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                                                       In the World Instead of having direct confrontations it is better to have a different camp and having a constructive competition to keep both camp psychologically happy; in the spiritual arena also this may seem to be the case outwardly, but this in fact is not the case in the Christianity more so in my place Basar where Peoples respect each others may be violence is big no in our community since time inmemorial.May be this is due to God`s blessing to my tribe for having a rational and accommodating mind since forefather`s time , for avoiding violence and discarding use of weapons for evil purpose and love other`s also naturally, before the Love thy eighbour gospel came. See Holy Bible 1 Corinthians 1: 10-`By the authority of our Lord jesus Christ I appeal to all of you ,my brothers ,to agree in what you say,so that there will be no divisions among you.Be completely united with only one thought and one purpose.`The credit also to early Galo forefathers for removing the chauvinism and superiority complexion in our society which God disliked most,this is even before advent of Christianity.As all the torture and secret fine taken from outsiders the God is angry.Thus there is acute need to show love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit.

                                           In fact denomination is only the reflection of extended family when the population grows that is a simple explanation of the increasing denominations in the Christianity. But in fact for a genuine leaders the denomination don`t play a major role. After all every Church is part of same body of Christ , nevertheless for church discipline some amount of guidelines is also required .Thus the mushrooming of the Christian denomination can be seen that way and in fact is a plus point rather than minus point.Only we must have utmost respect for one another and personal relationship with leaders  as well and try to clarify all the misunderstanding ,some enemy try to bring in us.We should never say more than what God`s prophesy allow us even not less as well.Only because I am a PPA I have never falsely predicted anything for my own personal interest.Thus let thy will be done in heaven and earth.The confusion and exageration should never be heard and tried to be verified,nothing like talking in the face least we are made to fight by devils.Remember some are  are very uncomfortable with our new unity, success and power.As first time their is a feeling of loyality to God among all Christian leaders  rather than political party also.And for this some crooks are themselves responsible,as if they have earlier  given justice and peace , may this scene may have never come.So may be time to unitedly fight the King Herod`s spirit in some gentlemans body specially in Congress party as they have ruled for so long time without any accountability.To the extent of all the persecution to the Christians happened during their time.And I am hopeful atleast in this henious crimes Naga and  Nyishi brothers must have never myyred their hand in blood.

                                As for the ignorant and illiterate who try to bring a misunderstanding in us  they need to see the Holy Bible from all encompassing point of view where love alone is prioritize as greatest thing. Thus other doubts are automatically stopped by this. The high tone of prayer will not give one happiness and real peace. The emotional and distressing past also makes some to make long long prayers in believers initial immature devotion days, this is much to the irritations of the co-believers and may be to God also. As God is truth and those who worship him must worship him with truth and spirit and in good health and sound mind and may be in peace, as he is only interested in heart. At a times we may ourselves disturb the growth of Christianity by being so vocal and lousy, so we must introspect ourselves and stop looking others as inferior. Remember everyone is hungry for love and can be manipulated that way only. Even if one is very much gifted but unless he has love and down to earthiness he may lost everything. So we should pray God to give us simplicity even if tomorrow we become rich and powerful. Remember It is not the denomination but ourselves who are going to glorify the God , sometimes my articles may also sound as if I am filled with superiority complexion, but honestly it is never my intent. And even if Peoples read it or not I don`t know but I feel it my duty to do what God seems to be inspiring to me to, after all after saving me in operation theatre he owes me. The day I am filled with pride I will be the most foolish Person in the earth as I could have well died long time back and interestingly God may have also not doubted my commitment.As I am fully convinced that I am a sinner who can alone be rectified in the presence of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his congregation.

