Monday, March 5, 2012


                                                                    The time has come to break the monopoly of the Brahmanical order in Hindutva which is dividing the great Hindus not only for political interests but for humanities shake.As if Hindus are united who can stand against it.But the years of evil practice definitely finished little shambles of respect for it to critics opinion.Thus their has to be sincere and immediate approach to bring an immediate reconcialation believes many. And best way is to target the powerful centres who have in the quest for their selfish end monopolise an institutions and in the way have systematically destroyed the fabric of Hinduism much to the interest of its detractors.This is time to regard one who have mastered Vedanta and Bhagwad Gita alone as the real Ved Vrat, Chaturved and Bhagwati I,e-high upper caste member ; even if he or she is from backward community.
                                After all this is the gift of Saraswati as some scholar`s claims and those who disregard them god will be angry tells Sri Tobom Bamji a noted scholar and perhaps only Vedic ,Upanishad and Gita expert from Arunachal Pradesh , and only beef eating person who was earlier invited by the board of Amarnath yatra to visit its holy Shiva linga shrine .As even if one is born in the high caste family he may not know anything today about Veda , Upanishad and Gita claims Sri Tobom Bamji who have all the vedic slokas in his finger tips .The days of the Ek Lavyu cutting the thumb to give his education fee to an adamant high cast guru should not continue now.The premier Hindu institutions like Vanaras Hindu University should start this revolution in their academic arena by coronating the Vedic, Gita,Ramayana and Puran experts from OBC and other religion feels some to bring Hindu unification.

                                   After all the great Hindu reconcialation should be started by themselves ,than only the river Ganga may be brought to the dead souls of their forefathers like what great Baghirath did.The characteristic feature of a panditji like dislike for meat may develop naturally in any place like to one gifted scholar like - Professor Tado karlo teaching in NERIST in Arunachal Pradesh.Thus the gods natural choice is more apt in many cases and it may be their to be seen anywhere, therefore there is no reson an OBC should not be hailed for its gift by Hindu gods also.Therefore the monopoly of higher class status by Pandit`s like Chaturved and Bhagwati etc.need to be introspected as unless there is a composite dialogue the BSP may not come to BJP rescue in case of need.
                                     In Old Testament of the Holy Bible also the Levites only used to wear the the sacred thread like Janewu.Today symbol of this is weared by tying a rope around father`s weist, who voluntarily come from any community .The Hindus should accept those who come voluntarily from any class to become panditji also , as honestly this varna system is its own enemy or many more uninterested boastful Panditjis may be exposed tomorrow for funny scams. And yes, this is historic time if the Madam Mayawati and his dilzale community are not supported and won over this chance.Time may never come for them .After all one like it or not Hinduism is today identified with BJP, as for many they are also ready to change the fence thinking it as God`s will as this electoral semi final may be the turning point of Indias deceisive verdict.

                                      After this introspection only may be the Hindu society can be united through spirit , and this is the time as well to show the world precisely that; as in this global world the power is in unity by spirit as god also like this.After all God destroyed Soddom Gommorah as said in Holy Bible not only for sin but for injustice also.As for me I have been directed by my lord in Holy Bible to become a peace maker.And I pervently believe if there is a new political equation within Hinduism.There will be a new resurrected Hindu, instead of becoming a treat to the other minorities a better friends as well. As by unity they will be more organized and responsible, convincible and accountable. Remember only God knows the quantum of one mans and parties good work , Congress Party always seems to be too corrupted , manipulative and dynastic.The Hindus have to now show to the world not only for the political reasons but for their religion to be respected also that they are not divided, thus this mission has to be accomplished by all the sincere Hindu brothers not only BJP,BSP, RSS and VHP.
                              The congress may have an axe to grind with them but who knows like Paul the Apostle God may use them in a better way tomorrow for his glory.As now God`s power alone can give them miracle.Therefore time for them to repant and pray continuously as God has made everything possible through repeantance through his son Lord jesus Christ.From a long tie I have been trying to tell the Hindu friends the secret of success.The Hindu majority must show feeling for their own co-religion members from this time onward as Swami Vivekananda said – `Daridra Bharatwasi , Chandal Bharat wasi savi Tera Bhai Hain`, as if he was aware of impending danger of Hindu infighting. The time has come for great Hindu unification as the society has reached a historical period.The time also for the dalits to come out from their inferiority complexion as they have ruled for many times and should have developed the ruler`s mindset by now.Remember many of the tormentors of their forefathers are now rotting in hell, the God`s punishment is the best , he looks for all the injustice done secretly also.

