Sunday, September 19, 2010

The C.M’s Guards

Since time and ages the imperial guards where known for their notoriority. Like the SS of Adolf Hitler who were given all important role of finishing of the dissidence , and operation Balkier to arrest and annihilate any senior Nazi leader cons- pirating against the Furher and the Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte who where a loyal 30,000 soldiers ready for the Napoleon as his last line of defense . They have the direct access to the Fuhrer and king Napoleon and thus were very powerful.

The recent killing of a Lendo and Mismi boy by the state police will not subside easily and will make Police target of hate , specially the CM’s guard as they have been a cause of irritation since ages even to their own Colleagues who see them as blue boy of ruling party and have become instantly rich and famous for their connection it is heard. Though the most notorious Police IRBN basically filled with immature lads who are never heard to do good in deserving front like Tirap and Changlang are more to be blamed in this case like always, as the report is coming . Lately Govt. was said to be contemplating sending IRBN in Naxalite Infested Dantewara areas which the good IRBN lads are objecting . May be time to tell who are bad among them .

Even the rumor is ripe that the Arunachal Bhavan staffs close to C.M are acting more as dalal and least interested in day to day work. Harassment faced by the officers in Delhi tour is said to be so much that they are now least interested to go to Delhi as if the room meant for State is always occupied by Hydropower investors .Therefore those close with the C.M must be more cautious as they have a greater responsibility .

The real mantle of the person can be seen in the battle field if they are send in danger zone like Tirap and Changlang than they can be judged. Therefore C.M’s man should be transferred on regular basis to those areas as well so that it doesn’t benefit the vested interested Peoples who are only manipulating their good posting through chamchagiri. Whereas the deserving ones who are really ready for supreme sacrifice in the time of crisis may be now rotting somewhere. It will be good for boss as well, who knows Hon’ble C.M will be also not victim of sabotage by someone close to defame him.

In the time of crisis for C.M also his psycho pants may be of no help see what happened of Napoleon in Waterloo the imperial army were first to run away much to the surprise of the enemies. If the situation becomes critical no amount of bribery or manipulation can help retain once fiefdom. After all for the Political leader his credential ensures his power which is like nectar to him. Later Politician out of power is generally seen to live a secluded and frustrated life. Therefore danger bell for the Govt. which already undergoing popular criticism for rampant signing of MOU in Hydro Power sector and now this violation of Civil right where Publics from all corner of life have shown extraordinary sincerity and cooperation to oppose it .

Heard sometimes in elections helicopter full of suitcase are rumored to be refused to be carried by fearful Pilot due to overload and in future election it may be thing of past as it may also not help to salvage the image of the Govt. which is seen to be headed by Business man’s . Though there may be symbolic support by some sycophants , but it will be doubtful weather larger Publics will heartily work for the Congress party as there is limit to everything ; the virgin forest and pristine river in the nature is like our mother ; more so for the tribal’s of Abo Tani belt it is its lifeline Peoples basically depends on Zhoom cultivation , unlike in Tawang our People can never solely be dependent on Business .

By doing away with pristine jungle and forest on which our innocent publics sustains to the corporate houses without taking local into confidence where Govt. plans to go. In our State even BJP have shown how Party will fail thrusting on outside Business man. So what they sponsor the Party but local calls the final shot. But power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely , to fulfill the immediate requirement the State Leaders seems to be heading for facing the worst reality in future where they may find themselves in direct collision with the Publics . See the assurance of District in 2-3 places and ill reputed MOU due to which areas 7 k.m from dam is going to be reserved for forestation by Company and boating and fishing going to be banned and it is also pertinent to mention that after dam is finished within 5-10 yrs. It is the only sector where there will be less employment . Therefore it should have been made in phase manner .

