Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Lesson to learn from Spanish armada

The victory of the Spanish is a good inspiration for all the Country especially to the aspiring football players. The never say die attitude finally gave them the coveted cup the Spanish have fortunately something of everything good height , skill and traditional sports like Bull fighting which motivate them to be fearless and remain physically fit.

The Old traditional champions Brazil and the Argentina have been defeated in their own game plan. It will be no surprise if the similar miracle is repeated in all the other event of the world says it political or business. As the world seems to be changing their seems to be more prayer support for the underdogs and the God even seems to favor something else blessing less corrupted Baba octopus to prophesize the future instead of homo sephian need not to say palmist are fearing safety of their job .

The third world countries will have to wait for sometimes as their fate seems to be in creating noises rather than in seeing the games. Though the Spanish are not that rich but definitely they have learnt their bitter lesions after lots of home work and hard work they have shown – nothing is impossible. The opposition of the Country have also lot many to learn from this lesion.

As for the State the stage is set for taking benefit of the corporate houses who are investing in Hydro power sector but good leadership is need of the hour. Reviving traditional Babo games played in Abo Tani belt may also help the physical fitness of the youths. Today will power can take one any place as the technique have become open for all and not reserved to one family danger bell for Congress think tanks .

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