Sunday, September 19, 2010


The crooks have also didn’t left the honorable game and made total mess out of it . The Suresh Kalmadis team showed what India was best at always e,i– corruption, neither gold nor silver country seems to be interested in . It seems the Congress Party don’t know anything other than the corruption and worst the close member of the Gandhi family always end up being the crooks . The first family of the Country should be bewaring of their rights and duties least the Country doubt their integrity.

And doubt seems to have started with the defeat of NSUI in DUSU election today one cannot rule on the garb of divine theory . The Gandhi family may need to go to street to search good leaders rather than the genuine one coming it for Party ticket .

This is the worst scene of corruption; in the international level Country was never so much disgrace as it is now. Within Country there is numerous corruption charges labeled against the Congress but this time it is bit too much; yeh bat kuch hajam nahin huaji. Once again the Congress party’s audacity is exposed for undermining the Public of the great Country and this time seems to give a damn of its prestige in other Countries presence . The party seems to think it can purchase the publics any time in election. And seems to be running a mafia to amass as much money to counter the Narendra Modi threat .

The crooks will make sure that its party high command also get share of sin of this corruption and nepotism or at least sin to burn in eternal hell for being mum. At this situation it will be interesting to see whether any CBI action will be taken against the culprit instead of trying to defame Narendra Modi .

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Unknown said...

Congress you left our nation in deep shame. You guys sucks.....