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                                                     Honestly in the heart of the heart the PPA party alone reigns to some persons I am sure , as the most of the heavy weights in the State of Arunachal Pradesh begin their carrier from Peoples party of Arunachal Pradesh.The irony of the man is when he was young he tried to do something good but when he was old he end up in the hands of the bad party.The last of the Persons who fought for the regional party are most appreciable ones as they really stood for justice and equality till last, like- the character in Last of the Mohicans a Holywood movie. But this old age was the real time to see the fruit of those hard days for some also, who are in Congress Camp now. As there is gestation period even for the fruit bearing trees and thus time to come back home to enjoy the fruit of their young.
                                      The great Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji have laid the foundation for the great party for which the proper time seems to have come now to give fruit.And the burden on the old PPA cadres to take this right step in this historic time and bring back the deserving Congress leaders with them who don`t have the egoism to work under youngsters in this changed politics.After all those who sacrificed earlier them alone society will respect provided they don`t make last minute mistake.As those days are gone when the state was called as land of kushi kushi.Friends there is very less time now to do good things for some , one should go to God with their head held high.Why no that passion to do good work thinking that one is going to die soon and as such need to do good things.Friends mind it tomorrow it will be too late for some ones repentance.So what ,one has earned lots of money; but what one has given to others is the question one day others will ask.So in this historic time where every thing is changing in this world, there is no better way to make final sacrifice for society before retiring and living a satisfied life.Mind it if the congress party is failing everywhere that means that its bad time has started,doesn`t even the rats ran out of a sinking ship?After all it is a natural phenomenon that new ideas are accepted in society.

                                           It may have been earlier wrong to stay in the opposition party when the stake was high in the ruling party than; and Apangji`s star at that time was shining also ,who is alleged to have went out of the way to suppress others as critics cites even similier looking person like him dressed in Police cloth during election campaign, even suspected of changing the vellot box.But it may be bit too much an allegations and some of our present leaders perfect gentleman`s to do it now .But when I was close to Apangji I found him to be a normal good human being, so this stories seems to be exagrated.But today the case is different now, mind it in the coming days there is going to be no lucrative prospective staying even in the ruling party with the increasing public awareness. And many are heard to be crying even in the ruling party now after so much spending .So it is better to be in normal self and come to politics only when one is really dedicated to serve selflessly.Or if one has a God gifted talent to invite the investors and the corporate houses in his birth place.It is even doubtful that tomorrow the rich and powerful leaders even if projected will contest or not, as earlier it was only business and profit motive alone that they were attracted, they can`t lie about this tells a mischivious critic.But today with too many ifs and buts things are not easy for the business man politicians as there is no other resource in the state and the contract work has been minimized and accounted for to a lot of extent.Sometimes the time comes to select between the good and bad and today perfectly that time seems to have come in our society .The way the Bismah pitamah in the Mahabharata was seen to be confused in his last days and committed Himalayan blunder by siding with cruel Duryodhan, the elites of A.P should not also commit any mistake in coming election.Which is going to be a historic occasion as the whole world is changing.
                                         In our death bad Lord does not expect us to go up and crucify like him .But at least resist the evil is what he wants from us that too from some who have been flirting with Public money so far and reached their sixties and seventeens and it is time for them to do spiritual work.And show their thankfulness to God, as given chance other more deserving may have done more better works with the funds in their disposal.In this views some old man who are in their last age, is money is still important for them?Friends there is something called integrity and today this topic is never as important as it was before as corruption has become a main issue.Therefore in election terrible amount of money is lost by some who come to Publics in last moment.The problem with the State is if the Lok Ayukta is passed bad and if not passed also bad as the congress may be defeated more badly in other place in Lokh Sabha election.
                                        And if the Arunachal Pubics don`t realize their mistake of only favouring rich candidate who resort to lying and deceit of worst order in elelction ,we may be compel to rope in even none tribal corporate houses to contest from State like Ansuman Mishra was about to be given M.P ticket from Jarkhand only for last minute objection by Yashwant Sinhaji as some sujjests.Friends the social obligation lies on all, many have done already enough for society much more than other`s also, who where also expected to do some.The genuine Oppossition cannot be accepted to fight cine die in a decent way expecting the corrupted one`s to to repent naturally,without filing cases against corrupted ones advises some.It is our belief that Unless a leader is instrument in a change of society his personal richness and achievement is meaningless.The claim of frantic disturbance in the movile by the supporters and workers is a false justification.It is due to leaders own wrong policy of self centricness and not supporting devolution of power.At least the Tawang leaders are much better in starting other avenues for earning by all like in tourism field .The large groups of ponu party made to receive the leader does not make one popular,as who knows many gastric and ulcer is also got by our mother`s group waiting for their petty gifts to satisfy the big ulter ego of our leaders.Surprisingly in our place alone this tradition seems to be continued,the time for mother`s group also to question the wrong governance for which all are suffering like price rise and adultration.And in new world all seems to be ready to give a befitting reply to this ofdated kinds of leaders.Only a match is needed to burn the Ravans and start the revolution.

