Sunday, September 19, 2010

The perfect political timing

The man who hit the jack pot this time is Tapen Siga and Tamio Taga Hon’ble BJP MLA’s. With a clear cut party ideology contesting from BJP they won after long time. The critics believe if they have contested from PPA they would have won last time itself. what seems to did the trick basically was both had never say de attitude . Everyone has no such endurace ; also this time the powerful congress candidates were engaged in worst trench battle and it was like always seems to be taken advantage by the Congress observer to rise the price of the ticket and by the time it was given it was too late .

You can’t expect every one to be as loyal like Bharata or Eklavya to pray the sign of the master. In Arunachal personal relationship does matter it is wrong to say everything is all about money. Graph says that even Gandhi family campigning in Arunachal mostly failed as most of the valuable time was spend in Gandhi families arrival itself. Man it is local Public who determines whom to make. I even doubt that there is need of a God father as what ever is the will of the God the Hon’ble C.M chamchas try to cash on it .

Only the rich and powerful will be scared to denounce this theory because they may have many skeletons in their cupboard also , so they may be apprehensive to join wonderful party like PPA living ruling party. As for now there is time and they cannot be blamed ; PPA leaders as they also want to make use of present situation so they are also not wrong .But in proper time they will definitely take theresponsibility . Who becomes ruling , one who get the Public mandate does not he becomes one . And also did not some of the most powerful and rich candidates lost last time from ruling ticket itself ? Thus it is delivery that matters .

See most of the candidates who lost last time where either very rich or from influential family and even the rich candidates who won last time their margin where very poor . Even in bye election victory of the PPA in two ZPM seat may be indication of coming time , the Publics seems to be ready for a change. But sometimes one has to be patient as nothing happens before time . There is more than being a paper tiger if necessary tomorrow in right time PPA will organise Public awareness campaign , bandh calls and strike regarding Dams and other issues .

Who is not working to be successful but it is God, destiny and luck that is mattering. If Tamio Taga and Tapen Siga had contested for first time in their life this time itself who knows they may have won by shear luck. As timing is always important besides a opposition party has also this God gifted benefit of not wasting thetimein Delhi which the Arunachal publics seems to have forgotten. As for the allegation that all the PPA are keeping mum it is completely wrong . Before the Panchayat election it will come with a big bang I am sure .

Today People are expecting lots of firework from the PPA like NCP . The time will come forthat ; as the party believes in practical solution which is viable unless we have at least ten hon’ble MLA by next election we cannot be accepted to do much as for NCP they have limitation beyond a limit they will keep silence but once PPA undertakes any issue it will want to finish it to the logical conclusion .Right now party is more busy with working for internal matter of Party like remaking its Party structures . The Arunachal publics also knows that it is the party wit difference and Party with future. As far the allegation that the Oppossition party is also hijacked by those indicted in PDS it is completely wrong . The law will takes its own course and PPA in particular does not stand with the guilty if proved by Court of law. Our Hon’ble MLA’s have also reiterated its commitment for the party. As for some who wants to leave the party at this stage it is their loss not ours as more clean and promising once will be ready to join the party.

The misunderstanding if ay can be shorted out democratically. if need be my seniour colleagues may be ready like me to make supreme sacrifice for the party . As for the report of some inefficient leaders disturbing the growth of the party all the complaints are taken note by executive members and can be shorted in coming PPA party election. Party promotes inner democracy and aspiring cadidates may contest for any party post , jockingly someone has termed PPA as Pata Pat Aao party surely this may be last chance to get lucrative post in PPA Polit beuro membership . The think tank of the Party which is all set to bring a change we believe in our State .

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