Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Quest for the Olympic Gold

The chronic famine of the Country in Olympic game is cause of concern for the Country. Is our Countries food habits and water bad? Or majority being the mix race are we have been genetically made redudant in F-3 generation? Whereas the pure Aryan race like Germany and China - Mongolian not seen to be doing bad.

Thus the search may have to stop in Arunachal where genetic is pure we being the pure Mongolian breed son of great Chengiz khan and Mughals , food is organic , environment clean , corporate house interested in Hydro project may encourage sports like Tata in Ranchi . And place where China can be engaged in friendly manner as they have excelled in this field and more near to us in this frontier region. The one important reason why China is leadiong is they may be also leading in production of fresh food than other Country; whereas others may be having chemically contaminated food as in democratic Country it is difficult to impose strict food quality for supply.

The China has also excelled in herbal treatment which does not create side effects for the body. During last time this was a cause of great discussion for the Western Countries media who seems to have been jeleous of Chinas medal telly.

The remotness of the Arunachal Pradesh will ensure that the fruit and the crops have retained their organic texture like in China. The Country should forget our past bitter relation with China as China is said to be claiming in net that Nehrus stubborn stand in encroaching one post in ladakh alone was responsible for 1962 war .Thus one mans folly cannot stop friendship between two great nation which can learn lot many things from each other .

The China seems to be also sincere in maintaining a good relation and though in vintage position have never fallen to such an extent like pakisthan as to contaminate Satluj River . They could have taken upto Tejpur in the 1962 war but went back because they seem to want to maintain status quo. Anyway past is past our Countruies pride is always at stake in Olympic games, theirfore we need to learn from our mistake and take Chinese help in this field after all the Communist China is trying to open up only for our inferiority complexion . If we cannot fight with someone befriend him time may have come to accept Mongolians as also son of great forefather Adams.

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