                                   But surprisingly God seems to help the sincere and committed heart also, see in some places false promise in previous election is going to harm some leaders;even if the oppossition leaders their are financially not sound.But friends  in the end is it is God, destiny and Public connection that is going to determine,and good that supernatural force is still in command  .Not even heap of money that Publics know is their own money looted surreptiously by few smart ones can help some who want to compel obedience after each election as they did earlier , without failing to realise that today games have changed.Interestingly last time I saw a dream that one senior officer was going to get a recognisation and blessing in his life.I told him this is my recent testimony, and that big officer soon got a State award for his service .One can check who received award in silver jublee Arunachal day and ask him to believe it, may be God used me to tell him the good news in the Donyi Polo Ashoka hotel day in advance so that God may have wanted him also to care for me later by him.After all every one now needs proof as none believe also one who comes in name of God unless something is shown in advance. After all it is a previlage to hear God`s will, as he knows alone who is good or bad and when to use one and to punish the disloyal one`s.As none will also like to have a tag of chronic greediness and cowardise cine die in his life thus God`s order is what one should follow.Interestingly in earlier occasion also I found that one who disobeyed the God`s order suffered immensely, as many did not cared Gods will spoken to them probably through insignificant person like me.This was the time I was real spiritual than taking long fasting and really wanting others also to get God`s blessings and warnings in life which he reveal to his believers.And in my earlier article also I have cited couples of leaders name who suffered due to disobedience to God`s commandment which come to me .
                         Some have not become too rich or smart to neglect the will of God isn`t it?Why some did not realize this and repent earlier after all among all the things hated by God, injustice to Poor is the number one thing.See why Soddom Gomorrah was destroyed by God in Holy Bible ,not for sin only but basically injustice to poor,only when it is too late why we should be crying.Friends sometimes the money cannot also save one from big diseases ,even knowing this why no support to prophets and holy ones among the politicians also who in fact never joined Christianty for an ulterior motive and don`t want to become leaders for personal shake only for complying the God`s will.To stop them only more prayer,fasting and repentance from God will help as they fear none.And no amount of mudsliding can stop them.As Publics have to know that they will only benefit from this kind of leaders ,more than from other contractor and business man leaders, as they are not only not going to disturb them much in bussiness but they may be instrumental for more blessing in life also.As it is written in scripture -`Seek thy kingdom and righteousness first, than everything shall follow unto you`.
                         This is same with the development without God`s blessing nothing doing all are bluffs.Only told by politicians who are of dated and seen only during election.Brothers time may come for some one when money will be immaterial , thus nothing like doing good work in right time and repent.The loyalty to God can be shown by sacrificing our worst fears and bad habits, this is to Publics as well.I have to also sacrifice also to some extent , like when Dorzee Kanduji offered me some money before he died to stop a wistle blower.In our State we treat election to be the most important part of our life,is not this is in fact time to sacrifice to God to his will to get his maximum blessings .Those who may be made buts of jock for working in the name of God those critics may be needed to be helped more from God`s angle, as they may be soon going to die; as said in Holy Bible,He chooses the most despised ones working for his kingdom, to show his glory where persecution is at its height.I have seen in this life either be after money which life is short lived where none can enjoy the richness , or be after God`s graceness where there is absolute peace and happiness and this blessing alone lasts .It will be inhuman to also expect others to go through same trouble as one has gone earlier and think his divine right to enjoy the life to his hearts content.As God sees the truth but waits, so his dictum has to be feared as he is God of justice ,and his order which will be seen indirectly should be accepted with great modesty as he alone knows the sincere and loving heart.In my earlier article I wrote the God`s miracles shown to me, this can be verified by asking the witness , if they tell lie God will also not forgive them also.The Lord and Saviour is truelly living God who alone can have made me to warn in advance the probable debacle of Apang family if the Sr.Apangji promotes his own family and also foretall the coming back of Sr.Apangji in power.This can be verified from Mrs.Mone Yomgam (Apang) whom I have told in advance about this, I don`t claim that God personally and clearly show this but nevertheless their was a strong urgency to tell this even at the cost of my personal loss.As once upon a time this family was feared by all and none dared to correct them.Thus even if we are filled with pride God still wants to help them through the believers.
