Thursday, March 29, 2012


                             One require lots of guts to hear his criticism, the Sardarjis are successful because they have the guts to laugh at themselves. It need lots of big heart to jock at himself it keep one hale and hearthy. And the self criticism also gives more right upon oneself to criticize others. It is easy to see spike in others eye but difficult to see log inside your own as saind in- Holy Bible. As judgment belong to God and one who judge others should also not forgive himself also, than ony he will be respected. Therefore one who is a good critics must introspect about himself also and accept good traits of others also. The self criticism control ones pride and make the God favor you in times of trouble.Never mond if the Publics criticize you as initially even the prophets where did so. See all the miracles in the Bible was done after maximum criticism fall on the disciple who where seen as fools initially. See when the Nua was also making the boat and predicted the great flood every one thought he was mad.Remember one who is criticizing you and you are not leaving God than believe that other`s are very jeleous and fearful of you.

                              Lately I am also feeling that I have become a number one critic in the world, for this God may not pardon me .But there is also need for one to tell the truth and coordinate with others as their seems to be an acute need to systemized and coordinate all the good views and use the modern gift of God.Remember yesterday it was so hard to make others heard our views ;in todays gifted world why we should not take this benefit for thy Kingdom`s glory.And in the process one may end up becoming everyones favourites and acceptable leader also.As if God wants to make someone he can make him popular very cheaply also, and one who comes in his name will be beneficial to all.And isn`t the modern leader accepted to know something of all and better if he is a master in spiritualism, after all by his grace alone real development can come.Many a times I wanted to be concerned with my own work but feel like one power is using me in this field and why I should be ashamed for good cause if it benefit too many peoples.Even if few hate the gospel of salvation now but one day he will benefit from this.A missionery was saying that only for good Peoples staying in Itanagar and Naharlagun God is protecting this places .But introspection is great need of hour and even the most spiritual person has to do it. And I being the worst person need it more and best way will be sitting for a fasting programme.

                            But this positive criticism and introspection also shows that the society is lively and not dying. If the leader runs , society crawls with him ,if he crawls public stand .And if he stand Public sleeps and if he sleep Public will die. And if he die Public will lost salvation. And if the Publics lost salvation the God will be angry.Therefore someone has to run an extra mile in this backword places where Publics are making long Kumbakarna sleeping, I fervently hope in spite of the running after political party and master it is God after whom we should run as whatever job given by him will be best. As He seems to give what one is not interested in also, as he is best father , brother and friend also and knows our potentialities and limitations.Honestly most of the good Christian may have never joined Christianity earlier in persecuted time to become something.They foolishly searched the God`s kingdom; some even leaving their beautiful prospective girl friends also.And like the race between the tortoise and the Rabbit may have gone too far slowly and slowly in spiritual arena.

                          And some may be foolishly thinking to see them in the same level 20 yrs. Back one filled with pride and ego may loss a good friend.As good or bad we also worked for thy glory in worst of time when their was persecution over Christinity in our State.And as the Holy Biblical dictum cannot be challenged as it is word of God which says,`First seek his kingdom and righteousness first,than everything shall follow unto you.` And who knows sometimes through most despised and hated person also God seems to show his glory. Thus regarding one`s destiny one never knows .As for me I can only say that this God has been so far good to me and I feel result oriented here being maturing in Christ.As the richness and goodness have ones limitations,as by God`s protection alone one can do unthinkable and unimaginable things.Please also pray for me so that the faith of the ordinary peoples in the extra ordinary circumstance like in my place does not die by my wrong steps .And also beg my pardon if I have harmed and hurt someone knowingly and unknowingly.


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