Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Great Americans:-

                                When the nation is blessed it will be gifted with a best president whom all the world will praise. The graceness of the God is seen by making a most despised negro as the President of the most powerful Country of the world. In Christianity the rich and poor is immaterial only the devotion to God is going to be mattering. It seems God has blessed the Negros for being with the Lord for his last journey in the Crusification time , this seems to be the case with Barrack obama.The Americans in particular and world in general has definitely united by the legacy of Obama family. By his Muslim forefather, and his Christian mother and his negro world common heritage background lie father ,son and holy spirit.

                      The good part of the Americans is every poor and destitute in the world has some expectations from this Country. The success of the united State of America is only and only because of the Peoples devotion to God and their charity to His mission, as they seems to have uncanny habits of reaching to the poorest of poor. This is even if some in the Govt. try to stop funding to reach some deserving persons. Their are more fertile places in the world , and some military regime which try to uncalculated discipline to their Citizens from nascent stage ,but here also we see only mal- nutritional face of its obedient Citizens , which shows that they are not happy.

                      The Gods blessing alone help the public’s to elect the right kind of leaders. I don`t know what is Republic or Democrat party , nor I have ever benefitted individually from Americans , but definitely see the Gods blessing in that man Barrack Obama after all without God`s blessing none can deliver that speech with much elan,which captivates even his critics.This man has effected all the Peoples of the world with the demand for his kind of leadership everywhere.

                                     The Indians in general will like Mr. Obama to press the Swiss bank authorities to spell the name behind the black money ,and will never like the Western Countries to use it like a blackmail issue as Pakistan seems to be used now in water memo scam.Only to suit their own interest as Pakistan is a failed State but in India leaders may have failed us. As also the civil liberty is much better in India than in the Pakistan thus Country man deserve this reward .After all the political theory of justice and equality came from Americans thus the Indian money in Swiss Bank should not be used by CIA for any covert operation. After all the Country man don`t expect many secrets and shady deals to be brought by the present Political leaders. And India does not belong to one person or one family to stop the blessings of Arab spring also to reach here also.Which critics term as good man Obama effect.

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