Friday, March 2, 2012


                                   When going gets taugh than taugh gets going , this seems to be the case of the Congress when the Italian Ship security guard killed two Indian fisherman in the exclusive economic zone.And this was done in the Vatican of the India, God`s own place -kerela.Where the Peoples really hitherto prayed for the Congress success.Giving the best uncorruptable union Minister for Defence Sri A.K Anthony from this State.This incident remind me of the story- How the Quit india movement came to Midnapur?

                          Killing someone from God`s own land may be a bad omen for the congress party in this crucial fight in 5 State thinks some . As for some critics it seems to be an intentional act involving high level politics.And also as lakhs of crore of jewels was found recently inside the temple in Kerela this should not attract the international mafias who may enact Dhoom -4 sequence also warns some .And to some chronic criticizer of Congress , any Ship from Italy during election time is enough to rise their eye brow.Thus the Kerela Govt. need to be really on guard after this incidents as their seems to be now evil eye on God`s own place and congress most secured bastions.A saying seems to be most apt here when misfortune comes it comes from all angle.

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