Friday, March 23, 2012

Regarding the need for making organic crop centre in Basar :-

                              The marketing of the Organic crop seems to be the majore problem inspite of the fact that the Arunachal Pradesh have terrible scope for it , and the Country man is dying for it while farmers have no idea what to do with it.As in whole India heard to have agmarked around 15 organic centres only for the Organic farming monitering.The nearest to the Arunachal Pradesh being in the Uttarakhand.

                                  It costs lots of money to call the officers from uttarakhand Organic centre and making them survey the organic farming in their plot by the farmer`s in Arunachal pradesh.Mind it even .1% pestiside or use of artificial fertilizers may also make the disqualification of the trucks loads of ginger, tarmaric ,cardamom or other crops.The local agent will have to have his own lab and expert`s to moniter the products, thus one have to be well off person to begine this.And suppose if the farmer in the upper portion of the zhoom land also put pesticide, it may fiddle down to the lower organic crop in the rainy session.

                                Thus unless our rich man invest here in large way,it may not succed.Thus everyone is leader I exhort the rich man`s to come in this field.And help the poor`s , it is better to start good work before one`s bad karma finishes him later.As person from none political background have better good will and their projects should succed or the scheme may be sabotaged by some maniac`s.The leaders work is after all coordinating this good schemes and he should not think of devouring everything.Already we have contractor and business man leader`s busy after their own interest.And in the view of corruption as the important issue in the future, this scheme`s are the last hope for hungry locals.This organic crop export is the last hope for our land locked place which is boon in disguise; as it has maintained it`s virginity.And the water is abundant here; only human beings have to be educated and desciplined.Which should not be impossible if our own leaders are good .As barring animals any one can be convinced I believe.

                             I appeal corporate world also to invest in my place for which we will give all our logical support.My address is given in this blog I can be contacted any time to serve the investors better.The virgin Arunachal crop will instantly attract the customers trust even if the big company advertise that way.Say Anna Purna rice of of Arunachal Pradesh by Anna Purna Company we pervently hope.But utmost discipline is needed to have the optimum result thus time to make an introspection of highest order by us.Thus here the moral centres like Church and Gangi can play a majore role in awaring the Publics from nascent stage when they are young.As the greed and jeleosy is something God hates most and grown one`s seems to be filled with it.The sacrifice and abstinence to deserving one also makes one worthy to be praised but will our senior`s set a good precedent.As our senior leaders seems to be not educating future generations regarding future financial dangers, and seems to be thinking they are serving better by continuing with their old habits.But they may be personally benefitting more in this scheme of things.
                                   And as such the elites and enlightened ones who are true son of the soil have to come voluntariy ,new story of virtuousness and sacrifice have to be told to the new generation and put in thier mind like in Sikkim.Making them realize that last hope for them is only organic crop cultivation and tourism .As inspite of so much blessings with natural resources the Abotani belt seems to be worst ungodly and indiscipline place so far.May be due to unfaithfulness to God inspite of his excessive blessing and more affinity to tribalism and clanism which is taken advantage by rich and haves to emotionally befool the Poor`s and downtrodden.To take them in negative field for their own end .Some critics opines Christianity and Gangi religion should have happened long time back, politicization of everything, lack of searching for truth and righteousness and good leaders , monopoly of wealth in few hands etc. are other weaknesses which need to be immediately introspect like in Goa is we have more or less same condition here.

                            The State Govt. should take strict action against the encroacher of other`s property with malafide intentions.And preferably Govt. should set up Organic Crop centre in Basar, where there is state of art labotary in ICAR.As everything should not be politicized the development has to be given according to its own merit.And which will involve less costs and as such I expect the Hon`ble Member of parliament Sri Takam Sanjayji to take this initiative.Why this Basar as this is one of also rarest place where their is two kind of climate and no threat from natural or man made danger like Dams. Unfortunately in this absence of this Organic Crop Centre Projects,some outside business man always seems to befool the local farmers by trying to purchase the products at a cheap rate by telling lies, while they try to export their product.And the innocent persons of the State find themselves in very adverse situation with truck loads of their products in hostile places , and who knows the crooks sell the same crops they purchased cheaply from here in the name of Organic crop after registering it .Thus this is need of time to open the organic centre certified by Govt. of India in Basar,Arunachal Pradesh as the Publics here are agro based and ready to experiment with new things, besides this is the best eco-friendly place in the Country and in the centre of the State.The development has to also be diversified and should not be kept in one place only.Tomorrow with overcrowding in place like Itanagar due to railway connection the Public may die for peace and tranquility also.Already Publics are complaining for the traffic problem in these places.

                                Thus the Hon`ble member of parliament Sanjayji in particular should demand for Organic crop centre in Basar and find a way for marketing of crops and fruits aboard.And I dare the Govt. to take strict action against the defaulters in the Country, specially who hoodwink the innocent tribal peoples.Who propagate wrong advertisement though there is no fertile plot left in their State.As the latest rumour that the govt. is going to purchase the Organic crop from china is a great insult to the Country man.Though it is accepted that in China the accuse like adulterer are shoot in the open stadium.The last hope for the Countryman is my place as Arunachalees have also not fallen to such an extent to play with others life even in food sactor.As the lands in other places may have already become poisonous due to excessive use since time inmemorial.The secret of the long life of person now only lies in the crop of the state of Aruachal Pradesh.As some of this land are yet to be cultivated since the inception of human civilization.Therefore time to only eat the Arunachal food and get Olympic gold like Chinese as we have more or less similier conditions here.


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Appreciate ur effort Togo-way to go.Ur info has come very handy for me.I work for a state newspaper,and ur blog has prooved to be very informative

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