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What is future of the Opposition in Arunachal pradesh

The greatest gift a human being is given by God is power to think . Thus said the greats – fortune favour the brave , dar ke agej jeet hain , we think about what mistakes and wrong we have done and forget what we can do in the future .

So far the opposition party in the State seems to be suffering due to self introspection , leadership crisis and the lack of political commitment as the most of the oppossition leaders have so far migrated to greaner pasture moment he won the election . But they are also not wrong as so far their was no issue of changing the whole Govt. in the State in election only particular MLA was targeted . But unless one is a haluva lot of a rich person and having a forefather a relative who can influence the Gandhi family it will be also like commiting harakiri like the Japanese Kamikaze pilot did .

Kiran Rijuji had wonderful opportunity of uniting all the oppossition party as he tried to make a head long collission with the Govt. and to some critics he had already won only for the muscle and money power which Congress always seems to be using with impunity . As a lack of united strong oposition and lack of political consciousness seems to have harmed the opossition . Thus time has seems to have come to take a practical approach if we mean bussiness or to take political sanyas seems to have come for the oppossition .

As no pain no gain we should be inspired by all the great mans who did miracle when they where least powerful and money sufficient . Like the liberation of the italy by Gari Baldi so we have nothing to loose but only the chain of the central party politics .

Thus time for the oppossition leaders to decide weather they are interested atall to accept this responsibility nothing is impossible but they must be united , desciplined and have will power . Only they should be not swayed away by the false promise of Congress party as ultimately the Congress ticket is for sell which will never go to the deserving ones. Mind it most of the present Hon’ble MLA’s being not that rich in compare to whom they defeated may face identity crisis if they are misleaded by the congress where richness and chamchagiri alone counts . And a political guidance of a relative or friend may be also for their own interest thus it will be prudent for one to see his own interest .

Therefore it will be foolish to be seduced by the Congress party . Specially more so in context of PPA Party which have already won the quarter final e,i- Bye election of the ZPM in Dirrang and the Palin . If Congress have Hydro Power money with it the PPA seems to have peoples mandate with it . Who knows next time their will be divided Congress in the State as rumour is ripe that Govt. is suffering from internal dissidency this way or that way . Irony in the Congress is the rumour of the richness of the seniour leader ensure its downfall as expectation also said to be increases manifold from MLA side who welcome dissidency time and again this is taken advantage by Party high command untill the tired boss rise his hand .

The irony with the National party is though there is too many benefits initially but the seniour leader may also die prematurly due to man made tensions . That seems to be the way Congress runs . If the seniour Congress leader does not take advantage of the present unsatisfied situation , who knows the Tirap and Changlang political leaders cutting across party lines may be ready next time demanding CM post for their loyality to the State .

In the Centre also by next election price rise , Anderson’s extradition issue and fear of the Gandhi monopoly if Rahulji is projected as PM may ultimatly unite the oppossition . Already the firebrand BJP leader Narendra Modi is taking advantage of the Bhopal Gas tragedy . And with the richest corporate houses mostly from Gujrat , Ambanis promise to have back him it may be difficult for the Congress to stop joint oppossition headed by the BJP as its probable ally Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman Party may be made to erode the congress vote bank in Muslim areas where he is not much hated . Surprisingly Tatas also after its Neno project help have already shown his inclination to see Modi as new P.M .

With most of the corporate house said to be poised for Modi over anybody else isn’t the danger bell is not ringing for the Congress which had earlier used this as most powerful tools . As today money and muscle power is seen to be with corporate houses only and they are seen to be relieng behind Narendra Modi even before Anderson extradition issue . After challenging Soniaji – Who is Maut Ka saudagar ? it has challenged Congress to take any action regarding Godhra Kand as the Congress ex- boss Rajivji also under public observation things are definatly seen to be going in Modis favour

Though few loyal Congress may be angry like they always have been if any thing said against the Gandhis whom they are very much protective of . And Gandhis have also made tremendous sacrifice but they could also have made mistakes . The truth should not be hide . What the fathe of Congress party Mahatma Gandhi said , Truth always triumph than why bru haha on Arjun Singh . It has to be accepted the Congress party have a good top hierarchy like Amway bussiness and it is to their interst that they always remain secure and seems to advice the lower cader below . But did the lower rung dedicated workers ever given party ticket ? and aren’t they are not lured more due to money and playing communal card in politics whereas simultaneously playing the secular card as well . Why was the Muslims fooled all along that Feroz Gandhi was a Muslim .

