Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Identical twins

There seems to be more than a political ideological affinity between Bengali and the Chinese peoples. The Calcutta boast of a China Town where the Chinese live with impunity from long time back.

The Bengali culture also resembled earlier with China which make us to wonder whether Bengalis have no connection with the Mongols earlier. Like earlier sati system can be traced to Chinese practice of burial of new wife with the emperors during Ming dynasty. The Bengalis basically seems to be direct descendent of Aryan and Mongolian cohabitation.

The Ahums claims that many of the Bengalis like Chakrabarty, Burman, Das etc. are product of cohabition of Ahum and Bengalis . See how the Mamta di also looks different from others some resemblance of the Mongolian features still looms large in her face says a hardened Arunachal TMC member. But yeh baat kuch hajam nahin hua. But nevertheless her aggression which only resemblance our forefather Chengiz Khan a Mongolian which seems to have been inherited by her from her forefathers cross marriage with Mongol may be not wrong as TMC guy claims.

The Chinese philosophy like Taoism and Confucianism have resemblance in Swami Vivekananda, Aro Bindo Gosh etc. School of thoughts. May be time have come to catalogue the DNA of all the clans to trace their original roots and advising them to refrain from cohabitation in F-3 generation and give biological healthy Children’s for the Country.

In the country also their seems to be many chinky looking Peoples after all Mughal Empire till the Akbar the Great was a pure Mangol breed . It seems from Jahangir alone inter marriage started . The famous story of Anarkali and the yound prince Salims love affairs seems to be outcome of that distrust between the Mongol and Aryan. The critics may term that in that way the China has more claim not only over Arunachal pradesh but over whole India . But this can be presented in a different maner to increase the brotherly relation between two great neighbours . So long as the People does not respect each others culture in true sense of terms we will never be able to benefit from this diverse background , culture and tradition .


Capo Lohan said...

good one...

Togo Basar said...

Thank U Capo let us fight together for the poor and the downtrodden . Togo circa 2010