Friday, March 2, 2012


                                          The last 7th batch of voters who are going to vote on the 4th feb. 2012 is going to mattering a lot in shaping the future destiny of India.Thus the burden of the responsibility of the whole nation is now on the voters of U.P.Situation is like when Lord Shiva has to drink poison for all the world.Therefore they must think nicely and decide in the best interest of the nation, leaving aside their personal benefit`s as this is every Hindu duty to follow their god in letter and spirit to get real blessings.

                                    As the latest diplomatic failure like the drying up of Siang river in the Arunachal Pradesh by making of dam in the China shows how the country is being undermined by others.Even the banning of the outsourcing by the America and the Indian market flooded with other countries product etc. is a grave concern .This all definitely shows that as if the country top brass is succumbling to the blackmailing by the foreign Country and the country have become shoft target for few , as the rumour of Rs 260 lakh crore secret money in the Swiss Bank black money issue may be a fact.Even one swiss bank manager is said to have accepted this and as told by Ram Jetmaliniji a Russian book have come up with all the bank accounts telling even one ex-Prime Minister`s name.As even if the Gandhi family may have not direct involvement , but it has to be accepted that the defaulters are so rich and powerful that in all the election time they ensure their party wins.
                                      Thus they seems to make it as festive occasion making others not to think most important democratic moment as non- serious issues.And they seems to be extra sure to thwart rise of any opposition party who will not cater to their interest.And who is benefitting, the ISI which is said to be surviving on Hindi film piracy and money laundering.Even the BSP and the SP is seen to be the B team of the Congress party and thus they seems to be also part of this great conspiracy.Atleast for the BJP and JDU they must be given one time chance, they can be expected to also change with time according to peoples need and expected to be serious in this count`s, as only utmost 20% of this party members are expected to be involve in this stufs.

                                  Mind it the intelligent man make quick buck and may even defame the disliked party filled with innocent persons enacting drama to hate them in this important occasion.Thus the Karnataka episode where 3 MLA`s where caught watching the porno inside the Assembly may be fixed also.Imagine the mind of that person or party how much he is a danger for the country, those who studied in Cambridge and Oxpord think how much poison they also imported in their mind and use it for their own benefit.Even Tarun Vijayji National Spokesman of the BJP has come clean on Sarla Masud murder case.The CBI/Govt. owe a personal apology to him .Which shows there is something fishy in such allegations.As all along I have been affirmatively telling that Tarunji will never do such things.

                                       Even the BJP has not inducted the Kushwaha respecting the sentiment of the general publics and didn`t called even star campaigner Narendra Modiji and Varun Gandhiji.Thus this steps have to be respected , we cannot hate a party cine die.As the goodness must be reciprocated with goodness also.Even the hated Biharis are much better in this count , the problem of the U.P seems to be that the peoples have become too knowledgeable.The elite need to immediately convey this message to masses as the burden of cleaning lies on them only.As due to 10% corrupted intellegensia we all are in verge of getting perfect place in heaven also.The duty of the Christian leader is also to tell the fact,not necessarily always living in make believing world that the Italian connection has to be always respected.As now God seems to be for change in all the world.

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