                             Who knows many senior leaders are going to finish their money and name and fame in coming election.But definitely my little experience make me think that there are really more gifted Prophets even today thus time to run to them for servivle.I write this not for the reason that I be respected but God be revered.As one who is with God may be deserving of less trouble than others in coming days.So why this delay in making small sacrifices in life ?which was God`s gift only.As peace and good health coming from God is the most important issue but why Peoples neglect this and run after more and more power.Many of the uneducated and less deserving leaders should be already thankful to the God and the Publics.Honestly, I am surprise of the Publics and beleievers who are after money in election, instead of searching for God ordained leaders.Remember the selling of once right like Voting right in election is forbidden in Holy Bible.And by making it most important issue some has given it an status of idol worship.As whatever is given more emphasized than even God that is an idol worship to my view point and this is most despised thing from God`s view.And as such we should fear from being becoming anti Christ.Some thinks only the lazy and good for nothing Persons becomes Christians.Friends mind it this is the most difficult job , mind it the talented missioneries and evangelists would have earned more money in business.

                                  It is natural phenomenon that in once life, in the last moment when he is old he wants to work for the spirituality and seek the kingdom of God.And that is the only way to get peace and salvation and protection for family , and best way is by siding with the righteous, as unrighteous will lead one no where.The righteous from the God`s and Publics perspective right now in the State seems to be one who will not misuse the Public funds.It is common knowledge that whatever richness one made in State is only by stealing the Public money.Today even some leaders supporters promised of more business,jobs and funds are beating their head,atleast god fearing persons will not have  lie to them of benefitting them.And the Publics would have benefitted more for their lack of greed and connection.Suppose if Baba Ramdevji becomes member of parliament who will not like to give him more fund, thus their business acumenship is bullshit it is to hoodwink the innocent Publics. It will be impossible to find the sinless leader but the values for which he is standing is worth pondering. The God is with God fearing person even in the most troubling time, and he want us to work for poor and downtrodden , for someone searching Gods kingdom itself is worth appreciating even if he had commited some mistake earlier,and may have not done much social service also.After all with all the powers and fund under disposal of some present leaders they cannot be compared with new guys, as God alone knows one`s intentions.Thus this is time to be in Gods side, as their seems to be too much injustice in our society earlier, and if God blesses one way or other a way will come out .
                                                       Therefore I am sure the seniors like Eken Ribaji ,Haryom Bamji , Gokar Lombiji,Tumpak Eteji,Tai Tasarji etc. Ex-PPA members will ultimately support the change we believe in and see the goodness before they die.And may be they will prove to be more blessed one than Profet Mosses also ,who also died one day before reaching the Promise land.As the prolong manipulation by the haves have given the kind of worst inferiority complexion to the poor and destitute which is fertile ground for formation of revolutionary leaders like Mao Wadi and Naxalism in my State,so to save the youth from going to death bed is need of time.Don`t wait for state to become like Nagaland and Manipur,or God will never forgive us says experts. Some say 2012 is dooms day which seems to have began by the Iran and America tension and large collection of water in Chinese Dam above us, some say this is going to be the birth of the spiritual awakening like by Her Holiness Brahma Kumari.Friends let us wait for the God with purity of our heart and be blessed in both the scenario. As in the young age if we did many good things unknowingly , there is no reason in the last fake end of our carrier we should commit some silly mistakes and wait for march ending when we are nearing The end in our life.Specially in the view of the Goa result the God seems to be personally working to give justice to his desciples who were true to him till last.Even good Congress man will like this changes ,I hope pervently.As good man will be everywhere and will never like excess corruption and nepotism and within the congress citadel also revolution will be seen soon.And some one had to tell the truth even if it is bitter.