                                      The united Hindu should be not a treat for others rather it may be better if the peace and love comes to the community that can help country unitedly fight the dark forces and excell in the field of prosperity.It will be wrong to only cite the missionery Graham Stain burning case and Ram janma bhoomi issue to tell as if all the Hindus are bad.The skeleton in the cup board of the congress may be no less; see partition of India, Sick riot in 1984 ,the suppression of movement in Punjab, Nagaland and Christian persecution in A.P.But this are political steps more than the actual outlook of all the party members thinks some . But God alone knows , thus none is untouchable from God`s angle.Only one has to repent even for the Congress time to repeant as this night of 5th feb.2012 is going to be the longest night for all.Developing sadistic plan to punish an individual and a party if it comes to power is not going to help .It is pure repeantance that is going to matter.But in case of Hindu fundamentalists it is to be accepted that they are more emotional and deadly than other groups in country, but it is also possible that given chance of political power like Congress they will also change .The feeling of love and brotherhoodness is first step towards the brahmatva, this all the true Hindus has to know.As whole world has been called as one family in Hindu, like the love thy neighbor theory in Christian. This days the Hindus have been more matured and seen to be least irritating against other`s point of view, I was surprise to see that calmness in Didi uma Bhartis face , honestly earlier she looked as a mental case.
                                 The feeling of insecurity to the Christian missionaries have also reduced now to many extent. The fundamentalists seems to have been rightfully checked inside RSS and VHP this is a good step.After all in the majority hindu place against the teachings without knowing their sentiment and violence by minority their may be some repercussion also.After all none refuse the constructive and positive sujjestions,which is not aimed at deamening other.The Hindus are expected to also play big brothers role now, the BJP need to learn from their senior leader like Atal Bihari Vajpaiji and L.K Advaniji who made a positive note by claiming that he studied in Catholic School. As one who knows about other`s view , can alone convince other.And one who love`s other will alone know their problem .In the changed scenario there is no reason why God will also not bless them as their seems to be honest approach on the part of the BJP as well.See in the Maharastra after civic poll results the BJP refused to make Shiv Sainik as Deputy mayor and instead aligned with the Muslim League Party for the first time in history, action speak louder than words this must be appreciated.Thus let us see how God is convinced by their hearts repentance.

                             Remember their will be anti social elements every where , may be more less with religious persons like RSS and VHP as they seems to be good peoples , undertaking good Samaritan work , and too innocent to be still motivated by issues like nationalism.And seems to be not fully aware of the new dynamic world which seems to be harming their mission , but one has to respect their passion for their god and dream for a great nation .And if properly counseled I believe they will be number one asset for a great nation building effort.The whole country not necessarily toe the congress idea of badmouthing them only because they hate the family dominance of Congress, which may be also not wrong as today unlike earlier those who wants to make quick buck alone seems to join congress party.And many evils have started inside this party believes some.Only the reason for RSS and VHP unpopular seems to be their single agenda of nationalism and their isolated life, they need to mingle more with others . They seems to have a poor P.R and are seen to be poor marketers, their good work so far is unknown to many, and only known to many as man of funny dresses .But they can definitely make sacrifice of highest order to bring a social awakening in Hindu society which great Saint like Swami Vivekananda envisaged earlier,I believe. As they seems to idolige one like Swami Vivekanadaji.And for this BJP may have to even rope in Madam Mayawati in its coalition fold, as in the U.P election their was seldom any serious brick bat between BJP and BSP.So it should not be difficult also.This is alone possible through positive vibration which will alone come by love , and it must be shown that love is also their in their Hindu religion and practise.
                                                What made the Devta`s earlier  one step ahead than Ashuras which the guru Sukracharya fruitlessly tried to teach them again and again was love for their community.Loving thy neighbor itself is tantamount to nearly taking baptism as lord Jesus advised indirectly .But the Asura where addicted to their Suras I,e-wine like some Hindus who are now addicted to building Ram Temple instead of giving their heart to their lord to dwell like Hanumanji did.Therefore a new beginning of relationship has to be started to woe the OBC and ST as this may be the will of Lord Rama himself as he eat Sabris fal and travelled in Kewets boat.But don`t refer this to OBC as they also see the hindu scripture as a ploy to legitamise higher castes rule .And honestly more than Ram temple Lord Rama might have been satisfied by this hindu reconcialation as he is lord of all the Hindus.The best way will be personally and publicly seeking forgiveness for earlier injustice.And modern Sukracharyaji like Baba Ramdevji can bring a peace and reconcialation among them if requested .Remember it was always not Devtas who had upper hand above others in all the wars ,and interestingly each one of the camp Raksas and Devtas may have earlier propagated other party of having immoral raksas character like Congress and BJP may be blaming now.But one was Ravana neverthlessly and only time will tell who was he in the present politics?And mind it one of the character of the raksas is none compromising attitude.

                                    The peace and friendship alone can prepare the Hindus for searching higher spiritual goals in their life.The Hindus who are more spiritual than many religion today also seems to be in worst kind of transition period .There is acute need of systematization, accommodation , increase love and faith within them. As when son of God advised to love even one`s own neighbor, may be need of time is loving one`s own more than other`s.My short study in my old almameter Ram Krishna mission School in my secondary days, is to be credited for whatever little knowledge I had for Hindu religion; hope it has helped me to pay back to the great religion from which also I learnt a lot and prepared myself for realizing the higher spiritual truths for which credit also goes to my spiritual foundation made in my beloved almameter RKM.Hope this was the vision of Swami Vivekandaji its founding father.But their should not be a sacret agenda by BJP to harm any Individual and family if God gives them success.And mind it if the Congress comes up according to odds than it has also to be also accepted that the Hindu varna system have become ofdated and oblivion and Hindus need to change everything even to the extent of seeking mercy of son of God,if they really ever want to become a force in future.
                                                                                                As their all the tactics will be seen as ofdated and oblivion.And in that case many neutral leaders and party will be prompted to join the Congress party or make coalition with it in the line of S.P.As it will be seen as will of God and blessed party,thus still time for repentance for all.As God also alone knows the secret if there is congress black money in swiss bank;howsove they play smart.In all the circumstances God`s role will be invinsible and the great hindus seems to have lost their spiritual duty of serving the true God like the levites in the Old testament which must have been the reason for calling of pundits ,Rishis and Munis by God to carry the arc of holy covenant.Even this most important story in Old testament of Holy Bible,many may not be knowing which shows how indept and parochial they have today become and suffering for this ignorance.Thus time to rediscover their legacy and their old glory and be source of blessings for their community and Country .

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