See what happened when a spanish writer wrote a noble on Soniaji the Congress retaliated it was not necessary rather exposed the private lifes of madam . Lately is it meticulous plan of the oppossition or emotional fullissness of the Congress man towards Gandhi family that it is committing mistakes after mistakes .The emphasise should have been on Congress party rather than Gandhi family what will happen if Rahulji don’t merry at all and dies naturally now that he is already 40; than a critics jock that Congress will invite Varun Gandhi and he will come along with his BJP supporters .

You never know about future when Bajpae was at his peak he failed , may be a man without wife tend to be a alcoholic and emotional bankcraft in private life when it matters most . Undmindful of this development Youth Congress brigade seems to be extra hypersensitive towards seeing Rahulji as next PM . You can’t help some Congress who are really dedicated to party but Rahulji and his family members are also human being and not above God who alone decides the future . In our Arunachal also had our seniour leaders remain in Congress after it fail to form Government in the centre? So for overall interest may be one time revolution may benefit every one as monotomy is always bad as it makes the ruler lethargic and definitely in our State time for revolution seems to have come and change will not come by itself we all have to bring the change .

This may benefit the oppossition in the State immensly if they all merge with the PPA . Which instead may have to have a tacit understanding with the BJP by leaving few non tribal dominated place to it and the tribal dominated place to be contested from PPA. As most of the places where dams are commissioned may be soon dominated with thousands of non tribals . And if it is not possible for all the political party to unite it should atleast have seat sharing with the PPA . The seat should be nicely shared with the other party in the line of rular areas to PPA and the urban areas namely old districts areas to others .

The phase manner approach should help the oppossition as it has neither resource and power to go for head long collision with the Congress . Thus leaving the Tirap and Changlang to its own fate may be also helpful to the State and the party as critics sujjests . As basically PPA is more strong in Abotani belt and have lately made inroad in Budhist belt also and one should chew as much he can digest only . As there is near unanimity between all the genuine Arunachal Publics thet atleast once . A honest leaders from Tirap Changlang District may also have to be also once rewarded by giving them coveted C.M post this is a small sacrifice for State integrity , 2ndly the social , cultural , religious proximity with the Naga may help the peace process in this region if Hon’ble C.M post is once given to the leader from this region .

Besides it will pave the way for future balance of power as critics speculate that it will leave ideologically divided congress party . And it will help the rise of oppossition party as later the Congress party may be compelled to look for coalition patnership to form the Govt. even it likes or not .

Lately NCP and TMC in particularly are said to be fed up of step brotherly treatment . But atleast for PPA and BJP Congress members seems to be acknowledging it . Because a fearless enenmy is always respected as one can never predict the wind of change . So don’t fool oneself rulling ticket will be never given to them gone or those Apangjis days better be a good oppossition leader where scope is also no less better only for once greed and fear . Unfortunately in our state deserving ones don’t even have the basic expenses theirfore a mass uprising will benefit many new political aspirants thus every one should join this revolution .

With the able leaders like Hon’ble Finance Minister Setong Senaji and the Tirap Changlang leaders not that corrupted the above political vision of this regions Publics may be possible; and as plan is good for every Arunachalee . Sho want united State baring some few dreaming for power for himself and his own benefit therefore it should be a prayer subject for all the like minded Peoples , who want united Arunachalee and check and balance in the form of rise of strong oppossition also .

As the Congress have no plan for tirap and Changlang region and other leaders seems to have forgotten the places never visiting it after using it . Therefore why a wrong policy of few leader should stop the development for peace and reconcialition bid for the whole State . Is the Political party interest more important than the State interest ? Has time not come for the other part of the State to show their magnamity so that the locals of Tirap Changlang themselves appreciate the benefit they get here being in our State which will be never enjoyed anywhere else a friend opines .

