Thursday, March 1, 2012


                           The team Anna may have been apprehensive of the health of Anna Hazareji this time , or was it a clever ploy to avoid the situation when it does not command much support as much as Baba Ramdevji in electoral battle is what some critics thinks.The day when Baba Ramdevji was sidelined was the biggest mistake of the Anna Hazare team.As the Anna Hazare episode was a temporary incident as ultimately what counts is one`s will power and karma and baba really seems to be God ordained in this matter.Even if the Congress hate Baba Ramdevji but he cannot be denied as one man army.And today due to the coordinated approach by all , also due to Judicial activism by Hon`ble Supreme Court the corruption issue is not going to be subside easily, even if strong Jan Lok Pal bill is not made shortly.As Govt.has been directed to give prosecution sanction within 3 months by Hon`ble Supreme Court in 2 G scam is going to have great remification in future corruption cases.

                            As one like it or not the yog Guru filled with extra ordinary stamina has travelled noock and corner of the Country.And have been seen to be much ahead of congress leaders who are seen to be only paper tiger trying to be hooked up with Gandhi family in media while in private seems to be resting in five star hotels .The policy of bindly opposing everything against congress for opposition shake won`t help, this smell of congress chaubinism. But even Babaji was seen to be not playing any meaningful role in U.P election campaigning , he should have also supported one party openly or should have made a beginning for his Bharat Swabhiman Party by fielding some candidates thinks some .This makes the position of the Congress and BJP effective and meaningful in future also , even if one likes it or not.What utmost Babaji can do is tie up with the BJP in the Muslim dominated areas if the Congress refuses to still bring a viable jan lok pal bill before Lokh Sabha elections.

                                 The Congress party may  fear Babaji because of his truthfulness as Mahatma Gandhis reflection seems to be in him and they are confused how to deal with him, his fund rising capability and for his character of calling spade a spade and for his coordination capabilities.As truth has terrible power and even if Publics doesn`t openly show their support to his clarion call like Swami vivekanada .They may vote for the change they belive in ushered on by this fearless Baba .As critic`s think he may be able to regroup the NDA or 3rd front and can play like mythological character - Muni Sukracharya`s role to dislodge the Congress.This Babaji is a direct threat to Congress divine origin theory of Gandhi family and in this Hindu dominated Country he is also respected immensely no denying the fact.This one can see by his dedicated desciples at his advise are ready to drink even the urine of Cow at any given time.Some critic`s sujjest that in todays competitive world which has compelled the Gandhi families to campaign openly and making them more near to publics will rather confused the voters, as they never expect their god to come to their house earlier.And this greater than life image may now finish them also.After all as the Hindu saying goes after eating thousand animals even Lion dies.

                           And this is beause of the god like image given by the congress chaploos to their leader.And this may now develop more misapprehension ,rather than increased fear and respect.As whatever preaching they will make will be seen as one who have lived a royal life and have no right to advise others , and very difficult for changing one`s image of a poor leader after only crore patis have been preferred in this party.And also now every voters want to have money as earlier smart congres man only used to pay few supporters during elections.Or Public may see Gandhis have fallen to such a desperation to come to their house now as beggars , after all politicians are high profile beggars only.This critical analysis seems to be atleast right when we see the end game of Apangjis family.This was inspite of family trying to do some good things in last moment and omakji was really a good person.But he was not suppose to break that royal style of conduct set up by his father.The rahulji seems to be similier victim .Unfortunate for royal peoples to have no good friends, and good peoples avoiding them on the pretext that they will never like freedom of expression.Whereas in the facebook some of common friends also are seen to be giving hard hitting punch to Rahulji which he seems to not mind.

                                  This seems to be the irony of life , the Indians during Rajivjis time where much innocent and law abiding than in Rahuljis time so this comparison between Rajivji and Rahulji should have been avoided.But it may be that the same monopoly of the Gandhi family earlier , may make the new resurrected Indians to see them as villain this seems to be political reality for many powerful family also today.As none knows the human psychology and mass hysteria the same stuff which was used by Congress for indias Independence and later looting the country.For which in fact new developments are more responsible as social networking have united the world like never before.Thus the politics is very unpredictable this days , as today deserving man have access to cheap media; until now madam Soniaji who represented the Western country was rulling over majority Hindus.This must have been cause of concern for RSS and VHP.

                               But with the sudden globalization this same idea may have been propagated everywhere ,because earlier a coordinated revolution was impossible as the popularity alone come through richness than and all the crore pati only wanted to contest from Congress party at that point of time. But today the richmans are in hitlist of Publics and Hon`ble Supreme Court and thus the earlier,succefull political strategy may boomerange now.Thus the future political result is going to be very unpredictable.But for Gandhis if they manage this time also; than they may be invincible for another 20 yrs. Also one never know`s as this seems to be historic occassion.As than the Swiss Govt. will salute the new established king and will never share the secret of 1991 bank account which Ram Jetmalani is demanding for chuckled a friend .Who said the question is all about the Swiss bank money account and Congress man acting as if it does not exist.And with the attack against the very foundation of the congres party this time , the party have really matched the adversery for the first time.And obsessed with earlier air condition congress party culture are their worker bankable. Absolutely not seems to be Gandhi family point of view .As barring a karko Aao M.P Sri ninnong Eringji who tried to stop the increasing power of Baba Ramdevji others seems to fear and rever this godman.Thus their seems to be divided loyality today.Mind iteven if the Congress is dislodge if the Swiss Bank secret are also not discovered they may come back next time again.

                                    This new mindset of the Pubics that they are also now not inferior to Gandhi family may be taken advantage by the new good man`s alliance of- charismatic Baba Ramdevji with his large followers,Pt.Ravi Shankarji with his organizational skill and Anna Hazare team the author of Jan Lok Pal movement .As in the name of family connection there is initially benefit, but eventually those who last are those who come up on its own merit, today specially when political fatigueness and boredom has develop against any monopolistic policy .The acid test of the congress has come for the first time ,as the coordinated attack against the party was never as vocal and meticulously planned as it is now.As opposition seems to have learnt bitter lesions and first time the Congress citadel seems to be crumblingnd .The mood definitely seem`s to be rejection of divine origin theory of Gandhi siblings presented by some sick congress supporters who seems to have run out of other ideas.Though Rahul seems to be a good chap himself and wants good friends who says spade a spade; time may be now too late for a political benefit due to this globalization effect, which is in fact Congress number one enemy, more than Baba Ramdevji.Sometimes enemies sujjestions are better than opportunistic friends bombastic assurance.As for us the Congress atleast owe an apology to innumerable persecutions to Christians in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in late seventies.As friendshif also cannot stand in the way of my obligation to my community.

                                                           The coming Lok sabha election may be the time for searching friends like the desperate Duryodhan befriending karna from oppossite camp before Mahabharat.And the emotional Bhism Pitamah retined managed  on emotional ground`s.But for this the great man of their time also had to  personally visited  the other respectable man of their time like Sri Krishna managed by Pandavas for their utmost humility.

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