Friday, March 9, 2012


                      The benefit that Samajwadi Party took in fact may have belonged to the BJP.As the once like Baba Ramdevji have already made the ground work for this co-Hindu party.But this was lost by the revival of Ram Janma Bhoomi, Kuswaha episode and the Karnataka porno graphic watching inside the Assembly.The day the Nitin Gadkarijis stage collapsed it was a bad omen for BJP, like the slip of Jayaprada proved bad for Amar Singh`s party.And the shooting of two God fearing fisherman in God`s own place in Kerela proved to be Congress nemesis.As a power above us determine the rise of a ruler not money and muscle .As some crooks have become too smart for the innocent Poors this may have necessiate the direct intervention of God for his desciples.

                           But the worst seems to have been seem to have been the none use of the BJP brahmastra I,e-Narendra Modiji who is like the Panzer Division the reserve force of Adolf Hitler for BJP.But this strategy may also play dividend tomorrow as Congress have no secret weapon left with their all cards played and no arsenal left in their weapon centre.And its control centre Amethi and Raibalery has been damaged beyond repair .Remembered he is the most charismatic of all the leaders of modern era.And he have Muslim fans as well and with him their is chances that all the Hindu votes High class and the OBC may come to the BJP kitty.Now this have been proved in the U.P elelction.After all he is the Barack obama of the Indian politics one like it or not.It seems some BJP leaders feel insecure in his presence. As for Gandhi family I have predicted it long time back that it has become redundant and time for them to take political retirement have come.As more they try to come back more they will be sen as power obsessed.As Publics have seems to become fed up of voting the 4th generation Gandhi scion.The probable hope for the 3rd front in the future and the debacle of the Congress and BJP party is atleast good news for the state of Arunachal Pradesh.As no more the corrupted and obsessed leaders will run to either of this party if the Govt. suddenly change in the centre.And the Publics will get the golden chance to elect genuine People friendly leaders of their choice first time.Praise the God for his wonderful plan for political salvation of the earlier crying state.

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