist should show their magnimity in helping the minority Christians and vice versa in Christian majority area and that is the real religion . You see not all the Christians fought along with the Crusaders and some seems to have hated the Richard the Lion heart `s King of England crusade against the Byzantine empire. More so as they had to live in Jeruslam. So please let us take the religion matter as personal and Gods plan and His jurisdiction and work together in important issues than only may be father in heaven will bless us.

The both are the need of the hour as we import things for our physical and intellectual comforts so is the need for spiritual vitamin . The issues like conversion should best left to personal choice as it is Gods plan . Holy Bible never supports force conversion those who did not read it have misunderstanding . There is also good in teachings of Holy Bible after all it brought revolution like French revolution and abolition of sati system in India .The religion what so ever is our forefathers creation after all once upon a time we have common ancestors therefore we should be content with eating its fruits than fighting .

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