Friday, March 9, 2012


                                            Honestly many elites were eagerly waiting for the outcome of the U.P election to take next course of step while I was always sure of Congress debacle.And had advised facebook friend Rahulji to call it day.As when bad times come no amount of good technic will help a person.After all Gandhis also had good time. And with the emphatatic win of the S.P the staga seems to be set for the rise of third front in the centre.This is good news for the majority of regional party members as well.The Baba Ramdevjis salvo upon Gandhi family coupled with general Publics Political fatiguness over congress, Akhilesh Kumars maturity due to marriage and his father`s guidence seems to have been reason for more S.P success, than Rahulji as both tried the best possible way and applied nearly same style.
                                                   And after flof show even in Raibalery and Amethi  Gandhi family factor seems to have become unimportant this days even if the Congress does not accept this as for now.As the party seems to be facing the most chronic phage as their seems to be multiple disorder political ailment as Publics seems to refuse to vote for 4th generation of Gandhis which seems to be too much for them.The strongest Congress point have become their weakest .The fear I honestly told to my face book friend Rahulji after all good freind has to warn someone isn`t it..Even if the S.P also played family politics but last time Mulayam Singh yadavs bahu also suffered ,but appeal for voting the 4th generation Gandhi family seems to have been bit too much.As I had earlier many a times warned the congress Seva Dal and NSUI, innocent youths on whom the Congress party senior piggy rides,- that the time has come for Congress strong point of dynastic rule to be its weakest point also.As their is something called political fatiugness, as the number of cadres build up in place like Arunachal is also going to be immaterial in the eye of the surmounting general Public opinion against the earlier misrules.

                         The power that is in the centre can be now continued only by appeasing this regional forces.The fact which was predicted by Wikileaks long time back .Today the party like S.P may also herald the advent of 3rd force with the help of anti congress and anti BJP groups everywhere.And mind it Nitishji , Mamata madam and others may not be aversed to this idea also .And both the biggest party Congress and BJP may ultimately have also no option eventually to help this regional forces from outside to thwart each other if the 3rd Front come up suddenly in the 2014 Lok sabha election.Even in State like Nagaland and now Arunachal pradesh where there is same situation like Goa where the Church is now organized.And don`t fear the corrupted regime anymore and seems morally obliged to answerable to God only the future cannot be said now.In future the peoples in our stat also out of anger may vote emphatically against the coglomoration of the vested interests as some critics term like it happened in Goa the Congress bastion basically .As both has more or less same features. surprisingly , the bad days seems to have begine for the congress and to some extent the BJP`s as their days of single party hagemoney seems to have gone.As both have failed miserably in containing the rise of the regional forces as Wikileaks predicted.The critics believes the Ram Janma temple issue and the Varna in Hinduism have been seen to be ofdated and even the Gandhi family also seems to have been mortals this days; worst news for congress party as they are meaningless without this Gandhi charisma.And in the eye of this political fatigueness the Congress in particular will have terrible problem adjusting with the new political reality where Gandhi family , air condition and helicopter culture does not play any role any more and as such Congress is going through worst multiple identity culture now.

                              Unless of course the BJP stand against the Varna and caste practice and drop the Ram Temple construction agenda as I sujjested earlier and make a post poll alliance with BSP before 2014 things are also not going to be affirmative for them.The BJP is expected to use its Brahmastra –Narendra Modiji in the coming 2014 Lok sabha elelctions.As the gadkari experiment seems to have failed with the Muslim still not voting for the BJP and the Hindus becoming angry for big M`s absence.And worst for the Congress unless it bring back all the black money back to Country to the satisfaction of Baba Ramdevji who have a sizeable followers to finish Congress prospect nothing doing . And it is soon accepted to do away with the coglomoration of vested interests in State like Assam and Arunachal Pradesh or more Problem for the Congress than the BJP.As the BJP party has atleast adjusted more in this coalition era and seen to be also less communal this days , in letter and spirit; whereas the Congress have been seen as pseudo secularists with showing its frustration in last moment trying to play some old tactics which seems to have become offdated.With the congress party in Arunachal party still owing a decent apology to the Christian fraternity for earlier persecutions it seems to poised for worst scenario than the Goa to critics great surprise.As this days surprises are liked to be shown by the ordinary publics.Who seems to have decided to eat up the money not to vote thinking it was earn by some parasites and feeling it their divine duty to vote for the best party after so much injustice.It is high time the Congress high command direct the local leaders in Congress ruled State not to act as zamindar and thinking others as weak and fool. 

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