Sunday, September 19, 2010

The abuse of power

Will never stop if right power does not go to right hand. See what happened with Lord Shiva when he gave power to a Rakshas that when he will put his hand upon any one he will be burnt to ash and later tried to put his hand upon Shiva himself to his worst fear. And other two pillars like two pillars of democracy legislature and executive at that time Brahma and Vishnu had to interfere to save the terminator lord Shiva say judiciary of his time.

The back ground of the leader has to be studied by the voter before a monster is produced, after all for choosing ones God and leader absolute sincerity have to be made as they are going to effect us. Adolf Hitler who went through worst childhood abuse in his life later wanted to upside down the entire world itself. For them who only want to make power and money no amount of political power will satisfy them. But for them who are spiritual and God fearing for them happiness will lie in helping others that will be real use of power as they will fear God and refrain from doing something bad . See after 2nd world war European Countries come back becoming more powerful due to its able leadership.

The Spiritual Person will only want to contest with a divine responsibility to do Gods thy will and for them their good work and not the bank balance will be the real satisfaction. And for those who envy them and see them as a stumbling block for their sinister desire they will definitely criticize them. But good one will always feel moral responsible to fight for downtrodden and poor that have been always misleeded and made victim. As the evil spirit is using some fine gentleman so will Holy Spirit inspire some good Samaritan to save our Country where 250 lakhs is said to be rotting in Swiss bank. In our State also actually 80 percent of the voters have seldom got any thing in election only false assurance and yes jo - jayga is what the assurances they have been hearing from ages but can Public be duped always . The most successful Politician can be said as Shri Kento Eteji Ex Hon’ble Minister who retired in right time being commerce student seems to have helped him.

It is wrong to think that majority Publics are crooks, only a coordinated approach was not tried by majority good peoples that gave them chance . Remember this is a transition period in our State and State is changing so quickly that by next election corruption and nepotism may be a big issue. As with the corruption awareness is also increasing and those after money are also seen to paralyze their own leaders by gheraoing in their own house for money and disturbing the election campaigning . It is difficult to give money also if one is not that close plus very difficult to trust it also? That’s why smart Politicians assures the Publics with Lollipop like separate District or Circle. After all those who work extra time and surreptiously seem to earn will not the Publics have also greater expectation from those leaders and will not make them to contemplate retirement for restlessness and overwork. Only the opposition have to play on their strong points like speediness, agility and ability.

Those who claim that without money nothing will happen may be the most fearful one themselves ; after all in their heart of heart they know there is better one and if elected the Publics may regret why they were not given chance earlier . In spite of this if and buts one has to realize that today things are also not like earlier days when leaders were blindly followed ; today questioning ability seems to have also come to aam Publics why leaders will make shopping mall and buildings at their cost . As most of them are nova rich and No.1 Govt. business man.. Public’s perceptions are also not wrong as their kit and kins have become number one contractors after their relatives become MLA or MP.

And it is rumored that most of the money given in election is alleged to be surreptitiously also taken back after winning in name of searching job for their child never to be given back. And in this tussle the truth has to come up. We need to elect the deserving one to let us live with dignity. As anybody once elected can cater to immediate need in medical emergency cases but there is lot many things to be done like employment, equality and justice which are ones Human right. At present few selected ones seems to be enjoying that right.

But Power obsessed leaders are also reducing their own life; as life is precious will never come again and whimsicalness activities which is increasingly making them restless, impatient are already shortening their life. As the Holy Bible says – Seek thy kingdom and righteousness first and everything shall follow unto you and with the winning of some underdog last time. It really seems that Gods thy will is working like always as those rich and powerful who were after Congress ticket have also lost their valuable time, energy and money in the previous election.

The Opposition also need to be vigilant . As It will be not surprisingly if the Govt. do away with the global tendering of the Trans – District Arunachal Highway. Whereas in Mizoram a foreign farm is said to have been very sincere in working and in compensation matter also the Govt’s role will be keenly observed as earlier this Govt. is alleged to have even siphoned away the relief funds .

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