Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Special on Divinity:-


                                           The man is habitual offender by nature, but by grace of God he is saved from sin , and all the good things come from God, thus I have no right to boost on any talent if I have any, as what will happen if God stop breath in my nose.Thus sometimes there is a time I feel acutely fearful of writing something wrong, but may be my passion for article writing may be also God`s gift specially when truth is a big absence in my society.I have to give all the credit of my good and bad to him,or I may develop a pride which is number one enemy of person as it makes one far away from God`s graceness.There are many more talented persons than me and if God wants they can be made more successful,and he have made them successful also in financial matter ,so I am thankful to God for using me so far atleast in this awakening subject as honestly it satisfy me .
                                      Grace means more near to be with the God, to see and appreciate his love for us .Remember when the fisherman Peter who later become an apostle gave the fishing net to Lord Jesus Christ he caught more fish.Why because he loved him, thus we should love God and his missionaries and prophets that too from our bottom of our heart and give our secret weapon to God and them also , than only we will be near God spiritually, as unless one is real trustworthy he never gives his weapon to other. Thus in democracy the most priceless thing our voting right must be also casted after proper prayer and dedication to him. Than only we will get good result as God is the best friend and adviser.
                             The appreation of talent by world is a temporary thing, sometimes it may fill us also with pride, thus poor and illiterate may have better chance to have Gods favor also as God is enemy of pride person.As eventually spirituality is to be in the good book of God than world, and for one thing he hates the prideful one`s terribly. Honestly spiritually I despise my academic achievements as it would have been so good if I only receive Gods graceness and favor for ever without any things to disturb me. The Israelis that follow Mosses where complaining but none died on the way, this was when they run from Pharaohs kingdom till they reached Mount senai with prophet Mosses. Why? because , at that time they were covered by Gods grace.But due to their over cunningness in the mount Senai after the ten commandments where given to Mosses in the stone tablets by the God, the things like death and destructions also started, as after that the law was given to the pride Peoples following the Mosses and henceforth they were subjected to judgment henceforth. And see even mosses died one day before reaching promise land for his disobedience on a silly issue.And the sinful Levites who went to pray near the arck of Holy Covenant died and had to be pulled back.This still is symbolized by the rope around cloth of the father and Bishop.

                                               For the beginners it is pertinent to mention that God saved the Israelites from Pharaoh of Egypt because he wanted to discipline them so that they reach the promise land and later become choosen tribe of Lord and savior Jesus Christ.The promise land I,e- Jeruslam the land with abundance prosperity as said in holy Bible- land flowing with honey and milk was meant only for early zews .And to critics why this discipline life for 40 Zew by God, so that later on God`s son lord Jesus Christ is born as their descendents to save the world.As God loved the world so much that he send his only begotten son Jesus to die for other`s sin, so that they shall never die again. Thus Israilities they have to be kept clean and discipline as they were going to be human father of son of God as such most previlage tribe in the history of mankind.Even scientific research have shown Zews as most intelligent tribe of all. See initially everyone where gentiles the Israelites also initially did practice idol worship which God hated most. Thus from God`s perspective the worship should be in spirit , than comes the 2nd important thing- the follow of the law but the human beings failed here also and felled to lowest level-to idol worshipping which is mostly despised by God as written in Holy Bible .As God is word and is formless ,this world and heaven is made by him, and he wants to perhaps live in pure human heart and why human beings are making idols to hide their sins?
                                                   And as none can make the face of the God as he is a spirit.As such one with clean spirit alone can alone worship in spirit and Gods love this form of worship alone, as he wants to roam freely everywhere,this besides Bible seems to be the expert view also .As those who worship God must worship in spirit as this is the best form of worship God likes .And how by spirit ,that is by living as he want and thinking as he expect humans.Thus all this forms of worship can be put in descending order depicting human desingnaration from time to time.First following Law , than idol worship than human worship.Thus it may have been our forefathers failure that they were not selected for the birth of baby Christ to be born in their family tree, as they may have been against God in many ways at that time. And as such they may have not got the popular attention of the God`s for all the misdenemours of theirs.And as such we cannot question Gods wisdom, after all Hindu scriptures also shows many mistakes of their gods.

                                            But spirituality is a double edged sword also, either you get pruned or you get uprooted and the Israelites also seems to have endured unending misery in their life for their fault. As in earlier time God seems to have been very quick at punishing the Israelites for they have a big responsibility to play in future, namely- in birth of Christ. In the beginning also God has warned Adam in the risk of living in the law alone .When the God made Eden garden he along with everything made the knowledge of good and bad fruit bearing tree also, which was refrained to the Adam and Eve as it was bad for human being. As the law was bad it did not lasted; soon the forbidden fruit was also eaten by our forefather Adam being tempted by Satan. And so to make the things more beneficial for the Human beings God send his only son to die for our sin out of love, thus the love vis a vis God`s graceness is more important than law also.As he felt that the laws of the religion where helpless in kalyug .As by knowing his love alone we may come close to him and can leave the sin to some extent. One can see the last clarion call by the Lord and savior Jesus Christ in the calvery cross-`My Lord , my Lord why have you forsaken me, this was before he died in cross.At that time as if the spirit of the Lord was representing all the sinners and he was addressing God as Lord from our side. As Jesus earlier addressed God only as his father all his life but in cross he made a surprise turn.

                                            Therefore we have to see that even before the passing of Law I,e- tabernacle of ten commandments given to Mosses, Abraham lived for so many years and happily also,See not to say about other religion emphasizing on law, even the communism with all the good laws to discipline their subjects seems to fail now.Thus lord Jesus died for our sin to change that and the grace of the Lord and savior alone can discipline an Individual, society and nation to my view point. No amount of other introspection can do so in this regards , I even doubt the Jan Lok Pal Bill may not be a full proof guard against the human basic instinct of lust and greed unless the truth is seeked.And for this may be a constitutional amendment may be needed to present comparative study of true picture of all the religion doctrines to find the real God.And mind it, it will help BJP and Hindus more than others as the God and truth alone can tame some powerful persons and political party , or there is always scope for jugglery in Indian politics for the smart ones having already some connection with black and white money.Also the Hinduism being in fact a religion for pursuing the truth seems to have lost its focus lately.The essence of this article is to some extent benefitted from Brother Joshep prince the world famous Preacher, may God bless him.

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