Thursday, March 1, 2012


                             After Sarla Masud`s real murderer are found Tarun Vijayji`s name have been cleared from the suspect list.From day one I was first one to denounce any involvement of Tarun Bhai as I know him so closely.The baseless allegations like this shows how the Congress Party workers falls to such a level to criticize a fine gentleman.The CBI should study any political conspiracy theory also to defame a good person.Even Narendra Modiji may be falsely accused in Godhra Kand one never knows .As a man of cunning nature will never reach such a high post, as Modiji seems to be too good for others to match his greatness.

                  The God and society is not that fool that they will give a chance to psychopathic and maniac`s to rule a State.But due to greed more sinister act is possible and honestly most of the lean and thin hungry looking peoples termed as dangerous by the William Sackspier the famous writer seems to be in Congress camp.Tomorrow if the Gandhi family are sudddnely removed from picture they may change their fences as quickly and end up in Baba Ramdevjis leg.As the word shame is absent from their dictionery .

                   The Gandhi family may have been made to believe by some chamchas and Narad Munis that country as a whole are ready to jump inside the acid anytime at their order , like in the movie Mr. India at Mughembo`s command.As for the election result their may be surprise like recent Maharashtra civic polls.Even if the charasmitic and terrific orators like Narendra Modiji where busy in his own State.The country may see a surprise in the coming result;but for all the poisonous plan coming out of congress bowl, I personally feel only few psychopatic mans will be responsible.Most of them having account in Swiss bank or lunatic thinking India is still ruled by Britishers.And mind it ,future will be difficult for them if the political changes happen`s as they have expose their fanaticism at the cost of irritations of millions of BJP,RSS,Civil right and Baba Ramdevjis supporters thinking Congress party is untouchable . This may be from the Public who today commulatively only wants deliverance and nothing to do with hearing the big boss loud self assertions which congress man seems to interested to hear; something like-`Mughambo Kush Huwa,`by the boss like Amrish puri said receiving good news in Mr.India.

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