Monday, March 12, 2012

The Christianity is waiting for the second coming of Christ :-

                                             The incidents which is seen as miracle for us is an ordinary thing for Lord Christ as he could also made alive the dead when he lived in human form in this world . Thus We have to wait for his second coming as to see him is believing him as today we have become so much man of little faith , that is other matter that even when Adam was visited by God regularly he committed sin under the influence of devil.Thus the sinful nature of man was their even in Eden Garden when God visited Adam and Eve of and on ,and that may be the reason God is still checking even the really good peoples by not exposing his full glory and power, as than others may be only after appeasing him like congress man is after Rahulji.But for them who knows they also need good friends more so from spiritual backgrounds who are maturing in Christ.And as such God may be giving blessing more to one who believe him without seeing him, as such their may be need to keep some privacy and secrecy to keep Gods fear supreme for eternity.After all even his son Jesus Christ was mercilessly killed isn`t it.Thus there is need to see God`s glory from spiritual eye . And that is the main essence of Christianity waiting for the God of miracle as the place in heaven is most priceless thing in life, as God is one who can do unthinkable miracle and will definitely come for 2nd time.If he had come for 1st time he will in second time also.Why so shame in accepting the truth and respecting the creator.This shameness itself shows the influence of Lucifer.The person who have read Holy Bible in totality from bottom of heart will know the truth , as there is primafacie evidence that word of God never lies .
                                                       As in his life in human form Lord Jesus Christ did unimaginable miracle, but we all are like doubting Thomas like his apostle than ,and still doubting holy ghost. Remember even some of Lords family member doubted him as salvation may have been not their cup of tea.But remember one who remain with the God till the last time he alone will be blessed, atleast we are choosen ones and blessed to receive some of his grace .But none can say with great authority when he will come in 2nd time. The prophesy last time by one mad man in America is completely false, as everyone knows that this world will be finished oneday.Say it by global warming or nuclear war, but in 2012 world is going to be finished - this seems to have been a movie advertisement bid, as movie by that name came up that year.This things are rubbish , the Western peoples today seems to be too much dependent on their knowledge rather than the power of the God.As the God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit , and to reach that stage in desciples life he have to sacrifice following Apostles footh steps.Even being a politician he have to live like hermit like His Holiness Hon`ble Defence Minister A.K Anthony who is the best part of Congress party.As it is more difficult to live a saintly life in politics, this days even the great man and woman like Baba Ramdevji and Brahmakumari is advocating for higher spiritual realization which is the ultimate goal of a person.And one will get this only from one which comes from God himself .

                                     Thus who knows the 2012 may be the beginning of the life beginning of realization ,knowledge and wisdom instead of doomsday.And if it so I feel it is last time to work for God`s kingdom.As I see- man eat an apple, he got vitamin ,he made strength from that he committed sex had aids and died. Thus to avoid it resist sin by God`s graceness in Christ. To get the feeling of God`s presence one has to be really dedicated to God, and it is highly improbable for all the disciples world over in this fast changing life to give that time to get this power. And also for this feeling and annointing many disciples ultimately backslides out of burn out and fatigueness. After all what motivating speech we hear from others is due to others feelings and closeness with God. As we are so lazy to ourselves to do this.This regular articles by me is a small tribute to son of God who did biggest thing for me by opening atleast the door of heaven for us to be saved from eternal condemnation. And in the end the person who have done all things right in the sight of God alone will like to come in the front and wait for God like Jacheous the tax collector did when Lord Jesus Christ passed by.The Lord will see the cumulative goodness one have done I am sure , and in death bed also that wonderful time to meet lord may come may be even for Engineers who are ill reputed for corruption in my State.
                                                     As their may be many who might have done many good things also which human eye did not show .As this is very personal experience in life, others may not be able to see this I suppose. The spiritual work is an Individual work more one work good for him, as I felt the pain of death in my operation and after that happiness of Lords blessing also, as I made a good repentance that day in my operation theatre.And may be God was aware that togo is like animal at times but will be atleast loyal to me till end atleast in this writing stuffs.Thus the feeling of salvation in our poverty , sickness and age old will be more priceless after we overcome this.But better we give our best to him in youth so that we can rejoice later.Some feel now we all are so much into sin that God instead of coming 2nd time will send his angle to take the righteous ones in his death bed also. Some friend thinks- we should not try to propagate Gods message by making other fearful ,even if we are very emotional about his duty, especially when one is in death bed .They may not be wrong as after all it is God who choose us rather than we choosing Him.

