Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Need for the Baba Ramdev in todays Politics

The Need For the Baba Ramdevji in todays politics
After Gandhiji Baba Ramdev alone can only rectify the deteriorating political illness of the country which has really fallen to such an extent . The Baba must form his own political party , symbol or no symbol and must target the most corrupted politicians from Congress as well as BJP party. As the Country desperately want check and balance and who else is more credible and trustworthy and better disposed than the babaji who have clean past and present who can alone start the operation – Halla Bol in true sense of term .
Time seems to have come for hammering the nail on the corruption , nepotism and political highhandedness . If the Country man are made aware by great man like baba ramdev who seems to bead mix of all the great mans like Swami Vivekananda , Gandhiji and others than their will be Desshara every night were Societies Ravans will be burnt each time before developing ten heads . Today in this corrupted world we forget that mobile and cables have also given us wonderful opportunity . Halla Boll revolution should not mean at only creating law and order problem but exposing the corrupted ones which Baba is doing . And none can match babas character as he is far greater than Gandhis . As today someone not falling into temptation and starting one man Industry that too through righteous means is awful . Who knows like Jhon the Baptist he is paving way for someone more powerful to come .
He can’t be neither termed as fanatic Hindu nor anti Muslim . What matters for most of the Country man is gandhis have been give enough chance and they are seen not to do enough . Like the none declaring of white paper on money rotting in swiss bank etc and many more issues . Swamiji is in vintage position to unite both the Hindu and Muslim and divert them to core issue like fight for dignity , bread and butter . As he was never in controversy in any religious issue he may be able to take both the Muslim and hindus with him . Need of the hour is both the Hindu and Muslim needs Messiah or Pir to lead them . As the Sufism is also one hell of the good side of the Islam next baba is expected to be seen visiting one of their holy dargah .
The greatness of baba lies in praising his adversary like he did of Rahul Gandhi recently though the most of the corruption is seen to be done by Congress party and in Public flatform Baba never sphere this party which mostly don’t dare to do . His formula to stop the corruption is also marvelous . He strongly recommend the calling back of all the big currency like Rupees one thousand and Rupees five hundred currency notes . As he feels if only small notes are made than it will be difficult to give bribe in lower level office at least . As for one crore bribe one big bag full of money have to be given as bribe which is not possible . And since the Congress party doesn’t endorse it even after being convinced to the Hon’ble Prime Minister he feels corrupted party like Congress party need to be removed as this theory is endorsed by all the developed countries .
Today with the changing mood of the resurgent publics other great mans importance have also not diminished as Mahatma Gandi himself encouraged plurality of the thought according to the changing and new demand a great man will definitely born . The Baba who is different from other Baba may finally nail the coffin on the monopoly of the Gandhi parivar which has developed an aura of divinity around it which in a way have made the country to lack bold and innovative idea due to its dependency syndrome within the congress ruled State . And Baba need to continue like spiritual Robin hood for the publics even if others despise nothing official about it .

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