Thus honestly the fate of oppossition in the State now rests on favourable events as so far unfortunately there is no seniour leaders to take oppossition leadership seriously . And the things seems to be slowly going its favour . Those cowards only waiting for the appropriate time their time may never come . Can any one Suffer for the Public cause like our Hon’ble MLA Tapen Sigaji and Tamio Tagaji hats off to them they are the real leaders . They should play a more proactive role for oppossition unification .

Though there is wonderful opportunity for the oppossition also but leadership has to be in right hand . In Arunachal financial stability is so far a majore issue . Therefore time may have come for making a introspection of highest order . In PPA also our able President is ready for supreme sacrifice if there is a deserving candidate to lead the party . But every one has to put their view openly in the party meeting to put their point of view and frankly and honestly put forward their point of view and the Central Executive members are ready to hear anything good for the party . Fortunately for the PPA most of the critics opine that it will be eventually PPA Vs Congress party due to its grass root popularity .

Lately the Congress party is said to be trying hard to make the PPA MLA’s defect as Congress seems to be seing PPA as its enemy number one which can make its future upside down . But the party Hon’ble MLA’s should not be taken for the ride as they have been given mandate by the publics to win from PPA . And the Bye election win confirms it beyond reasonable doubt . It is time that political fatigness and boredom which is right now sweeping against CPM in west Bengal similier conditions are taken advantage by young PPA leader mainly Hon’ble MLA’s who should be taking the leadership in this challenging time .

Who ever once thought that Apangji will be one day shown exit door , if God blesses , one never knows what future has store for the Oppossition . As the Publics knows that- if they were not competent enough than they would not have been choosen . But in politics more so there is time for every thing , since rolling stone gather no moss therefore those continuing in PPA may have their good time coming also for others who want to spoil their future tata by by . For a time might be coming when money power may be of little relevance due to one wrong move .

Gone are days when one could date two party at a time today one has to believe one is best where public grass root support is . Why they have defeated the rulling party ticket was basically due to their reactionary image not that they were mostly rich or from rich party like Congress . The public has by letting win the byelection has shown that they favour PPA more than Congress so Public interest should be more important . After all Gandhis are not going to vote for you history is witness that in Arunachal whenever a gandhi family come to campaign for a candidate they have mostly lost . So instead of defaming the family name of suspectingly taking money it is better to live a respectable life untill there is absolutely no scope . As still lots of time for Genenral election and who knows which senior leader will defect from Congress party or any thing happens in oppossitions favour .

Some BJP ,TMC and NCP members were heard saying that since 30 % voters are suppose to come volunatarily to PPA so they have to make a serious decesion before panchayat election . The PPA party should be in a vintage position regarding its symbol also as any optional symbol of the party is also seems to be appealable to the Publics . It has only to cash on its symbol declaration party by organising it in cladanstian way very soon .

As the TMC and the NCP cadres are right now leaving in a make believe world whereas they are in fact seen as less than 2nd class citizen by the congress party whom they have coalition in the centre . And their silence on controvercial issues like rampant construction of Mega Dams etc. which may later prove to be like Bhopal gas tragedy for the State will later finish them as there is no scope for silence in politics . One has to choose a stand this way or that way .

Therefore all the Oppossition party must be united for State interest and before it they need to make their house in order first and convince them of importance of unity . As Congress have to be only defeated by a coordinated attack or it is always seen to back up loose ends by its corpus fund . And if the PPA Hon’ble MLA’s don’t take chance of this historic situation by remaining united and leading other party towards amalgamation with it . The history may never forgive them and it will be an end of a dream for many who have great expectation from this PPA team and they may have to take political sanyas for sometimes .

So better to be in a party where we are secured and let us make our home work nicely , and Congress may themselves come for the coalition with us in folded hand . This line of thinking may be good for all the oppossition party as what I forsee that - eventually fear of Congress under Rahul Gandhi will ultimately unite all the oppossition party even in centre. so why not make the ground work now itself in our state . One never know about the new political friends in next election ; but for us since we are duty bound to see Publics interest we must explore the best way when we have time. And we must see our own interest way congress are seing their own .