May be one day for our leaders who are in helms of power now after their power is no more non to protect them and non to receive them what will happen to them. Thus leaders have to make a calculative move ; only because a Person doesn’t toy his opinion should he become bad and to the Publics also this responsibility lies to see - that only because a Person is rich by even dubious means should he be revered or not . Least later we cry like Himachal pradesh Peoples are doing after Bhopal Gas tragedy. Mind it Chinese proposed Dam above Brahmaputra may be the genesis of all the havocs of Arunachal Dams in lower riparian. Truth must also be discussed at length , our state doesn’t only belong to Congress Party who can do whatever it comes to its mind ; it is equally belong to all the regions and its inhabitant who have regional aspirations . By whimsically and arbitrarily doing and indicating to the Public as if saying do not to mess with the Govt. or leader it will make the Public more sentimental and situation volatile . The Govt. must come forward for publicly apolising and taking immediate measures as mentioned above to pacify the public’s.

Thus to be in power sine die the tactics may be resorted to use the State machinery; but will it last as the fact is some man in State have garnered unimaginable power within short time which they seldom deserved kudos to the appeasing policy of great Apangji who seems to have been obsessed with hearing his personal praises and blessed many who were even not fit for chowkidars as a critics opines. Today barring few Publics, officers and business man who are now in vintage position none is seen to be praising the Govt. from soul of their heart. See the graph of previous election the rich and powerful have lost more miserably or won with lesser margin in spite of lack of coordinated attack from joint opposition. In coming days even the Uncontested leaders may see worst challenges in their territory as some fearless youth may see more opportunity as in previous election rich and powerful candidates were seen to be too big for the local Publics to be approach and cut off from the Publics from years altogether which made them more vulnerable . It is pertinent to mention that last time some unserious candidates themselves gave some senior leaders run for their money and imagine what if a qualified and deserving candidate has contested in every constituency .

The Congress Party has a bad track record of losing to the coordinated attack by opposition even in North East State like Sikkim, Nagaland. Though the Publics have increasingly become corrupted but they have also become also equally conscious, kudos to modern networking and communication facility. As the senior leaders are seen to serve only through MLA fund earlier befooling the Publics that their personal money where at stake. But some leaders are also worthy to be praised for their social service only is that they miserably fail in other front like lack of vision , transference , creativity etc . Not that all the leaders are bad but for a new thought and a new revolution which will help everyone it will be prudent if they step down for the young ones in coming election as change is always for good . It is a establish fact that most of the earlier Apangjis camp consists of Business man more interested in their personal gain . And that nature still remains with them. Graph says a Hon’ble MLA becomes 15 times richer by 5yrs. Doesn’t it shows that all the Public service is crocodile’s tears.

And see their audacity to laugh at deserving candidate whose only weakness was he didn’t resort to corruption like them. And as the public’s are also least bother as of now how that money comes so those gentleman’s , they are having the filled day. The coming election will be waterloo for all the good thinking People Vs the evils. Not that corruption can be totally stopped overnight today or in future but it has crossed the limit in our State. But the opposition leaders has also not taken the tender to fight the system whole life the Publics should also rise from Kumbakarnas sleep ; if the Publics doesn’t reciprocate in coming election we might have to give a damn to this idea and live like others .

But in earlier election Public response have been also not bad. Man there is also something called anti incumbency and Congress party delaying issuing ticket in the centre, especially if both the aspiring leaders are rich and powerful; thus this is seen to be benefitting the opposition leader to get crucial time . In some places the Publics seems to have also blamed their leaders for their personal problems also thus making their 2nd winning a costly affairs. Today as suddenly living have become very tough with price rise sky rocketing anti incumbency feeling may increase in coming election with freedom of expression becoming more easy encouraged by Apangs arrest kudos to PIL which has made vulnerable the Untouchables so far , Partial judicial separation kudos to Hon’ble S.C . etc.

See in previous election the rich and the family members from good family who were earlier ruling like king are reported to have spent more money than others to ensure their comeback . And will this recent Lendo and Mishmi boy killing incident which may snowball into major crisis for the Congress in election is to be seen . After all the community system in the Galo and mishmi system is very strong and sentiment may not easily calm down . Hon’ble C.M may have to call for all political party meeting to address such incident in future . But will the Opposition members fed up of Congress violation of civil right hear this also it is doubtful , as in Arunachal the ruling Party member seems to be not bothering future consequences and curtail others right who are not rich and powerful .

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