                                                As also the God is a truth and those who worship him must worship in truth, when one is in hale and hearty condition , than only one may give due attention to know God in fullness also. The one who is right now going through emotional trauma may not give justice to God`s kingdom .Say a dying person who is about to die should he be told the healing power of the God , unless one likes to take pain to pray and fast for forgiveness for that dying person also, he should not advise this prospect also. As when it is too late for some why we should let our God be blamed also. After all we should give the best to God and must propagate gospel to hale and hearty people also. For God nothing is late but unless one have good spiritual foundation can we benefit also? So myself, my family,friends and party also need your prayer support.When many are waiting for his mercy He must be also hale of a busy father in heaven. Utmost the love of God is what it should be told first to a person in dire street .The person if he/she has no faith he/she cannot get benefit, and God`s power work in its own way and take His own time. But if one see Gods programme in advance and he is directed to gospel to someone , that is a other matter.This comes through self vision or dreams or through holy spirited person`s prophesy. Therefore for a true believer even the healing crusade is meaningless it is only for the beginners that it is truelly needed. When the lord said if a person have a faith even as a master seed he can remove a mountain. He may have meant it for himself or for those good believers of his time, or it may be also possible to reach that state one day by one who is really obedient to him, one never know, but we are still waiting for perfect modern prophet isn`t it .God alone knows the background of the persons and his previous suffering, thus I feel we should not ask from God always and wait for his graceness.And many even don`t know that they have been already blessed .As God knows the best blessings to give us , and also we must save our blessing prayer also, as who knows we may need better blessing point someday from God.

                                          The gospel must be also told to one who is from other religion also, but this is only through love and friendship this should be done. And I appeal the preachers to make short speeches in social gatherings like marriage ceremony and picnic, or they may themselves become like satan chasing away the new prospective believers. As the spiritualism is a critical issue and the enlightened one`s are also expected to have something called common sense. The God was introduced by John the Baptist and his birth was certified by three Magi’s therefore the role of other religion cannot be also gainsaid. Thus we see all the religion is complementary, as there is no guarantee that even if a person joins the congregation he will be a born again person later. Thus gentiles will be always their , but the persons who have really seeked God and got salvation will be not one who read this article; but who accepted the Lord and won the enemy in himself with the help of the Lord and Savior`s graceness. See no amount of hysterical cry can appeal Gods attention unless one is changed from within, the truth will one day come out one like it or not.As more some saints are after black money more congress sympathizers will be working also to expose their misdeeds . Why we take too much time to mature in Christ because may be God also know in advance our weaknesses and potentialities , and reserve the blessings for later stage.As most of us are emotional and have fluctuating devotion therefore we get blessing lately. But one things also, in persecuted place like ours , non- serious believers have seldom joined the congregation in trouble time ; that’s the plus point for communion also, as we will get good prayer support from each other as most of the present desciples are not that bad.And some critics say, to check the King Herod`s spirit in some senior leaders to increase; it is better to push our own candidates in elections as we will be able to know who is the real believer in trouble time , who stand by the mission and co-believers till the end, as the Christians have become target and buts of jock for excessive greed and notority in elelction in deprived place like our`s.May be they have been not that corrupted if their was their own leader. And thus we also need to set high target in our life and should not doubt each other in the course of achieving it, as God wants us to be achievers also.
                                            And remember united we stand as we have all come for seeking his glory and kingdom and if he wants to give us something in the process we should humbly accept this. And this regular articles by me doesn`t mean that I am more blessed by God`s than other`s, he loves all equally, more so to innocent villagers living peaceful life. So I always try to confess my sins more publicly also before this criticism character of mine also kills me.As the word of God is a double edged sword.And if personally I have hurt some one I beg my utmost apology, but this may have been also to warn them of coming danger which may be more dangerous for them.But tomorrow when the persecutions is gone and State becomes also a Christian State the new converts may also not get that anointing and blessings which we now feeling here , even if we look so poor and destitute from outside the God`s spirit is now with us I believe.Therefore greater risk taken in God`s name will also develop us in physical , mental and spiritual arena of life. I am hopeful about this, as he must be behind enthusiasim of the missioneries and Evangelists to do his work.As those who are interested to have peace, long life and a place in heaven will take time out from their busy schedule for Lord`s work,which is more easy after initial hesitation and reservation.And after setting foot on this noble cause and after feeling His blessing you may also wait for his second coming.

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