And this time even if a political revolution comes in centre there should be no welcome of political jumping jackels of our State as central party and the Arunachal Publics should have tolerated enough of shamlessness character of our leaders . This jumping nature of the leaders seems to be for saving their own skeen from CBI and Judicial enquiry more than State interest ; so Public should say enough is enough . And their family members also should refrain them to bring bad name to their family . Thus by next election party descipline will be a majore issue thus without any reason harming ones own cause for some ones intrest will be foolish. Or congress will later say hey they were interested in our ticket . Thus the mature Hon’ble PPA MLA’s are expected to be able to decide what is proper for themselves .

Who knows next time ghost of the Hydropower MOU’s may be a lethal weapon for the Opposition as within Congress Party itself silent murmer is said to be heard regarding non white paper release of Rs . 11000/- crore which the Govt. officially received from the corporate houses as unearthed by RTI . Critics estimate unofficial payment much above it and says the congress party deserve issue of fatwa by spiritual leaders like Bishop and Rimpoches for playing with the State interest as later Bhopal Gas tragedy kind of accident may not be ruled out in our State . Man there is a limit to our greed is it should be above our motherland ?

This are serious issues State Publics are definitely interested in . Though right now out of greed and fear they will not come out prematurly in our favour . But time may come or why so much pressure on NGO and Oppossition relatives by the rulling Govt, if they are also not scared . Atleast in my Basar though we are not getting lots of compensation money from Dam construction but our land is atleast secured for ages ; after money is finished can one like to live in suspended animation for rest of the life . What can Congress do if there is mass uprising will its money really help . seeing the public mood will leaders relative not lock them inside the room to save the remaining money . As there is limit to ones greed what was the need to sign more than 100 mega dams at a time if this questions crops up next time than what? So regarding future God alone is the master .

With the rumour of no responsibility clause by the companies and in the view of the Dam suspectingly commissioned in seismic area and the danger of accident which cannot be ruled out . The things are not going to be easy for the establishment next time , the voters may take it their divine right to eat the congress money and not vote for it. Will the Dam also do what Bofors did for the B.P Singh and Singhur for the Mamta Banarjee is a million dollar question right now .

Is the Bye election result of Palin and Dirrang ZPM election where Congress badly defeated sign of that political apprehension and political fatigueness of which think thank in Rajiv Bhavan seems to be fearful of and hell bent on luring the oppossition leaders . And if few oppossition MLA’s fall to its game plan will they once again win so much comfortably by popular public support as last time . As Congress cadres , bussiness man , Officers and vested interest alone does not ensure parties victory . If one goes out , who knows more promising congress man may join the PPA itself . But if oppossition leaders are going to go to Congress party ; they are going to do this without any reason and may get the blame of selling themselves just like that .

In the State this future scenerio cannot be ruled out retire of some regional minded officers who were untill now helpless to help party like PPA coming to its rescue and some blue eyed boy of Govt. who will fail to command that respect for their master . As in state so far Burocrates have been also seen to be very powerful , Increase infighting for the congress C.M post may also make the matter worst for the congress party here in the state . Lately congress party in Arunachal which acutely lacked vision and political will was seen doing as usually persecuting the oppossition leaders indirectly but was this kind of politics ever lasted ?

And will this moves will not be see by publics to be work of helpless party its last ditch effort to save its sinking ship who don’t have plan for development and only resort to violation of civil right . And is it also not time for the oppossition leaders to introspect themselves and take the best decesion for every bodies interest . Remember some time one decesion change the course of history . By remaining non decesive Oppossition leaders may make themselves vulnerable oneby one . The fearless oppossition can do wonder though many openly don’t appreciate them but in heart there are many fans . If we are not serious about our united fight before next Panchayat election we should leave Politics for good . It is upto you to become like Fedal Castro or like most of the present Congress - I leaders who in fact never enjoy the power .

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