                               The political fatiguness apart, for which the Public tend to reject that party, the God also seems to reject this monopolistic political practices. The Holy Bible in old Testament part is also filled with political ups and down.As the Gandhi’s and Congress Party is also not immortal and themselves dependent on God .Thus before party discipline, dedication to God is more important, as we can`t sail on two boats . See Gandhi family and Congress party have been given much time , time now to give to God which is his due also and our region.Therefore the coming election should be seen as spiritual war between those who wants to repent even from the rich background versus the adamant once who only want to enjoy power at all cost even when situation is like Titanic is sinking, on who`s perishing soul the king Herods spirit seems to have come added a friend. As some continue to live in their own make believe world that they are the best and untouchable , the society seems to be the worst victim so far. By helping few poor and destitute that too only for vote they cant expect them to be visionary and having statesmentship , some Oppossition leader could have done better with this power and Public money vested on them.Thus the coming time is going to be testing time for all, and more praise worthy to them who wants to check corruption and nepotism for all time to come and sides God`s way. Even if he is from Congress party, rich and powerful but is it not time to show mercy to its own co-beleievers in persecuted places who are standing for thy glory.Though some of the Oppossition Leaders have not earned much till now, but accept injustice have to be stopped now , or its never.These kinds of few leaders commited to the Publics may also compel the God to bless this place like in Goa earlier where the fall of Congress was thought impossible .

                                                      To those genuine leaders the God will give them kind of popularity in due time, decent post, abundant  food with respect ,peace and happiness also I fervently hope, as the excessive ill-gotten money have also brought many temptations and problems to some manipulative crooks and their family , who also manage to allude the law of the land cleverly,but things are not hide from heavenly power and Publics this days.And above all themselves should not like them to be seen as Opportunists and greedy man in this historic occassion atleast.As the God is their, looking below; who sees the truth but waits. And the time for the 1st Day of Judgment seems to have truly come for our State in the coming election.As first time Publics are expected to be aware like never before and may certify the goodness and badness of many persons in the day of judgement as eye witness.Specially the old man who are in the death bad and still lacking guts to work for God last time to vote for his blessed persons and party like PPA.As this may be one way of repentance.Now it is everyones duty to make this party popular.The change of guard which checks monopoly of power of a person and party may be God ordained also.As even the illeterate and uncivilized thought persons in Arab world are removing their dictators.The love for Congress party was  bullshit it was just marriage of convenience as today Poor man are fed up of corruption and price rise.We cannot overlook this injustice any more.Give a damn if 3rd Front comes in Centre or not.Is it not time to give devil his dues in coming election.
                                                         Even my good Christian friends in Congress party have they no better option for a friend like me to advocate for their merger in PPA or atleast accepting a coalition as many congress man temselves are said to be demanding for it or fear being routed like in Goa.After all today coalition is a political necessity for all, and besides  their will be also few good Congress man also who can be pardoned.Mind it the proudy and whimsical persons who used to be electedeasily earlier will have more danger today.As in this changed circumstance they may have lost connection like gandhis in Amethi and Raivelerry.This time the most challenge will be on the Gangi goers and the Church goers as the action speaks louder than words they should not be caught as pseudo religionists. The elites and enlightened ones are blessed by God for a purpose, they are not expected to sell themselves in election. As the leaders of society are scrutinized during election and if they also fail than they have no moral authority to lead the society and worst to pass in the day of Judgment. As mind it every one is a leader on his own right ;today the Publics have become vigilant like never before and at least expect the God fearing character from the Gangi goers and Church goers to lead them in this morally and ethically corrupt system where system as a whole has failed and where trying in those line itself is praise worthy, as non is perfect .In this Historic period when all the countryman are revolting for good under Anna Hazareji everyone are invited to render their contribtion.Even the good officers who have like Zorro and Robinhood thinking wanting to give their secret support to this virtues cause to this new kid in the block.
                           As they are the last hope of the society to fight king Herod`s spirit heard to be now in some leaders body. Remember God will never forgive us for this great betrayal of his duty bestowed on his chosen disciples,blessed  and enlightened ones to whom punishment will be more in this life itself according to big brother Dotum Soraji; if we act like sleeping in broad day light and making others also to do so to overlook the impending death and destruction of soul for lack of love and callousness for the injustice around us; as some leaders have made sure that not only we will have no wordly development in life, but we will have a common destiny after life a dingy place in hell.As development is much more larger concept than march ending culture which of course is very limited now-It should be also the spiritual revivalism, the start of  renessance of society, increase of human dignity and values,the increase of love peace and justice, development of games,sports and culture are also the main ingredients which seems to have been systematically finished in our State.Unfortunately due to tress pass of  some Crooks in the echelon of highest post that determine the policy making for all.  

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