                                  The inter denomination conflict which one time seems to have been basically developed due to the leadership crisis seems to be the plus and the minus point of the Christianity. In the transition period like our Society we should not be confused.And least allow outside political leaders to fish in trouble waters as this will tantamount to anti Christ activity.As Holy Bible has refrained us to sell our birth rights vis a vis voting right in election modern context . All the denominations have its beauty and weaknesses as well, we have to acknowledge. See God alone is perfect so we have no right to criticize each other personally, and in general case also we have to introspect are we also not doing the same like others whom we are criticizing now. Its up to disciples to get happiness in wherever denomination he wants to and join whichever Church he feels, denomination to my view is immatrial.But since we are imperfect this also seems to help us by developing competitiveness among us , after all the prize of heaven is no small issue and in our own we seems to be not that sincere in this topic; unless we are roused by basic instinct of human being jealousy nature and compete like animals. Remember our God is a good God he never tell one to join which denomination one should go. If you want to join a Church move around observe the practice take time and finally decide which ever you want to join. And yes be satisfied with whatever denomination one have ;think it was God`s plan on you as rolling stone gathers no moss.

                                    It will be unethical for the Christian to brandish each other as inferiors, after all everyone have some goodness. See I have personally benefitted from the healing of my elder Sister by Sister Nirmala of the Roman catholic Church .And she didn`t asked my denomination at that time .And as a matter of fact my sister is not a Christian even. But she benefitted as perhaps the mission of the sister was more important at that time , thus I show that the God is also really working through Mother Teresas ministries also.And we also need to acknowledge the yeoman service of the Roman catholic Church for running premier institutions like –St. Stephen College , Vellore Medical College and Missionary of Charity. I have also went through all the fasting programmes of the Revival Church brothers also and felt holy spirit myself once upon a time. And in Baptist I am enjoying the middle course of life,which makes one close to all. The fact is that for salvation one has to be three in one, a friend joked- should have the money like of the catholic Christians, the holy spirit of the Revival denomination and the public connection of the Baptist is what which is going to matter for all.

                                  I also appreciate the personal qualification of the fathers and Bishops of the Roman Catholic members. As they are so much knowledgeable though their will be some exception black Sheep everywhere also; but today having 95% good missionaries is a not mean achievement. In fact earlier I had recommended the Arunachal Christian Forum to give most of the Hon`ble C.M fund to them as they were really doing quality service. And the sacrifice of the nuns who have decided to remain single whole life is something great from my view point . And Roman Catholic practice of telling one verse at a time is also very good, as it is easy to mediate upon word of God for simple believer and make positive vribation all the world over at a time .The goodness of the Christianity is all the leaders are at least down to earth inside the holy Church .The Hon`ble Chief Mininster Nabam Tukiji also being no exception heard to sit with the common believers in front row . The Roman catholic Church are worthy to be praised after all it is from their that other Churches have emanated once.But the need of time is coordinated approach from all for glory of God as all have its beauty and weaknesses.

                               But other denominations are also very valuable as I show real mission activity through the tireless missionaries and disciples of the Baptist and the Revival denominations and believers. Its immaterial later on new converts join which ever denomination but the mission is more important a critic believes. To remove the initial misunderstanding as our society is going through a transition period, we the Christians of the Basar started an association called as Christian Community of Basar about 8 yrs back. After that Arunachal Christian Forum was formed by my friends in Itanagar. The aim of the association was for bringing more peace and coordination among the Christian belivers.We ensured that the smallest denomination speakers got first chance and become President turn by turn.The goodness of my Galos are believers are not hankering for portfolio rather they fear to work in the name of God.As there is terrible responsibility in it thus virtually portfolio have to be imposed still now.The love of God should unite us in the future to do more wonderful things; we need to sincerely pray upon it and need others prayer support also. As the Gods programme seems to be coming for predicting a danger over whole North east and we really need to pray for His mercy and graceness upon all.

                                  I personally think best Christian way will be to join a Christianity in any denomination -live like a catholic initially and earn like them in the beginning , interact like a Baptist and gospel like them and lastly retire like a Revival person may alone benefit us most. As everything has to be done in time nothing before or nothing after. Brothers prayer for holy spirit is easy, but not easy to maintain in younger days. But only the father in heaven should give us more life so that in our older times we are prepared to carry this responsibility. But there are also some exceptionally good persons I cannot deny it. The sincere ones are advised to become a missionary and stay in the fasting centre far away from the madding crowd and temptations to follow Christianity in letter and spirit , as definitely the religion is best but are we also its good exponent this we have to question each time we want to blindly quarrel for a relative?Or in that case we are still seeing our own clan and  tribal interest and worshipping it like an idoltry.This is real bad and this may be cause of downfall of any society.

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